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The speakers discuss the importance of showing good moral values and values in order to be patient and bond with others. They stress the need to embody Islam's values and find a way to control behavior. The segment also touches on the concept of the Holy Spirit and its connection to the Holy Spirit. The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging one's actions and avoiding Yo dealt with. They also highlight the need for individuals to be aware of their own behavior to avoid corruption.

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of the bracing loss of Canada either sending greetings and salutations upon the final profit.

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Find a service of good moral values, or practices that we find

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to become more than just

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a sentimental listing towards the prophetic traditions and teachings of the prophets of the law or the ascendant whether we should begin to manifest these values, that is the real intent of these teachings. As I mentioned, your

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teachings in the sending of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he extracts people, delivers people takes him out in the realms of darkness is through a light of a loss of handle down. And that we find that these values we need to begin to display them. When we speak about justice, we need to be just we need to show justice on the face of this earth. To speak about kindness. We need to be kind to those people around us. We spoke about patience, that we need to embody ourself to be patient individuals. That is the main theme of this journey, to embody. So with these practices, to begin to display these fine teachings as fine actions, we speak about charitable loving charity, or giving charity

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that we find that we need to become of giving our wealth for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah

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a boon, you're never going to attain piety until you don't spend all the things that you love. And we find that, unfortunately, well, strangely, wealth is something that is very dear to a lot of people

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have been generous gem, you want to gather Well, you have this excessive greed, this love for wealth that we find. Islam isn't against wealth.

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Islam just teaches the person how to deal with their wealth, and how to deal with subjects around them, who may also need that wealth. The Quran speaks that this wealth spent from the wealth of Allah Subhana Allah that He has given to you, he's delivered to you. It can only be linguistically mentioned, it's your hard earned wealth. But the essence of that wealth is from Allah Subhana. Allah gives the individual the token, their ability to work, to strive, to use their mind, whatever it may be, to gain that wealth, but the ultimate beginning and the end of that wealth, lies with Allah Subhana Allah, does she find that the Prophet Allah came to codify people, how to encourage people

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how to live

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with their wealth, how to interact with their wealth, and as he mentioned, where he will log in and somehow mellows out the merciful kind to individual who is tall, tolerant, is full of tolerance for benevolence, kindness, leniency, what are we individually done in a bad way the other person when he buys and sells, and he's collecting his own deaths, but debts which are owed to him, find his narrations are the study of Emmanuel, Emmanuel bahagi.

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The Book of transactions, business transactions, that everything of our life is codify of how we need to conduct ourselves, we need to do inside our lives, that we find that in the real world, or the real practice that we find that most of us, we look at what is our own interests, what will profit us or our own personal benefit? That is the reality of this world, when a Muslim or non Muslim that we find is a common factor, that when it comes to business transactions, every individual looks at their own past and self, their own personal profit, their own benefit.

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And we shouldn't be surprised by this. Because it's a world full of materialism. A world full of capitalism, a world full of greed, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This one his world is full of unfortunately, fine. If we look at the statistical data, or the amount of wealth that exists upon this earth, there's approximately that we find $280 trillion

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of wealth on this planet,

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which is held held which is held by the richest 1% of this world. The richest 1% hold half of $280 trillion

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The amount of surplus food that people speak about wasting or food or speak about how to help other people in the face of this earth,

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the amount of excessive food wheat, corn rice, such material they find 670 million tons, which can extend excessive

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excessive food dishes. We can feed China

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for a whole year, the whole of China 670 million tons

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of grain wheat, barley rice that exists, which is excessive.

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And just to refresh our memory, China is the most populated country in the world among more than 1 billion. So you can feed them for a whole year.

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So when we speak about the problems are faced on this earth, as they say the solution lies with only with a few people.

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With a few regimes or a few governments, he lives with him.

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The answer is very simple. But because of this element of his passionate love of greed and wealth, and dominance of control, that overrides the person doesn't know Kalani speaks when you cannot see the ones takes out the greed from their from their heart. Those are the successful individuals who rip it out of their hearts the concept of too much greed, excessive luxury, or the theft that we find. Now if you find that the word the concept, and then

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a fall fall upon.

