Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-026D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 190-192

Taimiyyah Zubair
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then it is said welcome to feasable Allah Hill Medina your party Luna calm. Now as you can see these verses are leading up to a discussion on Hajj basically, these are preliminary verses before details of hajj are given. And if you think about it so far and Susan Bacala we have been learning about salah so for example, right at the beginning of the second Jews, we learned about the change of fibula, and how important the you know, facing the right Qibla is for the completion of prayer. We learned that Salah is called Eman right? So we learned some details about salah, then we learned some details about fasting, especially fasting in Ramadan, and now we're going to be learning about

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Hajj. So these are all pillars of Islam. Right now going for Hajj means travel, leaving your house traveling all the way to Mecca. Now, remember the context, the time when these verses were revealed at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam travel, especially for Muslims in that time was not easy. Okay? Anytime they left Medina, their lives were in danger. And especially for them going to Makkah was very, very difficult. In the sixth year, when the prophets of Allah, whoever it is, and him had a dream, you know, the Sahaba went with him to perform arugula, they were not allowed to enter Makkah, they were not allowed to perform Riblah instead, they ended up with the

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treaty, the Treaty of her day BIA and then the following year, they had to return to Macau in order to perform their umbra. And even then they got entrance for only three days. Right. So with hedge, you know, there's also concerns of safety, and, you know, being in a position where they could be in actual combat. So this is why now there are verses that are related to war and battle. Okay, warfare, basically, rules of war are given over here. And this was basically permission that was being given to the Muslims to fight their enemy, because up until this point, the Muslims were not allowed to engage in war. Okay, we know that in Makkah, they were told that Be patient, right, that

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even when the people of Makkah physically assaulted the Muslims, the Muslims were not allowed to take revenge. They were Muslims who were literally killed, persecuted and killed, that they were not allowed to take revenge. Eventually they were allowed to, especially those whose lives were in danger they were allowed to migrate to Abyssinia and then the permission to migrate to Medina came but the whole focus was on avoidance right that you avoid any confrontation you avoid any warfare, any battle, as we learned the Quran, Khufu idea come, right. This is what the Muslims were told that restrain your hands, meaning do not engage in battle, but then eventually when the Muslims were in

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Medina, and the threats from the enemy were only increasing then the Muslims were given permission to fight back. Okay, so in these verses were caught up Sybil, Allah, He Latina, ukata, Lunokhod in these verses, permission to fight is given to the Muslims. Okay. And then with that permission, you know, this is not just do whatever, figure it out. No, there are guidelines that are given. And before we get into the verses, I don't want you to be afraid of these verses. And I don't want you to feel bad about these verses. Because a lot of Muslims when it comes to the Quran, they're ashamed of verses that talk about war. And we should not feel ashamed at all, because war is a reality. Any

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if it wasn't? Why is it that every country has an army, the most peace loving countries even have armies? Why? Because war is a reality. Islam is a realistic, complete way of life. And when it comes to war, Allah subhanaw taala has guided us, He has not left us to our own whims that we do whatever we want, we do whatever we can know, there are guidelines that are given pertaining to war. Because we know that, you know, historically we forget about historically, even now, when people don't have a set of morals and values guiding them, then what happens in war. There's terrible things that happen. There's violation of human rights. There is so much oppression, so much injustice, there are

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war crimes, right? Why? Because people don't have any set of values and the morals that are guiding them, right. There's no sense of accountability.

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So here when there are verses like this in the Quran, this is an acknowledgement of the fact that war is a reality. And that war also has to be within certain boundaries, okay, within certain boundaries. And another thing I want you to remember is that it all some people are ashamed that, you know, Quran is supposed to be a religious book, write a book that teaches us about love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness. So why are there verses dedicated to war? And again, there are Muslims who feel ashamed, who don't want to ever talk about these verses or read them, or they just say that they're not for us. You know, like, there's a concept moral amnesia, you know, where people

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will basic or religious amnesia where people will deliberately ignore parts of the scripture that don't align with their current moral values. Okay? So a lot of Muslims try to pretend like that. And again, we don't have to, we don't have to be ashamed of or feel bad about even a word in the Quran. No, we're confident we believe in it. We have European in it, that every verse, every word of the Quran has guidance, it is good for us, it is beneficial for us. We love it. Because Allah subhanaw taala has revealed these guidelines for us. These guidelines are based on divine revelation, they're from Allah azza wa jal, whose knowledge is perfect, whose wisdom is perfect, whose mercy whose

