Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-026F Tafsir Al-Baqarah 196 part 1

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of performing hedges for the sake of others is emphasized, as it is necessary for Islam. The importance of honoring the Prophet's actions for the sake of Islam is also emphasized, particularly in the recitation of the Quran and online hedge. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing these acts for the sake of Islam and reciting the Hadith in public. The practice of hedges is discussed, including the importance of offering a compensatory sacrifice and a daily practice of arugula. The process of the Hajj and Hajj procedure is explained, including the leadger's pre-process and post-process, and the practice of staying in Sofia for the night.
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Verse number 196 What a Tim will hedger will room rattle Allah and complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah for in or Slendertone from a stay salamin al Hadi, but if you are prevented then offer whatever can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals. Now here Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that we must complete hajj and umrah for his sake. Now first of all remember that hajj is an obligation, meaning on every able Muslim Hajj is an obligation. It's one of the five pillars of Islam and a person must perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a you have NASA but follow the law who are Aleikum will hijab for her job that

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oh people Allah has made hedge obligatory upon you. So perform Hajj This is a Hadith from Sahih Muslim and it is Allah subhanaw taala is right, that we make this journey of Hajj for his sake. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, well Allah here Allah Nursey had jewel Beatty, that it is Allah's right on the people meaning this is something that people all Allah, that they do Hajj, they make the pilgrimage to the house to the Kaaba, but this obligation is on who minister Torah la he sebelah on whoever is able to make a way meaning whoever is able to go for the journey of hedge than this is an obligation. This is something they all hola and we also learned that it is not just

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hedge which is obligatory in a narration we learn that laser a hudon INLA warily he had jet on where Umbra tune that there is no person meaning among the Muslims, except that he must perform a hedge and an Ermelo. Meeting hajj and umrah both are an obligation upon every able Muslim. And when something is an obligation on us, then what does that mean? It means that we should try to fulfill it as soon as possible, because we don't know what might happen in the future. And that might prevent us from fulfilling our obligation we should not procrastinate and delay without a good reason. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also told us to he said third gen evil had je ne

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go quickly for Hajj. Yarny Elfrida, meaning the obligatory Hajj the first one, if you want to do more than one Hajj, that's completely optional, but one Hajj is an obligation. All right? So hasten to do it. Meaning don't delay for in a honeycomb Landry my yard, you don't know who because one of you does not know what might happen to him in the future, what may come before Him and what may prevent him from going for hunch, we learn in a hadith that when a person performs arugula after umbra, then whatever sins they have committed in the middle, meaning between the two of them was get erased. And when a person performs Hajj, which is mob rule, meaning an accepted hedge, a hedge that

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is filled with good deeds than the reward for that is paradise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Illuminati Illuminati to curfew, Medina, Houma ombre to rubra experience what is between the two and this is why we should keep going for Umrah even if we have done it. If we are able we should go for Umrah because it erases the sense that have been committed in the middle and while Hjelm abroad Headjam abroad Leigh sallahu Jezza own IlJin there is no reward for it except paradise, meaning that is the only reward for Hodgeman the last panel authority the soil the ability to do hjem abroad. Now here in a sec What a team will have Jonah Amata Lilla complete hajj and umrah

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for Allah meaning hajj and umrah should be performed with sincerity. Why? Because first of all, remember that how generous they are min Seville Allah as we learned in the Hadith they are from those actions which are in the way of Allah. And remember earlier also we learned that when it comes to, for example, fighting in the way of Allah that has to be done only for the sake of Allah and he not to boast of one's bravery and one's physical strength and things like that. If a person has such an intention, then their reward is wasted. So likewise when it comes to hygiene rubra the intention should be sincere. Okay, it should be only for the sake of Allah and because Hajj, an aroma our main

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Sabine Allah there are of those actions which are in the way of Allah Hajj is considered as one of the two Jihads meaning it's a form of jihad. Why because

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during which a person is constantly any monitoring themselves, and not just monitoring themselves, you are restraining yourself you're striving against your knifes you are depriving yourself of, you know comforts, and even the fulfillment of desire, any think about it, so many people are uncomfortable because of the way that they're dressed in a home. Right? It's, they're getting cold. They're not used to wearing such you know, drafty clothes among the men of course, and then you know, you're not allowed to trim your nails, your hair, you know, you can't wear perfume and things like that. Any it's hard, right? And it's also a jihad because you have to spend from your own

