The Quranic Call (Part 10)

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah but a cat to me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all Abdullah Durham and the tip Jews chapter number nine verse number 18. A lawsuit kind of with data talks about the ones that maintain the houses of a lump, as we know the houses of Allah or the masajid or the beauty of Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhanaw taala says after the membership glenora gene in ma yeah Moodle messaggi de la he meant m anabela. He will Yeoman f will commerce salado act as a cattle Welcome yaksha illallah fossa, ek Nghia Kunal Minelli, mohideen Allah subhanaw taala mentions here verily the ones that maintain the houses of alarm are the meaning are

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the ones that believe in Allah and the Last Day and they established the prayer and they give these a cat and they don't fear anyone except the loss of Hannah with data perhaps they may be of the rightly guided ones. So here Allah subhanaw taala uses the verb Yamamoto as we know the name or means the one that has a lifespan and inshallah lifespan of good and a building in Arabic is even called a model because it stands in it's a structure that stands for a long period of time. So here are the ones that maintain the houses of Allah but we should stop here and recognize that is not only by paying the bills of the rent or you know, building it from the beginning. Definitely that

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has its place, but it's definitely the life of the masjid is where one prays in the masjid, we're one frequence domesticated, as we know the prophets of Allah Han it was sort of encouraged us in building the masjid man Bennett in LA he beighton ben Allahu Allahu Bateson field Jenna, as he says a lot It was in him whoever built a house for Allah, Allah built a house for him in Paradise, which is encouraging definitely. But definitely the ones that spend time in the mosque that frequent the mosque to where the promise of loss and I'm also mentioned, of the seven people one of them is the one that is his elbow who is more Allah can bill massage it is at its heart is tied to the masjid.

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If there is anything that prohibits you from going to the masjid and you want to go to the masjid may last month, I'll reward you for your intention. So here, the ones that maintain the houses of a lot are the ones that believe in along the last day, they established the prayer and they paid as a cat. They maintain the structures of a lawsuit kind of with Donna with their actions and even dare we even say with their finances, to where if some consider the houses from the PCB law in the path of a law as some have categorized that from the nine categories of Zakat of the recipients of zakat. Also, when we see here lay lay of the law, they have no fear of other than a loss of power with

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data, because in some places, when one establishes their identity, collectively as Muslims, definitely the first thing should be a place of worship, which is a sign of the shadow from the charade of Allah. The signs of a lot in Islam is the establishment of a place of worship, a mosque, and they don't fit anyone except Allah subhanho wa Taala. And after all of this, perhaps they will be a be more tidying which shows that these characteristics, these five that were previously mentioned, are these signs of the ones that will maintain guidance in any locality. So I mean, a lawsuit kind of went down to make us of those of the believers that contrasts us from those that

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disbelieve in Allah voluntarily. May He make us of those that do these actions voluntarily as well. And that is the methodology and practices of the believers have the rightly guidance may last Panwa dial and make you up the ones that follow his suit author, Mr. King, and make you have those that upon this path that you have trended of being on the right path make you those that are an influence of guidance on this earth, a cinematic lie but a catchy Thank you