Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-017C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 115-123

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of religion and dressing accordingly during massages in the east and west regions. They stress the need to avoid facing the Qibla meaning that the face of Islam is not within one's power, and the misuse of "has" in relation to the concept of "has not." They also discuss the importance of following Prophet's guidance and reciting the words "any" and "any." The speakers stress the need to give preference to certain concepts over others, and to not read the Quran in light of the current world.
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then it is said well Illa Hill machico Maghreb And to Allah belongs the east and the west for a nama to a loofa ThermoWood Hola. Wherever you might turn there's the face of Allah in the Lucha West here on our Aleem, indeed Allah is all encompassing and knowing. Now some people think that you know religion is limited to the masjid. Okay. So as soon as you go to the masjid, you enter that religious mode, when you leave the masjid then you are, you know, whoever you are, okay? But here we learn that the east and the west, okay? Both of them belong to Allah. I remember once I was doing a video call with some family back home in Pakistan, right. And I was actually outside at the time, it

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was not at home. So I was in my hijab and somebody who saw me, alright, they commented, oh, she wears niqab. She was hijab, in Canada. And he they were surprised that you know, if you are in the West, you are not going to dress this way. The thing is that no hijab is not limited to the east. Okay, hijab is where wherever you are a worshipper of Allah and you are a worshipper of Allah in both the East and the West. Well, Allah in machinery, coal Maghrib some people think that when they're going to the masjid, that is when they should dress Islamically or modestly, and okay, that's nice, it's good. But you are a worshipper of Allah, even when you go to the mall, even when

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you go to the mall. So check yourself that you know, if you wouldn't dress a certain way when going to the masjid, don't dress that way when you're going to the mall. Okay? If you cannot pray in certain clothes, then don't go out in those clothes. Because everywhere that you are, you are a worshipper of Allah will Allah Hill machico will moderate the entire world is a place of worship for us. Now we see that historically speaking, you know, people have been prevented from accessing different massages. So for example, beta blockers, the Jews were not able to worship over there for a very long time. And this is even before recyling Islam came, and we see that it was after the Jews

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were expelled from Jerusalem, that they began building synagogues or can depending on where there were any there is this concept that eventually you know, there were given that the temple is not the only place of worship. Okay, the Temple of Solomon, Yoni, masu, Luxor is not the only place of worship, you can worship Allah no matter where you are. Right and you gather you build a place you dedicate a place for that reason, right? And the same thing with us any Alhamdulillah if we're able to go to the masjid and even when we're not able to go to the masjid, this doesn't mean that we don't worship Allah at home. Okay, we can worship Allah at home, and we should and you know,

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especially when your family is not able to go to the masjid regularly. Make sure that you're praying at home in congregation. Okay, any make it a habit, pray as a family, dedicate a part of your house for prayer. Okay, that when it's time for Salah it's understood that everyone gathers over there and you pray Salah in Jamara. So Will Allah Hill machico will McRib for a nama to a loofa module, the East and the West both belong to Allah, if you're not able to access the masjid for whatever reason, you can still pray. And especially what is mentioned over here is the issue of the Qibla meaning when you worship Allah, you face a certain direction. Okay, so it has clarified over here that yes,

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you you face a certain direction. However, that's not the only way of worshipping Allah. This doesn't mean the face in the Qibla is not important. But what this means is that there are certain times certain situations when you are not able to face the Qibla is not the case. Like for example, if a person is unwell, okay, if a person is sick, they're not able to move, they're not able to get up and face the Qibla. So what should they do then? Not pray? No, they have to pray, but they're not able to face the Qibla It's okay. If due to illness, okay, or because you don't have control over your circumstances, you pray without facing the Qibla your prayer is still valid. Okay, so this is

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one thing that you should remember, for a nama to a loofa ThermoWood jolla whichever direction you turn there is the face of Allah meaning you can pray in any direction when facing the Qibla is not within your power is not within your ability. Like for example, illness. Okay. Another way that we can understand this is that this part of the eye is about praying voluntary prayer on a vehicle during travel. So we learn

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Let the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam while he would be traveling. Okay? He would be no begin his voluntary prayer, okay, and sometimes the animal would be going in a direction opposite to the Qibla or it would turn right or left and the Prophet sallallahu Erdogan would continue to pray. But that was voluntary prayer. When it comes to fund prayer, like the font for a cart of lover, or of us are the three of Maghrib the four of Risha, the two of budget, the prophets of Allah who are it is in a would not perform that prayer on his animal, he will always get down,

