Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-018A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 124-129

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Who are we the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rahi Saudi were Sidley Emery. Well hello looked at a melissani yufka, who Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was sadly Sani was thrilled to have him at the Kolbe Armenia ruble olamine lesson number 18 Surah Al Baqarah verses 124 to 129 Translation what if and when? EBITA Allah He put to trial, Ibrahim Ibrahim Prabhu his Rob Bickley math in with words for uttama Hoonah. So he fulfilled them. Kala he said in ni indeed I Jerry Luca am one who will make you Lin NASCI for the people EMA a leader, Allah He said women and

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among those a yeti my offspring Allah He said learn not yen Allah de my covenant reaches a lolly mean those who do wrong what if and when Jarl now we made a beta the house, my fair button a place of returning lunacy for the people what Amna and security what does he do and you all take memahami place of standing Ibrahima of Ibrahim Musa Allah as place of Salah where our hiddenite ila and we took a promise from Ibrahim Ibrahim, where Ismar ILA and s marine and that for Hira you to purify Beatty my house, look for even for those who do tawaf while are caffeine and those who do air decaf we're Looker and those who do record a sujood those who do such that what is and when Carla Ibrahim

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Ibrahim said Rob be my Rob hrl you make Heather this Bella then land Amina secure what Zuhlke and you provide Ella who it's people minutes Emirati, all kinds of fruits, man whoever Amina he believes men home among them Billahi in Allah will Yom and in the day here the last caller he said woman and whoever Kafala he disbelieves for OMA Tiru who then I will let him enjoy Polylang a little Soma then a third who who I will force him ILA into our that'd be punishment and now of the fire will be set and how evil is almost lead the destination? What if and when yield Pharaoh Ibrahim Ibrahim was raising Alcoa EDA, the foundation's men of LBP the house what is smart enough and a smart eel Robina

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our rob the Cabal you accept Mina from us in NACA indeed you until you truly a severe or the ever hearing a Lurleen that ever knowing or a banana Our Rob, what's your honor, and you make us muesli may need to submit liquor to you, woman and among the yeah Tina, our offspring on mutton a community Muslim Athan one that submits Lukka to you what arena and you show us men se Karna our rituals of worship what took our Lena and you turn in mercy upon us in Nikka indeed you enter you truly at the web or the extremely Accepting of repentance of Rahim the Ever Merciful Love banana Our Rob waterbirth and you send fi him to them or Sulan a messenger mean home from them. Yet Lou he will

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recite or lay him to them I Attica your verses where you are leaving home and he will teach them al Kitab the Book will Hekmatyar and the wisdom will use a key Him and He will purify them in Nikka indeed you Anta you truly Olara Z's are the ever Almighty al Hakim the ever wise Hey, let's go over the word analysis Smilla Rahmanir Rahim what if and when? Abel Tala he put to trial Ibrahim Ibrahim Rabu his Rob. Now what if, as you know this means and recall when meaning recall this incident of the past make mention of it and not just simply to talk about it but to reflect on it and learn something from it. So recall and learn from the time when it butanna Ibrahima boo, his Rob put a bra

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Raheem to trial meaning a patella. He over here in patella the verb here, this is going to who this is referring to or a boo. Okay, so his Rob put him to trial. Okay, his Rob put Ibrahim to trial, meaning Allah subhanaw taala tested Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now how do we know that he overhears referring to a boo boo because you see the word or boo. You see the Dhamma over here that indicates that in this sentence, this word is the subject. Okay? It's the subject and Ibrahima. You can see the Fatah over here, this shows that this word is the object. Okay, so who is testing who? Rob the Lord is testing Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now the word Obatala is from the root letters, bat lamb Wow.

