Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-034I Tafsir Al-Baqarah 257-258

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses Allah's friendships and relationships with people, as well as the use of sh mattered guidance and the use of sh mattered actions in sh mattered behavior. The use of "one who" in political and cultural settings is also discussed, with a focus on Allah's use of "one who" to grab opportunities and influence others. The conversation also touches on the use of "one who" in various political and cultural settings, including the use of "one who" to grab opportunities and influence others. The segment concludes with a discussion of the history of Islam and its implications for one's behavior.
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And now in the next idea, Allah subhanaw taala shows us how he guides his people, his friends, Allah Subhana Allah says Allah who will lead you ladina Amanu Allah is the friend of those people who believe Allah Who will he will he is from wild lamb. Yeah. And Willie is the one who protects someone, the one who is an ally and a friend to someone. So Allah is the ally, the friend, the protector, the helper of who those people who believe. So when he is their helper, what does he do? You read you whom He brings them out Cara Jean He brings them out Mina Photomath out of Lumads darknesses Illa Nora into the light of Lulu Matt is the plural of Luma la la meme is the root and

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node from noon whare light. So Allah is the friend, the ally of those who believe this is so comforting when you believe Allah becomes your friend. So this is why you should always believe even when you have questions, you have confusions then come from a place of belief that you're Allah, I believe I accept, but I want clarity. I want strength of faith. Allahu Allah, you're Latina Avenue. And when you know that you have a friend. This is such a beautiful feeling. Because you know you're not alone. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala is everyone's protector. Okay, and so to unify 30 We learn what we'll do it Allah himolla Who will help that Allah is the true guardian of all people.

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Okay. But that is in general terms, there are people who get Allah subhanaw taala has special Wilaya special friendship, you need to get protection, they also get the friendship of Allah, and they also receive the love of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala loves them. He supports them, he takes care of them, He guides them, He rectifies their affairs, he is especially merciful towards them. He does not abandon them. He's always guiding them. He's always helping them. But this is for who only those who believe, because and so it's early on Ron is 68 we learn with Allah who will li ul Momineen. Allah is the friend, the ally, the Helper, the protector, the supporter of those who believe. And

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the more you improve in your Eman, the more friendship you have with Allah. In Soto jatheon 19, Allah says Allah who will lay your mood, the pain, Allah is the Wali of those who fear Him insulted or off i 196 Wahoo Ayatollah Salah hain. he befriends meaning Allah is the One who takes the slyly Hain the righteous as his friends. Now think about it. When Allah is the ally of a slave in this life, in this world, that means that Allah will also be his ally in the hereafter. Right? In the Hadith we learned that when Allah is an ally to his slave in the world, he will not entrust him to something else on the Day of Judgment, meaning Allah subhanaw taala will continue to be his

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protector and his friend on the day of judgment. And we see that 99 parts of Allah's mercy are reserved for the day of judgment of Rahim right over him and over him. And these nine parts of his mercy are for who for his friends for those who believe in Him. Allah in Olia Allahu La homophone early in Willa homea, Zanoni and Medina Amendola, can we have the Quran surah, tuna, Saya, 62 and 63. So Allah is the friend of those who believe and because of that friendship, because of that protection and help, what does he do? He brings them out of darkness into light, meaning he ensures that they are guided. So he gives them light when they are in need of it, and what is light? And

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what is darkness? First of all, remember, there are three major darknesses there is the darkness of ignorance where a person does not even know the truth. Secondly, there's the darkness of disbelief where a person does not believe in the truth. And the third is the darkness of disobedience, where a person knowingly disobeyed Allah. These are all types of darknesses Mater darknesses. And then the opposite of this is light. So the opposite of ignorance is knowledge. The opposite of disbelief is Eman guidance. The opposite of disobedience is taqwa. Right? So Allah brings them out of darkness into light. So when they are unaware, Allah subhanaw taala gives them knowledge into the Zoomer Ira

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22 of a man cherohala Who saw the role in Islam for who are Allah nor Emirati, the one whose chest Allah expanded for Islam. So now he's upon a light from his Lord, any What is this light? It is knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala gave this person knowledge of Islam knowledge of the truth, when a person is in disbelief. All right, that is darkness. Allah subhanaw taala brings them into Amen, then darkness of disrupt

