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After praising

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and sending images, greetings and salutations for the final prophet Muhammad

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continuing our journey looking at a collection of had been

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about the rights of the people,

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those who are very close to us our kith and kin,

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and up to break ties and relationship with

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people around us

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and to show kindness towards them.

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Sometimes we find there are

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individuals that we forget about

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the downtrodden, the weak or the unknown individuals. And as they say, in society, the unknown individuals in general, the women and the children, the most specific the widows and poor individuals, and that's today's had the focus upon carry for the week individuals,

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as mentioned, the blessing tongue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a certainty

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or morality while miskeen he can be

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the one who exerts the effort

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in taking care of the widow taking care of the poor individuals is that one who is striving and struggling in the wave of Allah Subhana Allah, OpenID assume

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are the one who first during the daytime and observes the night prayer in a handy innovated in

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the collection when Bukhari and Muslim are pleased with both of them about knowing his collection of explaining say Muslim mentions, what is the meaning of a surfy? The one who is taking care.

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He mentioned as

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an admin, limo owner,

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the one who is working, physically working physically being active in trying to take care of him looking after a widow woman or the poor individuals. One is trying to find their welfare, their comfortability, so it doesn't just become mere words and credentials.

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The person has to physically strive physically carry out,

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work for them,

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and sustenance. Give it to these individuals so they could have a better life. That's why the physical participation support is what the forehand speaks about time and time again, but looking after these type of individuals,

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to Cremona, 18 Nay, indeed you don't show generosity towards the orphan individuals, whether there have been other Parliament miskeen you don't encourage the feeding of the poor individuals. What

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What the heck, Boone, Imelda huben Jamba whether you have a corporate greed,

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of the eating of the mirror on the inheritance, but it's given to you what the head wound and mela have been Gemma and you have an excessive love, of wealth of collecting it can either to cut it up to darken them.

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Or to speak about these aphasia Allah subhanaw taala begins to speak about the end of the word, destruction of the world. When this earth is turned into dust is pounded over again. What are bookable men who suffer and suffer and you know, a lot of that comes in the ages they come in rows, they come down

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what a yoga teacher had done on that day journey report form, and what would happen to the individual will begin to make all types of complaints or justifications that will be afforded me.

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Why Why did Allah

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in genuine ever speak about the carrying out of generous action good deeds, who is acquainted with the hereafter? because in essence, people who believe in Salah hereafter are those who came to carry out these what we may classify small acts of generosity. So tomorrow, or it lady, you can deal with them. Have you seen the one who rejects the last day? rejects your one pizza, the day of accountability? Is it one who doesn't pray? That is a false that's partially true behind the curtain homes

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It highlights the one who rejects the last team who doesn't believe in Allah Subhana Allah, these are the characteristics. Further it can lead the team, while

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miskeen, then for a unit mousseline, once again the link between spirituality of prayer and fasting. But prior to that, these are the ones who reject the law stay there, don't forget to repent pushes away, the orphan child doesn't encourage the feeding of the poor individuals, as it to highlight the person who really believes in a lot the last day is the one inserts themselves. Just like you believe in Allah Subhana Allah, you believe in a Day of Recompense of aid for justice, of accountability. So likewise, a person lives a life of accountability. There are people around me that need to be accounted for the poor, and the destitute individuals, does he find a cipher the

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Quran speaks many times about the rights of the 18, the orphans, approximately 16 different occasions at the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala highlights the plight and the need of the orphans. Even the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is classified as the head of orphans.

