Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-015C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 92-96

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Okay, let's begin that up see Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim verse number 92. Well aka Jia a ko Musa bill by kienet. Some Mata husband will or Angela mimbar de Juan Antonio Ali moon, and Musa alayhis salam had certainly brought you clear proofs. Then you took the calf for worship after that while you were wrongdoers. In the previous idea, we learned about how the bunny is sly, you claim to believe only in what was revealed to them. And they say that we don't believe in anything other than what was revealed to us meaning through Musa alayhis salam and the prophets that came after him from the Bani Israel. We only believe in that. So this, you know, false belief of theirs is basically

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being negated that you claim to be believers. But the fact is that you don't truly believe because if you truly believed in the teachings of Musa alayhis salam, then look at what your ancestors did, when Musa alayhis salam was among them. So Musa alayhis salam came to you with clear proofs. And what were the clear proofs that musante Salam brought, think about how in Egypt, any when his staff would turn into a snake, and then you know, his glowing hand, and where the magic of the magicians was completely destroyed by the miracle that Musa alayhis salam performed. And he all of these clear evidences these miracles, yes, they were for fit our own and his people to see, but there were also

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for bunny is slow eel to see. Right. And then when the seal was parted, and they were rescued, they were delivered from slavery to frown, and his people were destroyed in front of them. And then in the desert, we learned about how you know they were given the shade of the clouds, the mud and Salwa, you know, the water from the springs. All of these were clear signs that Musa alayhis salam is a messenger of Allah. But then what happened so let the husband or Angela embody, you took the calf after him or mimbar the after it's any after the fact that so many evidences were brought to you and you took the calf notice how it hasn't been said so much. The husband mother Angela, Isla

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Han, you took the calf as God any the word Isla is not even mentioned for the calf, right? Because it doesn't even deserve to be described in that way. So you took the calf after you know the truth was clear. Well until Lolly mon while you were wrongdoers, any you are committing great injustice and you had no excuse. You weren't ignorant, and you weren't mistaken and it's very evident that associating partners with God is wrong. Yet you did that. So you think you believe you think you TRULY follow Musar de Sena, you actually don't. Then it is said what is a hudna Meath Elcom, warfarin, fo COCOMO pools. And recall when We took your covenant, which covenant is this, we learned

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earlier about it and is 63 of Surah Baqarah where it was paneled. Tara says we're in 100 Namita, Coco modifier and fo COCOMO told that recall when We took your covenant, and we raised the mound over you, and why was the tool the amount raised over them literally suspended over them? Because initially they had refused. They said we're not going to accept these teachings we're not going to believe in you or Musa, you know until we see Allah openly. Any they refused, right? So one opinion is that they were made to accept this covenant literally at gunpoint, okay, literally at gunpoint that either you accept and from now on you observe the teachings of God, or you're finished now,

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because you weren't rescued. You weren't brought over here for nothing. You weren't brought over here so that you can follow your own desires. You were rescued from slavery to fit our own. Why? In order that you believe in the teachings of God and you follow those teachings and you observe the law of Allah. And remember, Adam already has Salam was supposed to be Khalifa on Earth, right? I mean, establish the law of Allah on earth. And this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent Prophets after as well. So what a foreign FL Kakimoto. We raised over you the MT saying who Duma attain our cumbuco wetin was Maru that take whatever we are giving you with strength with

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determination and listen, listen, meaning do what you are being commanded to do. So when they were told that take we have given you with determination with POA what is the school what the strength is, first of all in Eman? Okay

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meaning take all of these teachings with strength meaning with strength of belief that you should have your pain you should have certainty that means your belief is free of any doubt. Okay? So who Duma attina can be Cova. And secondly Cova is also in actions, okay? Meaning abide by these teachings, how with consistency, all right, and to the best of your ability in the most correct way. So, take what we are giving you with Goolwa was smart rule and listen, meaning pay attention to the teachings and understand them, accept them, obey them, follow them, what's my role? Any, Allah subhanaw taala has not revealed his book. And you know, he has not given all of these teachings so