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he would face the Crippler and he would pray, and then he would resume the journey. So is that clear, when it comes to fault prayer, you have to face the Qibla unless you are not able to, unless you are not able to it's beyond your ability, like for example, you're ill, or these days, especially if you're in an airplane, okay, you are confined literally to that tiny spot that tiny seat, okay, the maximum you can do is just stand and do your Pm but when you have to do your search the you know your recruiter, you have to sit in your seat, there are planes in which you know, there is space in the back, but those planes are very rare, or you will not even be allowed to pray over

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there. So, in a situation like that you don't have control over your circumstances. So you will pray on time and you will pray in whatever direction that you're facing. But if you are going on a road trip, okay, if you're going on a road trip, then you have to stop. Okay, your car, and you have to face the Qibla and pray.

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All right. So, to summarize, what do we learn that all directions all places belong to Allah, right? Yes, you face the qibla in Salah that is the default. However, when you're not able to do that, due to illness, for example, then you pray in whatever direction and don't think that your Salah is not valid because for a nama to a loofa Thermotoga. All right, follows prayer. You have to face the Qibla unless you are not able to voluntary prayer however, you don't have to face the Qibla when you're traveling, this doesn't mean that if you're praying at home voluntary prayer, you don't face the Qibla No, no. That's when you're traveling. Okay for a nama to a loofa thermoneutral Allah. And

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what does this mean by the way, wherever you turn there is the face of Allah. Meaning whatever direction you turn, you will find a lot before you in general terms what this means is that you can never escape Allah, you're always Allah servant. Okay, no matter where you are, no matter where you go, you are always Allah servant in the East and in the West. And specifically in regard to prayer when you intend to worship Allah no matter what direction you face, you are facing Allah. In a hadith we learned that once the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said, um, saw that someone had spat on the wall. Okay, there was phlegm basically on the wall. And that wall was in the direction of the Qibla.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam scraped it off. And then he said to the people who were there that when one of you was praying, he should not spit in front of him.

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Okay, why? Because Allah is before him for in Allah people our G in our salah. And this is very disrespectful. In another Hadees we learn that yeah, he already is Salam said this, when you perform salah. Then do not turn away any do not look here and there do not turn here in their Wi Fi in the lion Super wotja Julio gr de sala de mal Emile defeats because Allah is facing the face of his worshipper as long as the worshiper does not turn away, any Allah is paying attention to you, Allah is there for them over to Allah. So, do not look here and there do not spit in front of you and do not turn away Do not be distracted, some people are praying salah, but their eyes are wandering that

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is not correct. Imagine you are facing Allah for the module law. Also it is said that you know this idea was revealed about some people asking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in which direction should we make the rock? So this idea was revealed that any you make die in any direction when it comes to Salah yes there is a Qibla that you have to face okay. And this idea is basically an introduction to what is coming up ahead with regard to the change of Qibla in the coming verses Inshallah, we will learn about that. So for ThermoWood joola in Allah who is here on our lien indeed Allah is last year all encompassing and he is knowing he knows your condition. He knows what you are

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saying. We'll call it da de la well other than it is sad they say that Allah has taken a son Subhana who Exalted is He below whom F is somewhat you will all rather to him

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belong whatever isn't the heavens and the earth kulula Who can it all all are devoutly obedient to Him. Now, who said or who claims that Allah has a child, remember that the word wallet is the root it is wow lamb doll. Okay, that's the root and the word well it is used for child and it is a generic noun. So which means that the word well it can apply to a male child, a female child, one child, or even multiple children. Okay? So they say that Allah has a child who says this, there were some inner Jews who would say that reside Arnica. Salaam is the son of Allah. Okay. Then the Christians that is well known, they say that recite His surname is the son of Allah. And then there

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were some Mushrikeen also, who would say that the angels are the daughters of Allah. So there are many people who claim that Allah has a child, but this is false. And look at how this false concept is negated. There's three things that are mentioned over here first of all, Subhanahu

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Glory be to Allah Exalted is He any Subhana who any Allah is perfect. Having a child or needing a child is imperfection, it means division, right it means that someone is now like you someone is going to inherit from you that is imperfection This is the reality of the creation, Allah is perfect, He is above having the need for a child okay. Or having the array even of having a child and having a child is not perfection for the Creator it is imperfection. Okay, so So behind the who, and then it is said by Lahoma for solitude or secondly it is said that everything belongs to Allah, which includes Rosetta Elisa, which includes your ISA and instead of which includes the angels. So