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radiance. The light is of Taqwa. Allah's parents are descendants with Hadith i are 28 Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu Tatula me noburo Solly you decom give Lanie Marathi. Where do I live from Nora? Tam Shona be Allah's parent. I will grant you a light that you will walk with when, when you believe and when you have the core. So Allah brings them out of darkness into light. This is how Allah helps his slaves. So when they're said, Allah subhanaw taala gives them hope. When they are feeling lost, Allah subhanaw taala guides them when they don't know something. Allah subhanaw taala teaches them to ask Allah for light, right? We should make dua for noon every day for ourselves between the

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Sunnah and the father of Fajr prayer the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make the dura of light, Allah Who Majora if you can be no law, right? Or Allah, make light in my heart. So we should make dua for ourselves that yeah, Allah grant me this light and this light can be in the form of knowledge, guidance, the cure for your base desires, the cure for your confusion for your hesitation. You see, sometimes we know what we're supposed to do, but we don't have the courage to do it. We don't have the willingness to do it. So we need that Allah brings us out of that darkness into light. So ask Allah for light. Well, Lavina Cafaro and those people who disbelieve Alia Omoto

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hold their Alia artha hoots because they disbelieved in Allah, they did not reject the hood. So now their friends are told those who lead them artha hoot So Iblees becomes their friend shaitan becomes their friend, those who give judgment in opposition to the judgment of Allah, they become their friends. Oh, Leah Omotola hold. And this is so dangerous for a person odia is a Florida Wali. And what happens when the thought become someone's friend, you have the June a home in annuity Illuma they bring them out of light into darkness, Allahu Akbar. And he this person was in light in light, how? Because first of all, Allah subhanaw taala has created every human being on the fitrah right?

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And when a person disbelieves then what happens they are being led out of that light into darkness of disbelief. And sometimes what happens there are people who are Muslim, they're raised by Muslims. They once upon a time believed but then what happened? Because they befriended the hoots. they disbelieved they rejected. They were taken out of light into darkness. And this doesn't happen necessarily in one day. It can happen progressively over time. You could include a woman annuity Illa Lumet hula Ecosse Habana, those are the Companions of the Fire home via holiday and they will abide there in eternally Caledon portion of holiday bonus hub port of Sahib. You see Shayateen take

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people away from the path of guidance and guidance is of three kinds. Okay, there is the guidance of earshot where a person has knowledge, okay, knowledge of what the truth is, what the right thing to do is, then there is a Daya of toe field where a person is able to do to act according to knowledge, all right, where they're able to internalize that knowledge and act upon it. And then there is Hidayat death beat that beat is that a person is firm and consistent on the truth on righteous action. So we learned over here that Thor would take people out of light into darkness, meaning the devil to take people away from the path of guidance. So they take them away from knowledge to

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ignorance, to forgetfulness, to aversion, and how often it happens, that there is a person who once upon a time, knew a lot about Islam. But then their understanding became so twisted, that they use everything against Islam. It's like they don't get it anymore. They don't understand. They don't comprehend the truth anymore. They knew it. But now it's as if they don't know or they have forgotten it all, or they're so averse to it. They're so arrogant towards it, that the very mention of something from the Quran makes them angry, makes them so hateful. So this is the influence of shaitan where a person has been taken away from knowledge into ignorance and forgetfulness and

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aversion, and then the thought would lead them away from Hidayat. Tofik from action to inaction to laziness. This also happens to people that they used to resign a lot of Quran not anymore. They used to fast not anymore, they used to worship Allah not anymore, or they have become very lazy. Then they take away from hedaya to beat also from

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consistency, two inconsistency that they used to be so stable in worshiping Allah and now they're wavering. They worshiped Allah for so long. So for example, someone wore the hijab, all their, you know, youth. And then what happened? Now they no longer had the willingness or the courage, or they're no longer convinced that they should be wearing it. So if someone steps out of light into darkness, this is not something to celebrate. This is a very dangerous sign. This means that now they have befriended Thorvald Olia Omoto, hood, Johanna junuh, whom in uno de la buruma. And this shows us that if we're okay with the hood, and we spend so much time with the hood, and we take the

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influence of Toad, eventually what's going to happen to health is not going to leave you where you are. It's going to bring you out of light into darkness. And the end is very frightening. Hula Girls harbor now homefree her Holly Dune, the ultimate end is very, very dangerous. And now I want you to compare the two sentences you see in this ayah there's mainly two sentences the first statement is will Allahu Allah you will Deena Ave Allah is the Wali of those who believe he brings them out of darkness into light. Then in a said those who disbelieve their Olia artha hood, who bring them out of light into darkness. It seems like the two sentences are very similar, but there is a huge

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difference between them. The arrangement of the words is very different than them. First of all, in the first statement, where do you see Allah is Wali? Allah is mentioned at the beginning of the sentence, right? Because Allah The very name Allah is very blessed it all right, and it should be mentioned first. And Allah is the One Who bestows the favor off guidance to his slaves. In the second statement, it doesn't say what tahu to Olia or Lilina Cafaro No, it says well Lilina cafardo lea Omoto who taught comes all the way at the end? Okay, because the hood cannot come in Mocha Bella with the name of Allah and he in competition with the name of Allah. All right. The hood is lower.

