How An Islamic Burial Happens In Muslim Lands

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Bismillah. So as part of the fact of deaths, a very important aspect is the burial of the Muslims in the Muslim lands, and then how we adapt in the non Muslim lands with all of the local restrictions, civil restrictions from different authorities, different countries have different systems as well. But here's a really nice diagram, obviously, in the class, we will cover the concept of the law head, which is basically the L shape. And L shape. What we mean by that is that the body is lowered in, down and then into a shelf. This is a sunnah. And I want you to imagine that the normal grave is just a shock, which is just a straight drop six foot down here, so you just build a, you just dig a

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hole, and you put a body at the bottom on his back, and that's the end of it right or in a coffin. And that's the end of it. But in Allah had in Allah had, the body is bought down, and then there's a shelf inside little kind of cut out into which the body is placed on his back and then flipped up. Right now this will will speak about a lot in the class, right. And we'll also go to actual graves as well. And you'll see in the structure of a grave where the cut would be. But these set of models do a fantastic job. So have a look at this. Alright, so there are a number of stages that are being explained here. So if you look at this first stage, right, it's obviously it's a cutout. So you're

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going to have to imagine that that is only like, just the width of, of a grave. So they've built they've cut down. And, as I said, that's the shape that is now like that. Alright, so this is the Qibla direction. So you can see that they're bringing the dead body, okay, they're bringing the Janaza, we as you learn in the class, the white janazah applies both to the deceased as well as the prayer that's offered for them. So the janazah is being brought on the pier as you can see, and the thing has been made me to grieve has already been made, the law had is already ready. So you've got that shape, that shape is like that. So now what happens, the body is brought in that shouldn't is

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to go head first. And so the head first has been brought in, that's in the second part, you can see them lowering it, we normally have two people that go into the grave. Again, this is in the Muslim lands. And then once the body has been brought down, as you can see in the third is on its back, we've now pushed it towards the shelf. So that cuts out then you can see in the first part, we've now put it close to the shelf. And as you can see what's happening here is that one or two of them, were now flip the body up onto his right hand shoulder. So you can now see that the body has been flipped up. And now the person is facing in towards the Qibla. And he's airtight, that's really

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important, right, there's no earth that's actually all on his body. That doesn't happen, because the chamber is bigger than the body and deeper than the body. And so that body gets kind of pushed in, it goes on to and you can put a little something to basically stop it forward and backwards as well. And you can just see that they're preparing this cut this dried clay living is called those of bricks that are heated only by natural sun not not in a kiln and not in an oven. And what they do with that is that after they've pushed the body into the cave, the alcove or shelf or the head part, then they seal that with the lip and so you can see the little blocks being sealed. And now the last

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one gives you the perfect example. It's now sealed inside is like an air chamber. And then all of the earth that came out will now go back in again so you can see them all putting the earth back in. And that will then eventually lead to as you can see in the top part, the graves having that little mound. You see that mound represents that extra amount that the bodies displaced. And so therefore, this is the perfect Islam bearer then you can see that they are then just surrounding the grave, mentioning a few words or a reminder and also making dua Allahumma fiddled with Bitcoin with the promise of that I sent them said, Ask for your brother. Forgiveness and steadfastness this is a

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really nice summary. Obviously in the class we go into a lot more detail but as a summary, this is something which is great, explaining how the proper Muslim burial happens in the Muslim lands.