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justice is perfect. So no matter what the people say, and no matter how they try to attack the Quran, and no matter how much they try to make you feel ashamed of the Quran, you don't have to feel like that, be confident about every verse of the Quran. And one thing I want you to know is, you know, a lot of people will take these verses, and put them out of context and say, Oh, Quran is such a violent book, or stuff it Allah. And a lot of times, these are people who are coming from a Christian background. And what they don't realize is that the Bible is far, far more violent. We will see in these verses how there's a concept of fighting in battle for the purpose of defense, and

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for the purpose of taking revenge. And that's it. Any you fight in order to defend yourself when people are attacking you. And you also fight in order to take revenge, meaning you just inflict on the other what they have inflicted on you, not more than that. When you look at the Bible, on the other hand, especially the First Testament, there are passages that basically teach complete genocide, complete genocide, that an entire city and entire people have to be annihilated. So much so that the women and the nursing babies and the cows, even the animals even have to be killed. Okay? In it, these are the instructions that are given in the Bible, in certain passages, that

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literally, babies have to be killed, women have to be killed, people's animals have to be killed, the entire population of the city has to be annihilated. All right, the Quran does not teach genocide, the Bible does. And also there are, you know, books within the Bible within the Old Testament that are known to be extremely violent. I remember this professor of mine. In biblical studies, he actually teaches a course on violence of the Bible. And I remember once he was talking about that in one of the classes, and I thanked him for bringing that perspective. And he said, The reason why I put that course together, is because after 911, I would see on TV, how people would

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take a verse of the Quran and try to promote the Quran as very savage and very violent. And, you know, he said that I was amazed that people are ignorant of what is within the Bible. And it is because of those passages within the Bible that the Crusades were so terrible. And if you heard even about the details of the Crusades, how terribly any day committed genocide, basically, it was all based on such passages from the Bible, and not too long ago, how the indigenous people within North America, how they have been massacred. You know, if you think about it, even now, there are graves that are being discovered off indigenous children who were they killed by by the church? Why is it

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that their entire communities were, you know, completely finished? How did they legalize that baby?

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based on the concept of genocide that the Bible teaches, anyway, I'm not going into a lot of detail about what those passages are. But I want you to be aware, I want you to be aware that people who attack the Quran are deliberately choosing to ignore passages within their own scripture. They try to promote themselves as very peace loving, but they're not. And what the Quran teaches regarding war regarding battle is very just and very fair, and you will see, especially in these verses, how Allah subhanaw taala teaches us to fear Him, be conscious of him and observe proper boundaries, even in war. So let's look at these verses, we'll call to feasable. Allah, the first thing we're told is

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that you all fight in the Cause of Allah. Allahu Akbar, ne you fight in battle ye for the pleasure of Allah, sincerely for the sake of Allah, not in order to satisfy your eagle in order to show off in order to establish your greatness. No, you fight for the sake of Allah. You know how we learn about the incident? Where are a little the Longhorn, who was fighting someone and you know, he was about to kill him, but the men spat on him. And our little de la Horne who stopped and knew when he was asked, he said that before I was fighting him for the sake of Allah, but then when he spat on me, I wanted to fight him for my sake. And that's not okay. So what partido feasts a beat in that

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the first thing is intention, purpose goal, it is for the religion of Allah, not for your own personal ego. In a hadith we learned that Monica Lolita Hakuna Kalamata Allah here earlier, for Hua feasable, that the person who fights in order that the word of Allah is Exalted, and that person is in the way of Allah. So the goal is to exalt the word of Allah and FISA Belinda also means that fight for the sake of the religion of Allah, and for the sake of the religion of Allah, meaning in order to defend it, in order to preserve it. So for example, the people of Makkah, they were not letting the Muslims practice Islam, right, they were not letting the Muslims you know, perform Hajj,

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perform Urmila perform basic things. So you want to reach that level where you are able to practice the religion peacefully with security. So what Cthulhu feasable Allah And then thirdly, we'll call it Luffy. sebelah also means that you fight in the way of Allah meaning according to the rules that Allah subhanaw taala has given you.