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pocket, right? And you have to physically strive, we learn in a hadith that Jihad will Kabila was Salini will blurry if you will Marathi Alhamdulillah there's a hadith and Sunnah say that the jihad of the elderly person and the little person leaving children and the weak person meaning for example, if a person is you know, suffering from a long term illness or they have some disability, and the woman will not, what is the jihad for these people? They're jihad is to go for Hajj, and to go for Umrah. Aisha Radi Allahu anha. This is a Hadith in Bukhari, we learned that she said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam that you know, we see that jihad is one of the best actions, so

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should we women not participate actively in Jihad any participate in the battle itself, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, No, this is not required a view lacking the Orthology had he had Juma bro. But the best Jihad meaning in your situation is 100 liberal and you do Hajj. So uh, Tim will hijo de la Murata. Lilla complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah for the sake of Allah. If you think about it, hedges it's a very public act, right? And what also is a very public act and especially these days, you know, you go for Hydra, you post one picture in your stories, everyone finds out it becomes public very quickly. And even if you don't mention it to people, you know,

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people see you they're people who know you, for example, you're going to group you know, people see you they know that you're doing how did they know that you're doing ombre, and you know, for Hajj, because you are even for Umbra and you are constantly around people, people see you they watch you. It's very easy for your intentions to get corrupted, right? When it comes to Salah. You can pray in your room with the door closed with the window closed. Nobody finds out that you're praying. When it comes to the recitation of the Quran. Again, you can recite in a way that nobody finds out. But when it comes to hygiene or ombre, these are very public acts. People definitely see that you are doing

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Hajj, you're doing umbra. So when it's such a visible public act, it's very easy for our intentions to get corrupted. So this is a very important reminder. First thing a team will have Germanotta Nila do it for the sake of Allah. Also, when you're praying Salah for example, it's not expensive, and you don't have to spend any money. You just put on your clothes, you know, make sure you dressed appropriately, you wear your hijab, and you just pray wherever you are, when it comes to Allah. When it comes to hedge, you have to spend a lot of money, right? So there's a chance of urge of, you know, self amazement that you're impressed with yourself that wow, I just spent like $6,000 I just

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spent like $20,000 You know, so there is a high chance that you feel proud of yourself, you have the sense of arrogance, that Oh, I can afford to go for Hajj, I can afford to go for Allah again. And there is also a chance that you show off. Right, but it's so easy to do that that you tell people yes, we're going for Hajj and they ask who's going is it just us know, me, my spouse, my children, all of us are going for Hutch. And the next, you know, the person who asked you is doing this mental math in their head that oh, if they're going from North America, you know, and you tell them I'm going with this group, right automatically, you know, it's like you're spending $60,000 You're

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spending $1,000. So, you know, it's very easy for our intentions to become corrupt, right when it comes to hygiene. So the number one the most important thing is that a team will huddle or motel in love. Correct your intention. keep renewing it. Keep reminding yourself this is for the sake of Allah. This is not to that I'm showing off. This is not so that people find out and then you know when people are going for hydrogen

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They come back from hudge they're celebrated. And there's nothing wrong with that to congratulate people. But again, there is a chance that that could corrupt your intention. So a Tim will had to enter Amrita Lilla. Do this for the sake of Allah. And then look at the work that has been used a Tim more complete it, meaning from the beginning until the end, it should be LilLah only for the sake of Allah, not for fame, not for status, not for the praise of people. No. And how can you complete hajj and umrah for Allah, meaning you do it properly in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed that from the beginning from the first ritual of huduma Till the last one, you're

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doing it for the sake of Allah and you're doing it in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, you do it properly. So what does that mean? That means that first of all, you have to learn how to do aroma. Before you go for aroma, you have to learn how to do Hajj before you go for Hajj. Because if you don't learn then what's going to happen. You're not going to be able to do it properly. You're going to be lost you're going to be depending on people, you're going to be missing out on great opportunities. So if you want to do it the right way, Leila for the sake of Allah in the way that Allah has prescribed then you have to learn how to do Hajj and there's a hadith in

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Sahih Muslim in which we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said while he was performing hajj, he said Lita, who luminaire seeker can learn your rituals from me meaning or ask me about Hajj, learn the rituals of Hajj from me, because I do not know whether I will perform Hajj after this year of mine. So he encouraged people to learn about Hajj, and even Ramadan de la Marne, who that was his habit, that before hudge you need the day before he would remind people of the sequence of the rituals, what the rituals are, where they're supposed to be any he would do a review with people of the rituals of heart so that nobody would be lost. Okay, and this is why it's very