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Because somebody will find Muslims liberal Muslim bodies most of the time to make bridge this gap between between Islam and the West. And things of the West and things that we can say of the East. There is no bridging gap at times. Because when it's man made laws,

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and one is laws of Allah, Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah people have been

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created is the most subtle, the most aware. Because by default, these people excuse the expression but languishing in the trap of playing God. That's what they're trying to do to try to play that the weed control factors on the face of the earth. We know what's best for people. And this trend is far growing. Don't be surprised even in Muslim countries as well. That the concept of communism, socialism, materialism, that will lead for the freedom of the world, and enjoyment of the world, and how the world progressive is what we need in our life. This will disrupt discipline our people, discipline our nation, you know, your religious clerics. You have a backward mentality, the sixth

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century, a barbaric mentality. Definitely you have people who enjoy the world, we want to live with what the Western world needs, what the 21st world is living, the success that they have the world they have the power they have the glory that they have.

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All this is done for even only the weakness of a man. Only the weakness is staying away from the book of a loss of Hannah, Diana. When you study the book of lost contact, great detail, you find a client replete with a spiritual concept and a worthy concept as well.

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Doing actions spiritually, also making a sacrifice to the world

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and not becoming over worried about this world.

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The Quran is always making this link between email between beleif between an era and between charitable actions.

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For some of us, it may sound very strange, but standing in great detail, especially the last two years, just about 29 years and a 30 of Jews study how many sort of how many is inside there. Do you find out we speak about Eman, speak about the final day and speak about goodness. Masato

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Nakamura mousseline

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What made you end up going into soccer soccer many of them seven names mentioned one of gentlemen of the hellfire. Why are you in the Hellfire? The first reason is provable. We never used to have the prayer Make sense? That's what it is and pray is most closest to the Hellfire May Allah COVID That's why many dusky have concluded person is a pray five times a day is actually worshiping shape on

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it actually works you can shape on it the person doesn't break five times a day is physically worshiping the shape on is worshiping their luster their desires. So it's total sense the purpose of any melda COVID will be will be the hellfire. Then come the second factor.

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We never used to feed the poor people.

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What relationship as food and drink got to do with our camera.

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What relationship do they have to do with

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Belief in the Hereafter, we used to waste our time and innovation or couldn't

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attend and

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we used to reject the last day of knowledge. Even in the Hereafter, we actually have this word and believe small actions right under the you can do today it can lead Nicoletti into your team. Have you seen one rejects the last day was a symbol of a person who rejects the last day

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of rejection last day, if one doesn't take care of the team

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at open, open child doesn't show kindness towards them.

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So the Quran is replete with his message suitable as well. Again, the same thing

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about not giving in charity, not helping other individual

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and even the name

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that we find these 11 verses but consider that we find meaningful by the sooner that we find the early the early morning prayer, the further refined to be that we find new iterations that we find out Sony, Carnegie or Sony, Habibi have suddenly be

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new with competitors, Bob, so he advised him that don't need don't leave free things inside your life amongst them, to offer the use of personnel to have when you have the ability to do so. This this once again, if you read this great detail speaks about the leap of faith in Allah Subhana Allah, your spiritual prayer, spiritual need. And likewise, being is charged but actions,

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you know, forsaken you you'll notice the abandoned view, some of the element, the perceived dimension, that he speaks about certain narrations for a certain time revelation stop coming to the Prophets, and the Lord says,

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so this woman, she made the statement, you

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I don't see that your shaper doesn't come to you for this, you know for them. When American priests, priests and pastors say that the Quran is the work of the devil,

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don't be surprised but I don't mean don't be surprised that Islam is a devilish religion.

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It goes back to the beginning because this woman said that I don't see that your shape on the come to you anymore. Revelation doesn't come to you anymore.

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That's how some of the authority to see the book of Allah

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that's what the image of the book of Allah was. This is a human being the potential that revelation stock was short one. Now when

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you look hasn't forsaken, you abandon you. He hasn't abandoned you. You know, when as many Muslims leaving we abandon

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we we abandoned that maybe a lot that may Allah forbid, has left his Muslim, alone left, to perish deselected to suffer this man, Allah.

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These are just moments that we find for a revitalizing as a reawakening.

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Same feeling with

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the Reverend revelation was coming to him, you know, it hasn't abandoned you, it will give you so much immense will be given to you,

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to please you. And the final word is better than this, this word, and it comes to 100. It begins to mention the link between the hereafter and the common cause of the word because that we find,

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once again, what is the link between Revelation the last day between email between and including the suit? Am I speaking about that don't, don't repulse, don't turn away your teeth. Don't push the child away. When it

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comes to asking for something, they don't reject them.