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Not according to your whims. Just as when it comes to prayer. There are guidelines when it comes to war. Also, there are guidelines and you know what, based on this jihad is actually considered to be one of the pillars of Islam. So what can he do FISA, Belinda? Okay, so fight permission has been given. Now the next thing is who do you fight? Just any non Muslim? Any disbeliever any cafe No. And Medina, you party Luna calm? Those who fight you. So fight who AlLadhina ukata Luna calm those people who fight you, meaning those people who have been waging war against you, you're now going to wage war against them. Because if someone hits you, no, you're not going to show them the other

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cheek. That Okay, hit me here as well. No, you're not going to do that. There is the concept of patience and forgiveness, which has a place in Islam, but there's also a concept of self defense and revenge, and forbidding what is wrong, which also has a place in Islam. So you show tolerance and forgiveness to people for some time. But when they're not stopping, then you have to stop them. So in Makkah for 13 plus years, even after the hijra, we learned that the Muslims did not fight back. All right, they were told to observe patience and tolerance and forgiveness. But then when the people of Makkah weren't stopping, then there is time to take revenge. There's time to stop the

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aggressor. So AlLadhina ukata Luna calm fight who those people who fight you all right now when you're fighting them, how exactly do you fight them? However you want no. Well Athar to do. The third thing that is mentioned over here is let Arthur do Do not try

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transgress what would be transgression, transgression would be that you fight those who do not fight you. Or transgression would be that you are very violent in fighting back, that you don't observe any limits that you commit a lot of violence, you inflict extreme harm and damage on your enemy. Okay? And that would look like for example, a genocide or for example, killing women and children, okay, killing people who have nothing to do with battle. So for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us some limits. There's a hadith in Muslim Dharma, in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he would send a group of people to fight, he

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would say, Oh, how would you Bismillah that go out in the name of Allah to cartographie Sabina, you are fighting in the way of Allah so He told them to renew their intentions basically know their purpose. And who are you fighting Mancha? Falabella those who reject Allah and then he said to them, let them know the rules. Do not betray okay, do not betray. So for example, no just before the battle you tell them no, no, we're not going to fight we'll make a deal. And you make a deal you make a treaty, and then you attack them. No, that is wrong. You cannot betray while at the Hulu and do not cheat. And this is in regard to war booty.

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What I Timothy Liu and do not mutilate, meaning the dead of the enemy. Do not mutilate them there should be respect for human body. Even if you hate the enemy. Do not mutilate the body, that hands and feet and nose and ears etc. are being cut off and heads are hung and heads are put on display. lead to a feeling don't do that. Do not mutilate the dead bodies will talk to you soon will Danner and do not kill children without us have a salami, nor should you kill the people who live in monasteries. So the religious folk, basically, and you see that in every religion, you know, there are people who have completely abandoned the world, and they're just engaged in ritual in worship.

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So don't kill such people either kill who fight only the people who come in battle against you. So this is just one example of the guidelines that the prophets of Allah who already set him gave to the Muslims and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Latta don't do not transgress. So basically in war, all is not good and fair. Okay, in war all is not good and fair. So do not transgress because in Allahu Allah you have been martyred in Indeed, Allah does not love those people who transgress. So if you transgress in war, then you will lose the love of Allah, Allahu Akbar. Any imagine something so difficult a person is doing, they're engaging in war. And this is something

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extremely difficult. And imagine if they don't do it the right way, they will lose the love of Allah. All right. So in Allah, Allah you have been watered in Be careful, be conscious of the limits, and observe the rules properly. So when it comes to the rules of war, remember there are the rights of Allah, okay, which should not be violated? And what are the rights of Allah that you fight only for his sake, purely for his pleasure. And likewise, Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden that fighting should take place in sacred months or sacred places. So do not transgress the rights of Allah. And then there are also rights of the people that you are fighting against the rights of the

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enemy, literally their rights of the enemy. So do not transgress those and what are the rights of the enemy, that their elderly, their children, their women, their monks, etcetera, should not be killed, their crop and property etcetera should not be damaged. All right. So when I talked to any imagine, permission is given for battle, but this is not you need just go wild. No, there are rules. There are rights of Allah that you have to respect and there are rights of the enemy also, that you have to respect. And if you violate any of those in Allahu Allah, you have been martyred in you will lose the love of Allah. Then it is said what Cthulhu home Hazel certificato home work regio home min

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Hazel Raju con

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that killed them wherever you find them wherever you overtake them, and you expel them from where they expelled you. Now, who is them overhear them is go back to the next diet, it is AlLadhina ukata, Luna calm those people who fight you, those people who are at war with you what to do home kill them them doesn't just refer to any non Muslim. Okay? It doesn't refer to any infidel, as people would like to say. No them is referring to, you know, when you come across the pronoun, you have to look at the context. Right? So you go back to the previous sentence, who is them? Who is it that you're fighting against? The people who are fighting you, the people who have been at war with

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you. So if you look at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walk to home them is referring to the people of Makkah. Right? So you will kill them wherever you overtake them, wherever you find them in confrontation. So that could be in the city of Medina, that could be right outside the city of Medina, that could be by mount or hood that could be in the plane of butter. That could be right outside the city of Medina, you know, where the trenches were dug? Guinea wherever they come in confrontation against you, you will kill them over there. Okay, so basically, the Muslims are being given permission now to fight enemy anywhere. And remember that the people of Makkah, also

