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The segment discusses the struggles of the 26th rounds and the need for everyone to acknowledge and praise them. The scripture is not reliable and has been revised, with the potential for misunderstandings with the media. The importance of understanding the Bible's supposed restoration and corruption is emphasized, along with the use of "igrade" in preserving the title of Jesus and not being used as a means of differentiation. The speakers also discuss the use of "igrade" in the title of a book and how it can be used to make claims about its origin.

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Dear friends, welcome to this video where we're going to clarify some misconceptions out there about the 26th rounds that we have angry before I start want to praise Allah subhanaw taala the most most with the most trust or praise and glory and gratitude belong to him for allowing us to bring these words to you, Brother Mohammed. And not to be honest before you, before you speak about the matter, I just want to I see this as a very, very, very desperate, like, I feel like they're in such like, desperate situation where they're thinking, no what, and I don't mean to offend any Christians that are watching this. But unfortunately, the scripture the Bible is not reliable, is not preserved.

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It's been changed with and corrupted, not only verses have been added and taken up books have been added and taken up. Now, we do not mean this in a way to insult our Christian friends and to belittle their scripture, but we have to speak the truth even if it's against ourselves. But with J. Smith and his group, it seems like it's a very desperate attempt in a way they, okay, our books are like, this is what they say, look, we know it was a corrupted, I will say that we admire you for your honesty, we admire you for that. Good for you. Okay, we respect that. But the desperate attempt to say you know what, we got this problem. Now we're going to find the same problem with your

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scripture is a child has nothing to do and with this video they have proved how challenging it is that coming up and seeing this 26 colons, what is this many colons Why? Because, for example, the foreign key with different dialects, etc. You know, just because they say for example, soccer in America, in the UK, we say, footy or football, that means Okay, we have two different for example, if the Bible came in that those terms, does that mean, we have two different Bible versions. But this to me, like I said, is my opinion that I think is a very desperate attempt, like they say desperate times been desperate measures. So what it is on me, bravo is that they they know that our

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scriptures are preserved. Yes, they know we have a case to make for this. We know we have evidence to bring to prove this age, we have changed. We have books, we have all transmissions we have language we have, we have everything, right. It's unfortunate that they can't say the same or even try and make the same arguments for themselves. The problem is that even their scholars are admitted to the fact by Bruce Metzger writes in his book, which actually entitles the Bible restoration and corruption. You know, he talks about the production of the Bible's of change of the Bible. So it's clear that this is something within their tradition that they can't solve. So they're trying to make

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a problem.

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You have that problem? Yeah. Why try to find out? Exactly. It's not the case. But is anything else you can add before we call the brother to clarify this? No, let's bring him down straightaway.

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to come here and clarify, because this is a brother who has memorized how many

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he is, he is basically

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a teacher.

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And this is the very institute that we're in that we deal with. They teach you

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how to memorize it. And

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what could happen with the recitation

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is kind of like accents. So the Quran was revealed in a way which you can recite it in a kind of one accent, another Accent Accent. This is by the way, what they're referring to when they seem to so many.

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So in this in this institute, what they do is actually memorize this with a different variations in accents and stuff like that. And they get what you would call it in a jazz and jazz is a certificate, which shows that you have a provenance or chain that links all the way back to the Prophet Mohammed. In other words, the Prophet taught someone who took someone to South Africa kind of always comes back to you and you have the certificate to show that which by the way, a noble thing for him was

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always no time according mama and let's take a look. Okay, so since that we've done the introduction, let's get straight into so Brother Mohammed, point by point, let's just go through what the misconceptions are and the so called 26 plans, and let's see if our brother who's expert in the field can answer those. inshallah. inshallah. So, obviously, he says, or the orientalist are starting to say that there are different versions of the Quran. And they look at the karate, karate, and they give different examples of variants in the text and change in the meaning. So they'll say for example,

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in the Quran, let's use the first example to use Malik Malik. So, medical is you meaning the Owner of the Day of Judgment and Malik.