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By Look, look how Allah bestowed that mercy upon him that he was physically able to understand that what the orphan child is going through, and I quote for numerous ahadeeth mentioned by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, the one who Anna for careful your team campaign came upon some Dolores and myself and the one who takes care of the team is like these two fingers, close proximity, this how close the person will be with a prophet alayhi salatu salam, the

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characteristics that possibly some of us have forgotten, and as each one of us as a side point, should should sponsor an orphan child

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in either an affair or sponsor a child somewhere in the world, what does it cost 15 2030 pounds a month at maximum sponsor openchain. So for what in turn, that on the day, gentlemen, this becomes a source of enrichment, a source of reward, a source of excessive abundance, goodness, will be given to an individual who carries out such an action and to fulfill the prophecy of the prophet Elijah to be close to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as many relevant mentioned that the concept of taking care of these people is actually a blessing in disguise. Now, some people they think that this is a something which is a burden on society, a burden on the Muslim Omar burden on the world. That's how

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Unfortunately, the mindset of some people has become that this is something burdensome, that why they poor people on the world, why they poverty in the world as sin in the lifespan of data. The Wisdom lies, secrecy lies with lots of data amongst the Hicken, the wisdom that I've dissected is for person to share their wealth, to their blessings, to give to other people that which Allah has bestowed upon the individual, and that you find most of it. Sorry, he mentioned, he mentioned narrated, his father thought he was better than other companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam thought maybe it should be some privilege because being a person of grandeur of luxury status in

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such society, but rather the properties are meant to say to his father, on the contrary, quite the opposite. A lot of support is on my because of his weak ones, because of this application, their praise and their sincerity. That's how support of this Muslim woman comes. Because you think that a weak individual has no role in his moosic Omar has no value. And interactions speak about a person who is an additional state doesn't dress when there's no two way no oxen or the light or Barbara, the President takes an oath but Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will fulfill the oath. So sometimes we may just look at individual take this person has no value, but it's quite

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in front of a lot. This person may have immense value, because of the sincerity inside their heart, and a conviction in their young guru. In a

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world of Sudoku. Allah doesn't look at your faces and your external bodies.

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But look at the looks at your hearts.

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The definition of your hearts and looks at the actions of the belief inside your heart and a previous Hadith in such detail jihad in a similar manner, say the following once again mentioned about

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Perfect, similar to the mentioning, say, bring me to Week Four, you only receive provision and divine support, by virtue of the weak ones. Bring the weak individuals. Because these are individuals that we gain support, we gain victory we can help.

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There's many facets of companies that we think that they did this was simple money, all these individuals who may be suffering hardship, they have no value nothing special about these individuals. When a person supports and helps these individuals, once you can speak to that when a person helps people in society when you remove the miskeen, and we are team and

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they they help the captives, the poor, the destitute, the ones in dire need, and

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we don't want no gratitude, we will no recompense from you. And even strangers in the context of this is all speaking about gender. That's what the context later comes to the context which is speaking about the dream of gender, the procreate of gender, the servants in general, the reward is agenda. Once again, the relationship is the the people who carry out in this world, these charitable actions are the most likely people, the most closest people who are going to be entered into agenda by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah. And if you find that the reward

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the person, or sorry, an amenity Well, miski the reward is individual. Tell me jd fece opinion is like the one who's making GRP submitted a genome. And

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there's various forms of jihad that we find. There's various forms of show that, that we find various forms various grades that we find, obviously, we all know that the upper limit the higher limit,

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there's a supreme upper limit that you find a person makes a total sacrifice, so to sacrifice of their life and we we shouldn't shy away from that fact.

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Ernie is full of iron of jihad actors that needs to carry out that action. minion boo,

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boo woman we

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from amongst the believers, they are real men, real men who made a conviction that they want to meet Allah Subhana data. Some of them they returned back and some of them to come back they returned to Allah Subhana Allah never ever perceived that those individuals who have been slayed in a way Allah Subhana Donna did,

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but they are here in the Abuja, provision is given to them by Allah Subhana Allah does he find me? He saw the Shahada read the sitter to read the virtues of a person who makes an upper limit of coming close to a loss of power and given to the individual.

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The blessings given to those individuals who strive and they struggle in a way Allah Subhana Allah, what Allah gives to them.