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And EBIT Allah is to put to trial to put to test and there's different words in the Arabic language that are used for you know, testing or put into trial and EBIT Tila in particular is used for a test that is difficult, okay. It is supposed to be intense. Why because it is for the purpose of if the bar it is for the purpose of knowing the true worth of something. Now, Allah subhanaw taala already knew the true worth of Ibrahim Ali salaam, he is reality. But the purpose of trial is also to reveal the true worth or the reality of something. So what if ever Tala Ibrahim or boohoo the word in patella shows us that these tests these trials were not easy. Okay? They weren't simple. They were

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difficult. What happened then? And these trials were through what be Kalimantan with words. Now the word kalimat is the plural of the word Calima okay Calima and Calima is from the root letters calf la meme Kalaam Kalaam means speech Calima is a word or a statement and kalimat words what is meant is words of decree, okay, meaning certain commandments, certain orders, and when it comes to the words or the decrees of Allah azza wa jal and then remember that these are of two kinds, there are the kalimat of Allah which are Kony, okay. And kalimat of Allah which are shuttering, okay, Calumet County is the decrees of Allah the commands of Allah related to the creation. So for example, we

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learned earlier that Allah subhanaw taala says Khun and it is it happens right? Or either cadeau Umbreon in the mayor kulula Who can fire cone or for example, you know, something is to be created. Someone is to be born someone is to die. All right, the rain is supposed to fall or the weather is supposed to get really hot. Any all of these are related to Calumet County, because we believe that nothing happens without the decree of Allah. Right. So here first of all, Klamath includes Klamath County. Secondly, Klamath includes kalima chattery, shuttering is what is related to the law that Allah subhanaw taala has given people to observe. So, for example, Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was

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instructed to slaughter his son, Ibrahim Ali Salam was instructed to circumcise himself. All right, Ibraheem Alehissalaam as we will learn later on, he was commanded to clean the Kaaba, all right, and also to perform certain rituals over there. So rituals related to prayer, charity, pilgrimage, et cetera. All of these are based on the commands of Allah. All right, so what is a Batala? Ibrahima bow basically Matin recall when his Lord put Ibrahim to trial through words, which words are these? These are both Kony and chattery decrees related to Ibrahim Ali salaam, his personal life. So for example, he only became a father in very old age. All right. Likewise, he faced a lot of opposition

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from his own father. All right, and then shattering also, there were some commands that Allah subhanaw taala gave him to observe. So what did Ibrahim alayhi salam do for a Tama Hoonah so he fulfilled them a Tama Hoonah a command is from the root letters, ta meme, me, command it man is to complete something. Okay? And it is to perfectly complete something. And here he completed them gives the meaning of he fulfilled them, meaning whatever commands he was given, whatever decrees Allah subhanaw taala decided for Ibrahim on his sunnah. What did Ibrahim

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Ready Salam do he fulfilled them Hoonah Hoonah This is a pronoun, okay, and it's technically the feminine of the pronoun home. Home is the masculine form and Hoonah is the feminine form. And why is a feminine pronoun being used because it's referring to kalimat and kalimat is a feminine word we know that because of the TA at the end, remember I mentioned to earlier every noun in the Arabic language has a gender. Okay? So kalimat linguistically is feminine, and this is why a feminine pronoun is being used for it. So Ibrahim Rene said I'm fulfilled all of the commands decrees that were given to him. So Paula, he said, meaning Allah subhanaw taala said in the indeed I, Jerry Luca

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and one who will make you Jerry Lu, this is from the root letters Jeem iron lamp. Remember earlier we learned the story of Adam Rene salon when Allah subhanaw taala said to the angels that in need Jerry learned, fill out the Khalifa. So Jerry is one who Jarlath meaning one who makes so I am one who makes CA CA means you. So you are Abraham, I'm going to make you live in NASCI for the people, Imam and a leader. And the word Imam is from the root letters Hamza Meme Meme. And Amaya amo is literally to follow. Any Imam is one who is followed. Okay? The word Imam is also used for a road. Why? Because when you're on the road, you follow the road. Okay? Likewise, an imam in Salah. Okay,

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what's the role of the Imam The imam leads people in prayer. So whatever the Imam does, you follow the Imam. Okay. So in Niger or locally Nassima I am going to make you a leader for the people. And UNECE over here means all people and you will be a leader for all of mankind. Allah He said, who said Ibrahim? And he said I'm said and remember the word color is from the root letters cough Well, lamb So Ibrahim really Salam said women zariya tea and among my offspring. Now this statement, women voted a yachtie. This can be understood as a question or a request as a DUA, that when Ibrahim Hassan was told that I am going to make you a leader, Ibrahim Rn is salaam intercedes for his

