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AI: Summary © The history of Islam has changed with the arrival of Islam, including the use of the "one who guides you" concept and the need for everyone to stop smoking. The importance of gratitude and avoiding regret is emphasized, as well as the need for one to not regret from a past experience. The segment also touches on various topics related to addiction, including smoking, drinking drugs, and drinking alcohol. The segment ends with a call to action for viewers to share their thoughts and experiences about domestic violence and mental health issues.
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Did the believers he give them the title believer yet he still ordered them to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala we know that Allah subhanaw taala every day he welcome those who committed sins or have made wrong themselves during the daytime to repent in the night and then the night. The same thing for the people who have committed sins in the daytime

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24 hours the door is open for you to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yet Allah he respond li merci merci Layli were Lucy laelia tube in our world you mercy in the Harley tuba belaid hit the washroom so Maria

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and one of the things that we know about Allah subhanaw taala that one of his name and then a smell to one and today I would like to mention several points about a Toba that I do believe it or importance. Number one, this name of Allah subhanaw taala to one had some idea what to whom and in Jamila did then has a beautiful meaning at the web, the one who continuously except Toba that said no that is even more than that. But just the fact that you all was willing to welcome you no matter how many times you make a mistake. That in itself is incredible. And how many people they have wronged you several times and hos you give up on them how many times I'm gonna let it go how many

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times Allah subhanaw taala there is no limit to that and guess what, there is no limit also to the type of crime is sometimes what we say no, no, no, you crossed the Red Line has

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you know, I just know why I will let that go after this one. Allah subhanaw taala there is no little tiny red line. No matter what you do, if you what is the worst thing you can do in regard to Allah is to commit Sure so as to worship someone else or to disbelieve in Allah to hit don't care ALLAH SubhanA wa is a took to inheritable attic. If you come back to Islam and you accept Islam and you repent from that sin, Allah accept you back. So there is no such thing as Go Red Line. The door is always open for you to come up committed when I took off come and don't have, don't be afraid. That's how Allah subhanaw taala is with us that just an amazing quality. It's so different from us

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and that sets him apart from human beings and creation.

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Not only that he always continuously open the door for Toba and welcome people to repent to Him, but also that Allah subhanho wa Taala who are letting you are fickle, whom in the Toba, who Olivia de Hamlet Toba Turabian, who already had an insulator but the one who guided you to repent. That's why so many people, you know, have the opportunity to repent but they never did. But Allah, Allah is the One who guide you to repent to Him. Not only that, when He guides you to repent, okay, he not only guide you and open your heart to it, he helped you to do it and to continue in that path of repentance.

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You and who you are jerkily Toba for milk Balu Herman was a bitter aleck, with a bit to Kerala. Not only that, not only this, there is one more while Allah subhana wa Tada, Avon you see, Buka Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala will reward you for repenting and he he guided you. He aided you he helped you he kept you in that path then also who reward you tremendously for it. We're in Nila far on lemon turbo Arman Arman Assadi Hunter Martha, will Lindy Akbar, Toba Tabata and evaluar for Anastasiya Subhana wa Tada wa fitted them be welcome. Toby Shadi delay apoB many verses telling us how Allah continuously will always forgive our sin as long as we repent to Him Subhana wa That's why

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if you know that that require from us either for him ohada

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and net Allah and you have fic on a tilbyr that you always pray to Allah to guide you to repent, for murder Allah and you to bittaker Allah you pray to Allah that will aid you to stay on that path. What salad is our fucka Ilya and dish kura to be grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala when he guided you to repent in Ibiza Salam said, either undeniable Abdu them been our pile Allah Who lil Melaka the ecstasy yet therefore Elkanah sit sat

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Lala who YouTuber yourself wait hold on six hours. Let's see if this person will repent or last one time.