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And the blank what happens to shiny

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shiny is not washed

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up inside the shroud they're all wrapped in an Easter shuhada only for the martyrs. They are very the way that they leave this dunya and they'll be resurrected and a judgment that you find that blood will be flowing from their bodies, their blood will be a smell of fragrance of mustard we find this is the ultimate reward. But if you study only types of struggles that you find on them at the caliber jihad, femur army, of

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striving of struggling working hard life, as they say isn't as convenient as everybody around the world may perceive or to think person needs to make the daily grind the daily total, their working career, the working life, people strive to struggle. Is that not what most of the world does?

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Why Why? Why do we become hesitant? Why do we become hesitant towards

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that as an agenda by the unknown, as agenda is far away from us. And the materialistic values is more closer to us than that we strive harder for that. But we beacon towards the concept of that which is why I don't like the promise of a lost count and it's true in the

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ego goes against his promise never goes against you from his late now, this is what you do. And this is what the reward will be given to you individually. So it should be the active action and participation.

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that'd be fine. Whatever the condition may be, whatever the terrain may be, this person physically goes there. give them food, give them drink, builds a home for a build a shelter for them. This is give me the example.

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that a person is striving and struggling to make sure this these individuals are given the best of their life outcome.

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Or as if the person is fasting all day, or praying all night. Evil, this is speaking about supererogatory extra praise, extra fasting that we find. And some of us with limited life.

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We've lived with limited going into general, we've been only one path, a path of spirituality are part of this prayer. Apart from this false thing that we find LinkedIn nutty, thermometer,

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generous eight doors, breeze doors to enter into various actions that you find a person needs to do. We need to gain the benefit of how to get into gender

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are all these ways that existed on the face of this earth? spirituality, no doubt, has a great immense benefit.

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But supererogatory spirituality that we find its benefit is only possibly a personal benefit, and personal success. Extra praise, extra fasting becomes a personal benefit for the individual, not to derail any individual who wants to do extraction. But this to me, help us to understand that a person goes out of their way to do certain things, then they impact becomes far more superior to that individual, who just carries out a limited benefit from their own selves. Thus, we find that the over emphasis

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shouldn't just be spirituality, extra spirituality, the over emphasis should be the global benefit, the global concern of the wider world around us that we live in. Because these are problems that we're facing all across the world at the moment that the solution isn't that just by some some miraculous nature that everything will come to a standstill and everything will be resolved.

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The solution will come whereby there's physical activity, in making the effort in trying to change the status quo of the world to change the common theme of the world being active in the world that we face. And then we find that even if may sound strange for many of us, just a bit me I mentioned $1 cost

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averaging, which is disbelieving machine will remain will mean for many years to remain for many centuries.

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How can I make you that is a believer in a lots of powder remained for a long time? How does Allah let it to prosper? How does it leave? It did? Why is that Canada?

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assessor and other justice, equity, fairness, kindness, goodness, doesn't oppress any individual. But then I mentioned the opposite. Any any world status, any country, any nation, if it begins to oppress people, don't take care of the weak individuals begin you find that becomes the downfall of COVID 33 to 30, Mr. tobert, ethnocracy

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brutally replenishing not just Muslim empires. We should know Muslim empires, how they collapsed, how they fell apart, how they did away, nothingness of them, when they began to oppress the people around them. And especially the weak subjects around that we find those who find that caring for the weak individuals, the unknown people, the unknown oma, it should be a concern.

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It should be concerned with a Muslim, because when the Koran speaks, it speaks about 31 and a boo boo overland. Fie surah two and beyond the 21st chapter.

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And on your Lord worship only me from noon, and the 23rd chapter

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one and a blue for me alone. Only me fate only Allah Subhana Allah, Nevada, why did Allah place inside suta ambia of the speaking about all the prophets and the mission, and they talk about their belief.

