Profiting From The Da’wah

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So they will never use their religious commitment to benefit from a worldly perspective.

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Abdullah Hypno Hadees Have you heard of him? Even though Mohammed is one of the scholars of the cinema Tabby a scholar of Hadith, if no more Hadees once came into a shop Subhanallah this really this incident resonates man. Even though he's entered into a shop, they recognize the scholar. So he heard them speak behind the counter saying this isn't normal highly sought him out a good deal.

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This is an Ohio Haley's sorting out a good deal. Even number Heidi's overheard that conversation. He said, Yeah, okay.

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Hey, in Nana, j to the asteria be man Labadie. My brother, I've come here to buy something using my money, not my religion.

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I've come today to use my money to buy not my religion. Then he walked out of the shop and he refused to buy anything. And Allah so it's very different, isn't it from that speaker who stipulates a massive on honorarium to give a lecture.

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And it has to be a business class flight and maybe a masu somebody to do his back from on the way as well on the plane if possible, the certain type of you know decor and a certain type of drink and coffee and tea that have to be provided for him. And if you're also able to cater for my wife and children so that we can make a holiday out of it as well. If the Muslims don't mind paying for that as well that would be good. Know that the Muslim who is sincere, never seeks to profit in any way at the expense of at the expense of the Muslims. You want to do that from your own pocket? Go ahead. But a person who was sincere does not purchase any aspect of deen

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or any aspect of dunya using his Deen