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And if you do, it will not be written. What will be written in for you is that you repented which is the good deeds

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and after the six hours and if it's written if you repent, that will erase the sin

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And he's hella super Keith album Atlas Panama, where I'm at. So this is the case, that's something you should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala if you ever come medicine, then you come back to him and repented to him Subhanallah without number two,

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a Toba has to do with sins that you committed. How do you tell a min ain and Marcia something in particular you have did wrong and you repent to Allah subhanaw taala from it. So that's required from you to repent from these sins, but also the general concept of Tober where tilbyr to an AMA Tober tahan wettability ama Allah will be led by the sila Hain and in even the graduate people have been ordered to have Toba. How's that? Because there is no one can claim the tea or she is perfect. Even in their piece of Salam he will say yeah, Allah, I repent to you sometimes 100 times in a day, not because he made the 100 sins No, but because as of no Kodama Rahim Allah said, there is no human

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beings unless there is thoughts of doing wrong, there is some kind of hafla unaware, being ungrateful to everything that you been given how many times you thank Allah subhanaw taala for so many blessing that you have, did you thank him for the blessings of praying Fajr on time, did you thank him Subhana Allah, for the eyes, for the heart for the system that you have. You know, for many things for many things that Allah has given to you, in you, and around you and for you. And you not been grateful enough to Allah subhanaw taala for it and Allah understand that he knows that Allah Subhana Allah knows that we not going to be able to be grateful for everything. That's why you

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open the door of october so it will basically make up for of anything missings from our gratitude towards him how they tell but the job man was meant to sugarcoat the job man customers and is still far off and Andy Karela also, no one have you any can't claim that they never can medicine a major or minor. So a tobacco is always the door to cleanse your self from that send. Number three, a Toba halibut and tekun mosquitofish Rubia a Toba in order for it to be accepted it has to meet the conditions of Toba

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will amount to specto been so much better per capita Canada, not a perfect complete Toba. What are the conditions it'd be on time and the time for every individual is the time for you to repent to Allah subhana to Anna before you die before basically before the soul reach to the throat when the angel pulling it out.

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What is it Tober little Edna ama Luna see her in the human motorcar in YouTube to learn Toba is not for someone when he or she about to die say I repent Allah. No you should repent to Allah before that moment. When you see the angels in front of you in Allah has been a Toba man.

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He had to tell me the Allah Allah will accept your Toba as long as you did not in the Haram is when the Sol is departing from the from the body. And the second thing is for all humanity when the sun comes from the West, that when the door of Toba will be closed in the end of the days.

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Number two, the condition number two, the condition number two, and then insert nuclear and in Marcia warmer Feagin sia that you stopped practicing this sins and what is in the same category?

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There is a debate some scholars said you have to quit all sins in order for you to for your sins to be accepted. Let's say somebody in the sin of habit of lying. And now he repented to Allah from lies. But you know what he's missing so often fetcher will say is except with his Toba and regard to lying will be accepted yet he is not praying Fajr on time some scholars said no until they repent from all sins that will be not so perfect terrible but what seems to be alliances from within that's not that's not correct. What's correct that every Tober will be accepted for the sin as long as you're not doing the sin and what similar to it like for example, someone would say I'll Allah

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forgive me for lying to my to my job or cheating in my love, but I'm lying to my family. I'm cheating on my family. That's not repentance. Okay, or somebody was setting you up I repent to you from you know, using all these heavy drugs but they still use other drugs to you know, okay any What do you got to have a Toba for the marijuana and October for you know, for the coke and for the every drug by itself

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No, it's the whole thought category or I'm gonna depend from you know, smoking Marlboro. I'm gonna smoke you know other thing and you know, electric cigarettes. You have to repent from the whole thing in order for your tilba to be accepted. You know, for example, my Toba is in relation to the abuse I took my brother's money, but he still you abused your sister. You did not give her her heart. It has to be all everything in the same category. You repent from it completely. Three to regret. There is no Toba without regret so if you still pausing or like pausing and proud of all your old pictures when you do haram when you look like haram and you know so happy with all the

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Haram that you did that's not doesn't show that there's a regret of from that Toba

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and layer as him and

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why they will say oh, by the way, Allah Hola Hola. Hola. out some scholars said that he must not go back to it but the right condition is to say he have the intention not to go back to it. But if we repent is it just a break for Ramadan and Ramadan over and I go back to it that's not Toba. But you have the intention you will never go back to the what if I did, I became weak again and it did it your previous job is acceptable 100% inshallah inshallah God number six, Allah to unlock the other meal and the other mela who if you Tober enrich into a sin has to do with another human beings. That's a different case. Here there is more extra condition what is it the thing that you do wrong

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to other human beings can be categorized into two categories. And understanding these two categories will help you a lot. Your custom have a bad electric oak, Malia, Malia