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This is and again, it's a total believer in number four, many

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believers are brethren towards one another, like qualified when Allah mentioned coming to the conclusion sooner rather than later in the middle algebra that we find. What is this oma well documented then they arise amongst us

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nation who all look good and who forbid the evil remember the blessing of Allah prior to them will come to

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you in the water see movie have relayed to me and bow out faster rope of a lots of parallel data you in the brink of the hellfire. And Allah put your hearts together, read that have seen this is active See if you can see

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that he was

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woofing existed before the prophet Elijah came to Medina to tribes and also 100 canadain Omar how many

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of them are dying, come see center, fighting at whatever fighting at each other's throats that we find when appropriate. So we entered amongst them, he united among them alongside this is the son of the Prophet and he set up to set up to unite people to create a concern for people a global method. For if Muslim, we find that the the sermon which is delivered in a place in a yarmulke the sermon which is given on a to 870 fine,

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is not supposed to be just a spiritual message. And rightfully at times it needs to be an awakening without giving me a reminder about the days of meeting Allah Subhana Allah. But likewise, it becomes a global concern, to listen about other parts of the word, or the fraction of other problems that we face. problems that we face on a social level in our society around us. And other concerns, the wider concept of the world. Because by default, we can we cannot walk away from it. I think this doesn't really concern me. When a person makes a testimonial entering into the faith or positive is bought into the faith.

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But by but by deeper you've taken that promise to uphold the ties of kinship that uphold the relationship of this Muslim woman. And as we find that caring for the weak and the unknown oma Memphis when we're quite familiar, and rightfully we are familiar, that a sham Soria that we find a Philistine

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Burma of land, Eastern and Iraq, Somalia, many of us are familiar with the war torn zones, the hardships, the difficulty, the calamity that people are facing, there

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are some other people there may be some of us who have never heard about them. And we don't know that this.

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This oppression is taking place and we have no interest or we're not well versed about it. And as we find in the east of China, the Muslim that we find that 10 million population, 2 million of them in detention camps at the moment, which is Turkistan that we find 10 million population, the Chinese, the Xinjiang, the new province, they want to wipe out this area, ethnic cleansing. Nothing that is that as a have ever happened since the Holocaust. They want to wipe these people out to take the land totally over. This one the people they want to do their place 2 million Muslims, in detention camps, take the children place them inside orphanages to brainwash them, to remove Islam from them,

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dismantle the bed, had. Its Mohammed, Hassan, Ali in the name Mohammed is how long for them to keep. This is what these people this is the new land, destruction of wiping out 10 million Muslims

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in a sea noon. They say that Islam is a mental construct of depression, mental state, in sickness, a virus that needs to be wiped out. This is what's going on at the moment as we speak, that some of us are a loop we don't know that even these people that they exist. It must've like this that exists in the world. We're being oppressed. And as we find that we should, as we mentioned, one body one global oma that we that we preach about you know, it's just preaching about it. That's what it is. You know, we are so fractured amongst ourselves is so unbelievable at times. You know these people? These people are very smart individuals.

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Because the Quran speaks about that. Yeah.

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These people know everything about the world.

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the end of them, they go through heaters, but when they live in this world, they know what to do.

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study that historically, you find that after World War Two, whether you take 70 million, or the maximum level 85 million

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people that they were destroyed or they were killed.

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Inside these walls, they find perish 70 to 85 million people. They sat down amongst themselves. In these various conventions ratified the Geneva Convention and event in 1949. They laid out the treaty how to operate on the face of this earth. 796 97 countries that pay allegiance to this

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maybe makes it sound strange that they allow 85 million people to die, then they walk by least they began to discuss certain things.

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They are enemy enemies that were towards,

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they will united upon certain things, their preservation of people, prisoners of warfare rules, regulations, sanctions, nuclear weapons, even today's world to speak about the political climate that we live in at the moment, Brexit and we find that we're all facing, you have to give credit to them where it belongs, whatever the result may be. They are disciplined in what they believe in discipline to be able to discuss, we can discuss with another Muslim, that's how shameful beyond just the fact of of Muslim meeting of sacred another Muslim and have the decency and the Sabrina patient to speak to another Muslim, have a tougher life.