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important that you know, when you go for Umrah or Hajj, don't just take a book along with you and learn about the way of doing Umbra the way of doing hedge before you go. So attend a workshop. Okay, listen to lectures, study properly, because if you go unprepared, then you will not be able to do it properly. So a team will have Joe Illuminata Linda and a tinfoil hat Germanotta. Lilla This also means that complete the Hajj and Umrah once you begin any don't just leave halfway, you know, don't just quit halfway, you have to complete it. So for example, you go for a camera, and you do the toe off and after the wife you say, Oh man, I'm so tired. I don't think I can do sorry, forget about it.

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I don't think I'm going to complete my arm law. No, no, no, you can't just leave in the middle and say I can't do it. You have to complete it. And if there is a genuine reason, like for example, an illness that prevents you from completing your own blog or completing your hedge, then there is a proper way of exiting that Umbra and Hutch and inshallah we'll talk about that. Now, before we continue, we discussed that a team will hydrometer or Mattarella this means that we have to learn how to do online hedge properly. Now, remember that both are MLA and hedge. Omaha is minor pilgrimage hedge is major pilgrimage. Both of them begin with two things. Okay, what are these two

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things Iran and Muscat? What is Iran Iran is the intention that you are beginning had your beginning Onra you're entering that state so that you can perform the ritual the formula the rituals of Hajj, okay, but it haram is not just intention, it also includes a certain way of dressing. So for men, the Haram is well known for women. Also there are certain rules, okay. And then these rules are not just related to your clothing, but also there are some other restrictions that you have to observe for the duration of hygiene or law. And some of these are for example, that you can't trim your nails. You can't trim your hair, you can't wear perfume. So when you go for Umrah, when you do Hajj,

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when you do Umrah, how do you begin, you begin with the Iran. The second thing you begin with is the new cot. The new cart is basically the place from when the Iran begins from where the home begins. Okay? Now for overall typically what happens, you change your clothing, whatever, for men, especially

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At the airport, and then when you're in the plane, an announcement is made and you make the intention and you start seeing the Tobia because they tell you that we're crossing the new thoughts right so the New Thought is the boundary basically the place from where the Iran begins, all right. Now, for Roomba to do Roomba there is only I mean, I thought mechanic mechanic isn't once you reach that certain boundary, right that certain place you enter the State of Iran. Okay, and depending on which side you are coming to Makkah from your mucosa is different. For Hajj in addition to the place there is also the time any you cannot enter in the state of Ihram for Hajj in the month of Ramadan.

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Okay, the results of new codes the many, meaning you can only enter in the state of Ihram for Hajj, once the time of Hajj begins, the month of hajj, begin. Okay, and inshallah we'll learn about them later on. So how do you begin Umrah and Hajj with the Haram and with the mu cot? Okay, now, when it comes to Aurora, in Aurora, what are you doing? You are basically performing the laugh, okay of the Karva. You are in the harm of course, right? You perform tawaf after two if you do Sorry. Okay, the love is that you go around the Kaaba seven times, sorry, is that you go between Safa and Marwa. And after that you exit the State of Iran, and how do you exit the state of your home by either trimming

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your hair or for men, they can also shave their head. Okay. So this is a camera and this can be done at any time of the year. hedge is more than the left hand sorry, some of the rituals of Hotjar you may have heard, even in the word analysis, we spoke about how you go to ANOVA you go to Mazda Leafa. Right, you go to Mina. So you don't just go to the Karva you don't just go to suffer. And Marwa you also go to Mina, in hajj, you also go to our alpha you also go to must deliver, right? And there's a particular itinerary, right? There's a sequence also meaning you can't just randomly perform the rituals in whatever sequence that is convenient for you, or on whatever days that are convenient for

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you know, there is a particular itinerary that you have to observe when it comes to Hajj. Okay, so what are the actions of Hajj, the actions of Hajj we can divide them into three categories. Okay, what are the three categories of the actions of Hajj The first category is of the can or can are the pillars of hudge. When it comes to the pillars of something the or can have something, you're talking about those actions without which the ritual is invalid. Okay? Meaning if you leave a broken out, okay, if you don't do it, then that means that your EBA is not complete, it's not valid, it's not going to count. Like for example, reciting Surah Al Fatiha in Salah is a record of Salah what

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does that mean? It means if you don't recite Surah Fatiha then your Salah is not complete. Okay, it doesn't count, you have to repeat. So what are the can of Hajj there are four, four things that are a must. And these are Iran.