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if it is something that has to do with other human beings it is has to be with financials or non financial issues,

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financial issues it has to be paid back

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you know, I have to pay the person I took somebody's money give it back to him what if I have like steal or cheat or you have to give it back to what if I don't know the person or the company will not there anymore or the person died give sadaqa on his behalf if you don't know his inheritors or likes or it's it can cause more damage and things like that you give it on the behalf of the person let's say somebody did it in a company and he doesn't know where is the money or the company will never allow the system in the company not allow them to pay back in this case who said you go and give it out? But you don't keep it that's not your money to keep

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Okay, but what if it is something that has nothing to do with finance? Like methylene I backbite I said bad things about the person

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if this is

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a testimonial that caused him to lose rights or to go to jail you have to go and to declare that you're lying about that testimonial Other than that, no, you just make do out for him and that's what Jehovah snapped at me or him Allah no pay him said you don't need to go to someone who you're backed by it and you tell him you know please forgive me I have backed by God I have said gossip a lot of bad things about you. You didn't do that. Why? Because first there is no proof for that to that will cause more harm and Sherry I will not ask us to do something that can cause more harm between people you just make the out for him. Some other scholars said no, you should. But the song

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is opinion that you don't have to or you don't need to do that. You just make the offer to the persons and praise the person in front of the people that you have wronged him in front of last one related to adulthood the kind of happily law if this is something that you there is a right for Allah subhanaw taala over it, you have to give it or you have to do it you have to make it up like what I didn't give us a cat before. So now you have to give this a cat

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even for from I repent from not being giving the cat now you have to give this guy over the previous years. But what about salah? What about things? You know there is a debate between the scores over this summer Scott said yes, you have to make them up, or at least to increase your good deeds to do it. But if there is a panelled penalty prescribed, you have to fulfill the penalty. Like a shitty I for example, said if you swear to do something, Wallah, I will do this and he didn't do it. What you need to do you need to feed 10 people. So from completing the Toba is to do the penalty or too fast or to based on whatever that sin is. So you have to pay that penalty and to make up whatever you

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missed in order for your Toba to be complete. If you bring all this together, and you have them altogether. That's what you call a tilba to Nausori the perfect and after that, to complete that is to change the course of your life through my dad

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The start doing righteous deeds. Question

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When you repent Allah another point that I want to mention today, when you repent to Allah subhanaw taala after Tober

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Are you in a higher status, lower status, same status before committing the sins. It's interesting and element discuss this. It tilbyr has two outcome. One, wipe the sin. You wipe your sense to that you attain a high level of reward and status with Allah subhanho wa Tada and you became someone that Allah loves. Allah Loves You When you repent to Him. Okay, so that means I became better than what it used to be. So when you say Toba will wipe out the sin. It means it will wipe it out completely 100% It depends on how perfect your Toba is. If you tell her it's perfect, it will wipe it out completely. If your Toba is not 100 She's not really regretting it did not fulfill all the right

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back. You didn't pay it, it will reduce the impact of the Senate. So based on how sincere so you Tobin fulfill these conditions, that's how the impact of it will be in your son's for other towboats Hattah you can do what it takes fear is that them as for your status with Allah subhanho Tana, you're going to be able to himolla what to share how to shuffle the sand between me and Heather. I asked my share have been given to me by him saying I asked me share with me about this. All this debate between the scholars after Tober Do I go back to a better status or lower or the same? Then Ben Tamia Rahim Allah set aside the correct opinion that people are different. They're not the same.

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Some people after Toby became better like the who that is Adam, Arizona, they became better status, higher status. And some of them they go back to the same and some of them became worse than what it used to be before. So depends what the turbo will lead you. I repent to Allah subhanaw taala but I go back to make the same sin again. I came in the same level, or I do more sins, so I am lower. Or you know what a Toba have changed me completely. I'm a new person. Now I care much about this. So that means you are in a higher state. It depends. So he said you cannot generalize by saying a Toba will make you better or not.

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One of the issues I would like to say in regard to the Toba

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that Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in lemon Tambo Homina Homina Homina and Saudi Han for all that you can do but did Allah who say yeah team has an issue man are you but did Allah say you're gonna Asana

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Allah says in the sort of upon those who repent to Allah and while we believe and they do good deeds, Allah will replace their sins so Allah change it into good deeds. So who's evil deeds Allah will change into good deeds what changed into good deeds really means by some scholars said the actual sins will be a million became a million reward.