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children, he says, and also my offspring, meaning my offspring will also be a leader for the people. Or what about my offspring? And among my offspring, also, will there be leaders for mankind? So women of the reality and the word of the day? Yeah, you see the Riga tea the year at the end, this means my okay. And the the year, the real means offspring. And there's different opinions as to what the origin of the word is some states from the root letters that are raw, wow. Okay, that raw well, some seeds from the root letters that Laura Hamza or even Val Aurora will stick to this route that are well little, which is to scatter Okay, and multiply. So basically the RIA offspring of course,

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what happens with children is that they scatter in different places, and generation after generation, they spread throughout the world. And the point is that from two people, so many more people come. So he said, among my offspring also, will there be leaders for mankind, Allah He said meaning Allah subhanaw taala replied, LAN not yen Allah the My covenant reaches in Allah is from the root letters noon yeah love to reach an R D as you know, this is my covenant, the yet at the end indicates my inner is remind her that so Allah subhanaw taala said that my covenant does not reach meaning it does not include it is not for a lovely mean those who do wrong plural of the word

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vollem. Meaning if from among your offspring, there are those who do loyal then my covenant is not for them. This promise is not for them. It does not include them, which promise the promise of leadership the promise of ima, okay, it is only for those who abide by the covenant. What if and when Jarrell now we made Jalna This is from the root letters Jeem. Alright, lamb and Lolly mean as you know is from the root letters a lot lamb beam. So what is John L beta? And recall when we made L beta the house now elbaite betas from the root letters by Yeka and bathe is a house like a building structure. And here it's not just referring to any house this is referring to the house of Allah,

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which is the Kaaba, okay, so this is

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elbaite is referring to the Kaaba. So when we made the house what Muthiah bottlenose Muthiah is a very interesting word. It's from the root letters. While but, okay? And the word Sab is also from the same root. So why meaning reward? And Sobe means a cloth. Okay? Now, when it comes to your clothing, what do you do? You put it on, you fold it away, you know, any clothing, once you're not using it, you fold it away, right? You don't just leave clothes, you know, open and scattered. So thorough job is literally to fold and to bring back because when you're folding, what are you doing? You're taking one edge, and you're bringing it back to the other edge, right? So Muthiah is actually

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a place where people return over and over again, meaning you go to that place, you come back and then you go to that place again, you come back and then you go to that place again, repeatedly. Okay. So the nature of the Kaaba is that it is a Mesaba It is a place of returning a place where people go to return to over and over again. So my Tabitha leanness, any not just for a particular race, but for all people. What Amina and we also made the Kaaba and Amman, Amman meaning security, safety, a place that is free of fear, a place where you know, you are not in danger, you know that your life your property is safe. So the house of Allah is supposed to be a place to return to and

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also a place where people their property, their lives are secure. What does he do and you all take now this is what is called a parenthetical sentence. Okay? Meaning Allah subhanaw taala is now addressing us what does he do you all take meaning or followers of Ibrahim? You all should take me Mikami Ibrahima, the place of standing of Ibrahim as a masala now we're talking though this is from the root letters Hamza hall that are harder to take and more calm is from the root letters cough while meme Okay, off while meme and camellia como is to stand MACOM is place of standing. So which place of standing the place of standing of Ibrahim, the place where Ibrahim where he said I'm stood?

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So take that place as a masala as a place of Salah sod lamb well, okay, so take the standing place of Ibrahim as a place of Salah. What does this mean? This means that you should pray where Ibrahim alayhis salam stood. Okay. Now, this is interpreted in two ways. The first interpretation of this is that mahkamah Ibrahim is referring to specifically the stone on which Ibrahim alayhi salam stood while he was building the Kaaba, okay. And there's different opinions as to the origin of that stone. Some say this was also from Jana. Other say that it's another stone from the world. But you know, Allah subhanaw taala made that stone special because when Ibrahim Al Islam stood on that stone

