Stories From The Past #22 Abu Hanifah and Young Neighbour

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We'll have you for a night man, you must have it. Again one of the great scholars of Islam, and arguably one of the most greatest fuqaha in Islam.

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If not the greatest then definitely amongst the greatest. His title was Imam Al avant, the great or the most great Imam and Imam Shafi. For him Allah He said his famous phrase about Abu Hanifa, even though he didn't meet Abu Hanifa, he said a NASA alone Allah bihani Fetty Hanifa tefillah the people are really dependent on Abu Hanifa in terms of the filco and his work, his sincerity, his due course and obviously with the tofield of Allah that has made his his views his school spread throughout the Muslim world today that it is amongst them. Well, it is the top school of jurisprudence of mega hub amongst the Muslims. Today, the Hanafi school but Hanifa was a great man not only in the sense that

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of his FERPA in terms of his iCloud in terms of his adult in terms of his his his his interaction with people. And there is a narration that Abu Hanifa

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Rahimullah he had a neighbor who was a little bit of an annoyance, this neighbor used to drink wine, too late hours, and he used to have a guitar and used to sing play music. And you know, just just a lot of,

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you know, partying, I suppose in that, in that sense. And what have you felt was patient with this person because obviously, knowing the, the rights of a neighbor is important, and it's always good to try and keep good relations with and to be patient as much as you're possible. And amongst the things that are high for when he was listening to his neighbor, this young man, he used to sing a song or if you know, the poetry of other people, because that was those are the songs of the past really the poetry which was a while ago when you were a year 13 A while they had lost me or even like they had betrayed me or they have denied me neglected me and what a young you know, what a

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great young man, they have neglected this is poetry that was sung by somebody else. Maybe we can talk about his story in a different video. But this he was basically singing the songs now on one occasion, he must have been drunk and had walked in the streets or gone out. So the police were patrolling the streets, they picked him up and as they you know, pick people on drunken behavior. And they took him and they imprisoned him.

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Either to wait his punishment or to be

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to be

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to sober up or, or the like, or the judge might have to look at the matter and so on. So a Hanifa noticed that you know, one night everything is quiet. There's no one there's no noise, no music, no singing, what's happening to our neighbor. So he went out. And he was asking about it always hasn't been seen this government then some people said yes, he was picked up by the police patrol and he's been taken to so and so. Prison. So Abu Hanifa goes and he meets with knock on the door of the governor of Kufa. And he says to him, you know, my neighbor, you know, he's a nice person, nice gentleman. You've looked him up. I've come to intercede for him. He said, You know what? Hanifa Of

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course, without Without doubt, you deserve it. You know, these were the people had respect as well for the scholars. And he said, and he gave an issue that release everyone that has been put picked up by the police on this night or that night, meaning that not just this man just released everybody. So everybody came, he was released because of the intercession of Abu Hanifa. Now he was walking back with his neighbor, taking him back to their going home, and then our Halifa jokes in a way with his neighbor and he says, you know, you're seeing a lot when you are a fat and Allah You said we have neglected you. Do you think we have really neglected you? And so the young man, he

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said, No, indeed, you haven't neglected me you have taken care of me. And that kind of behavior from this great Imam, Imam, Abu Hanifa resulted in this young

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Man repenting to Allah changing his ways leaving the wine and the singing and he became a good Muslim after that and just see how this importance of care is not you know, but how do you say I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go and ask about this guy this is a guy that drunkard he's just you know a headache or whatever or he didn't say to him, I'm gonna release you but you must stop and you must promise he just didn't did it without any conditions because and they wins people over is good behavior is good etiquette is good o'clock and I think that's what got them in the in the end May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on Abu Hanifa and his followers and may Allah Subhana Allah accept us

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amongst those people who do actually is good but also enable us to be good to others, our neighbors and the wider community, maybe almost pantalla will guide them on our hands ceramide Katama