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And some said the majority said No, actually it means ALLAH SubhanA Ghana you are fickle human life for two but the acquired whom I fired him and let the garlic mustard deliverance the yard and Tibet did affect Hakuna Matata Cool.

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Yeah and all your thoughts instead of before your thoughts about doing the wrong things, the Haram things now your thoughts and your focus on how to do good things. Your tilbyr have changed your attitudes. And instead of before all your thoughts about where I'm going to go you know how much vacations I'm going to do this. I know minification the halal way I mean, including haram things okay or even if it is just Halal things but in it you missed the salah you don't care enough law you have law and the law and decree law you're not aware of philosophy data and remembers after Tober some people change after they depend on us. Even when they think about traveling now they think

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about okay making sure that I go to a place where I can pray when there is no haram what is no Fash I now I think about when is my flight that I know I don't know miss the salaat is deemed became under Ludger and relationship with Allah became part of their thought process.

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You know, in his center before even when he think if I booked myself to go watch something or see something I want to know make sure that I don't miss Mugler prayer don't miss answer prayer. So it became like something in their thought process. Okay, also, the raja Rahim Allah said you bet did Allah so yet him Hassan had changed it into good deeds. Carnaby Roger fair coulomb them Buddha image amomum He always remember his sin. So when he remember his sin, or she remember her son, what do we do? They will say a star for Allah, they pray, they start doing more setup, so their bad deeds led them to do more good deeds. That's what changed.

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into good deeds means that's also another understanding and some said no it's an actual literally it change your sins to good deeds as the kaffir when they became Muslim they're all bad deeds will be wiped out as a bad deeds and they will get reward

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understood the top Rania Quran Hadith Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman Hadith for Raja this hadith is an unbelievable Hadith comes to give so much hope for those who repent Allah Swatara and mp4 Water shubman And who attend Nabil Salallahu Salam Virkon are at Roger an amulet Zulu Bakula yeah and Yara Salah somebody did everything whatever you can think of evil thing he did? Well um yet through casual Adalja Yeah, and he did not leave big or small near or far. Anything imagine he did it. For Allah Holman. Tober Can such person repent to Allah?

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Allah Islam? Did you became Muslim in Ibiza understood that he's talking about himself?

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Even though he didn't see myself? Shiva nearly son has a very good, you know, he can detect people's very well understand read people. Well, he said did you became Muslim?

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Yes, yeah. So I became Muslim. Kind of

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what you could say, yeah. Fair. jallo. Hala, who like a higher Ratan Kula.

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Just leave doing bad, don't do bad anymore. And do good and Allah will replace all the bad that you did in the past good.

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God, Allah so Allah will who do rotti Well, food jurati And even this evil, bad, major thing that I did.

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And then for jewel 100

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is even these major evil things that I did. Cottenham,

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then the man said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. He couldn't believe that he'd think about all the bad things that he did. He said Allahu Akbar, Kala had that Awara he kept make the computer until he left we don't see him anymore.

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So because of this summer, Allah said that the literally things will be replaced. And there is no contradiction or nothing to prevent us from saying both. Both opinion Correct.

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Another point, fear after Tober should I still have fear after my Tober from Allah subhanaw taala Emil Josie Rahim Allah called Kimberly Clark and you're gonna have him in them be we're in Doublemint we're Becca, Annie. We're in your a two XL a nurse but PSECU era Kabaddi Tober will Chaparro Allah daddy ha the Ameren guide through metal wolfy rot WL hudgell lumen failure. In New Jersey Rahim Allah said, a lot of people have seen the colors they feel like repent the don't worry about their sins at all, as if it's never happened. There is no fear no regret, no nothing from it. He said as Allah told them by the way your Toba is accepted. He said even if it's accepted 100% and

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wipe everything 100%

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Still you should be shamed of what you did

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before Allah subhanaw taala and he mentioned the Hadith and abuse of Salah in the Day of Judgment when people come to add them to know to Ibrahim to Musa they will be ashamed of things that they have done in the past.

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And they said them be them be my send my son even though ALLAH forgive Adam

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and forgive knew him forgive Ibrahim

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and these not even some of them not even a sin or a major thing.