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your children are not your property. Okay, your children are not your property, you don't own them. Yes, you have given birth to them, you have raised them etcetera, but you don't own them. Okay. So, Bella, whom if is Emma what you will earn if Allah owns reside on a salary salaries and the angels then how could they be His children? Okay. And thirdly, it is said kulula, who caught it on all our devoutly obedient to Him. It is well known that children are not devoutly obedient to their parents, right? Even the best of children, even the best of children. There are times when they disobey their parents, there are times when they disappoint their parents, they have the power to disobey their

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parents, right? But the angels they don't disobey Allah. Right? Or his aid or you Sam resign, isn't him these are prophets of Allah noble worshipers of Allah, they would not disobey Allah. So how could they be His children. So three evidences are given in this idea to prove that Allah does not have any children. In these we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says the Son of Adam tells a lie against me even though he has no right to do so. And he abuses me, even though he has no right to do so. As for his telling a lie against me, it is that he claims that I cannot recreate him as I created him before. And as for his abusing me, it is his statement that I have children, no glory be

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to me, I am far from taking away four offspring. So Allah azza wa jal does not have any children, not a son, not a daughter, not one, not more

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Subhana and people who say that Allah has a child, and even though they believe in Allah, they worship Allah on the Day of Judgment, they will be humiliated, they will be punished, we learn about how the people will be told on the day of judgment that Let every nation follow that which they used to worship. So, at the end, only those who believed in Allah will remain, okay. And then certain group of Jews will be called upon and they will be asked, Who did you use to worship they will say we used to worship or is eight, so it will be set to them. You are liars, Allah has never taken anyone as wife or son. What do you want now? They will say Our Lord, we are thirsty, give us

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something to drink, but they will be directed towards *, and they will enter Jahannam in thirst, and they will remain in thirst. And then the Christians will be treated the same way. Because they will say that we used to worship reciting salaam, the Son of God and it was a no that's a lie. Allah does not have any wife or child. So people who attribute a child to Allah, they will be sent to hellfire in thirst. So this is a grave sin it is said buddy or somehow it will Allah is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. So when everything belongs to him, why would he want a child and when he is the originator the owner and no one else is like him. He is the Creator then

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resign his Animas his creation. Okay, or

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aid the angels they are Allah's creation. They are not his children. Allah is the originator of the skies in the earth, the only creator, the only God, were either called or Omraam for inner Maya kulula Who convey a cone when He decrees a matter He only says to it be and it is why is this mention this has mentioned to remind us of the power of Allah?

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Any don't compare a luck with his creation, people don't have this kind of power. And you see another reason why the Christians would, you know, they say that recited Islam is a son of God is because they don't believe in the fact that a human being could be born without a father. Why is that difficult to accept? For Allah is not difficult to create Adam, from no father or mother. Right? So why would it be difficult for Allah to create reset from just a mother and no father, so inserted earlier in Rania 59 Allah subhanaw taala told us in the marthaler Isa in the Leica that he Adam, the example of recent year Allah is like that of Adam colloca woman to Robson McCullough who

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convey a code. Allah created Adam from clay from dust, and he said to him, bn he was he came into existence. So just like that restart a salon. Yes, he was born to a mother, only a mother. That's how Allah subhanaw taala decided into the Prophet i 57 Allah subhanaw taala says the hope was similar to will the UK bottom unhealthiness creating the skies in the earth is greater than creating people. So if Allah is Madeira Samoa to will add he created the skies in the earth why would it be difficult for him to create resign his son I'm just out of a mother Institute he has seen at two we learn in my own rule either or the CHE ma Akula who can fail when a loss pantherella intends to do

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something he just has to be and it happens that it is said we'll call it leadin Elia and the Munna Lola you can live in Allahu OTA. Tina is for those who do not know meaning the Mushrikeen of Arabia, they would say that how come Allah doesn't talk to us directly? Or how come no miracle comes to us? He This is so strange, demanding that Allah should talk to me directly. And who are you? What do you think of yourself that you demand that Allah should speak to you directly? And he this is an honor a privilege Musar li Sinha was given that honor, right Allah subhanaw taala spoke to him directly either Marni salaam, as we learn men whom men Kalam Allah, among the messengers are those whom Allah