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to build the Kaaba, by the permission of Allah, you know, that stone, you know, went up and down as Ibrahim alayhi salam needed and the footsteps of Ibrahim Al Islam are preserved in that stone. And you can see them today as well. When you visit the Kaaba, you can see next to it, you know, a small structure in cased and within that encasement is a stone with footprints. And those footprints are the footprints of Ibrahim racin. So what does it mean by this, that you take that as a place of Salah, meaning that you should pray over there? And this is the reason why after tawaf, what do we do we pray to God, by or near in that area? We pray to God right. So this is what Muhammad Ibrahim

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is referring to that specific spot that specific stone, that specific area where Ibrahim Ernest and I'm stood in order to build a carwash. Another opinion is that macpaw Mia Brahim isn't just referring to one particular spot. Okay, it's not just referring to that one stone, by the way. McLaren Ibrahim, this is different from the Blackstone that's hudgell a sweat hudgell a sweat is what is you can see that it's fixed within the corner of the Kaaba MACOM. Ibrahim is a few steps away. Okay, so pray over there. So secondly, MACOM Ibrahim other alumni say that this is referring to all those places where Ibrahim alayhi salam stood and worshipped Allah subhanaw taala or he

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showed servitude to Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, when we do Hajj, when we do Umrah, there isn't just one place that we visit

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or that we perform certain rituals at there's lots of different places for example we go to Mina we go to Rafa right? We go to miss Delhi for you know, there's Rami, the throwing of the stones, there is a sacrifice that is offered. So all of those rituals, we perform them in the footsteps of Ibrahim Ali his center. Okay, so what does he know me MACOM Ibrahim mo salah. Now isn't this amazing that Ibrahim alayhis salam, and he went to all of these places and he showed servitude to Allah. But look at how that legacy continues on till today that we have to observe certain rituals in those very spots in the footsteps of Ibrahim Raisa. So what does he know me mahkamah Ibrahima masala What are

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hidden at Isla Ibrahim and we took a promise from Ibrahim now the word are hidden or Isla or hidden means to take a promise from okay are hither and this is from the letters I had done, but when it is followed by ILA, when this verb is followed by ILA, it gives the meaning of taking a promise from okay or giving a command giving an instruction to someone that they must do something. So what are hidden that Isla Ibrahim? And he this was a clear instruction that was given to Ibrahim or his salon, and along with him, what is Marian and to Ismar ilardi Sinha and remember is Marie la escena is the son of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. So what was the instruction that Allah subhanaw taala gave to

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these to father and son, and that the HERA you to purify? Now the word by Hera is from the root letters Valhalla. Okay, and the Hatha as you know, means cleanliness. Okay, purification. So by the law, this is a command and it's being given to both Ibrahim and Ismail and we know that the command has been given to both because of the Elif at the end, if it was one person it would be the hill. Okay. The Hera YouTube both of you purify Bay tea my house now you see it's not just any house it's the house of Allah Beatty, this is the year at the end indicates my and by Yatta is the root so purify my house for who for ba ifIm Aki Fein regard and a sujood okay who are taught ifIm for Efrain

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is the plural of the word for if Okay, and if is one who does the luff or caffeine Florin of the word or Keef and who is RKf? One who does Eric decaf. Luca is the plural of the word rock here. Who is the rock here? One who does recover sujood is the plural of the word Sajid.

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Okay and Sajid is one who does such them. And the word ta if is from the root letters for welfare and Boffa your tofu is to go around and what is the wife in tawaf, we are going around the Kaaba, right seven times. So those who do tawaf as in those who go around the Kaaba, but this is not just random walking, okay, this is a ritual our caffeine is from the root letters are in Kapha. Okay, and our cave is basically used to refer to someone who is devotedly staying somewhere in eat not leaving the object of worship. Okay, so for example, in the Quran we learn about how Ibrahim Ali Sam asked his father that what are these idols that you know you and your people just stare Aki phone to

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meaning you devotedly stay with these idols you never leave them, you know your life revolves around them. So in air decaf also, what does a person do? They stay in the masjid. Right. They do not leave the Masjid. Generally you can go pray at the masjid and then you go back home. But during arity curve, you are supposed to stay in the masjid. Right. And you're supposed to stay over there devotedly, for the purpose of worship, not for the purpose of hanging out spending time with your friends. This is not just a sleepover. No, this is for the purpose of worship. So rocky Fein those who do air decaf at the Kaaba little car little core rock IRA is to bow down law calf or rocker to

