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Luqman 1-11 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 10-11

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I was a bit lacking in the shade on James Miller. for him.

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Lesson number 212. So let's look man, we'll begin from number 10.

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Hanukkah summer where TV lady Ahmed in total, now her, he has created the heavens without pillars that you see in the previous ayah. What is mentioned that the promise of Allah is true, which promise

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which promise, where the law

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of entry into general and eternity in general, where the law hacker will who will Aziza, Hakeem and Allah is Mighty, and he is wise. And where can you see the might of Allah?

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Where how, in the creation that Allah subhanaw taala has created, that if you look around yourself, that will show you how mighty Allah is by his creation by what he has created in the way that he has created. And that itself should tell you that if Allah has made a promise with you, He will definitely fulfill it.

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So why fear? Why have any doubt

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Kanako sama was aware TV lady? Um, I then thought Oh, no, ha, look at the heavens, look at the skies, the sky above you. Are there any barriers that are supporting it? You don't see any pillars. So if he can support the sky without pillars, you think it's difficult for him to keep you for eternity in gender?

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Color personality with Lady Ahmed Ahmed is used for props, for posts supports.

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Anything that is used as a prop, anything that is used as a support to keep something in its place. And usually for a ceiling for a roof or do you need?

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Do you need some kind of support beneath it in the form of walls or in the form of pillars? So these guys that you see, they are built at Almaden without any pillars, the owner her that you all see it?

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Now, this has been understood in two ways that first of all, the skies, the semi wet, they have armored, but there is such armor that belie their identity. They're not such armor that you could see them.

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You understand? They're not such such pillars that you could see, they're not visible, they are there, there is something that is supporting the silhouette, but you don't see it. Because if you would be able to see it that it would create a great difficulty for you,

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isn't it? So? Think about it. If you see bitters all around, you doesn't obstruct the view.

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It does. Like for example, in a huge Hall, sometimes you have pillars doesn't bother you. Typically in people's basements. That's what they have. And they want to get rid of the pillars, but they cannot. Why? Because they're supporting the entire house. And they're such a nuisance sometimes because they obstruct the view, they limit the space, they make it difficult. But look at the Summer work, there are no pillars that you can see. And secondly, believe it or not, in total, the summer where they have no armor, and you see this on our web without any pillars. What, Phil earlier last year, and he has gassed in the earth, or Alaska firmly set mountains. But all I see is the plural of

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Russia. And Russia is used for literally something that is deeply grounded. It's firmly rooted. It's firmly anchored. And alesi is used for mountains. Why? Because mountains are deeply rooted in the earth. And they're also tall, huge towering mountains. So in the earth, He has gastro ESEA Why? And to me that become less it should sway with you. What the earth meaning the mountains what's their purpose to stabilize the earth? And if it wasn't for these mountains and the surface of the Earth would constantly be moving, making it very difficult for you to live up on the earth. The meter from the ruthless me Yeah, that and made is when something huge sways when it moves back and forth. Well,

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Bertha Fie her and he has spread in it meaning throughout the earth he has scattered men co leader, but every type of creature

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every type of moving creature remember that but is used for any creature that can move by its own Will

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any place that you go on the surface of the earth, what will you find?

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What will you find moving creatures, some are moving at a very slow speed. Some are moving at a very very fast speed and some move at a very moderate speed.

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That the different types, different sizes, different colors.

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different abilities, different species. We're both Sophie Herman calida

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Angela and these daba they actually add to the beauty of the earth, isn't it? Isn't it so they make the earth more beautiful, because they add more color. They create more sound. And because of them there's constant movement.

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We're under Lamanna, summer EMA and and we have sent down from the sky water from BATNA, then we have cost to grow fee her in it, meaning in the earth, min Cooley zodion, Karim, every noble kind, meaning every noble kind of trees, plants, vegetation, fruits, so on and so forth.

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If you look in this ayah at the beginning, it's been said in the third person, Hanukkah, I'll call Bertha. isn't all of these three verbs? What are they? They're in third person, he, he created, he cast, he has spread. And then when the rain is mentioned, then how has it been said and then we have sent down

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You see, there's a shift from third person to first person. Why is it so typically when we see this in a sentence, we say this is a grammatical error, isn't it? We say that this is not appropriate, fix it. But in Arabic, especially in the Quran, this is something that is extremely common, and there is a reason behind that.

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How What's the reason that when there is a shift from third person to first person it shows more love.

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It shows that this particular blessing which has been mentioned in first person that is more relevant to you. That is a special mercy that has been sent out.