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The disbelieving individuals don't believe in a law yet and come together for their own interests, for your own purpose, for your own worldly gain, and begin to resolve the issues that they find. You know, we at the moment, are 1.7 billion Muslims on the face of this earth in a population 2017 of 7.6 billion people

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1.6 or 7 billion Muslims in the face of this earth 50 Muslim majority countries

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15 Muslim majority countries I find it just to just to blow.

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It would have an impact on the world.

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But what we find or pressure takes faces day in and day out.

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We turn a blind blind eye to it. Because of world politics, world game world benefits

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in a in

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a prophesized sort of a b Don't. Don't study this in great detail, that there are a common among

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the nation will gather upon you. Just like you find that people get together to eat from the platter to eat from the dish. We are the dish at the moment because why the dificultades food. We contain richness, wealth, diamonds, gold, jewelry,

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vegetation, oil, produce, study the historical world, study the world at the moment, the geographical location, why these people engage in our lands, they will come and they begin to pounce upon us that people begin to interfere in

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so called Sahaba. And

00:28:22--> 00:28:36

is it going to be because we were small in number on that day. This means a number of us were able to overcome us. He said me. But indeed you're going to be many on that day. But you're going to be the loser

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saying you're going to be like the frog of the ocean that has no value prophesied by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, they went a step further. He said you're going to be suffering from Alwan

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kill the woman. Allah is your body and this disease, this infection

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this virus we're going to be suffering. Allah Petunia Baccarat

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aka knock on

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wood dunya

00:29:13--> 00:29:15

alpha, Lil muslimeen.

00:29:16--> 00:29:27

The address is the non Muslims love of the world. He's addressing this Muslim nation. That's what he's addressing you. The Muslims are going to suffer a love of this world

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and a hatred for death. We could see the Muslim world around us what they strive for, what they build for what they live for, what they die for. Is it for the Muslim cause? Is it for the Muslim Ummah? Are they their own interest, their own wealth, their own power, their own life, their own family, their own throne?

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

Study and O'Meara. So bondage study needed existed for many corrupt individuals, many corrupt individuals

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

deviating from full of corruption and a personal corruption they had

00:30:07--> 00:30:09

had charged me fines slave state people,

00:30:11--> 00:30:22

but you know, decide what you find. They had some moral fiber. They had some moral strength. They had certain principles that they believed in that they never backed down upon inside their life.

00:30:23--> 00:30:24

And they stood up for that.

00:30:25--> 00:30:41

That's historically been proven. But what we find at the moment such an element of weakness, that this is a political climate, we need to make ties with such countries we need to make ties with China because it caught me How about Allah help our environment?

00:30:42--> 00:30:46

What ties Do we need to make Thai Thai based upon upon the

00:30:48--> 00:30:49

evening, before I mentioned,

00:30:50--> 00:31:00

that you begin to deep inside us real interest? Is baffling, even indoctrinated inside? Am I even a small, even average Muslim, I can't live.

00:31:01--> 00:31:04

I don't want to ask why should I rent a house

00:31:05--> 00:31:53

that I'm going to be despised? I don't fit into society, and need to have the welfare of the wealth it needs to be generated by the system around these old Western values. Integrated white blood stream 100 years ago, we should have happening, we should have a simple life, we should live a good life. But given that this is the way forward, this is the way that the world will succeed. That's what they were interpreted amongst us to think that the sharing of data has no value. These 50 Muslim countries that we find how many of them account the values of the Quran and the Sunnah, how many of them uphold 100 according to a condition, the least that we can say, is clear.

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It's not making the finger for any regime or any Muslim state that needs to say the least you can say that about the Muslim lands. It is clear oppression.

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They are far away from the Quran.

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The Quran speaks about using the law of Allah to bring

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upon the bring peace upon the earth. The golden era that we all read about years of peace, prosperity, reached as goodness How did it come about? It is via

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via belief, by adhering to the karate brings peace, stability upon the land.

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Those individual believe in Allah Subhana Allah that's what it brings. That's the promise of Allah Subhana Allah does we need to go back to our belief, as we began with a couple the element of helping the weak individuals around us inside society to help them to rise, not rise in assumption status, to help they rise to Allah