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What is this exactly how would you explain this? I mean, the first thing that we need to understand with regards to differences in meaning

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is that differences are very completed term. differences. Like indicates that there are actually contradictions in fact, any differences in meaning in terms of the correlate gives an increase and a rich variety of meanings with regards to predict

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This section. So let's say like this and like that. Absolutely. And did Allah reveal it like this? And like that? Yes.

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Absolutely. So so it's not a matter of different versions of it's, it's quite ridiculous really when you think about it as if something new was discovered

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in the Quran that have been unknown and accepted science since the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam until modern day 21st century Yeah, it's not something that's been you know, Muslims have been trying to hide under the rug, just in case people orientalist or non Muslims try to attack us. It's something that's very well known and studied all over the world by all different cultures and backgrounds and Muslims all over the world. No, this is not something that's so let's go through some of these examples. So melikyan within his own of the Day of Judgment, Melaka, Medina, King of the Dell judgment, there's a change in meaning that there's an absolute change in meaning, and it's

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a richer variety of means

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not to to an owner

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owns something, then a king only increases the understanding of that ownership. A king gives greater meaning, absolute, meaning,

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greater meaning. What about this, he says, in sort of silliness, if we go even further he, I mean, they go as far as to say that there's 1600 changes, all of which have a massive effect on the meaning.

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Again, it's quite, almost childish to have to discuss this, but we mentioned since we're here, and there are as much differences if you consider the Quran at one different from the other, then you have to say that you aren't and you are not as different meanings. You are not and you aren't, would you understand me completely differently if I use either of those things, that's it version is just a different way of saying exactly the same thing. So and this and this is this

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is one Quran. And I

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it's quite astonishing, really the Quran, the science of the one of the greatest evidences for the preservation of the Quran, and yet, by some twisted and perverted methodology, this is actually being used to attack the Quran I mean, by people who can barely say the names and

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mean atheism, you know,

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if you have little knowledge of science, you become an atheist, when they have in depth knowledge of science, if you find God is the same, when you don't understand how the presentation and how the system works, you start thinking about once you have in depth understanding,

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how would you go about proving now we talked about some of the various readings, all of which are you say accepted all of which the Prophet said it like this? And he said it like that, Allah said it like this. And he said, I like that, because they keep asking the question. So which one is the preserve? That was the answer that question, the preserved tablet is that of the unseen, and we will not be given access to that. What is written is that Allah speech when Allah said the poor, and he said it in a manner which befits his own majesty, and grace, when we said the poor and in some manner in which, if it's our own limitations and imperfections, so when we say something in an

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accent, Allah is high above that allows us to preserve the Quran in the tablet. And he blessed us and honored us with speaking his own speech, speak in the speech of a loss of talent. And if you imagine, so, I mean, that's a very simple way to think about it. It's not something even though it's a big challenge to even go for it. Can we just have a few minutes? I'm just not people. Okay.

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So, in one cry, you say, Sarah,

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and Rebecca, and the other one says, We sat down and race to the forgiveness of race to the forgiveness, hasten. Yeah. And yeah, as now the whole theological Islamic base has been changed now.

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And both of them Ah, did Allah say both of them? I lost both of them. They have both been reviewed by law. So why did Allah say both? Why would Allah say both of them like that? Okay. Imagine the following. Imagine the government gives a book

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that every single citizen must study to earn a great depth to a great depth and must understand that they live by

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now imagine every time you have to read this book, you have to do it in the Queen's English. How tough would that be on the laypeople? How could that be on accents from East London, Liverpool, Manchester.

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Someone from Ireland, someone and imagine all English speaking people, it's gonna be very, very hard and arduous upon them to every time they read this very important book, to do it in the Queen's English. Therefore, out of God's mercy, metaphor, he allowed the Arabs at the time the Arabs of the prophets, ah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. to recite his words, in a manner that's easy for them in an accent which is natural for them, as opposed to going through the process, the difficult process of changing the way they speak, just to understand God's words. He allowed them to

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Recite exactly the same so they're just like it's kind of like accents absolute

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and Allah has allowed the book to be read in different accents Exactly. If it's the same book upside is not the one version or the from the version in any case anyone comes and says different versions of Oberon that's a ridiculous claim anymore. And it's got loads it

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isn't as outlandish as it gets to be honest with you. I mean for someone who's can be even considered an academic to say something ridiculous like that is embarrassing.

