Yahya Ibrahim – Tafsir Surat al-Mulk #4

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the loss of human intelligence and the significance of the title "Herules for the spiritual experience of Islam" in the Arabic language. The "na" concept is discussed, including the use of "has been seen in various places in the world" and the "we" meaning in various context. The "veril and terror" concept is also discussed, including the "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body, and the "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body. The "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body is also discussed, along with the "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body. The "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body is also discussed, along with the "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body. The "monster" meaning in a shaping of the body is also discussed, along with the "monster" meaning in a shaping of
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All right, I just said I'm on ecomondo law what occurred to Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Alhamdulillah. We've gathered once again for the study of the Quran we pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes the time that we spend together seeking His pleasure, turn to his words, that which was revealed to our Navy as a Mullah. It was slim as she thought when lemasters do a healing to that which perturbs the heart, something that we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala allows us the dignity and honor to maintain the whole and to be practices and reciters of it in the depth of the night but also in

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you know, practicing it in our behavior during the day. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala always gathered us in seeking this sooner than a B Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was the greatest implementer of the Quran, the one who taught us what it was that Allah subhana wa tada wished from us and we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala that makes us from those who are fortunate to be guides and colors to the truth. And for other two people to follow. In that example, a lot of them I mean, this is our fourth session in discussing Alhamdulillah. So Dr. Monique when he left his hand, we've finished the first five verses which loss of Hannah into our lab, speaking in the third

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person initially and then in the first person discusses who he is what is his creation and what is his power and his a bit and his ability, and gives you reference as to why he is Tibet aka why he is the one who is the source of good and blessing in this world for myself and that is created. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to make from those who are witnesses unto mankind to the generosity and the mercy and compassion of Allah subhana wa. Today we're going to backtrack one area we're going to go back to a number five because I want to complete its message in sha Allah as we proceed forward. Now the next nine verses of the Quran, this surah in sort of alimony

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are going to be about a loss of Hannah and Allah giving warning unto mankind as to those who choose not to accept a loss of Hannah to Allah as the source of power creation, dominion and the only one who is worthy of worship. Allah subhana wa tada says, Are we the Villa hamina shaytani r rajim.

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One apodization.

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dunia be masabi how

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many shayateen?

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Didn't know whom either best me. Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number five, and surely I have created the heavens to kind of a time and we said that the words I'm not here a law You're the one I've been rather than somehow what you said that the word semma is that which envelops or covers something from above semma A dunya and the loss of Hannah with Allah now itemizes that there is a heaven or a Cosmos a universe that relates to the dounia which is within our realm. And the word dounia is a very interesting statement. dunia means two important things. denna means something close through Medina. When Allah subhana wa Taala summoned close our NaVi moments I tell him he grew

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close to Allah, the other concept of dunia. The other illusion of that word is that it it is something that is lowly, something that is not worth it. And therefore, when you put these two words together, and Hyatt and dunia sama and dunya this worldly life, what it means is it's something where you get immediate access to the fulfillment of your momentary desires. Everything is that at close hand, unlike the effort on the Day of Judgment, you have to wait for it you have to plan for it will come to Neptune academically. You have to attain it. And it requires hard work that do not it's about expedience and ease but it's not long lasting, and therefore it's near. But its

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completion and its blessing is far from being complete. On the other hand, it is denier, it is lowly that if you purchase the dounia on the account of the after you've lost and there's nothing to have been gained and ask a loss and panic attack to give us this insight and Allah says, Well, I could say in the summer of dunya that we beautified the heaven of this worldly life, and the word Xena, adornment beautification. It's almost as if Allah subhana wa Taala. You know, there's a change in the personification. So initially Allah subhanaw taala begins the sequence of verses by speaking about it himself in the third term tabela can levy It is he who is Allah identifies himself

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Through his power and his authority and his creation, and at all that's important about him soprano to Allah, but he lost him Hannah when Allah says what happens alienness dunya we've done this and we spoke last week about the Royal we, that Allah Subhana Allah speaking about himself as the authoritative being who makes the instruction for others to carry, but it's still in his name, in his order subhanho wa Taala. And where the tense changes, it is to make the fatling novel ltfs little monkey is to give you a point of view that's important. Now, one of the things that's important to note is that a lot of those who don't understand the context of the Quran in the way

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that it should be understood. A lot of people who try to find fault in the Quran they'll say, or Anne's grammar is all over the place. It's going from third person to first person, it's because they don't understand that Allah Subhana Allah wants us to not just look at the creation of the heavens, but when he refers to himself in the first person. He's saying, Look at the beauty I put in it. And in the ayah that was before it thought of Jerry buss, look and look again. So in the first Look, you're looking at the splendor of the Creator, but you look again, and then you see the detail. You see the beauty, when the yen SMR dunia, Bhima sabia with that Misbah things that are lit