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subhanaw taala spoke to directly. So right now there are people in this world who say that God wants me to believe in him he should talk to me directly. And he this is the height of arrogance. Any should God be directly addressing every single human being will call her Lillian Elia lemon? So the first thing is they say, How come Allah doesn't speak to us? And secondly, they say, How come no miracle has been given to us? Because musante Salam, ne He performed miracles right, where the stick would turn into a snake or the sea was parted his glowing hand or he started asylums, miracles are also well known. So they would say to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that how come you

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don't show such miracles to us? At one point they demanded that mount suffer should be turned into gold. And when you turn it into gold, we will believe in you. And this has mentioned in spiritual Israel is 90 to 92 that will call Hulan Minella Cohutta deaf Julian Amina Liam Bora. They say we will never believe you until you break open for us from the ground a spring any in Makkah in that desert, what should happen? You perform a miracle and you cause a spring to gush forth Oh, Dakota like agenda to Mina feeling worried I've been for too fragile and how have Hilah heard of JIRA or until you have a garden of palm trees and grapes and you make rivers gush forth within them in

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force, and abundance. Oh to split a summer a chromosome Darlene a key seven altered to Billa Humala effective Kabila or you cause the sky to fall down upon us in fragments or you bring Allah and the angels right before us. Oh ye Hakuna Naka Batum and Zoho roofing or you should have a house of gold out of coffee Summit. We should see you going up into the sky. Well, a new minute little piggy Cohutta tuna Zilla Irina Kitab necro and even then we will not believe in your ascension. Even if we see it with our own eyes that you're going up. We will not believe in that until you bring down to us a book that we can read. The people of Makoa unlettered, they did not know how to read and yet

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they were demanding a book that they could read. Also the handle of B Helcom to Illa Bucha or Sula say Gauri be to my Lord, am I anything except a human messenger any I have not come here to perform these kinds of miracles. I have come here to deliver a message. So Allah subhanaw taala says Gallica Cannella Dinniman Koblin Miss La Collingham So, the spoke those before them like their words, any there are people before them who said the same thing. Remember what the Bani Israel said it in Allah had Jehovah right show us Allah in front of us we want to see Allah. Then we see that the people have saw

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Literally his Salam, what did they say? You know, they demanded a miracle as well. You show us this, then we will believe you. Right fit our own set to Masada center, you know, remove this plague and we will let the Bani Israel go. Right. But what happened with the people of solidarity center when the she camel was brought out their side, they killed it. They didn't believe it. They didn't accept it when it fit our own do every time that a plague was removed, he went back on his word. So remember, miracles and evidences only benefit those people who want to believe and those who don't want to believe no matter what evidence no matter what argument you give them, no matter what you

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show them, they're not going to believe in sort of unis io 101. Allah subhanaw taala says Poulan zoodle Madoff is somehow what he will say, look at all that is there in the skies in the earth women tunnel idea to a neutron Comilla you may know, but the miracles and warnings do not benefit people who do not believe any people who don't believe don't benefit from the miracles that they are shown. And so it happened with the people of Makkah, they were shown the miracle of the splitting of the moon. Did they believe no they did not. So in Surah Al Anam I 109 to 111 Also, it has mentioned that you know they swear the strongest of their oats that if they are shown a miracle they will believe

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Okay, but what happened when they were shown miracles they did not believe so Allah subhanaw taala says that Willow Anana Zelner la human Mala Ekata if we were to send down angels to them any they saw the angels with their own eyes what color Hmong will Mota and even the dead spoke to them. What Hashem Nara lay in color che in Kabbalah, and we brought everything in front of them and everything is telling them Mohamed Salah who it is and it was true the Quran is true McAnally meno, they still would not believe. So people who don't want to believe they will not believe. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is consoled in the next day at that inner of a cell NACA Bill happy but she

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don't want to deal. Indeed we have sent you with the truth. And truly we have sent you as a bearer of good news and a warner, you have not been sent to perform miracles and to show you know, to basically have like a magic show or something like that to fascinate people. That's not why you were sent you were sent for something serious, to give good news to those who believe and to give warning to those who don't warn people of Jahannam give them good news of paradise well as to align us Hubble Durham, and you will not be asked about the companions of Hellfire, you will not be asked as in, they're not your responsibility. You will not be asked about why they ended up over there. You

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have to focus on your job which is to convey the message conveyed the good news convey the warning. So this idea is very important over here because the bunny is Surah eel, you know there are being addressed from many verses we have been reading about how they're reminded of different favors. They're, you know, warned, they are given good news. And then Mushrikeen also the people of Makkah also, but, you know, the Jews and the Christians at the end of the day, what do they say? We don't believe in Muhammad Sallallahu Erne, isn't it because he's not of us or because he did not show such and such evidence such and such miracle? Any you can't satisfy people and just because there are

