Allah is Neither a Male nor a Female. Then why are all the Names of Allah Masculine in Gender-

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The next question. My name is Hassan, Abdul Halim, I am a student of MSC physics from West Bengal, India. Assalamualaikum my friend asked me a question that I could not answer, please could you reply to it? Allah is neither male nor female. Then why are all the names of Allah masculine and gender like R Rahman r Rahim. Most of the languages they have three genders, the masculine, the feminine and the neuter.

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For example, the English language, it has the masculine gender for the male. It has the feminine gender for the female, it has the neuter gender, for inanimate things. So most of the languages they have three genders, but in the Arabic language, there are only two genders. So every word in the Arabic language it is either male, or it is female, even the inanimate objects, they are either male or they're female in the Arabic language. And there are certain rules and regulations, certain signs.

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For a word to be

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a female, there are certain elements. For example, if a word it has a term or Buta in the end, then the word it is feminine.

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For example satune that is watch car and that is car miwon. That is fan Navarro that respects these words they're ending with Tamar Buta, therefore they're feminine.

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The second is that if the word it is feminine by itself in nature,

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for example, a woman that his mother

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been told that his daughter often that his sister, these are feminine in nature, the thought is that if it is pear

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and it is parts of the body, for example, yeah don't that his hand

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was known that is yours, I know that his eyes ridgeland that his legs.

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So, these are rules and regulations, these are signs These are allama that awarded his feminine nature and Arabic language. Now if a word in does not have these allama or sign by default, it is masculine, the word Allah subhanaw taala it does not have time or Buddha in the end, it is not pare Allah subhanaw taala since reflash chapter 112 verse number one cool who Allahu Ahad say his Allah one and only, it is not feminine nature, Allah subhanaw taala is not feminine nature.

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So because the word Allah subhanaw taala it does not have the signs of the feminine words therefore it by default, it is masculine.

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Similarly, the names of Allah subhanaw taala R Rahman r Rahim, all these names and attributes, they are also masculine, the word itself is masculine.

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Allah subhanaw taala he has got no gender. But in the Arabic language there are only two genders. So if a word does not have the science of the feminine gender by default, it falls in the masculine gender.

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So that's the reason even the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. They are masculine.