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First of all Iran. Secondly, alpha going to alpha. Thirdly, the love.

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And fourthly Sorry. Okay, so these four are the can of hedge. If you don't go to alpha, at the time when you're supposed to go to alpha, your hedge doesn't count. Okay, your hedge does not count. If you go for hedge and you don't do to laugh at all. Okay, you don't have to laugh at all. Again, your hedge does not count. If you go for hedge but you're not in the State of Iran. You're not in the state of economics and you're going to Mina, you're going to Alpha you're doing everything but you're not in the state of Arizona, your hedge does not count. So these four are the can of hedge, okay, wrong or offer the love and sorry. Okay, then the second category is off the obligations of

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hedge funds of hedge. What are these actions, these actions are basically those rituals of Hajj, which you must do. All right. But if for some reason, you are not able to do them, okay, you're not able to do them. This could be because of illness, this could be because of traffic. Okay, this could be because, you know, for example, a woman is menstruating Okay, so she's not able

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We'll do to laugh properly on time. So your hedge is still valid. All right. However, you have to offer a compensatory sacrifice. You may have heard of this. This is called the Dum Dum as in the compensatory sacrifice. Okay. But if you don't do them, then your hedges still valid when it comes to our can, if you leave it, there is no compensatory sacrifice. You have to do hedge again. Okay, your hedge does not count for when it comes to the Farrar ill of hunch, if you are not able to perform them, for some reason, your hunch is still valid, however, you do have to offer a compensatory sacrifice. And these obligations are seven. Okay? These obligations are seven. And

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these seven foot are ill, I'm not going to list all of them. Okay? Just going to list some of them. For example, one of them is you stay at alpha until sunset. Okay, you stay at alpha until sunset, meaning you wait for Maghrib to happen, and then you leave off. All right. Now, if for some reason, like for example, a person is unwell, and they have to leave out earlier. Okay. Like, for example, there's an emergency situation they have to leave off in order to get to the hospital or for example, you know, they're advised to get to Mina quickly so that they can rest and if they wait until sunset, then what's going to happen? They'll be stuck in traffic. So they leave just before

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sunset, for example. But they did go to Ottawa on time, and they did perform the ritual of alpha. So their hedges still valid. Okay. However, because they left before sunset, what do they have to do? They have to offer compensatory sacrifice. Okay, another example is stoning. The Jamara in the right sequence, you know, there are three jemalloc, right, there are three pillars, basically where you do the ritual of origami, throwing of the stones, and you have to do that in the right sequence. What if you when you get to the place of the gym, Murat, there's such a crowd of people, or, you know, in that rush, you kind of forget, and you don't remember the right sequence, you lose your group,

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you're on your own, and you can't remember, you know what the sequence is. So you just make sure you do all of them, but you don't do them in the right order. Your hedge is still valid. Okay, but you have to offer a compensatory sacrifice. Okay. Likewise, there are restrictions related to the Iran and you're not able to observe them for some genuine reason, your hedges still valid, but you will offer a compensatory sacrifice. Okay. So on can are four and obligations are seven. Okay. Another thing you must remember I mentioned this to earlier that there are three ways of doing Hutch. Okay? All these three ways are established from the Sunnah from the Quran and Sunnah. And all three are

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valid, all three are rewardable. What are the three ways of doing hedge you can do a fraud or you can do get on or you can do two letter, the first way of doing hedge is if fraud. Now if fraud means that you do only hedge, okay, meaning you put on the harm you enter or harm and you're doing only hedge. You're not doing ombre, and you're not offering sacrifice either. Okay, so in hedge a fraud, there is no formula there is no sacrifice. And this is primarily for the residents of Makkah, because they're not coming from outside. They're already in Makkah. You know, on the first day, they just entered the state of their home and they go to Mina, and there is no Hadith there is no

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sacrifice. The second way of doing Hajj is Hutch Pilon, which pillon is that you have one ihraam Okay, and you do Ermelo first, and right after Irma, you do Hajj. Okay. And you offer hottie you offer sacrifice. Then the third way of doing Hajj is Hajj diameter. And in hajj, the mutter what you're doing is you're making one journey. All right, but you first do arugula. You enter your home you do Ramallah then you exit the State of Iran and then again, you put on Iran for Hajj. Okay, so you're basically doing one journey to a firearms and two different rituals or Mala and Hajj and you also have to offer sacrifice. Okay, so you can do if rod or Quran autometer Alright, now what is the