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that you listen and ignore, or that you listen and you don't bother to understand or that you understand and then you don't bother to implement. No, this is dishonouring and disrespecting the teachings of Allah. And we also need to think about ourselves, that when it comes to our belief in the Quran, or you know, the way that we adhere to it, do we believe in it and do we adhere to it with Cova? with strength, with determination, with certainty with consistency with seriousness, how are we holding on to the book of Allah, we all need to think about that. So they were told huduma attina can be COVID was Maru and listen Kalu they said the Bani Israel responded. Samira an hour of

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Cena, they said we hear and we disobey a StuffIt Allah, any we hear. We have heard we know we're a signer but we disobey meaning we will do whatever we please we're not going to do what we are being commanded. Samara Now whilst Lena now some or they may say that literally, they said this Samara Now whilst Lena and imagine, you know, you tell someone that you are required to do this, you should do this. And they say no, sorry. We're not going to do it. No, sorry. Any They refused point blank. So they refused when? After making the covenant. So at the time when the mound was suspended over them, they accepted. Okay. They agreed, but then afterwards, they said, Yes, we know, but we're not going

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to do it. We cannot do this. Okay. And someone will say that Samir, now we're a Selena. They said some Erina. They said yes, yes, we will do it. But then in their actions, they disobeyed. Okay, so they didn't literally say or say now we disobey. They expressed we disobey how through their behavior through their actions. And this is what this is hypocritical that a person says yes, yes, I will obey. But then in their actions, they actually don't show any obedience. Samira now where I'll say no, this is what they said. This is how they responded, or the biller were oshri bofi, glooby, himolla, Angela B Cofely. Him and their hearts absorbed the calf because of their disbelief. Any

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their hearts were drenched with the love of the calf. The calf is what filled their hearts. They were addicted to it, they were refusing to leave it. And this is why they disobeyed the teachings of the total. And if you look at, you know the Book of Exodus, and after that, the different books all the way to the end of the Books of Moses, the books that are you know about Musa alayhis salam until the end of Deuteronomy. He there's command after command after command. There is so much detail, so much detail. You can he it's the law is very detailed. But what did they do? They heard, okay. But then they disobeyed. Why? When does this happen that a person knows what they're supposed to do, yet

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they completely ignore, or they do otherwise? When does this happen when their heart is not into it, you can understand what the rules are, you can know what the rules are, but you're not going to follow them if you don't truly believe in them. And if you want to do something else, right? Any you see this in your own children, you see this in your own siblings. You see this perhaps in your own self as well, that when the heart is somewhere else, right? Then it doesn't matter how many times someone tells you to do something, how, you know clearly they explain things to you, you're just not going to do it. So what prevented them from following the law of the tilde. It was their attachment

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to the calf. It was their love for the calf. And you know in the Arabic language when love or hate for something settled in the heart the

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The word Shalabh is used

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to describe the intensity of that feeling. The great quantity of that feeling that literally the heart is drenched with the love of something. The heart is drenched it is soaked with the hatred of something. Alright, so what oshri will feel cooler will be human or a jeweler be coffee him it was their disbelief because of which their hearts were attached to the calf. And this is why they weren't able to understand anything they weren't able to even do what they knew was right. And you know, you see this in people you know, for example, somebody is being convinced by their parents, you know, take your study seriously, but they're not interested in that why? Because their heart is

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attached to something else they want to have fun with friends they'd rather be doing something else so what what should people feel close to him when originally Beco free him? Now yes, this is about the Bani Israel evil but we also need to look at ourselves and identify that area. Okay, what is that original in my life that prevents me from obeying the law of Allah from following the commands of Allah and we need to be really honest with ourselves because you know, we can say all we want that No, no, I follow I do what I am commanded. I try my best to follow the Quran, to be honest with yourself and what distracts you in your Salah. What distracts you from your Salah? What takes you

