Yahya Ibrahim – Fear Allah & Obey the Messenger (SAW)

Yahya Ibrahim
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When a stain of horrendous stuff fiddle, went over the Rila human should already AM fusina Women say RTR Molina mejor de la who Fela medulla who am a nucleon Fela hottie Allah. Wa shadow Allah ilaha illa Huwa hula Cherie Kana why shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim to Sleeman Kathira Yeah.

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Are you Hello levena tabula hochkar to RT, Walter Mouton tuna Illa and to Muslim moon.

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Yeah Yohannes Itakura como la vie halacha. Comin Neff Cy EDA will follow come in has Jaha Weber seminoma region Cathy wrong one is

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what toquilla Hola the Tessa Luna b He will or hum in Allah How can I econ Rafi but yeah, yo holla Deena am an otaku. Allah wa Pulu Colin studied your slender come

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on Villanova. Come, woman you are ALLAH, Rasool Allah who suffered fez Alima and my dad. Always I begin by reminding myself and you have Taqwa Allah. I send my prayers and your prayers of peace upon our Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We testify that none is worthy of worship Allah, Allah azza wa jal. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah increases my taqwa and your taqwa that Allah increases our fear of him, and our love of Him, and our hope in Him Subhana who went to Adam, and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes you better tomorrow than you are today. And that you have a better day in the coming days than the days you experienced now Allahumma Amin,

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some of the great Imams and scholars of our faith, they have a saying where they say rocks will among the most important thing in life is Maha Fett Allah or Taqwa Allah is to be afraid and fearful of God, Allah Almighty.

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Sometimes when we look into our life and certainly when we look into the lives of others, we find absence, the thought, that there is one who I am more accountable to than my own self. The fear of Allah is not ever meant to be like the fear you have of any creative being.

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The fear of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is that you know, that the totality of all things and all affairs belongs in the hand and in the power of Allah alone.

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And that if your relationship with Allah who goes out of balance, that the consequence of it may affect you in things that are in balance. So there are certain things that I and you may be happy with in life. But those things that we're happy with, they may change on account of our changing circumstances, in our relationship with Allah and not prioritizing Allah azza wa jal

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after salata Juma last week, I was one of the last people to come down from the masala

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and I was surprised to see maybe six or seven used tissues left upstairs by some of the boys.

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And I thought to myself,

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one or two may be an accident. Three or four is a coincidence. But six different tissues in different places left by different people. means that the thought of what a message it is, and the thought of being accountable to Allah that a place where people make sujood a place where people come for nothing really up here then the worship of Allah azza wa jal

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that a person intentionally not one or two but more than one or two left something that they know they would not want to touch if it didn't belong to them.

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The problem with that isn't that they don't understand it's wrong. See the thing about fearing Allah is that people know right from wrong the prophets I send them he tells us a hallelujah Yuen haram aubergine

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Halal is clear it's known it's evident everybody understand this is right. Will have

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1 million Haram is clear. Everybody knows this is wrong.

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So when somebody chooses wrong, overwrite and listen to my words, it's not somebody made a mistake. It's not somebody forgot. It's where you and I, in our mind, we made a calculated choice

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that I'm going to do what I know is objectionable, is not right is inappropriate is against the teachings, the culture, the Sharia of Allah azza wa jal then the problem with that isn't education.

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It's that a person does not fear Allah Azza wa Qian.

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In the first week that I was here last week, when I was speaking with all of my high school students, there was only one talk that I gave from seven to 10, which is about the signs that in your heart, there is a growing disease, there's a problem.

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And one of those signs the first sign is that when you do something wrong, it doesn't bother you.

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When you do something that others if they see you say why do you do that? How could you do that? This the house of Allah azza wa jal

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if it was done in your kitchen at home, your mother would be upset with you. If somebody was to put a tissue on your bed you would object What are you doing? This is my room.

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But this is the place of the angels. This is the place of those who come for Roku and sujood. This is the place where instead of leaving behind you pick up what you find.

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One of the most beautiful moments in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaching us things subtly. There used to be a homeless woman and want you to hear that word.

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See, being poor is not a bad thing.

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Being poor, not having a lot is not a bad thing. If you are honorable and you remain upon the truth you remain doing what's right you remain with your Salah. There are people who are wealthy but don't know Allah they are worse than those who are poor who know Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala give you the pleasure of regularity of Salah and deprive you from wealth if your wealth is going to keep you away from Salah to dry, you should make Oh ALLAH if this dunya is going to lead me away from you. Oh Allah, let me prefer the akhira let me look for something else. Oh Allah, if this thing was a part of your DUA in life, if this job is not going to be good for my dunya and akhira Oh Allah

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keep it away from me. I don't want it. That's the dua of the prophets. I send them that you're obviously Hora in Kandahar, the Umbra shadow one li fi dunya wanna ashy Wow 40 434 Annie what Winnie turn it away from me Oh Allah, may I never get that job. May I never get that mark may never have that money.