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The old moral values, moral practices of the Muslim that we need to revitalize itself as you mentioned inside his 21st century, and so many of us are affected by this. Because many people do business don't care how they earn good money. They don't care how they end the money As long as they can make more money as quickly as possible. Whether they swindle people or they could carry out selling commodities, which are full of flaws or fakes that we find or try the exclusion of profits. You know, sometimes what's wrong with with a profit profit is allowed inside in Islam

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business transactions and forbidden Riba but to be exclusionary, why did you study the concept of monopoly of controlling wealth? You know, sometimes when you read books or films, or chapters and

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you think that maybe is speaking about another century, another time, but you find that in original discussing

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The repairs that goes outside the land or outside the community, and purchases all the produce

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of an item and who they installed it. So people are suffering, and it brings a commodity back into the community that raises the price to harm people. This is not allowed inside Islam,

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to control things, to raise prices, to have an adverse effect upon the people, living people, average people around you. These are Islamic principles, that we encourage you to our society not to fall prey to what the Western world teaches about the earning of wealth that we find. And as we find that this shrewd mentality, that we find, unfortunately, the business sector that we find there's no leniency or benevolence in selling and buying things to the wider community that we find that benevolence, what is kindness, that we find an act that benefits other individuals? And, and is that come from you, you will have no intent to gain anything extra

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is kindness towards the subject, the person that you're dealing with, there's a benevolent system for kindness is that you find a level of concern, you mentioned six times, of benevolence of kindness a person needs to show to the people around them. If a person needs a thing, wants to buy a commodity from a poor individual,

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there should a person a benevolent individual do the person should give the individual shouldn't have done the price for them, should give them the full price and why that should give them extra money.

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That's what Islam says of benevolence is that did you know this person is genuinely poor, is the President has a small store, there's more produce, selling the apples of food, whatever, maybe you know that you don't bargain with this person, because they live in elements of profit. benevolence, is to give them the full money not to negotiate with them. And why did we tell them to keep the change and give them extra money. So benevolence is the second type of benevolence that we find a peasant purchased something from a poor person, he should be grateful for the purpose of buying something from you the opposite,

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then you should be willing to barter with him or exchange it and suffer that loss. There's no loss for rich person, as they say. give them what they want, what they do, what they desire, what they asked for. And I qualified to give debtors more time to pay people indebted to you. And you know, that is a different situation. For each individual benevolence is to give them more time to pay back their wealth. And likewise, individuals who want to return the goods islamically something encouraged, but in what in what a transaction, I'd like to return one food people place all types of cruises, and sanchi. The ones that good is only cannot be returned. benevolence is to retain that

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property, take back goods in person are happy with him. Grateful acts of the partner debtor to pay one's debts without being asked. If you suffer in the state of debt. That benevolence says that he should go back and pay that person that debt. They don't need to come and ask you. They don't need to come and remind you that you owe me money, principle of benevolence and so we'll do haste to try their best to pay that debt back to the individual before a set time. And I couldn't find me selling things on credit, want to be generous and have not compressed payments. If you don't have the

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concept of benevolence, that Casali begins to discuss. All this is extracted lesson from the

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fun of me, Sarah. In fact, a person is state of debt of hardship they've been upon them once

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is to be charitable towards them. That that is better for you only you knew. You know, once again, the strange thing about the location is birth isn't the kind of sort of buffer. So the buffer contains 286 verses, this verse number 280.

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And often is worth what we find with double Yeoman to Jamuna Fie them blah,

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which is up on the room and what I mentioned. This is the final verse. The final verse sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is this verse saltimbocca. Taku, Yeoman toyana v Lama, the procure to sell only for nine days of his versus set down. And you study this in great detail to see that he would have to occur and why it makes sense that this is the final person to put on. This is the conclusion of the

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return back to Allah Subhana data, no individual will be oppressed on that day.

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Once again, what is the relationship of money before this mentioned speaking about the person in

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then as I mentioned is straight after this, what do we find? What is specified is today, the longest verse in the Quran that takes up a complete page, then Allah once again begins to speak about the Hereafter, about belief inside the hereafter. This is a message of the Quran begin to fracture to take upon that we begin to separate, as they say, religion from politics, that

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belongs to God to God, and that we belong to see them to see them first will be added

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to separate religion, from politics.