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and that's something that's very important at that time. Nobody understood that these stars were energy and they had a life of their own that they had a light of their own that Shawn from themselves. That was an ember that lit that was like a lamp meaning that they are a source of energy. Now that's a very intuitive statement in the Quran, and something that is important for us to ponder over Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, he speaks about this about this phenomena in different places in the world and that we don't have time to delve into at the moment be masabi what Allah originally shared and we made it Jana Ha. So therefore, when we look at this word jhana is a

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giant map, or is it john the new jhoom Raja Manisha tienen contexts can be applied in the Arabic language, but the reference that there would not have stated in the past and the present that stars are used as originally shell team. Now that's, you know, we want to kind of consider that word. Villa Hina shaytani r rajim. Raji means the cursed one who stone to be kept at a distance, and the loss of Hannah to Allah says well joining us Mr. sufen Mafalda, that this worldly life the heaven, summit and dunya, it is suffering, my father sorts of protection, and from its protection is protection from the influence of the shape on protection from the meddling of the child teen and

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others in it. So Allah Subhana Allah says, What do I know how to do manly Shelton and therefore it will do an Allah.

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The reference is in reference to the stars. But I want you to also understand that the reference can turn back to the sky. And it's a different loss of Hannah which Allah is saying roju mainly shayateen these are things that the child in are cast away. But there's also another really important grammatical and linguistic understanding in sort of El Cap. For example, a loss of Hannah Montana says Raj men believe Allah uses the same word. Here the word regiment takes upon the implication of guessing or thinking about something that you are not sure about regimen belhaj how many people were in the cave? I don't remember like, we're not sure it could be seven iTunes,

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ammonium, kaboom, we're not sure. And therefore the concept of regiment battles I it means to take shots or to make assumptions or to make guesses. And you can understand this as if Allah Subhana Allah is saying that the stars are a test for those who are fake fortune tellers who are fake astrologers which they would refer to people of that type in the past as being people of knowledge. And it's a different lots of panels Allah saying that these are people who are guessing about the unseen, using themselves in the shale team to try to look at horoscopes in the stars and constellations to try to make arrangement beliee to try to make an estimation of falsehood. So that

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is also a valid literary understanding of the statement. We quoted last week content about the long run mental life la there's the tab area and the one who listened to the instructions of the lagna bass and who would learn it from him that he had understandings that the stars are beautification for the heavens, that they are a barrier against the sheltering, stealing of the secrets, and mela will Allah of the Communications of the heavens, and that they are also alamat when we lay women nedjma home Yes, they do and they are signed.

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posts, and they are ways for mankind to travel and to use them as a map in the darkness when they are without compass.

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All of these are important interpretations of this idea. And it's important to have intellectual honesty to kind of discuss them from a distance don't literally speaks about the stars themselves that each star is meant to destroy a particular shape on while la hotel Allah, Allah will arland. But it could, that sections of them or energy from them are things that will be used as a punishment of the team. Well, I don't know if I've ever set you and for them, for those who believe in the shale team. And for those who are shaping into Elgin, I have prepared for them, I never say you have a severe punishment that continues to increase as an experienced sorry, it means to increase. In our

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for example, at the moment that we're living in amongst this COVID-19 as our as our

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catalog, the prices are increasing, right. So the cost of things is always meant to be something that increases you buy low, you sell high. And that is a concept of the word, Syrah or sorry, that we find in the Koran. So Allah subhanaw taala speaks that there will be a long lasting punishment that continues to grow. In that regard, we move on to Ayah number six, and we said that the first five verses speak about the majesty of a law, the power of a law, the dominance of a law that blessedness of Allah, the next nine verses from a number six to a number 14, they speak about the consequences of those who make the choice to disbelieve in their maker to disbelieve in the Creator

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who should they should believe in and assume, is the source of blessing everything in their life. And Allah subhana wa tada says, when he levena cafaro will be or be him either boo, jahannam, Avi, Sal Massey,

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and for those who disbelieve in their Lord, for those who disbelieve in Allah, Who should be the one that they have taken as the only one who is worthy of worship, that will jahannam there is the torment of jednym, which is, you know, can loosely be transmitted hellfire. And we'll discuss this website, and I'll see it. And this is the worst of places to end up as a destination. And here we find that a loss of handle to Allah, He begins this area by saying word, and it as if it's a continuation of the statement before it. So therefore, it's not just the devils who are punished when they lead in Peru, but those who have followed the pathway of the child teen those who have

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followed the pathway of those who have disbelieved in a law have followed the path of the shape on boats who were too arrogant to follow the path of a rock man, all of them have the same consequence to those who have believed when they levena cafaro. And the word capital we mentioned last week is an important word, it means to hide something, and therefore a farmer, a fallen habit, you know, he makes seeds, and he covers them up with the soil, so that therefore he is caffeine, he is a person who covered and envelops and hides things. The word capital is on the same web as Africa. And you can almost hear the same sound in between them, however, is the positive kathrada is the negative