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away from your prayer place after Salah that is the region and that region needs to be removed. That original needs to be tamed right it needs to be taken away. So what should we will feel Kulu Bimala Angela be Kufri him who will be Samaya Morricone ve Manu come in contact me Nene. Say how wretched is that which your faith in joins upon you if you should be believers, meaning you claim that you are believers, what kind of believers are you that your heart is attached to the calf instead of Allah? And you say, Samir, now Selena, you claim that you believe in what was revealed to you, but yet you say Samir Nawaz Lena, what kind of faith is this? What kind of Eman is this? So basically

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the claim of Bani Israel is that we believe in what was revealed to us is being refuted over here that you don't actually believe pull in Canada como del Fe router in the LA he Harley's what I've been doing in nurse say that if the home of the Hereafter with Allah is for you alone and not for other people, then wish for death, but Amanda will Mote wish for death in quantum Saudi pain if you should be truthful. Now the money is slow, you basically you know, they came up with another justification for not believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for not believing in the Quran, that, you know, doesn't matter what we do. Paradise is reserved for us. We are the chosen

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people. Right? We are the chosen people of God. So God is on our side in this world and in the hereafter. The final home is for us. So they're presented with the challenge over here that if you claim that paradise is reserved for you, and it's not for anyone else, then wish for death. What are you doing here in this world in so much difficulty? Why are you making your homes over here? Move on to paradise phenomena? Well moto in quantum solid clean if you should be truthful. But Allah subhanaw taala says wilayah Tama No, who ever they will never ever wish for death. Why? Because of Bhima God the mad at him because of what their hands have put forth. They are afraid and this is

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what sin does to a person. It makes a person fearful right now, of course as the OMA of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam any we believe that it is people who believe in Allah and His messengers, and you know, follow the scriptures that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed such people are the ones who will have, you know, a place in paradise as we have learned earlier when Madina Munawwara middle Sally Hardy hola Iike us horrible Jana, those people who believe and do righteous deeds they will be people of paradise right homefree her Holly don't they will abide there and eternally so you know when you believe does it mean that now you wish for death? No, you can eat we

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see that the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I'm actually forbade people from wishing for death. Right? Except in excruciating situations where a person knows that their faith is at risk. Even then you say you're Allah take me in death. If death is good for me, allow me to live for as long as living is good for me and make me die when you know that death is good for me. Right? So

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So we have been forbidden from you know, praying for death. Even though we you know in Allah's mercy we have hoped that Allah subhanaw taala will admit us into paradise. But you see there is you know like I shall do mourn her. She asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about that we all fear death, any, you know, in Hadith we learned that whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah also loves to meet him and whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah also hates to meet him. So I shall do a lot more on her said that we all fear death, we all hate the idea of dying. So of course that is scary. That is scary and we don't seek death and we don't ask for death. But you know, we have that yearning to

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meet Allah. When you believe in Allah, when you have love for Allah, when you you know live for Allah, then you want to meet Allah, but people who don't have that good relationship with Allah where, you know, they speak ill of Allah, they have bad thoughts about Allah, they think that they have the power to you know, act on behalf of Allah and attribute false things to Allah then such people of course, they will have guilt in their heart and fear in their heart, because of which they will never want to die. So while a uttama No, who ever DON'T BE MY GOD DAMMIT ad, they will never wish for it ever because of what their hands have put forth because of the crimes that they have

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committed. Will Allah Who are the members of Lolly mean and Allah is Knowing of the wrongdoers. And you see even if a person does not admit their fault, in the heart is a heaviness in the heart is fear. You know, when a person does something wrong, then they become fearful on the inside. They are not able to trust people. They're not able to take risks they're afraid, constantly guilt weakens a person from the inside. So well law who are Limon bizarrely mean Allah knows such wrongdoers, while at the Gita know who I heard also Nasir Allah hayati, Wamena, Latina Ashoka, and you will surely find them most greedy of people for life. I mentioned to you that a house means most avid most