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I'd rather be poor and pray

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than rich and the loser in the app era.

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There was a woman she was homeless, or the Allahu anha.

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And she used to live in one of the corners of the masjid of the prophets. I said

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she used to have a little tent there. She used to have whatever little belongings she had. She kept in that little place.

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And almost as if out of her love for Allah for the profit for the masjid, as if to repay for the kindness of having a small space, a small corner. She used to clean the house of that messenger of the prophets. I send them the house of Allah.

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The Prophet used to love to see her cleaning the Messenger of Allah.

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One day the Prophet went on a trip 234 or five days when he came back he saw the masjid was unclean.

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The Masjid was in organized.

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The ground hadn't been swept. Back then they didn't have carpets, they had dirt. The ground hadn't been swept, the leaves hadn't been removed. They used to put a little bit of water to harden it so that it would dry before the next prayer. She used to clean the masjid of the prophets. I seldom he came back in the masjid was not the way it should be.

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So he asked a simple question. Where is the woman who cleans my mystery? Where is she fucka do ya Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cadmatic a messenger of Allah when you were a

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way she died

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and we buried her, you know, in that cemetery Albuquerque in Medina, may Allah Allah was to visit the Sahaba there and make up for them.

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So we buried her. The Prophet said, Why didn't you tell me? They said you need she's not that signature. She's just she's just a homeless way. She's not she's not like, I the euro, the Allahu Anhu. She's not like Abu Bakr Fawlty, man, she's not she doesn't seem that special that we would come and knock on your door and say oh Messenger of Allah, the homeless lady in the masjid die. We buried her we did what was right for her, but we didn't want to disturb you. This was at night.

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The prophets I send them said take me now to her grave.

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And in the middle of the night,

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they walk out of Medina, to the cemetery. And the Prophet stands at her grave salatu salam and preys on her praise for her.

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What's her reason? Why does she deserve that one reason?

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She cared for the house of Allah she cared to do what's right.

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The fear of Allah azza wa jal, its first sign in how it shows is that the things that are important for Muslims are important to your heart.

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The most half, you would never dare put it at the level of your feet.

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The most half, you would never dare just pass it on to someone as if you're throwing it the most half you would never give it the book of Allah with your left hand the hand you wash yourself with sneeze with.

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The hand you can't eat with is not good enough. For the most half.

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Why do you do that? Because you fear Allah Azza that's a word of Allah.

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The House of Allah the word of Allah doesn't matter who's there.

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The Qibla

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you never lay down in your your feet just as if it's

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your stars your teacher. Somebody teaching you Quran you never put your foot out towards them.

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The fear of Allah shows itself in honoring y mejorar limb sha Allah He fell into him in Taqwa Kuru, the one who esteems who honors the things that are sacred because Allah said they're sacred. It's because in their heart, they have a love and fear of Allah azza wa jal.

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The reason you honor your parents is not because they feed you or clothe you is because you should fear Allah subhana who went to Allah in your conduct with them?

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Look at the words of the prophets Allah Allah Hardy was sent him.

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He said the riddle Allah to read will validate.

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Allah is pleased with you, when your parents are pleased with you. Well, socket Allah And Allah's wrath, Allah's Anger descends upon the one whose parents are angry with them.

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I can tell you in my 40 years of life,

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that I've never met a single person who had crossed their parents angered their parents, who had lost the baraka of dua of their parents and was successful in anything in life.

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There was never a single person in the history of humanity who went willfully against righteous parents good parents in that which is good, and cross them raise their voice of them, angered them, belittled them, mock them, turned away from them, ignored them and had any success in life.

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may leave you with the story of Prophet Ibrahim

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his father was an evil vile man who said to him let in Lambton Tehila or do Munduk Ibrahim if you don't stop and do what I say. And I order you to worship these false idols that you worship these false gods if you don't stop telling me about God and Allah and the truth and telling me this is wrong, and this is right. If you don't stop letting them Lambton, Tehila out of German, I will stone you to death. That's how evil his father was.

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The father of Prophet Ibrahim is the one who says to the people build a fire. And they order Ibrahim to be thrown in it and he is protected by Allah.

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But that same man who none of our parents will ever be anything like that evilness that he had. Ibrahim continues to say Rob Bill fairly well he Well Ed, oh Allah forgive me and my parents. He says as is in surah to Shara Allah quotes him willfully Abby in a hurricane Amina Pauline, Oh ALLAH forgive my father. He was astray he didn't know the right way.