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bow down. So rocker is one who does record because in recovery you are bending your body you are bowing down and sujood This is from seen Jeem than okay such the you know this is to put your head on the ground to lower yourself physically completely. So clean purify my house for all of these people so that when they come and worship Allah the Kava is queen. What if and when Carla Ibrahim Ibrahim and his Salam said or be my Rob. Now, what does this mean? This means that Ibrahim or Islam is making a dua over here, and Rob

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This is technically rugby. Okay? The year is shortened to just the Khasra Okay, so rugby my Rob, and there is a year that is understood it's implied. So rugby Oh my Rob ejournal you make Heather this better than a land, which place he's talking about the place where he built the Kaaba okay. So make this place a land that is eminent that is secure ballad ba lamb that land or city and am in is from Hamza mean non secure and safe so make this a secure land a land and safe what zoek and you provide roseraie cough you give sustenance to Allah Who its people meaning its inhabitants the people who live here provide them Mina Thammarat all kinds of fruits or Thermalright is a plural of the word

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Famara Okay, now this is amazing because the Kaaba is built in a place that is you know, basically a barren land. Nothing grows over there. So Ibrahima isms Dora is very interesting he's asking that the inhabitants of this place should be provided with all kinds of fruits okay, but then he says specifically provide the fruits to who fresh produce to who? Men m&m In whom Billa he will Yeoman man whoever I'm gonna he believes Hamza Amin known men home among them meaning among the inhabitants of the city. He believes in who Billahi in Allah will yo mill acid and the Last Day so whoever believes provide them sustenance, Allah Allah subhanaw taala responded woman and whoever Kafala he

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disbelieves meaning from the inhabitants of the city whoever disbelieves for all material who then I will let him enjoy meme ta arraign matar is enjoyment okay. So material who I will give him enjoyment kalila a little meaning I will let him enjoy the fruits you know the different things of the world different blessings. But for how long Kalyan a little off lamb lamb is the root. So my then a third row who I will force him, God rah rah burr is harm and if the law is to compel someone to do something which is harmful, or to force someone into something that is harmful for them, so I will force him I will compel him Isla or Durban now to the punishment of the fire meaning whoever

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disbelieves then yes, that person will enjoy a little in the world but then eventually he will end up where in the punishment of the fire and that place is what beat sell mislead how evil it is as the destination meaning that destination is evil. Okay, that destination is evil. Now the word mislead is actually from the root letters solid year raw. Okay, and it's basically to end up it means to end up as something or as somewhere. So Maceda is the place where you end up at, it's the destination. So what an evil destination it is what is and when y'all follow Ibrahim Ibrahim was raising El Faro is from the root letters raw for arraign refer to raise to lift up and what was

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Ibrahim race and I'm raising Alcoa it the foundations are worried there's a plural of the word car either. Okay, and car either means foundation. You know in Arabic when you study the Quran, when you begin to learn the recitation of the Quran, you begin with al Qaeda to new Rania, right. And why is it called Al Qaida to new Rania? Because in that book, basically, you learn the Foundations of Reading Arabic reading the Quran, you begin with the letters and then you begin with you know, connecting the letters, you learn what Fatah Arkestra dhamma are, you learn what, you know, the short vowels are, et cetera. So these are the foundations that you need to know before you can

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actually read from the most have. Okay, so when Ibrahim Ali Salam was raising the foundations which Foundation's mineral Beatty of the house, which house the Kaaba, meaning the foundations were already there. Okay, Ibrahim, and Hassan was just raising them raising them in the sense that he was building on the foundations to raise the building as in to set up the building to set up the structure. So this shows that Ibrahim Raisina was not the first one to build the Kaaba. The foundations were already there Ibrahim Arliss and I'm only raised the meaning he built on them. What is smart enough and also is smart enough meaning is Marie Larry Cena was also building the car with

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him. And what were they saying? They were saying at that time, or a banana Our Rob Now you see Robin