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greedy. Now hurry is someone who is greedy. But what kind of greed is this hips is any excessive desire for something, okay? excessive desire for something not just a little bit desire for something, extreme desire for something, okay. And it is also the Act of, you know, striving and taking extraordinary pains to acquire something. Because when you terribly desire something, then you don't just sit there with that desire, you do something in order to attain your desire. And sometimes that means you have to work really, really hard. So, you know, for example, a person is hideous for money. So they will not just sit there wishing for money, they're going to work really,

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really hard. You will see people working long hours, long shifts day after day, week after week. Why? Because it's that goal. It's that end goal that makes them so focused and so hard working. So this is his it's not just a little bit of desire for something, it's excessive desire for something, and here's in and of itself is not something negative. Any if you have greed for something good. That's a good thing. Right? Like, for example, you are hideous over, you know, learning the Quran. So what does that mean? That means that sometimes people will think you're crazy, that even when you're on holiday, you are attending class, or even when you're on holiday, you are, you know, doing

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your lesson. But this is not craziness. This is, you know, being determined, and having a strong desire for something good. Right? Like the prophets of Allah, who already has sent him said it is our lemma. Yeah. And Farrokh be greedy for what benefits you any, it's not wrong, to be greedy for something good. Okay, and to exert effort in achieving something that you want, right? As long as it's good for you. So here, they're greedy for what they're greedy for life, meaning they want to live on they don't want to die. And this desire is actually something negative. Okay? This is not a healthy wish. Why because your life, your death is not in your control. It's not in your control.

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What is in your control are you know, things that you can do in life, your actions, the choices that you make, that is in your control, Your death is not in your control. So you are pursuing something that is beyond your ability. And if a person's goal is to just survive and live on and avoid death at any cost, then this means that a person is not preparing for the hereafter. They don't believe in the hereafter or they're not preparing for it. They're not living for it.

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Whereas we are encouraged to live every day as if it were our lust, to pray every Salah as if it was our last Salah. So greed for worldly life is something negative, it makes a person weak. Okay, it makes a person you know make poor choices as well prefer the dunya over the Ophira. So you will find them to be most greedy of people for life Wamena Alladhina Ashok, who even more than those who associate others with the love, meaning, even the wish to keen are not as greedy for life. You know, when you are extremely greedy for something, what does that mean? You will get it at all costs. You don't care who suffers what you don't care about other people. You just care about yourself. You

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just care about your goal. And it comes to a point where you don't even care about what is right what is wrong. Right you just want to get what you desire what you like. So it's their desire for life that makes them break covenants that makes them disobey Allah that makes them oppose the clear teachings of the Scripture. So this is why this greed for life is condemned double your when do I have the womb low your amaro alphas and attain women warmer who will be Musa see him in and our that'd be a Yama one of them wishes what the wild dal dal what that is to wish for something that he could be granted life of 1000 years. Okay, but even if you were to live for 1000 years, those 1000

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years would not remove him from the punishment at all. Be Moser has he at all in the least any eventually, after that long life there will be punishment. If this life was not spent with iman and with Armagh Salia. Will lovable see Don't be Mariama Luna and Allah is Seeing of what they do. So there is no avoiding death and long life does not save a person from their ultimate end. Sometimes we think that living a long life is, you know, being very lucky. But that's not the case. A person could live a very short life and that short life could be such that if it's lived in obedience to Allah in the worship of Allah, it's excellent. But if a person has a long life, and that long life

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is filled with sins and disobedience, then what benefit was that long life? I remember the last time I was teaching saluted Bukhara. There was a student in our class, a young boy, who was, I believe, at that time, around 10 years old, maybe nine or 10 years old, he was one of the youngest students in class. And I was teaching the class at Ohio, the Institute in the masjid and this child would sit in the first row, every single class and he would be so attentive in class that I could literally pause any time during class, I hand him the mic and ask him to recite the verses that I just explained. And he would be able to recite them on the spot, never distracted, masha Allah and