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We actually kind of not forced but had to encourage you to do because he really was saying to us like you can do that you don't need me I was like you know just for the people to understand we had to

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we will pay for so he can just clarify you know, even here he's explaining is a challenge claim but I'm just gonna ask for two more points so then we can just two more examples then then it's just clarification so the Baccarat is a and the 75 versus something like that it says in one Clara you cast your anchor anchor and say ethical and another Newcastle anchors 100 71st verse you

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go and so when you get few one currency

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and Allah forgives or expats for some decisions, why and we the Royal we which a lot of racism so with so many times is not Jesus Christ on the Trinity.

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I mean, I mean actually, you mentioned this clip that the the so called academic

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misunderstood the week this week to mean something that's brutal or something it is so ABCD for the Bible as far as we know.

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So to for Christians even mentioned that royal we means that blue is something quite ridiculous really.

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So another example they're saying you know, it says in one para says TV and another one it says the third bedroom, if anything that just increases your certainty and in Americans in Singapore, so explain what these translate them first vision clarifies

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an easy translation also be clarified same. Similarly, an easy way like for each translation, simple translations will be exactly the same. So why is it different, I said, but when Debian and Arabic

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increases the mean richness in the manner in which you clarify

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is the way you make sure that the chain is valid. And Debian is once actually comes to you make sure that is okay. So we take both of those meanings and we add to each other. Exactly. And this is possibly any with any differences so called in meaning.

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They joined together to create a beautiful understanding at the end increased communication, absolute and decrease the increase European certainty that this is something that is miraculous. That's something that's really huge. So what about Yalla? mondesi? Allah, tala?

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tala, when, you know, this is something that happens throughout the Quran?

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dalaman they know.

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They know, you know, that's something that has no impact on any direct impact on our conclusion. Exactly. So is there a contradiction, but as I say, they will know. And if you will know, is there a contradiction? Absolutely no contradiction? I mean, would you ever find a contradiction, and these never really find anything?

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I mean, and if anything, I challenge I challenge person to challenge anyone to try to bring one

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meaning contradicts another.

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Any further?

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Yeah, so.

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No, I'm asking. That's basically the claim, isn't it? They claim that the art which are, I mean, the pure art, our names are named after these Quranic teachers. Yeah. And they're saying that these are different versions of the right. They take each of these credit teachers names, and they make it like, a new version of Atlanta. That's just as ridiculous as saying, a current school

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and school opened, and a very famous, that's a look. Why, because now it's much. That's

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ridiculous. One last question that I think we should ask him as how can we prove? I mean, can we prove that the Quran has a multiplicity of different people that are writing it in each in each level of the chain? And that those individuals are not just relying upon an old transition, but they're relying upon some something written? Yes, absolutely. I mean, if you go back to authentic books, if you were to dimension that can pubblicato Corolla, for example. Yeah, it was a very, at each level of integration. people by name are mentioned and they've ographers. As I mentioned, this is such a such person who's had to social suspension. His teachers were so and so his students was

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also too amazing that thredup didn't even understand and these things are preserved.

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And it's as if it's like those people who make these claims I just woken up yesterday or something so let's let's go through one quick change so you have Allah is revealing it to you obviously

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then Prophet Mohammed do does he does he say to that amongst the companions like aluminum insoluble on x men often

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lay in the car or the line or the lawn those will form the most prominent poorer of the terminal profits on the lawn but it's more than just useful or is it just so those were the most prominent? The if you want to name names then remain named hundreds of 1000s

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I think Yeah, like I said, Nothing is like this is desperate times calls for desperate measures. And I think our friends are in a desperate position for being such petty arguments which have been answered by the bubbles.

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It was a pleasure

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