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people who deny the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu Ortiz and it doesn't mean that he is not a messenger in that little cell NACA Bill healthy but she don't want to deal. Well, I had to learn us herbal during they're not your responsibility. So the signs of his prophethood are evident in his message in his life in His way Sulaco already he was send them and whatever the Prophet sallallahu Urdu seven brought is the truth. And there is good news for those who believe and clear warning for those who reject and warning that those who don't believe will end up in hellfire. Then it is said well and tada and Kalia who dwell in La sala had that at WR Milla, the home how to convince the Jews

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and the Christians, Allah subhanaw taala tells us you will never get their approval until you follow them until you become like them. This is so liberating. Because you know there are people whose approval we seek. So we're told very clearly don't seek their approval. Free yourself from them, you don't need their approval. And then another thing is that there are some people who will never be happy with you until you literally become like them. So stop compromising. Stop compromising. Stop changing yourself. Stop changing the truth. Stop watering down the truth. Just because they find it unpleasant. Don't care about them. They will never be happy until you literally follow them and even

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Then if you follow them, you follow the Jews. Will the Christians be happy with you know, you follow the Christians? Will the Jews be happy with you know, so it's a lose lose situation? Well until Darren Kalia who dwell on nasaga had data to be Urmila to home and remember this, you can try to get people to accept you, but there are people who will never accept you. Even if you wear the smallest hijab, even if you you know, uncover your neck and barely cover your head, people will not be happy with you even if you mispronounce your name so that it sounds more pleasing to them. Even if you you know do what they want you to do and they will never be okay with you until you literally change

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your religion. So be true to Allah. Be true to Allah, Be a servant of Allah, follow the truth and be a person of principle. Let people accommodate you and be confident about who you are. You are no less. Okay, you are no less just because you wear hijab just because you're a Muslim. You're not a second class citizen. And call in the hood Allah who will who does say indeed the guidance of Allah that truly is the guidance, not what people claim any the Jews say what they have is guidance with the Christian say what they have is guidance no that is not what is real guidance. Real guidance is that which has come from Allah and this Quran is guidance. So if a person is not following the Quran

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or not upon the guidance, whether in it Tabata Hua home bar, the Lidija a communitarian mela come in Allah him and Willie you will earn asleep and if you were to follow their desires in order to seek their approval, after what has come to you with knowledge you would have against Allah, no protector helper, this is a threat, this is a warning that is being given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was not going to follow their desires actually, this has been set to us indirectly. That one is in knowledge guidance that has come from Allah, the other is a Hua the desires of people okay. So, if you follow the desires of people, after you know what Allah subhanaw taala has

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revealed, then no one can save you. No one can protect you from Allah then you are worthy of punishment. A StuffIt Allah, what does this show us? First of all, this shows us that guidance is from Allah. So we should ask Allah for guidance. Athina Sultan was the team Alright, then this teaches us that we should know the difference between how and who the Hawa is what people have invented, and what people invent any keeps changing every now and then.

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Okay. And Huda guidance, any that is what we have to follow. You know, this is especially important these days, actually, in all times, but you know, there are certain concepts that we are taught in school, in university certain concepts that we are taught that are presented as universal truths, but they're not okay, especially when they contradict the Quran and Sunnah. And sometimes what happens is that we begin to see the Quran in light of these concepts that are hammered, that are forced down our throats. And we have to be careful, don't read the Quran with a feminist perspective, don't read the Quran, you know, with any particular perspective that you very strongly

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believe in. Because even feminism, for example, where it has very important beneficial, you know, things, concepts that are related to justice, there are problems with it as well, it is not an absolute truth. There are problems with this concept there are in justices ingrained within it. So don't give preference to for example, feminism over the Quran over and over Hooda. So, the desires of people will keep changing, truth does not change. So you have to give preference to Houda over Huwa then it is said AlLadhina attina, whom will kita those to whom we have given the Scripture, yet Luna who helped Catala with it, they recited with its true recital,

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true recipients of the book of Allah recited properly, they read the book as it should be read. They don't distort the words of the book, they don't distort the meanings of the book. They don't water down any concepts they don't change, eliminate, edit, you know, abandon etcetera. They don't do that just to please people just to fit in just to make the Scripture more palatable. No AlLadhina attina Whom will kita yet Luna who have Patil our tea they remain true to the book of Allah. Will Erica you know Naveen, those are the ones who truly believe in it. You see, one of the problems with the Jews and the Christians has been that the book has been changed or the reading of the scripture has been