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And now means us our Okay, so both of them were praying or a banana Our Rob Taco Bell you accept the cabal is from the root letters Poff bad lamb. Hey, when people get married here, there is a part of the marriage that's called a jab workable, right that basically, you know, there's the proposal, right? And then there's the acceptance of that proposal. So, the Cabal you accept Mina from us, meaning accept what we are doing. And what were they doing? They were building the carbo, they didn't take it for granted that or they didn't think it was understood that this effort of theirs was going to be accepted. They're putting in effort and they're also asking Allah subhanaw taala to

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accept their effort. So the Cabal Mina in Napa indeed you until you truly a severe or the ever hearing seen me Marine is the root and you are Aleem the ever knowing I in la meme is the root or ogbonna Our lob, what your allah and You make us another dog of theirs. You make us meaning Ibrahim and his marine Muslim Nene to who submit Muslim main is the dual of the word Muslim. Okay, now this is interesting. Muslim is one Muslim. Okay, one person who submits Muslim main is to Muslims who submit and muesli, moon or muesli mean are who ones who submit this is plural. Okay. So make us two who submit to you laka to you, meaning make both of us such that we are submitters to you. Okay,

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women and among the Jiya Tina, our offspring, our offspring also make omoton Muslim atan a community that is Muslim that submits Lukka to you. So make us those who submit to you and from our offspring also make an OMA that submits to you or Allah what arena and show us Edie now this is from the root letters ra Hamza Yeah, Ra means he saw and other means he showed he made someone else see so any you make a C okay Eddie now you make a C meaning you show us men se Kana our rituals of worship monastic is the plural of the word men sec, okay or man sick can be both with the Fatah Orca. So So min sec This is from nusach known seen calf okay. And no soak is typically used for sacrifice meaning the

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offering that is given so for example at read or when you go for Hajj, you offer a sacrifice that is Musoke Okay, in the solidarity one new Sookie, my salah, and my sacrifice, but men suck is not just you know, the ritual of sacrifice, but all rituals of worship. So for example, the wife and sorry, and then going to, you know, Mina and then going to alpha, and then later on, you know, the shaving of the head or the trimming of the hair. All of these are rituals of worship. And the word min sec in particular with the Fatah also means places of the rituals of worship. So they're asking Allah subhanaw taala that show us the places where we're supposed to worship you. Okay, and also show us

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how to worship you what rituals exactly are we supposed to perform Eddie namond se Cana, because one is that someone just tells you, all right, do this and do that. And the other is that someone shows you, okay, when someone shows you what you're supposed to do, then it's more clear to you. So for example, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded to pray, he wasn't just commanded that you know, pray and figure it out. Gibreel was sent to the prophets of Allah who are in Islam and up and showed the prophets of Allah who were to send them how to pray, and also when to pray. Okay, how to pray and when to pray. So Edie namond se cannot what toolbar Elena and you turn

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in mercy upon us. Remember the word tube is from the word tab, from the root letters tab, while ba Tabea tubal literally is to turn and when we're asking Allah subhanaw taala to turn, or Elena it means to turn in mercy upon us. Meaning you forgive us You accept our repentance. You have mercy on us with toolbar Lena, in Nikka. Indeed, you enter you truly at the web are the extremely Accepting of repentance of Rahim, the Ever Merciful

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At the web, this name of Allah we have studied earlier as well. And remember at the web is the one who does taba again and again, meaning Allah subhanaw taala turns towards his slaves again and again with his mercy with his forgiveness, He accepts the repentance when they turn to Him, He accepts them he does not reject his slaves, he is at the web and he is overhand the Ever Merciful little banana our web web Earth and you send fie him to them web Earth, this is from the letters ba rain sir Bertha to raise and what is meant over here is that you send a messenger among them meaning from among our offspring, raise a messenger any that messenger should be men home from them, not a

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foreigner, but someone from among them okay. And this messenger yet Liu he will recite from the root letters tat lamb well tilava recitation, he will recite or lay him to them I Attica your verses, meaning give him your verses, so that you will recite those verses to the people I act as applauded of the word I Yeah. So literally, this messenger will recite your verses to the people while you are limo home and he will teach them or in la meme or lemma to teach, He will teach them al Kitab the Book which book the book that you will give that messenger while hikma and also the wisdom, and hikma is from the root letters, her calf meme, typically translated as wisdom. And here you can see