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capital means to hide something that should not be hidden. That is a truth that you should not conceal. lavora has a positive context in our Sharia. It means that Allah we seek to hide our mistakes and bad deeds, and allow us the time to overcome them and cover them up with the righteous deeds we perform below him with their Lord, how can a person be an unbeliever in the one who they recognize as their Lord? Now this is a super supposes two things. There are those who don't know Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as the ILA as the one who should be worshipped. They know him as the creator. And if you were to ask Allah for someone who created the heavens and the earth, they know

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it didn't make itself they know they didn't make it. They know it's not, you know, these mythical gods that they've heard of, they know it's not the idols that they might prostrate to. They believe in the God of gods, the one who is there where you have to believe in that false concept of idolatry and shift, but they believe that there is a super being a great being something greater than the rest something that everyone else returns to. So they have a concept of Rob, and they have built up by him. And even if they don't have that context, even if they claim to be, you know, completely devout in their atheism, that Allah is their Lord, even if they don't recognize it, and there are

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people who don't recognize authority, but the authority is still there. And therefore Allah is there Rob, even if they haven't

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Taken a law as the erupts of Hannah Montana, they are ungrateful to him, and they have put it deep into their heart desire enough to understand the truth. And therefore rub is used to place guilt and an accusation upon the one who was disbelieved. cafaro below him. They have this believed, even though they should have known their Lord, why, because of the previous five verses and the evidences that are found in the heavens and the earth that we have, because I've double jahannam there's the punishment of gentlemen. And that means that it is a location it is a real place. And now to help well Jenna to help help buyers real and, and also, Jen net is real. jahannam is a word that also can

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have the Persian origin at that is the origin, which means a torture chamber. And of course, the whole anusandhan Arabi. It's an Arabic word, but it has words that can describe things in foreign languages, like the words that describe people musala salaam is not an Arabic word. Ibrahim alayhis salam, Abraham and Islam. They're not Arabic words, but their descriptions of individuals and names are included in the Koran, and they can be in non Arabic languages. So the word Gehenna is a description, but it is also an era it's also a word that is found in other languages. I've had beat loss of Hannah Montana says, I've Abu jahannam Webby Sal mahseer and lots of one on one to Allah

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says evil bit sulmasy evil, disgusting, horrible is this destination. The word mercy means sobre la meaning journey to something robotized and tells us in the authentic hadith that we should live this life as it for travels that we traveled sat under a tree which is this dunya it's near and it's fragrant and it's blessing and you can enjoy it shade for a little bit of time but you're going to depart from it. It's you're on a journey in life so live this life as if you're a stranger as if you're on a journey because eventually you will go to near you are your destination is bit sudden mosquito that is the worst of destinations. Verse number seven Allah subhanaw taala says, either he

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has semi ruler hatch or he

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when they are placed Allah who when they are thrown in it. Send me a hula Shahid Khan they will here are the first punishment that handed them is not even that sense of it or the sight of it or the smell of it. It is the hearing something you hear from a distance. And so Pamela you and I we know that sound travels

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and the jahannam is so that moolah it is dark and it is it is a darkness. So before they see it, they hear it they hear it's inhale. Shahid Khan means it's inhale it's gasping, taking in wanting more. Now, lots of Hannah Montana says to us in the Quran that Allah will ask hadn't been busy. Do you want more? It says Yes. Have you been busy? They will say Oh Allah give me more give me more. We're here to fool as it boils up in its agitation is that all Kofi had notice Allah subhanaw taala says either meaning, a future tense, when they are not if they are low and nirmanakaya no either. Meaning the ones who have disbelieved the normal the ones who have rebelled against the law, the

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legal team, either they will be thrown in this Hellfire all who placed in it with aggression dropped in it, it was shaped means to take something and place it inside to put it at a place that This signifies that Allah subhanaw taala saying that this man, this individual who had their own self determination could come and go and stand and sit and move and run and play. On that day they will be under other's control, they will be just placed wherever they are ordered by the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is sort of a zoo model where they will be gathered into groups and placed into jahannam Halloween movie give me more Oh Allah, Fie her in it. Semi rula they will hear

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this Shaheed on this heavy inhale. And whenever you hear you know, whenever you you know, when you study a little bit of science, you'll know that fire one of the things that it needs is oxygen, so if you want it to blaze, you open up a gate of it and allow oxygen and it sucks in the air and it becomes a ferocious blazing fire set here. So this idea of this Hellfire, this arrow jahannam is that it's constantly in taking, asking for more. What is it inhaling the unbelievers those who have believed in Allah subhana wa