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recently I was going through some, you know, footage, some class recordings, and I saw him you know, in the video, sitting right in the front and there were, you know, other boys sitting around him and girls on the other side, and you know, you can see from the eyes, some people are distracted, some people are focused, and Subhanallah any there were people who are looking here and there, but he was constantly looking straight ahead, okay. At the screen, constantly, he would be either looking straight ahead or towards his book writing. And this year, the Ramadan on the eighth day, he passed away, he was diagnosed with cancer and during while he was being treated, he completed his

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memorization of the Quran. And I remember at one point, you know, he had surgery, you know, when they had to remove the tumor from his leg and they had to, you know, replace the knee basically, he would come to class on crutches. He would listen to class on you know, his headphones in the hospital bed. You need a young child, he died at the age of 13 When I saw him his body before he was buried, you look like a child. He didn't even have a mustache, you know, no mustache, no beard. His voice was not heavy. He lived such a short life but such a beautiful life. Any think about it 13 years, memorize the Quran and Masha Allah He had studied quite a bit of seed as well. He would come

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to the Hadith class as well. Anytime there was evening program he would stay for it. You would also volunteer, masha Allah, any you know we say a lot to people may you live a long life. And this is very common in different cultures. You know, especially older people will make dua for younger people when they do something to please them. May Allah give you a long life. A long life in and of itself does not mean that you are in

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Fortunate, lucky person, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was asked, Who among people is the best? And the prophets of Allah? Who are you sent him said the one whose life is long and his deeds are good. Because yes, if life is long and actions are good, then yes, a person can accumulate a lot of good. A lot of good like imagine if a person lives a life of like, you know, 70 years, 80 years. And in those 80 years, you know, they have a habit of fasting, every Ramadan, they pray consistently, they give sadaqa consistently, they have gone for Hajj every 510 years, you know, they make a lot of vicar. They give a lot of good advice they spend on their family, they do their son,

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any, that means that they have accumulated a lot of goodness, that's great. But imagine if a person's life is long, and it's not filled with good deeds. So the people ask them who among the people is the worst the Prophet salallahu earning some said, The one whose life is long, and his deeds are evil, stuff it Allah. Because imagine if a person says even one bad word a day, one curse word a day, then in the life of 50 years, even how many bad words they have accumulated, the stuff that Allah if a person has a habit of lying, for person has a habit of cheating, then imagine over a course of 5060 years, how many people they have abused, how many people they have harmed, how much

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injustice they have committed? So at the end of the day, what matters is not how many years we live, but what kind of actions we do. You may have heard of the book riobel Sally hain. Do you know who the author is? Who the collector is? Imam an nawawi. Right you may have heard of the 40 Hadith of Imam nawawi that collection is one of the foundational texts basically, that students have Hadith learned it's one of the first texts of Hadith that you learn the 40 Hadith of Imam an nawawi Imam an nawawi. It is said that he died in his mid 30s in his mid 30s Any such a short life, okay. He wrote the explanation of Sahih Muslim and so many other books of Hadith, any, so many books he collected,

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he wrote so much knowledge he made accessible to people, but he died in his mid 30s Allahu Akbar, what do we keep waiting for? When I'm going to turn 30 I'm going to do this when I turn 40 Then I will do this when my children graduate, then I will do this. When my children are married when I have children, then I will do this. When my business is established, and I will do this we keep delaying good things, right? We have these wishes that yes, I want to memorize the Quran. Yes, I want to go for Hajj. You know, yes, I'm gonna give a lot of sadaqa and we keep delaying. Right? We say I'm going to read this book, I'm going to memorize this text, etcetera. We keep delaying who

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knows how long we have, we don't know how long we have. Every day should be spent in obedience to Allah every day is a day that matters. So a long life cannot save a person from their ultimate end. And a long life in and of itself does not mean that a person is very lucky. What we need to do is whatever time Allah subhanaw taala has given us and we don't know how long or short it is, whatever time Allah subhanaw taala has given us we need to value it. And we need to spend that in obedience to Allah, will Allah who will see Don't be my arm alone. And Allah is Seeing of what they do. You know, this child who story I just mentioned to you, when he was first diagnosed with cancer, he had

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already begun memorizing the Quran.