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That religious correct you live in your environment and you teach when you want to teach the people as for the world, as for diplomacy, and for politics, as to how to run a country how to run the world, that we know best how to do that.

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And we've said this many times not to sound demography. Most these people are super foolish individuals.

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That because these are signs of the Day of Judgment, they find that foolish individuals will govern over you.

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Mind, they have no mind you have no internet, they don't have anything. All the decisions are based upon a rush, however, desires.

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It's not surprising that you find that you mentioned many times. Anyone who says something person would be flogged, personally punished personally tortured, but we found it to be done in person be executed person became On what basis? And what basis will it be this than us that our desire? Definitely based upon? You know, the word speaks about people who worship others besides Allah Subhana? Allah? Yes, they do. Unfortunately, that is pure shape.

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But we should remind people another form of shift is this your soul within yourself, that's also known

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to worship, to worship your own self, to worship on personal identity, to worship, your pastor self confessed an interest that also should be

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mentioned, the one who takes his own necessities design as a deity,

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takes it on necessities as a deity worship say that they should be worshiping Allah Subhana Allah, and that we find that

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the Quran is something separate from what these people what they believe in, in religion is first that we find about being lenient to the person and then when we find that the judgment

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we said to this individual, what have you done?

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What do you have to answer for yourself? We say, Oh, my Lord, you bestowed your wealth upon me.

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You bestowed me such immense wealth, and I used to make financial transaction with people. And people used to owed me money.

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I was leaning towards them. And many of these individuals are wiped out the debt and overlook them and pardon them a lot. So I say I have more right? To do to do.

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That my sleep go and more right than you and the Merciful, the Forgiving. You took this action of us thinking, mercy and compassion and benevolence, we accept them from you. But I have more right than that. How did you such a Muslim Salah would say this seven man let him go over the simple reason of being one, being gentle, being being kind, being lenient towards the people around him. And as we find, as you mentioned, the context, the lack of belief that we find and practice is what we need to encourage and instill inside our life are called upon in the west of London. When he committed Muslim Manifesto.

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We find that unfortunately, a lack of these moral values leads to facade to corruption upon the earth.

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And some of us may think that this is something buried that happened to be corruption upon the earth. If we're not showing kindness or not being benevolent towards other individuals.

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The evidence for this is a circular off

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the seventh chapter two,

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when I mentor Willa Medina, from shore Eva,

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to the people of Medina sent the Prophet Sherry, Kalia COVID, Buddha Lama, another 11, illegal Alma people, you have no other deity to worship, except for Allah Subhana Allah

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and His disciples where you study sorted out or even every single prophet mentioned the same message.

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That's where we find that admitted totally the importance of belief in oneness of Allah Subhana diamond. But this way, sometimes some of us

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who claim to understand the heat we begin to that may be inside our lives. That is saved up every single prophet highlights the problem the life of a society and highlights the solution how to solve the problem.

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So many of our problems is no doubt.

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But at the same time when you when you govern, and you run a state, these are the laws and regulations that also need to be implemented on the face of the earth. How would they be implemented, how they be carried out on the face of it.

00:25:16--> 00:25:25

So it's different. Every single prophet highlights the disease, the corruption, highlights the cure what to do, when they need to carry out to rectify themselves.

00:25:28--> 00:25:36

And the evidence has come from your Lord, regarding the situation for hopeful Taylor will win at the cost of NASA shall

00:25:37--> 00:25:46

be just in weighing the scales, fulfill the scales fulfill the rights of the people don't cheat people. And people ever belong to people give it to them, without the

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Corruption upon the land, have they been rectified?

00:25:55--> 00:26:04

Isha that if you don't give people that you write, you don't be benevolent is going to be lead to corruption.

00:26:05--> 00:26:51

When people are only worried about their own interest, about the own self, there'll be corruption, mass corruption up on this ladder, we can even visualize at the moment. And in conclusion that benevolence, shouldn't just be in business transaction to be needed to be kind to be tolerant. It should be every single aspect of our life, that a Muslim, is lenient, is tolerable is is understanding individual. And this all goes back to the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he finally is never given a choice between two things. Except for that he took the easiest option. As long as it wasn't Hara, it was probably the furthest person away from me. Too often the given, he

00:26:51--> 00:27:00

would take the easiest option, that we find that sometimes the harshest that we we display inside a society towards the people around us,

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is not very fruitful.

