Brother who got His Wife married to another Brother

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The transcript describes a scenario where a man called his ex-wife was supposed to marry him, but he did not. The woman had a child and the man wanted to marry her. The man eventually took his ex-wife and married her to his new brother, causing problems and negative consequences. The transcript warns viewers to learn the basics of their deen and avoid falling victim to "immature behavior" if they want to divorce or get married.

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Okay, I remember there was a scenario that I heard of,

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in, in this particular issue, my brother and his excuse that he was a revert to brother, although he been Muslim for some time. But anyway, that was his excuse. He asked me the following question.

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He said that he divorce his wife because they agreed that they cannot continue it's not working.

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And then

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he said, because I have a child from her, I was looking for a good husband for her. Because the husband will be will look after my child or she will be living with my child with him. So he was looking for a man to marry his ex wife, he found a good brother. Mashallah, okay. Then he acted as the only of his ex wife.

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Not only that, not only that, but he agreed that the new

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husband or the new brother will marry her and he got married to her after less than a month from the divorce.

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So I said to him, so she got married to him within a month. He said, Yeah.

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But he said that was not the problem. I said, What else? Is that any other bigger problem than this? He said, No, I'm talking to because my heart was broken. And I don't know what to do. I said what he said, because he was living in my house, the brother who proposed to her, came to my house and I was heavily. So we have done vaniqa in my house.

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I said interesting.

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We have AMITA saying avec Aishe ratio, Raja vantara Algebra. If you live until the month of Rajab, you will see so many amazing things. I said, Okay. He said after we conducted the marriage, this brother

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took her and she said to her that you have my wife. This is in my house. So he took permission from me to go to another room to sleep with his new wife.

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And he slept with my ex wife in my house.

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I said very interesting, Masha, Allah.

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We love but we should cry for these incidents that we see in our community. All of this mighty respect to the brothers and sisters is because of what

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We don't study our deen. And then we put ourselves into so many problems.

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I told you, I don't know whether I told you previously about that sister who her husband took care of during the eight day period or she slept with the husband during the the period. And she became pregnant and then she got married to another man because her husband, her father refused or did not allow her to go back to her husband whom she slept with him.

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So many problems are happening because we don't have enough information about the basics of our deen. And that's why this kind of said fallible might be watchable. seeking knowledge might be logic obligatory if that knowledge is needed to correct your actions.

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So if you are about to divorce or you want to get married, then learn the basics before you put yourself into the problems. Okay. So during that period, please brothers and sisters pass this forum