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But because they feel shame they feel snot right that I have done that where my brain was were on what I was thinking what I did what I did.

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So that's something important to be put in the right and appropriate

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amount because of your fear, have levels. It can handle health.

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Which didn't happen Muharram father hopeful

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if the fear from Allah will lead you to fulfill the obligation and abstain from what is haram. That's the fear of the average Muslim that every Muslim should have

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for either Asara Zed, if your fear became more, that will make you leave what is dislike, what is doubtful

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and will make you to do what is recommended for her the whole philosophy in this is the half of the righteous people.

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For either kind of how the whole of our artha Mehraban our Harmon I will Moulton Oh has an

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eye the whole body. If you have your fear lead to depression to a

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sadness, to despair from Allah's mercy to paralyze you to be just, that's that's not correct and know how Flaminia can accidentally that we never been asked fear for the sake of fearing Allah. No fear of Allah is meant to motivate you know it's like the push

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assault the sea hurricane it's like the head you know when you have a ride horse you just make a yank the horse a little bit just to keep it going fast that's what health is for

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if you repent to Allah subhanaw taala with will your sin be wiped out from your record and the Day of Judgment? You're gonna decide what scholars talk about this with the sin will be completely erased like now I say highlight delete deleted Colossus is not your record in the day of judgment or not.

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You're gonna have two opinions. The first one said yes, it will be completely erased from your record. So on the Day of Judgment, Allah give you the record, you will not see your sin if you repent from it. In the reason to be Seattle has nothing follow bad deeds of the good digital why Brown? Korean Navy SEAL Salam LUCAM Anna M Allahu coppia. You want to know the thing that will erase your sins. So the concept of erasing the sin is exist.

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The second opinion said no, your sin will always be documented in your record in the day of judgment from a young man with wama Yemen mascara Dalton chakra Yara if you make even a smallest amount of sin, you will see what you do man I mean who held there or what else?

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What God O'Malley Halki tabula rasa here Ratan wala Kabir rotten Illa sa yo Mataji to Kowloon FC man amulet min hiring Min Min Soo Min fired him on the amulet Min Soo there what drew Anabaena have been

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buried for you in a b2b manner. I saw hula who wanna Sue all these verses so show clearly that your deeds are documented you will see it you will see the record of everything you have done.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:30

Both have evidence and that's why the third opinion reconcile between these two positions once the reconcile reconcile is you will see it in the record but after you see it it will we be wiped out

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bad Matala Yahoo Hola. It will after you see documented you did that and that day and Allah Samantha will erase it it will never affect you. It will never been the skill when your deeds are awaited

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because of your Tober but it will be shown what could not get how the angioma screwed scholars that are worth money Nadia code in a minute Akita houfy Citroen Minh of La fere who were close a yachtie for either caught up to her

00:28:04 --> 00:28:12

head time already has an artifact Raha Jurina Hello. So my uncle for either say at the booth did a test and yet

00:28:14 --> 00:28:20

the believer read the record of the bad deeds and he's get scared to color change.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:32

Terrified then read lust of the good deeds his color comeback is how a lot of hope, then look back to the side of the bad deeds and he cited all wiped out.

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So it will be there but it will be eventually taken away.

00:28:39 --> 00:29:25

May Allah Subhana Allah guide us to the correct October because strong nasutus and seer perfect Toba have signed, but also bad fake week tilbyr has signed and one of the signs of this fake October that you make the Toba not for the sake of Allah because you worry about your reputation. You worry about money you worry about getting busted being exposed, you know getting European to Allah because you don't have the means to do the haram. You have no interest in that haram anymore. I'm gonna say it doesn't excite me anymore. You know, you rip into Los Angeles because you worry about sickness of diseases, not because of Allah subhanaw taala sign of a weak Toba instance Sita but when you do it,

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and after the Toba, you continue to do so many other things. No real change in your life. No real fear in your life. In your in your heart. No change in your lifestyle. I chose the topic this week.

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Hakuna Matata Mostafa Allah How do you want to come to stuff

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hamdulillah Hello salatu salam ala Milena via via the whole bad as in this whole but today. Our community here in Houston was shocked by this strike by this terrible news.