00:27:03--> 00:27:09

If you want to be harsh, harsh upon your own self, but it's not from the son of the prophets of Allah. So he said.

00:27:11--> 00:27:18

And he said another company sent him to the Nanda Yemen, the land of wisdom. What did you say to them?

00:27:19--> 00:27:22

Yes, you would have to assume, but she will.

00:27:24--> 00:27:25

be easy be.

00:27:27--> 00:27:36

Don't be hard towards people around you. But she will give people glad tidings don't push people away. And in the end, is cooperate

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

and do not be divided amongst yourself.

00:27:40--> 00:27:42

prophetic tradition, prophetic teachings,

00:27:43--> 00:27:52

how Muslim should be fine finding ways of being lenient, being tolerant, being understanding, helping inside a society is not appropriate.

00:27:53--> 00:28:18

And I qualify benevolence is the best form of data that we find. Because actions speak louder than our words. We live in the world that we tried to convince people that Muslims are generous, peaceful, kind, amicable, charitable individuals, then we will try to do that. Islam is is a is a way of life a religion of peace, of tolerance of understanding of this and that. Yes, it is.

00:28:19--> 00:28:29

But have we not had many times non Muslim? We make this plausible question, even though answers have been given to this, but it's a question which is justified from them from their mindset and their life.

00:28:30--> 00:28:44

Islam is full of so much peace, why there's so much corruption in your life? why there's so much sit amongst you why there's so much advice amongst you is we all know what the answer is. But then as human beings, is a question, which is plausible,

00:28:45--> 00:29:35

that they can ask that question to us, that Islam is a life of tolerance, of justice, of equity, of fairness, they show us where it is, shows the image of it is we will know the golden era, we will know the golden era 40 years, when they will qualify Russia, to two years when there were real rulers, real people that showed the world that is a nation. This is an empire. This is a people who are fair people, who are just people that we've had symbols that many times through history, even to preach to me that we find the land of under mystery find, read the history of that. Read the history of the Philistine, the Crusader that we find that harming people read history that we've forgotten

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who who protected the world. who those people who liberated the world from the realms of darkness, as they said this used to send their children to us. We find that the European, the Dark Ages, they used to come to us. We used to enlighten them. We used to teach them, we used to encourage them.

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And what did they say? When their friends were there inside Philistine? What do they say?

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Say their own people that what they've done to us

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that may God bless people at silica Nina up a coup de Bella bless such individuals that we never posed the question, do you want to remain under Christian rule? Or do you want to go towards this Islamic rule?

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Do you want to cover over you.

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And if people have linguistic isn't the best phrase a person can be given, is the phrase that your enemies give to you that people love you don't really praise. Praise is what your enemies say about you want the enemies of that day they said that they said we would rather live under these people. These are people are liberated us. These are people of benevolent people. These are people kind individuals. And if our moral values and compassion are reflected inside,

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then the words become meaningless.

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People become meaningless, have moral values that we Muslims are like this. They're meaningless. If we don't deliver them, if we don't take these teachings, as soon as we deliver them inside our life, that each one of us we hold fast to them, that people begin to see that when people engage with Muslims, they see that if Muslims they don't believe this, they're not vicious. They're not barbaric. They're not hateful people. They don't despise people, they don't harm people. That's how how you give data to people.

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The enemies within ourselves, as they say,

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that don't people want to hold upfront, encourage other people, that they become the enemies from within society within Muslims. We are our enemy at the moment, in a way that we conduct ourselves, the life that we live, the value that we hold onto, we've destroyed our own selves. You don't add, they destroy their home to their own hands. We can go and play whatever you want to play on the face of this earth. But that's the reality within ourselves. And we don't fix our own values, our own person identities themselves in the corner you

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you that you may be unforeseen, Allah will never change the condition of a people until they don't change their own selves. Now last 100 years autofeed inability to change ourselves externally, and more importantly internally within our within our heart and our soul, to change ourselves. China will teach into the pocket

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of benevolent kindness upon the

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goodness of overlooking these are the traits of patience that we deliver within our own selves and delivered to the society around us.