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changed over time. Why do

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To make the Scripture more pleasing,

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okay? So don't do that with the Quran. Those people to whom we have truly given the book they recited properly. Now properly reciting the book means tilava Love Leah Tila Amarna, Ouija and Tila hokum, three things. Okay, let's go over these. First of all, Tila will love Leah, which is the recitation the actual recitation of the text. So the first thing is that we should recite the book properly. Any recited with proper Mahato edge, learning to tweet is rewardable, practicing your recitation that is rewardable. Because we have to recite the Quran properly, correctly. Okay, this means that we recite the words properly, we pay attention to the huddle cat. All right, the proper

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places where we should pause the correct pronunciations. This is part of Tila and then actually reciting the Quran, okay, actually reciting the Quran. So people to whom we have given the book, they recite the book, ask yourself, Do I recite the Quran? How much? How often the second type of de la vez de La Romana Wuya, which is to recite the book, as in to understand the text correctly, to learn the meaning of the words as Allah has intended correctly. And how do you figure that out? When you look at the context, you know, for instance, we aren't diverse in Alladhina amanu Alladhina ha do one Asara wasabi in that, indeed, those who believe the Jews, the Christians, the sabe in them,

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Indians, whoever believes in Allah in the last day, right and does righteous action, then there will be no fear on them, nor will they grieve. If you take that I and there are many people who will take that idea and they will take that iron isolation, okay, and they will tell look, Jews believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, they do lots of good things. Christians believe in Allah Day of Judgment, they do lots of good things. So they will go to paradise. Well, no, this is not talking about the Jews of today or the Christians of today. This is you have to look at the context. Yemeni Islam eel connected with that, what is it that the Bani Israel are being told to believe in the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam all of these verses that all the way to 123 What are they saying over and over again through different ways believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam believe in the Quran. So those who don't believe in the Quran, salvation is not for them. So, there are some people who will miss interpret the Quran by taking verses out of context, by giving meanings to the words which are not correct. And this is unfair, this is very, very wrong. You cannot do that with you know someone else's book, how can you do that with the book of Allah will maniac for behave for Allah, whom will ha soon. The third type of Tilawat is Tila hokum, or tilava

00:32:56 --> 00:33:37

or Malaya, remember the meaning of tilava is also to follow. So, they actually follow the book, they read it, they recite it, they understand it, and then they follow it, which means that they implement the commands they refrain from the prohibitions, they confirm the truthfulness of the information that is given in it. And they recited with reflection, they engage with the text they recited with faith, they affirm everything in it. So hula Iike, you know, Nabil, they're the ones who truly believe in the book. Remember the first day of today's lesson that the Jews and the Christians they yet loan al Kitab they do read the book, but they don't read it properly. They read

00:33:37 --> 00:34:21

it without reflection or they read it with their biases. So then the book will not be a source of guidance. When my yak for behave for Allah eco humble hacia on whoever disbelieves in it, then those people are the losers so clear. Whoever does not believe in the book of Allah then such people will be losers. Again, Bunny is slightly larger dressed the ebony is sloth II, karuna materiality unarmed Urla como en Knievel Delta, Kamal al Amin, all children of Israel. Remember my favor upon you, and that I preferred you over the world's so another reminder, a final reminder is being given that I gave you preference I gave you guidance. What are you doing now? Don't reject the messenger

00:34:21 --> 00:34:59

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out of your pride. Don't be so blind in your bias that you reject the truth. What the glioma lethargy is enough center enough cinci what prevents you from believing is that the fear of people fear that day and when you will be on your own. No person can suffice you will or yoke bloomin hardened on you cannot buy your freedom on that day. No compensation will be accepted will attend Pharaoh Harsha Farah no intercession will benefit will our women Sologne nor will people be aided. So when you believe in the messenger said Allah who already ascended when you believe in the Quran when you follow? You benefit yourself. Now the bunny is Surah eel Darius

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

addition of the book was Noctus right? It was deficient. So we need to see how is our connection with the book of Allah. When it comes to the recitation, how often do I recite How well do I recite what am I doing to improve my recitation when it comes to the meaning? How well do I understand how much attention do I pay? And when it comes to action, how was My relationship with the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala grant assault ofis inshallah we will conclude over here, subclinical Lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta, a stuffy rucola Tobu in ache was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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