How Do I Have Free Will If My Destiny Is Predetermined By Allah

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Have a free? Well, I don't really mind destiny is determined by the last panel.

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Among the most common questions that people ask me about people have in regard to the relationship between the creator and the creation is this issue of the predestiny? And if everything predetermine How come I have a choice, that lead actually, some people on the past said that human beings have no choice. And God just judged him based on his well. So you really have no choice in your sense, but that's how God wants you to be, he wants you to go to hell, that's where you go to hell, you know, but this position, which is known as the Jabri opposition, is something that an ascender rejected because that doesn't sound very good. I'm positive about Allah subhana wa Tada, who is so merciful,

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so just so fair. But also you can go to the other extreme, which is another groups that, that Allah Subhana, Allah has nothing to do with our actions, he doesn't even know about our action until it take place. He's not involved in our actions. So he's basically cannot, we can say that's pre determined, we determine our actions and our future, not God, God will find about it later on, or he didn't create it. But that other extreme as well, a stripped God from his qualities as the one who knows everything before take place, as the creator of everything. So that's why the Muslim Sunni scholars came into the middle and they said, Yes, we do believe that Allah subhana wa, tada is the

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creator of everything. He knows everything, he determined everything. But he kept that hidden from us that knowledge is hidden from us. Nobody knows what's written for him or her. So if somebody said, Oh, if it's destined to how far How do you know? The only thing that you know that Allah said to us, if you do this, you will go to Paradise. If you do this, you will receive my forgiveness. If you do this, that you will face the consequences of your actions, which is lead to the punishment and Hellfire or what ever type of punishment. So this is basically what Allah has informed and told us about. If somebody said, why would they do if everything is pre determined? Yes, it is pre

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determined according to the knowledge of Allah but Allah kept that tendon as I said, from us, and also his knowledge will not force us to do anything. Any nothing forced me to drink this water. Nothing forced me to record this video to do to us today. I choose to do that. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala said, when Matt Dasha una Illa, Yeshua, Allah, you're basically whatever you will. So Allah here confirm that you have as a human being a well. But this will, is also something that Allah welded and allowed it. Because his nature, the team knows the unseen. Most of the problem comes because people when they think of God, they think of him like this same when we think of the

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creations, our knowledge is limited. Our understanding is limits our limits, our knowledge of the future is very limited. But Allah Subhana Allah has knowledge of the future is unlimited. His knowledge, do not enforce us overcome it put any pressure on us to do anything, it is absolutely up to us. Yes, He created us. Well, He created us with all these beautiful things on us, hands, brain, eyes, ear, these tools that also that I have given to us. It's up to us how we use it. It's belongs to Allah because he created it. It belongs to us, because we are the one who using it. So that's two different areas here belong a lover from one perspective, and belong to us from another perspective.

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So Allah subhana wa Tada, since he's the creator of it, it doesn't mean that he is the actor of our actions. We do our actions, but it belonged to a lot because he created our body. And a loss apparently, with Allah made it so clear to us what he wants us to do. And he made the things that he wants us to do as the most beneficial thing for us. And the thing that he forbade upon us is the most evil and dangerous area that you go to or to do it will harm so the harm is harmful things. This is was made very clear about last panel data so nobody can say, Oh, it's a lot. How can I do that?

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Why the Sahaba they lied and said to the Prophet if Allah predetermine everything, why do we do anything that didn't, he saw someone said do because your actions is going to meet a loss of Hannah without a pre determination or a loss of Hannah to Allah's knowledge.