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Compare that to the one who has no fear of Allah.

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No fear of their conduct in the house of Allah, no fear of their conduct in the class where the Quran is opened before them, no fear of Allah azza wa jal when they were in public or in private, no fear of Allah azza wa jal in dealing with their parents who brought them into this world to provide them their food and their drink and their shelter.

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The three verses that I began with the Juma with were the same three verses the Prophet recited every Juma

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all three of them begin with ya you have Lavina and Takala. Fear Allah.

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May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow us to open our hearts

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to understanding the need of us being more worried about what Allah sees of us than what other people think of us. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make our hearts steady and steadfast upon Islam and turn us away from anything that leads us away from him Allahumma Amin Akula Holy * there was still a federal law Hello Avi Maddy welcome.

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Wanda McFeely

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hamza Shekar in WA Salatu was Salam o Allah say you didn't want to Celine so you know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim to Sleeman kathira. So how do we make Taqwa a greater priority in our life? How do I change? How do I improve? I want you to focus on three simple statements and I want everybody's eyes forward with me in sha Allah. The three statements are really simple. A Taqwa here and Tamela with clarity in the fear of Allah means that you actively work to do what Allah is pleased with.

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You can't just hope to be a better Muslim

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one young lady she came she goes she goes yeah here just you know I'm trying to pray better more can you just make dua that Allah makes me better in prayer I don't pray as my you know may die said no, no, that's not how it works. Go make will do dress properly come do your Salah. Don't just make dua Allah open my heart so I can pray. No, no, you're doing it wrong. Allah is not gonna guide your heart. Then you pray. Your guide your heart is guided because you took the path to guidance. You have to walk the Surat Al Mustafa team to attain the objective of becoming a better Muslim. You're not going to stop praying just by wishing. Al Hassan he used to say Lacell Eman will be too many

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Eman isn't something you wish for.

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Who am I walk off for DACA will Amman it what's in your heart and you say I got I'm gonna do it. You got to act. So the first step of Taqwa and time and every time I look for something that is obedient to Allah something that Allah is pleased with, and it could be small or large, but each and every day do something for Allah

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and Tamela before it

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number two, I know what you mean Allah, because you've received light from Allah, the light of Allah is the Quran

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and then la Kenora I gave you this light in the darkness of life. The Quran shines the way it's your compass when you're lost and you I don't know which way to go. The first place for the answer is the book of Allah, the Sunnah the tradition of the prophets, I seldom.

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So you gotta act and do what's right. And you will only know that if you become more interested in what your deen is in what your faith is. Not just people telling you do this or follow me, but you yourself as a young man, young woman, saying to yourself, I want to know what Allah wants for me. And I'm going to go play

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Ah, just what's told to me.

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Number three total juice however Allah because you are hoping for a reward and if you make your goal Jana, if you make your goal happiness in this life that leads you to a greater happiness in the next life you will find success.

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But if you have a short sighted goal, if your only goal is I just want to hang out. I just want to feel good. I just want to be liked. I just want people to like me if your goal is just here and now I just want money. I just want that car I want to get you know get an education so I can live better than my parents live. If that's your goal if that's all you want, you will have a miserable life.

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Woman out Rhoda and victory for in Allahumma Schatten banca because the one who turns away from what Allah sent for us to remember and to celebrate them their life will never give them the sweetness they wanted from it. It will always be miserable. And may Allah give you joyful days Happy Days in this life. May you celebrate your success. May you celebrate your Eman. May you become more regular and I irregular in our prayers. May Allah subhanho wa Taala soften your heart and make me you remorseful in your heart. And when you've done wrong that you feel it shame you feel it's dishonor you feel you've let yourself down and you do better than next time and you ask for forgiveness

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couldn't look me Adam A Hapa because every human being has the capacity to make mistakes. And it's only those who make mistakes and have belief that return back to Allah. May Allah make you and I'm in utter wellbeing utter webtoon to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Allah is Al Islam honestly mean work the other Deen Allah Medina. Rama Rahim Allah Allah Allah Allah Vic Rika Washio Cricket was nairabet ic O Allah we ask you to protect our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers. Oh Allah protect us from that which is sinful and inappropriate. We pray Allah that you lead our principal and board and administrators to that which is pleasing to you and turn all of us away from

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that which is how do I mean in decent we ask you your hammer rahimian to send you choices blessings and salutations in peace upon our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or you who believe send your Sadat upon the prophets of Allah Allah you are Salam in Allahu

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Iike who Soluna Allah NaVi Johan Lavina, Hammond Solu Allah He was a limiter sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala artdeco Rasool dekha, Mohammed and Nabil Omiya. He was so happy we're certainly more optimists are there

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