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And you can imagine going for chemo, you know, rehab, you spend a lot of time at the hospital. So this is a child who was supposed to be going to school, right? He was going to school, he was memorizing the Quran, he basically decided you know, their family decided that for now because of how his health was, you know, he would have to take a break from schoolwork you know there were basic things you know, basic math and reading, etc. that was going on but they wanted to focus on his recovery but Masha Allah, his Quran teacher, he encouraged him that memorize the Quran, keep memorizing, do your next lesson, I will listen to you. And he kept encouraging him. And Hamdulillah

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you know, initially after the first set of you know, his chemo sessions, etc. He was recovering well, but then the cancer came back very soon after. And when the cancer came back, I remember his mother, of course, she was very distraught. But one of the things that she decided was that we're just going to focus on Quran no, we're just going to, you know, focus on memorization now. And that child, memorize the Quran while going through chemotherapy. You can imagine any how painful how painful it is.

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And now he was on his arm. And he imagined from his leg to his arm for a child who loves to play, he loved cricket, loved cricket. And he for him to be stuck on the hospital bed, right or if stuck at home and then because of the pandemic, he was at home and nobody is allowed to come. But he spent his time memorizing the Quran and his teacher constantly encouraged him. And within that short period of time, masha Allah, he completed his memorization. So don't wait. Don't wait to get better in order to do something. Don't wait to turn a certain age to do something. Don't wait for something to happen in your life so that you can do something. And unfortunately, we waste a lot of time just

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waiting. Whereas life is not supposed to be for waiting. Every day is useful and every day should be productive. Well Allah Who busts lead on be my arm alone. There are people who memorize the Quran while studying medicine. You know, yesterday, I had a session with some students from Pakistan and India and Saudi Arabia, South Africa, these students just completed their 30 ML Quran. All right, and it was a course that was run six days a week. Imagine any we do it once a week, they did it six days a week. And, you know, among the graduates was a student who was a doctor, and she said that, you know, she would be listening to the lesson, you know, while going to the hospital at the

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hospital, you know, while working any she did this course, while working as a doctor, getting you could say that, Oh, I'm too busy. I can't study the Quran. I'm too busy. I cannot recite the Quran, I'm too busy. I have this obligation, that obligation, you can do it. You can, you know, when you desire when you want to do something, it becomes a priority in your life and you'll figure out a way to do it. So what is important for you? How do you want to meet Allah? You know, ask yourself that when I meet Allah, what do I want in my record of deeds? What are the things what are those actions that I want to meet Allah with? And make a list for yourself, you know, set some goals that when I

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meet Allah, I want to have done this, I want to have done this be realistic, but also you know, reach high. And when you make an intention, remember when you make an intention to do something, the reward is recorded for you. Okay, and when you actually do it, then the reward is multiplied for you. So make the intention and inshallah the reward will be recorded. You know, in the Quran, we learned that if a person makes hijra, right, they leave their home and they're making Hijra to another place. And in the journey, they die, we learn in Hadith, a person goes for Hajj, and during Hajj they die, then the reward of Hijra is complete, the reward of Hajj is complete. So, you know,

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you might feel that you don't have much strength to, for example, memorize the Quran right now, for example. And it's true, you know, you have health related issues, you have a lot of family obligations. You don't have, you know, much free time because of your work situation. Allah knows that. Allah knows that. But along with your condition, what do you think you can do, maybe you cannot memorize half a page a day. Perhaps you can memorize one item a day. Maybe you cannot memorize every day. Maybe you can memorize once a week. But then throughout the week, you can review what you have memorized. Maybe you cannot review it. By sitting down with the most half you can

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review it just by listening in your ears while you are working while you are driving while you're commuting. So set realistic goals for yourself and start working on them. Even if it's just little by little will Allah who will say don't be my arm alone. Allah is watching our actions, our efforts. So let us stop you know waiting for things to become perfect ideal so that we can do something good in our lives. Let's start now. Let's start today.

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