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Baca, it is despicable. All right, it is weaker. So it cannot be put in competition with the name of Allah. And the sentence begins with when Medina kifaru It says if they're being reprimanded, that it's your fault, don't blame others you denied yourself. You brought on this friendship with dilute. So when Latina Cafaro Oh, Leah Omoto Regina Juan Mina know the Illuma or like us harbor na homefree her holiday. Now there are three stories that are mentioned. Okay, in the next three verses. And in the stories, Allah subhanaw taala shows us how he is the Wali, the friend of those who believe, okay, and how those who disbelieve their friends or thought that they continue to take them out of

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light into darkness. And in contrast, when Allah is the friend of those who believe he continues to bring them out of darkness into light, more and more and more light. So let's look at the first story. The first story is LM Tara Eden Libby had Ibrahim A fear of Biggie and Atal hula hula Mulk. Have you not considered the one who argued with Ibrahim about his Lord merely because Allah had given him kingship Alam? Tara, we have done this expression before. That doesn't mean have you not seen with your I would rather have you not considered meaning reflect on the case of this one of who the one who had Ibrahim had Jeff Um, hi, Jim Jim Mohajer is to argue, okay to debate. So he debated

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with Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhis salam. And this person debated argued with Ibrahim alayhis salaam in regard to what in regard to field of behavior in regard to his Rob, who's Rob he the pronoun he is referring to Ibrahim or listener, and it can also refer to this person because Allah is the rub of All right, so this person argued with Ibrahim on Islam, about Allah subhanaw taala. Why, why was he arguing what made him dare to argue about Allah? What gave him so much confidence and tell her local milk? And for the reason that because at our local milk, Allah gave him kingship, so this man who argued with Ibrahim alayhis salam was a king. Allah had given him milk meme, lamb calf kingdom, and

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because he was a king, because of his kingdom, because of his power, he kind of got a little too arrogant, not a little very arrogant, and he got deceived by His power and wealth. So he began to reject Allah subhanaw taala. And he made the claim of being God Himself, a stuff that Allah and this is very strange, because Allah is the One who had given him this kingship, so he should have been grateful to Allah. But instead of be

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Being grateful he was ungrateful. He was arrogant. And sadly there are many people who are like this into the Zoomer. I remember eight of us pantherella says what either muscle in Santa deuteron when some adversity touches man, he calls upon his Lord turning to him alone. Then when Allah bestows on him a favor from himself, what does this person do? He forgets Allah. And he attributes to Allah equals A stuff it Allah in Al Insana, the rugby la canwood. The human being is very, very ungrateful to his Lord. This is why Allah says in the Quran that if he had extended provision for his slaves, they would have committed tyranny throughout the earth. So it's in our best interests that we are

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not given everything we desire. Because if we're given everything we desire, such as wealth and children and things like that, some of us were not able to handle that. We've become too proud, we forget that we're human, we forget that we are slaves, and we think that we can say whatever we want about Allah, and sort of column I am 14, Allah subhanaw taala mentions and Canada Malin Weber Nene, because this man is a possessor of wealth and children, he thinks that he can deny Our Verses. So either to clarify or to not call it a cell title or when, when Our Verses are recited to him, he says legends of the former people's any, what has made him so confident that he is outright

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rejecting the verses of Allah? Is it because he has some wealth and some children? So this king, it is at this was an emerald, and he claimed to be God, all right. And this shows us that this belief in Allah, this is not a modern phenomenon, okay? It is not something new. Or now it is trendy, that people don't believe in God, whether it comes in the form of atheism or any kind of other theism, whatever, or no theism, whatever, any, this is not a modern phenomenon. This is a very old habit trend in people that they have in arrogance rejected Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, back then it was worse. Okay, fit our own claimed to be God, people today. Any, it's very rare that someone will do