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So and then Minister Emma Emma and from betina fi home in Cali, zodion Karim, what is the great mercy of Allah subhana wa tada

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and zildjian Karim Xhosa as you know is used for type kind, sort and Karim that which is noble have a very good quality and also generous over here it means have a very noble of very good quality.

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So throughout the year, he has caused to grow different types of plants, and these different types of plants. They are a source of your nourishment, your food, and also nourishment for her for the rest of the creatures.

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Hannah honkala This is the creation of Allah what is what has been mentioned in the previous ayah the sunflower, the rosacea, the rain that comes down, so on and so forth. This is what Allah subhanaw taala has created. For oni Then show me Mather Holla Holla Dena Min dooney, what is it, that those beings other than Him have created? meaning those beings who are worshipped other than Allah, what have they created?

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If you look around yourself, from the sky, to the mountains, to the earth, to the creatures, to the food that they eat, who has created all of that

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alasa Pantheon now Is there anything at all, even one thing that has been created by other than Allah? Not at all.

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So if Allah is the only creator, then does he not deserve to be worshipped alone?

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For only Manohar, Lacan Latina Madani, what is it that those beings other than Him have created? They have created nothing, but is lolly Moana rather the wrongdoers they are feeling Alamo being in a clear area. How does it move over here first to mushrikeen because in Ashika navadmin Aleem. So those people who do shark, they are in a clear air, meaning they're clearly making a big mistake. They're clearly doing something very wrong, how that they are worshipping someone other than Allah, when that being has created nothing, and Allah alone has created everything

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into the right eye number 16. We learn and journaling should occur or have the set partners for Allah Hanako kahakai, who have created like his creation, that have this app partners for Allah, Who according to them have created something like Allah has created for the Shabbat alcohol correlation, so that the creation of each has seemed similar to them so that they're confused, okay, who created what and that's why they're worshipping a multiple of gods.

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Padilla, who Holika cliche say that Allah is a creator of everything, will who will wear Hegel, kaha and he is the one the prevailing

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so what do we see over here? That Allah alone is the creator

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Everything. And since He is the Creator, what does it show?

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He alone deserves worship.

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He alone deserves to be obeyed.

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If you notice, why are these two if mentioned after the I asked about law when Hades and leading people astray from the way of Allah? Why do you think what's the connection between the two? relate these two themes, these two subjects? What's the connection?

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The is that we finished up yesterday about the whole heavyset woman a nasty man yesterday that will Hades.

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Leo, they learn sybilla later in

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that level, Hades is idle talk useless talk. Everything that Allah has created as a reason has a purpose behind it. Our purpose is to worship him not to get lost in that we'll have these okay.

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Okay, shark is part of the whole Hades. Okay.

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Very true, that when a person is so engrossed in the whole Hades, that he is surrounded by music and singing and, and watching other people's lives, and watching what's going on in their personal lives, or their, you know, work life, so on and so forth, watching movies, etc, then what does it do to a person?

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It takes him far from reality? Isn't it? So?

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It does not let him reflect on the creation of Allah subhanaw taala?

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Why is it that people find it boring? to go outside? And look at what Allah has created? Why?

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Why would they rather go to the movies and spend three hours over there? Why? It's because they're so consumed in our bodies. They're so consumed in living a fake life, in living an imaginary life, that because of that reality, it seems so boring to them. It seems so unrealistic to them, they're not interested in reality whatsoever at all.

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So in these is what is mentioned the creation of Allah, when can you reflect on it? When can you appreciate it? When can you see it? And as a result, when can you draw closer to Allah? When you block off law? What happens? When you stop that? Only then can you appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala has created?

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That whether a person likes to watch the television, or a person likes to read, you know, fiction novels, so on and so forth. Why is it so because they just want to block themselves off from reality.

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That's what they want to do.

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Because they find life so difficult, they don't want to face it. So what do they do? They indulge in different different things to block off reality completely. But that's not the solution.

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Same thing with video games. Remember that level, Hades is not just music, as I mentioned, it's anything that distracts the person from the worship of Allah no matter what form it takes, whether it's in the form of stories, or it's in the form of games, or it's in the form of anything. So what a person indulges in so much, it's such a delusion, it's such a distraction, that it takes him far from the Quran. It takes him far from reality, it does not let him appreciate what Allah has created. And as a result, he is distanced from a law, you understand

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his distance from Allah.