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any, they wouldn't just wait for a battle in order to attack the Muslims. You know, for example, we learned that around the time of the Battle of art, I'm not able to recall whether this incident happened right before right after, I'm pretty sure it happened after the Battle of war. Anyway, around that time. So people came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they asked him that, you know, we want to embrace Islam, and we want that you should send with us some of your people, so that they will come to our city and you know where our families are, and they will teach us the Quran, they will teach us Islam, etc. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent 70,

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convert with them 70 reciters of Quran with them. And what did they do? Basically, when they left Medina, at some point, they besieged them the 70 Quran, and they killed all of them. So the enemy used different strategies in order to harm the Muslims. So now the Muslims are being given permission, that these people who have declared war against you who have no respect for your life, they lie to you, they betray you, they cheat you. Any you're not going to be naive anymore. No, any place where you have mastery over them, you have a chance to overtake them, you will take a chance to overtake them, you will fight them. Because you want to break the strength, the power of your

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enemy, because your enemy is not stopping at any limit. So walk through him hate was active to move home. This is completely just unfair. And then what could he do home in Haifa? kraju. can expel them from where they expelled you. Any. They expelled you from Makkah? Right? They did not let the Muslims live in Makkah in peace. So you're also going to expel them from there. Your goal now is going to make them leave Makkah. And that eventually happened at the conquest of Makkah. All those people who did not believe anymore were asked to leave. Right? And among those people was it Karima that the son of Abuja had, he fled Makkah. And we learned that he decided to just leave Arabia

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completely. He boarded a ship. And while he was on the ship, there was a storm and his life was in danger and everyone was afraid and everyone began calling upon their idols, their false gods. And when that didn't work, they began calling upon Allah alone, and it hit Reclaimer then that this is exactly what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been calling us to, that we should worship only Allah. So then, after the storm subsided and he managed to get back, he returned to Makkah, and he accepted Islam and he became a Kinomoto. The aloha and

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so anyway, eventually the people of Makkah, who did not believe were expelled from Makkah, and that was complete justice. They expelled the Muslims from Makkah. So eventually they were also expelled from Arabia. So what do you do with them and how to afford to come this is completely just and then it is said well fitna to a shut do minimal capital, and fitna is worse than killing persecution is worse than killing

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and the people of Makkah, the machete King had been doing this to the Muslims all along. Now what does this mean? That persecution is worse than killing? Think about it, religious persecution, what does it look like? It looks like daily aggressions, right? You it looks like coercion, it looks like mistreatment, marginalization. We have seen historically and presently how people are persecuted for their religion. They are sometimes sent to labor camps. And eventually entire population is wiped out. We're seeing what's happening in China, where massages are being finished, where Muslims are being sent to camps, right, where their children are being taken away. They're being forced into

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living a life that is very different from the religion men are not allowed to keep a beard. Women are not allowed to observe their hijab, they're not allowed to express themselves as Muslims in any way. Now, this kind of persecution, this kind of oppression is worse than killing people, while fitna to ash abdominal cattle. Why? Because when a person is killed, okay, they experience pain, but it's just one shot. Right? What is persecution on the other hand, it is daily pain, daily fear in every matter of their lives. And if persecution forces people away from the truth, if it causes them to leave Islam, then the loss of Islam is worse than loss of life, because death has to come sooner

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or later. Right. And if a person dies on Islam sooner, it is better than dying on Culford later, so when fitna till assured terminal cuttle the trial of religious persecution preventing people from the way of Allah that is worse than killing people and the people of Makkah. That's what they had been doing all along. Right. Think about how the Muslims their life was in danger in Makkah. If someone recited the Quran openly, they were beaten up. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, someone who was so honorable, so respectable, he would pray in his home in his courtyard, and he was a man who was buckled up, and he would cry a lot. And so a lot of people would gather around, you know, they would

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just watch him from their houses from their courtyards. And so some elders in Makkah basically told them about the Longhorn, who you cannot pray like that in your house. You cannot do that. So welcome to the Longhorn, who decided to leave Makkah, and as he was leaving MCCA someone saw him and they said, there is no way that a man like you could leave Morocco, I will give you protection. So anyway, imagine an honorable, respectable man like a bucket, a wealthy man was not allowed to pray in his own home. And when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam, when he would pray in the home, you know, the story of how Bucha Helen his friends, they brought the intestines of a camel, the inner