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I have a family who got murdered, you know, a mother and her baby 40 years old and her mother, three generations, just killed on a sunless killing by her ex, and who committed suicide after that

00:30:21 --> 00:30:24

long history of domestic violence and mental

00:30:25 --> 00:30:28

health issues involved.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:43

Tonight, we'll all talk about tragedy and how can we deal with this tragedy in Friday Night Lights. So if you can join us or listen, online will be good. But what I want to say that this, by the way, reminded me six years ago,

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six years ago, a sister who convert had a similar situation with a husband, who was also abusive. I don't know if you guys remember the story, it was a big story here in the news in Houston. And they had fight over custody. And finally he got a joint custody. And he told her, if you divorce me, if we get divorced, no one else will take these kids, no one else will raise their kids, either I raise them or they die with me.

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And the dead still granted him access. And unfortunately, and, you know, just one day he was with the kids, and he murdered his two kids or four kids. I forgot. I know. He chopped them all. And then he killed himself.

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Six years ago, exactly.

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It was a Muslim sisters, and of Muslim family.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:44

It just sad when you see this stories and incidents. And you can make sense of this.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:54

And I think if there's anything I want to say in this whole bar, just we have to take this issue of domestic violence seriously.

00:31:55 --> 00:31:59

Please don't allow your anger to take over. Don't let your anger grow.

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Anger can do terrible things.

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It's not really worth it.

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And subhanAllah, you might take, you know,

00:32:13 --> 00:32:17

I don't want to say this. But I want to tell you that people can snap so easily.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:24

And not to that extent, you might think but you know what, there's a lot of incident I have learned in my life that people can snap,

00:32:25 --> 00:32:27

and just do unbelievable things.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:44

We're capable of so much evil as human beings, as well. We're capable of so much good. Don't allow the evil of you to come out. You know what, just infallibility Yes, and stay away, pack off. Don't let things escalate.

00:32:45 --> 00:32:47

Especially with anger and hate.

00:32:50 --> 00:32:54

And same thing outside, we should take also mental health issues serious.

00:32:56 --> 00:33:11

That's not and that's not a game that's not like a fancy elitist type of diagnose or like no, this real things, we're lucky that we are living in a time where things like this can be deducted, can be dealt with.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:20

It's not a shame, the stigma of mental health issues that need to be changed, especially in our community, very educated Hamdulillah.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:39

So, these things I said, please make sure that we at least have this the two things that we can think of, we can make out of this strategy, something that can keep us moving forward stop. It is sad, the sinless time of killing and buffalo by the hand of a racist, no

00:33:42 --> 00:34:15

supremacist white supremacist person, then you see again, the killing of this family and many and also before that any many, many and I understand killing people in Ukraine, just the killing is became something so unfortunately easy. And hopefully today we can touch upon this issue. Because one of the sign of the Day of Judgment thrown heartless Roger female petroleum marketer, you didn't know why you've been killed or who killed or just killing it became something so unknown numbers.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:38

May Allah subhanaw taala forgive the sisters and her mother and any tree the family with his mercy? May Allah subhanaw taala give a strength to the community as to deal with that especially we have among our community here people who knows the sisters who have been with her just few days ago, you know, and

00:34:39 --> 00:34:50

she's part of the north side of the Houston community but still we are one community, small community. There's a Muslim community in Houston in general, and at CHOC the whole history and community at large actually.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us protect our family, and to bring peace and love among ourselves inside our homes.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

hymns and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins we ask those Matata to give, to always get us to repent to Him and to be strong in October, sincere in October perfect October, we asked him he is at the web to Always Accept us and to guide us to what is best for us and we ask Allah to forgive our parents or family members and to bless us and to bless what you have given us. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to reward us with nothing less than Jen, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us what is between us and Him? And we ask him also to take care of what is between us and other humans to make to make it up for them on our behalf until they forgive us if we couldn't do that, and we

00:35:45 --> 00:36:17

ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors of his mercy to all of us and to guide us to it Allah melphalan or him know if and if I know I couldn't use it in a lot of my life even if you couldn't American law monarchy radical Mr. Lafayette if you my shadow of the Almighty Bihar LaMattina for dunya Hassan Hassan okay now that we're not Mormons and Allah and you know the ivy attic wife we're gonna be hopefully a few Juliet you know and while you know Halina economical masala salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali Mohamed Salah to come Kamala

Jummah Khutbah

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