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We see that when a person is just reading, or watching or playing, that he doesn't really have to do much, he just has to sit there and watch other people talk, watch other people live, interact with one another. Right? But when a person is reflecting, then what does that require him to do? use his own mind,

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isn't it and it is something that people don't like to do, but we have to use our mind. We have to use this intellect that Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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in order to draw closer to Him.

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Also, if you see that another one had his what was his goal? What did he want to achieve?

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What did he want, that people should not obey Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that people should not accept Islam and as a result, they don't only worship Allah, they do shake.

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This is what he wanted, because this is why he brought all those safeguards and this is why he imported all those stories and he started narrating them to the people in competition against the religion of Allah supremacy.

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So what do we see over here that those people whose focus is level Hadees What do they want that people should be driven away from Allah? But over here loss of data says that okay, when you do shake, who are you worshiping? Someone who has not created a single thing even and Allah subhanaw taala what has he created? Everything?

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How can you prefer someone who has not even made a single thing over someone was made everything better Solomon a few but any movie

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that many people they just think that life is about entertainment, you live only once, so enjoy to them.

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And as a result, they don't face reality. They don't want to face the challenges of life. And whenever they face any difficulty, what do they do switch the television on block of their mind, that's what they do. But is it really going to bring any benefit to a person not at all. And if a person accepts the difficulties of life, accept the challenges of life, and he deals with them, with the help of Allah, then inshallah he will reap many benefits in the year after.

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Many times, it happens to people that when they are living a life, you know, being consumed by movies, and television, and novels, and fiction and games, entertainment all the time, then if a major reality of life hits them, they're not able to deal with it.

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And what happens at that time, they end up committing suicide, they end up running away,

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they end up harming themselves, they end up harming other people, they only cause loss to themselves.

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And if a person lives alive, facing reality, that it makes him stronger.

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Exactly. That people when they turn to drugs, what's the reason behind that? To block off the realities of life that they don't want to face? the difficulties of life that they don't want to deal with. Now, similarly, when a person comes back home, after a long day at work, he's tired, doesn't want to think he doesn't want to use his mind. What does he do? television?

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Computer, right? You're driving the car, you don't want to think about all those important things of life. So what do you do? turn the radio on. And as a result, you're constantly distracted. Now, it's just like any other drug. Because when a person is using drugs, what happens? He is cut off from reality,

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isn't it? So? He's distracted from a completely? momentarily, he's finding a lot of pleasure. Right? And the same thing is with any other kind of language, that a person may indulgent. But it doesn't change reality, isn't it? So?

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How would you make someone realized?

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This is a big challenge. Because if a person does not realize himself, then what can other people do? They can tell him again and again, stop watching Stop wasting your time, do something better. But if he doesn't get it himself, then what can you do? How can you advise them?

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Ask them, okay, what did you learn out of this? But sometimes I say, I got relaxed, mentally, I got relaxed.

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So how do you make yourself or even somebody else realize,

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if you think of it, I look at it this way, that if a person doesn't have anything important to do

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something that really, you know, burdens them, something that is very heavy on them something that's on their mind constantly, then what will happen?

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What will happen, they will spend their time watching the television, they will spend their time talking.

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But if they really have something important to do in life, then what will happen every moment of theirs, they will be spending thinking about it, preparing for it, doing something about it.

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So usually people who have nothing to do, or who don't have important things to do rather important things to do.

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Then those people they end up spending a lot of their time in such things.

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Many times this is the case. So give them an alternate, give them something better to do. And it's not like oh, since you've come home, please do this for me, do this for me, do this for me. Not tell them Can you please help me in this, please read this for me and tell me if you can help me out with this. You understand?

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engage them in something that is more productive.

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And when they are engaged in that, then what will happen they will begin to enjoy that more and will feel themselves that for example, watching the television is a waste of time.

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I think that whatever you're surrounded by is what you eventually be engrossed in. So when I saw that pattern, like at home when I had my brothers and they're engrossed in something else, instead, I will bring up a new activity. And I'll make like the little kids made me do that. And then the older ones just joining because that's what everybody else is doing. And so that's like a way to like help people to realize this. Give a better alternate. Yes.

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In this one I talks about level headings, but then you can be amasian if you have in your life, because for me, I was like obsessed with knowledge. I would read a lot of noise. So one of the point of amasian is

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so my mom sometimes she would come and she was like Okay, do this with me and I'll be so engrossed in my knowledge, I wouldn't want to go and do that thing with her.