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parts of the camel that had been slaughtered, and they put it on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he was unable to get up. So the people of Makkah, were persecuting the Muslims in Makkah. And then when the Muslims left Makkah, they went to Abyssinia what happened? They sent one of their representatives to go speak to the king of Abyssinia, right and basically tell him to force these Muslims out of Abyssinia. And when that didn't work, they said well, they insult your God Jesus. Right and Darfur Ile de la Horne who recited suit Meriam to their pacinian King, and Abyssinian King basically embraced Islam, right? So didn't even spare the Muslims in Abyssinia. And then when the

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Muslims migrated to Medina, they continue to harass the Muslims in Medina, any the Muslims were not safe even in Medina. We learn in Sierra about how the Muslims would sleep with their weapons. At one point the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked his companions that who was going to guard me tonight so that I can sleep in peace. So sad the Murad Avila Mourinho he guarded him. So the Muslims were not safe in Medina either because their enemy was constantly persecuting them. So while fitna to Asha dominant pattern.

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All right, and this is the reason why permission to fight the enemy has been given because they persecute, went out to Khartoum. Now some more rules, went out to Khartoum or in the Masjid Al haram he had to you

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How to compete do not fight them at an Masjidul haram until they fight you there. So, earlier what was said fight them in any place that you overtake them right. So, any place it doesn't have to be a designated place, it could be anywhere and this is why you see in the Sierra, sometimes the battle was right outside Medina, sometimes it was in a plane, sometimes it was right next to you know a mountain like or hood. So, first of all general permission is given that fight them anywhere, right when they fight you then fight them anywhere, but some restrictions are given that you cannot fight them in muster haram because most of them are haram is a sacred space where human life has to be

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respected human life, animal life has to be respected. Any if you see an animal that you can easily hunt, right within the Haram you cannot attack it. You cannot even chase it out of the Haram in order to catch it. Right. So human life is sacred, it is guarded it is safe within the vicinity of the home. And this is something that even the people of Morocco respected. So when up to Khartoum or in the Masjid Al haram do not fight them near muscular haram. However, Hector, you got it you comfy, if they fight you there, then you're going to fight them until and unless they fight you in it. So what do we learn from this that fighting within the vicinity of the home is not permissible? Unless

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a person is attacked by the enemy? All right, then the permission to defend oneself is given hotter you gotta look comfy. For Incorta LUCAM that is clearly spelled out now. If they fight you meaning within the Haram factor over them then you kill them. Meaning if they don't respect your life in the Haram then their life will not be respected either in the Haram they will be attacked, they will be killed. Comerica does that will caffeine thus is the recommends the punishment for those who disbelieve then it is said for in into hole then if they cease. And they this is referring to the people who fight you if they cease from what from fitna meaning from persecuting you, or from

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fighting you. They cease from their coffer because it was their coffers that led them to persecuting the Muslims. Then for in the lava photo Rahim indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. This is so beautiful. And we see that, you know, for example, among the Sahaba there were people who for a very long time, waged war against the Muslims. But then what happened? Once they embraced Islam and they made Toba and they stopped being violent towards the Muslims. Then they were welcomed. And Allah subhanaw taala forgave them for in the love of a photo Rahim. So for example, when we talk about potty they've been Walid radula, one who there was a time remember Khalid Ibn will lead through the

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Longhorn, who he is the one who, at the Battle of or hurt, turned the defeat of the mercans into somewhat of a victory. You know, that second attack that the McCanns made against the Muslims that surprise attack that came under the leadership of Khalid bin Walid. So imagine all those Muslims that were martyred at what almost 70 of them all right, so many Muslims were martyred. All that chaos that happened, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam got wounded, he was bleeding, right? So many companions were wounded. Why did that happen? Because of what Khalid bin Walid did.

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Okay, but then eventually what happened college and elite embraced Islam he became radula horn Hofer in the local photo Rahim. And he this is the level of tolerance. This is the concept of war. And he people change and people should be allowed to change. And when they change, you embrace them. You don't cancel them based on something that they did years ago, based on something they did in a state of Cowfish. For in the log a photo, Rahim. Think about it crema, the son of Abuja, even he played a huge part in the Battle of Muhammad in inflicting harm against the Muslims. But then what happened? He became Muslim. He ceased he stopped for in the love of Allah Rahim. Think about Hynde. What did

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she do in the Battle of she mutilated the body of the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then what happened? She embraced Islam at the conquest of Makkah. So she ceased for in Allah photo Rahim. Think about oh, Sophia. He was basically the only leader of Mecca that survived

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And he participated in many battles against the Muslims. So at the conquest of Makkah again he seized for in Allahu foto Rahim. Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Anyone we talk about the concept of war in Islam we also need to keep this in mind

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