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something like this claim something like this. And if they do, it's understood that they have some kind of a mental psychological issue, right? extreme extreme narcissism or whatnot. So back then it was worse. So today, many people they think that not believing in God is you know, part of being modern, right, of being forward thinking, No, this is actually backward because people before we're worse in this trend, so this man, he argued with the Brahim, right is seven regard to Allah. If Allah Ibrahim Ooh, so Ibrahim alayhis salam said that Rob blnd My Lord is the one who you he he gives life where you meet and he gives death. Now, why did this man argue with him? Because Ibrahim

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alayhis salam said, My Lord is the one who gives life and gives death. Now, Ibrahim alayhis salam and he said the statement that my Lord is the one who gives life and gives death basically would have brought him on his I'm saying to Nimrod is this man, this king is that you are not my job. My Arab is Allah. And this was actually a very dangerous statement to say, at that time, before this kink. Because this king, who was very blind in his arrogance, he could have had it while humorless I'm killed right away. So the prophets of Allah remember, they were very brave, very daring, and they're dared to speak the truth in the most dangerous situations also, in the face of real danger,

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we learn about Musa RT Salman Harun and he said I'm in surah Taha, verse 45 and 46 that when they were told to go and you know talk to federal they said Rob banana in the non harmful a fruit or Elena oh a Yet Allah, our Lord, we are afraid that he will hasten punishment against us or that he will transgress and Allah subhanaw taala said, Let the Hoffa in the new Mara coma, a smarter worker fear and out indeed I am with you both I hear and I see. So it was very dangerous, they were afraid and the sphere was genuine, but Allah subhanaw taala short and that his help was going to be with them. And so they went and spoke to fit our own fit our own went out of control. He killed so many

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of the magicians who believed in most artists and I look at how he tortured his own wife. And look at how he doubled the transgression against Bani Israel, where again, now he started killing their children. So we learn about who they are and he said, I'm also in solitude, I have 5455 that how he showed so much courage, you know, in saying to His people that go ahead, all of you plot against me with your gods, whatever, I put my trust in Allah. So Ibrahim Renison I'm, he said, My Lord gives life and

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gives a death he we just pass over the statement that yes, this is a fact Allah gives life Allah gives duck because he's a high yield a young. So okay. But for Ibrahima, listen I'm to say this was a big big step, a very risky step he took. So, the man the king Nimrod, Allah, He said, Anna or who you will meet, I am the one who gives life and I am the one who gives a death. Notice your ye he gives life or he I give life you meet, he gives death omit I give death, I hope Inshallah, you will study grammar soon and you will recognize the different forms. So, it is said that this king he had two prisoners brought, and he had one of them killed, and he let the other one go, he set him free.

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So he said, See, I give death and I give life. Now, Ibrahim alayhis salam did not dwell on this argument that Allah is the One who gives life Allah is the One who gives it that because the man either he was, you know, being foolish or in his pride and his arrogance, whatever it was, he was not getting it. So Ibrahim Hassan did not dwell on this. He brought another argument. Cada Ibrahim Ibrahim Renison I'm sad for him Allah then indeed Allah is the One who yet T was Shamcey he brings the sun middle Masjid from the east Mushnik Shin Rockoff is the root so Allah is the one now he named his Rob Allah. Okay, it is even more dangerous for Ibrahim on his sinner. But he did it

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anyway. He said Allah is the One who brings the sun from the east, meaning he causes it to rise from the east. So if your God if you give life and death if you think you're all capable foot TV Hamming and relative, so you bring it from the west. Tibia bring it forth man and Muhammad Maghrib Elena Raba is the root. So what happened for boo Italia the cover? So the one who disbelieved? bourita he was left dumbfounded by ohata is the root and he he was left speechless. He was shocked from the same root of the word Bhutan. Bhutan is a slander because the slander is something so terrible that when people hear it, they're shocked. It leaves them speechless. So for Bolita Ledi cover he had

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nothing left to say. He was defeated in argument wala hula Dil como Ballymena and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people Florida volume, those who commit oppression those who commit injustice. So what do we learn from the story that Allah is the friend of those who believe so he guides his slaves and those who do not believe their Alia are followed? They only take them further and further into misguidance and error. So much so that a person so in his head, that he thinks he is God, so delusional, so we should seek refuge with Allah, that he or Allah, protect me from going astray. Protect me from becoming blind to the truth. Protect me from becoming so arrogant that when the

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truth is presented, I don't accept it. May Allah protect us all. Amin and the next two stories we see how Allah subhanaw taala guide to slaves

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