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Hajj itinerary? Let's see. First of all, remember that

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Hajj begins on the eighth of the hijab. Okay, so for example, if someone is doing Hajj to Maduro, okay, and they reach Makkah on the first of the hijab, they're in the State of Iran, they do their umbra, they exit the State of Iran, then from the first to the eighth, they're not in the state of your home, right? On the eighth of the ledger, which begins so on the eighth of the ledger, eight of the ledger is called yo, Moto, we're, that we're, what you do is you enter the state of your home, you begin to tell BIA, and what do you do you go from? The Kaaba, okay. The haram to where to Mina. So the Pilgrims basically all of them arrived in Mina. Okay, what do you do in Mina know, you

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perform the Salas five daily prayers, and you stay the night in Mina. Next morning, nine of the ledger nines of the ledger is called yo Mara for the day of autofill. What does that mean? That means you have to go to our alpha. So what do the Pilgrims do in the morning of the ninth of the hedger? They go from Minar to Ottawa. Okay. And you get your offer before local time, basically. Alright, and edge Arafa What do you do once you arrive? You pray LaHood and also, ideally in Masjid in the mirror, but Masha Allah, so many people, you can't even get close to the middle. So you just pray wherever you are. But there's a hotbar you listen to the hutzpah. And then after you do your

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Salah, you're looking at an officer, what do you do you stand in order for this ritual is called we'll move on over. And Lulu and Alison are supposed to be combined. Okay. In alpha, you stand in alpha, meaning the ritual of artiphys that you stand, not insula, but endure up, okay. And you stand alone, meaning you don't just stand next to someone. All right, as friends as you know, group of people standing chatting together. No, you're supposed to do this on your own. And you engage in Viken you engage in the recitation of the Quran in making drop, and you stand until sundown until McGraw basically. All right now, once it's Maghrib time you are at alpha, you don't pray Maghrib

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What do you do? You leave out alpha, and you go to Moose deliver? Mush, or Ilhan All right. When you reach was deliver, what do you do? Of course, you're going to pray Maghrib inertia, and then you're going to spend the night in was deliver and ideally you sleep there, alright? And of course you prefer it on time. And another thing you do over here is you gather the stones for the ritual of Ramy. Okay, and you spend the night in was deliver next morning, the 10th of the ledger, the 10th of the ledger is Yo Ma now what does not mean sacrifice. So this means this is the day when you offer the sacrifice, which are judged the her judge that are doing which Quran and Hutch de matar, they

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have to offer sacrifice. Okay, but how do you do that? Where do you do that right now you are in was deliver, right? Because you spent the night over there. You're in was deliver, you're going to prefer you press budget and then you had to Mina, when you reach Mina, back to where you started, okay, you reach Mina, what do you do? You have to offer sacrifice. Okay. And after you offer the sacrifice, you basically exit from the State of Iran. You also have to go for the love. And you also have to do surgery. You can do this ideally on the 10th. But if you're not able to do it on the 10th Some people are not able to is too busy. You can do that on the following days as well. Okay. This

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is the 10th Right. And you sleep in Mina, you have to return to Mina for the night. You can just say, Okay, now we're in Macau. Let's just stay here. Let's just book a hotel and stay here. No, you can't stay in Makkah, you have to return to Mina for the night. Okay, now 11 of them hija. So 11th 12th and 13th. These three days are called a yam with the shriek. Okay, a Yama duszniki You spend in Mina. And what are you doing in Mina? Basically, you're doing the Gemorah, meaning the Romie, the stoning. All right, and all three of them. And this is one of the main things right. And then once you have performed all of the rituals, you exit the state of your home, you trim your

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hair, etc, depending on when you were able to do that. And then basically, on the 12th you can leave or if you want you can leave on the

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13th Okay, and your Hajj is done Alhamdulillah May Allah subhanaw taala give us autofeed. So which days is it? The eighth of the Rohingya, ninth? 10th 11th 12th and 13th Okay, eight, you get to Mina nine is for Arafa 10th is Yamuna have the day of sacrifice. So eighth, ninth 10th they're very busy. All right, and then 11th to 13th. I am with the sheikh, they're a bit more relaxed. Okay. And you basically supposed to stay in Mina. All right. Now with this in mind, we're going to study the verses so that in sha Allah, understanding these verses is easy for you. Okay.

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