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So it happens with a person that when they are busy with level Hades and what happens they cannot be a productive person, they cannot become immersing. You understand, they cannot become a more son. So if you give them a

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Better alternate to do something to occupy them from before, then they will not have time to waste on other things.

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I'm working on my cousin's from both sides of family, especially since Ramadan is coming up. So we went some places over the weekend. And I asked some of these youths I said, you know, what are you guys doing during Ramadan? Like, two weeks away? As like two weeks is a very short time Really? No, no, I can decide later. I was like, No, why don't you make a goal right now? What is your goal from Allah? And one of them? He said, You know, I've read the Quran in Arabic already. And think about reading the translation. I was like, Okay, all right. That's good. If you want to read the translation, that's great. So I didn't push him to say, Okay, yeah, you should finish in Arabic as

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well. Because this is a type of kid who, you know, he's into music. He's into basketball. So I said, Okay, you know, what, give me an email address, I took his email address, I said, I'm gonna send you a link of someone who's doing Tafseer in English, it's a brother, and you're going to listen to it. And as somebody who you can relate to and said, Okay, great. I'm gonna listen, that's fine. I was like, on your way to work, just put on your iPad, listen to it. But you should make a goal for yourself this Ramadan, because you have to increase in your spirituality as well. Not just in your secular life. Okay. Because in Ramadan, this is the time when you can actually push someone, so

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inshallah they will benefit. This is just something small, because if you tell them all these things, like, Oh, stop listening to music, stop doing this, all of a sudden, they won't understand. They won't understand, especially if you keep telling him Stop, stop, stop, don't watch, don't watch, don't listen, don't listen, then what's gonna happen, they're gonna get so irritated, that they're not gonna listen to you anymore, every time you say something to them, they're gonna block you off. That's what they're going to do.

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Just to add on to the point of giving people an alternate as human beings, I think that we do need some relaxation from our like daily lives and our routines, but to a limit. And to give someone alternate, I was thinking that maybe you can bring them to their spiritual side as well, by giving them the alternative of getting outside. I think that because of all the facilities we have now, like the computer, the television, we're constantly staying at home, we need to get out and ponder on the reflection of Alas, monitors. This is one of the beautiful alternatives that's mentioned over here that go and look around and see. And believe me, if you go for a walk in the evening, for 45

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minutes, that will relax you much more than watching television for even two hours. Honestly, it will make you fresh, you may think that you're very, very tired and exhausted. But it will really have a good impact on you.

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As a wife, or as a mother, we have to be careful if we watching TV, and Jasmine Carmen needs something. We don't serve him that's like we get in sin. But we learn in karate right of the husband, the right of the kidneys. But if we want him to do what we do, and we follow in chiffon, and we listen to the shape, and so if we read the Koran, we're listening to Allah, because sometimes women are watching, and because of that their children are getting neglected. Right? husbands are getting neglected. Why? Because they're watching their favorite TV show.

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It comes with the certainty of the hereafter from a personal experience when my father he passed away, that's when you know, you realize that death is true. That's what I realized. Cuz you know, everyone's going to die in reality, but it hits you then I can die tomorrow, and I cannot do anything. So that time you realize you reflect over your life, you know, what did I do?

00:23:13--> 00:23:23

At home, you know, that it's this year clean and the hereafter that makes a person purposeful, that makes him value every moment of his life.

00:23:24--> 00:23:56

But sometimes we just generalize, and we get so frustrated when we see somebody watching television, or reading something or watching something that all of a sudden we start getting angry at them. Turn this off and see there's music and see there's how long scenes and you're wasting your time. But if you approach someone like this, they're never going to listen to you. Never, what do you need to do? speak to them calmly. make them understand, make them realize, and when they will realize then they will change themselves.

00:23:57--> 00:24:02

Because otherwise what's going to happen? They will not watch in front of you. But they will watch behind you.

00:24:04--> 00:24:12

Very true that you don't know in which state your death might come. You know sometimes if you're watching the television think about what if the Angel of Death comes right now.

00:24:13--> 00:24:29

And many times people like to watch television alone right? watching something on their computer. Imagine what if the engine of that country right now. In what state when I die watching what? neglecting what delaying what being busy in what

00:24:30--> 00:24:37

if a person is worried about his death conscious about his death, then it will make him value every moment of his life.

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recitation of

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bismil he'll walk walking

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mosinee Levine IoT Muna

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he can

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see me

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Well howdy

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me he either

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or she will be either me

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done law he has ball

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disease will have the

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Chateau La ilaha illa Anta