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it's capital W because this is not just any wisdom, but specific kind of wisdom that is based on divine revelation and hikma wisdom this is typically defined as to play something where it belongs in a manner that is appropriate. So, wisdom is more than just knowledge, okay, because you see, He will teach them the book, he will give them a limb but in addition to that, he should also teach them wisdom and what is wisdom that he will teach them how to apply that knowledge? How to practically live that knowledge, right? What to do with that knowledge? In what situation how much so wisdom, it will pay him says this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:37:31 --> 00:38:18

because the Sunnah teaches us how exactly to follow the commands of Allah. Right? So for instance, in the Quran, we are instructed to pray, but how exactly are we supposed to pray any if you leave it to people to discretion, each person will have their own way of prayer, right? Some people will pray a lot, some people will pray very little. Some people will pray loudly. Some people will pray softly, you know, people will come up with their own ways, but what is the best way? What is the correct way? That is taught by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So send a messenger among them, okay, who will recite your verses to you who will teach them the Book and who will also teach

00:38:18 --> 00:39:13

them the wisdom and then that messenger will also use a key Him He will also purify them, use a key this is from the root letters ze Caf wow, is a cat purification and does Kia which is to purify includes two things. The first step of Ischia is a dudleya which is to get rid of impurities. Okay? So think about when you're properly cleaning a place what's the first step the first step is that you remove any dirt any filth, right, any bacteria and germs, whatever, you want to get rid of them. Okay, so this is the first step at dudleya But then the second step of this key of purification is a Talia that you also beautify it you also adorn it so for instance, you're not just going to you know

00:39:13 --> 00:39:59

clean up place you're also going to make sure that it looks nice that it smells clean, right so use a key Him He will purify them so he will help them get rid off any bad traits and he will teach them he will develop in them good traits. Okay good qualities because people can't be just having nothing in their lives I mean you tell them okay don't lie you can just give a list of don'ts you also have to give an alternative a better way of living so we use a key Him He will purify them in NACA indeed you until you truly are alive disease the ever Almighty from the root letters are in zay zay Riza means honor

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

Also it means might. So you are allowed Aziz the ever Almighty, the ever honorable and you are al Hakim, the ever wise from the letters Ha, calf meme. All right, let's listen to the recitation of these verses and then we will begin with FCJ Bismillah.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:25

Well Avicenna Ibrahim Boubacar II Matthew

00:40:28 --> 00:40:37

Cora in Niger I know getting ice mama God deity upon Allah.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:40

Body mean

00:40:42 --> 00:40:44

why is John and bathe me?

00:40:46 --> 00:40:51

As you are unknown what does he do me my mommy he belongs he mumbles son.

00:40:53 --> 00:40:54

Why he didn't

00:40:55 --> 00:41:00

either Isla Ebro hemo and he's married here

00:41:03 --> 00:41:04


00:41:06 --> 00:41:09

kp in our book guy sudo

00:41:11 --> 00:41:12

where it ought to

00:41:13 --> 00:41:14

be BDR.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:20

Team and

00:41:22 --> 00:41:23

he will

00:41:25 --> 00:41:26


00:41:29 --> 00:41:30

on ina

00:41:31 --> 00:41:33

do deal on ina

00:41:35 --> 00:41:36


00:41:40 --> 00:41:41

Sen Mozi

00:41:43 --> 00:41:50

what a deal Iran he will power either at or is married on top of

00:41:52 --> 00:41:53


00:41:54 --> 00:41:57

the semi on it on

00:41:59 --> 00:42:00

me mainly like

00:42:01 --> 00:42:03

the Athena

00:42:05 --> 00:42:08

most limited like our arena mana seeker

00:42:11 --> 00:42:12


00:42:13 --> 00:42:16

the web of walking

00:42:18 --> 00:42:22

up in Rasool Minh who met luring him

00:42:23 --> 00:42:29

in one limo located on mata ki him in

00:42:30 --> 00:42:33

de la z is only hiking

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