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala tells us in solitude for a melody Shaku perfect now, and as for those who are wretched, they are wretched because of their actions and their disbelief. They will end up in Hellfire, let her left home he has zephie one shot him, there will be an exhaling and inhaling that is a violence and terror. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us. Yeah, Allah, we're here to fool the fool fiberon it means that this it's an instantaneous, immediate

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watering up that this is something that is intensely watered up in the water rises with a fierceness. This is when you say foreign and alien that something over bounds. What is there the final verse that we will discuss in shot lover number eight, Deccan new tema Yasmina

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lemma will have fallible June Salah who has an enemy to community and Allah subhanho wa Taala says the caribou is almost as if timaeus do when things at the menu has been separate but with explosiveness with violence they are blown to bits to make yours human alive that they are separated with porosity and therefore it's like a ripping apart to make yours woman alive. Can you tell me a woman alive that Hellfire burst with its fury in its anger and violence against them? couldn't be happier each time couldn't man all the time that there are people entering into it those who are destined for it could never Okay, it's not just with the group per second group, meaning that those

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who are inhabitants of Hellfire will never have rest even from this question about 150 from the first to the last of them, it will be a constant reminder of why they are there. Good lemma okay if he told you whenever any of them is admitted in it, you know, there's this value and the word hubbub in the Arabic language is anger it's it's something that blinds right the volume is something that seals with with its you know, porosity when somebody's been they've lost their mind, right? It's something they're they're blind with rage. Live is an extreme form. The difference between the hubbub and the hype is that VIII's have the reason that you know why this has occurred. love a

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person can be angry and it's for the wrong reason hold the bond. He doesn't he's not really he doesn't know why he should be angry. They're just angry and some people are angry for an unjustified reason

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is that the anger is known as what the reason of making that anger so that they have proven themselves as criminals before a lot. Too many years. Amina lies so Hellfire is angry and furious with them because of them being deserving of it. It is known that the one who ends up in there is wretched has lived the life of a morality could never have felt alone. Whenever and the word fair, which means a crowd that is regimented, that is organized, it's almost like a platoon or a gathering of regimented soldiers or an army group, you know, those who are lined up they are grouped in specific nomenclature and characteristics. So those who were people of Xena are together those who

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were murderers or together, those were sinful in their negligence towards others and their families and their parents are grouped together. That would you say?

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The Guardians of Hellfire will ask of them? And we'll ask them a simple question. lf yet tikona v has a network meaning the gatekeepers la had this Ad Astra lots of panatela tells us that the guardian of Hellfire 19 and you might take 19 It seems like a small number but the number is not what significant it's that Who is the one who has given them command and who can escape from them. In some kind of law they mock the prophets I send them the people of credit they said 19 we can only we can overcome these 19 guardians of Hellfire if we put ourselves in a group has no Salah home, they asked them lm yet did not a warner come and call you to righteousness did not a war be sent to

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you whether they're not one who summoned you to the truth? And and I am yet to now v did this Warner not coming to you at all meaning? Do you have no recollection of it? Have you forgotten didn't you? Weren't you aware? And they will say no doubt Bella deja vu

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Note that we did receive a warning and the Warner of course are the prophets and the messengers of Allah and those who carry on the message of the prophets and messengers of Allah in their absence Allah. Minami Allah, may Allah make use of them, those who are Warner's onto mankind witnesses of truth and carriers of righteousness into the future.

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And let me take him now via carlu banner didja Anna, aka number nine, how to better for Java and Avira? Yes, of course, indeed Warner of Warner did come unto us to catch them now putting them as little love woman shape, but we belied him and we turn away from him and we made a mockery of him, men, men and then Allah human cheat, and we claim that love would never send anything or anyone doubt in a form of revelation or for women to carry this revelation to us into lfu, Badaling kavir, you indeed are in great error. And number nine is where we will continue our journey in sha Allah next Sunday if Allah gives us the life and the health and the energy may have lots of hands on with

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Allah grant of success in this dunya an alpha and make us from those who are blessed, unable to fulfill our a bad that to Allah subhana wa tada with the upcoming month of Ramadan Allahumma amin, I do want to end by saying My dear brothers and sisters, that I'm I have one more event. It's a little bit later tonight for those of you who are here with us in Australia, I know it's nearly 10:10pm but at 1am in Sharla in Australian time, which is 6pm, London time in sha Allah, and which is about a little bit after 1pm in New York time, I'll be speaking once again on this Facebook page insha Allah on my personal Facebook page and you can join that it is a gathering of people to assist in

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the fulfillment of the needs of our brethren who aren't able to look out for themselves both locally and internationally. And it's an effort that's organized by human appeal. You can find a poster on it on my Facebook page, yahoo dot dot Ibrahim or just search for Yahoo. Brahim, you should be able to come by it in sha Allah. I hope that you will join us the evening later Allah aku Kohli how there was a little line all the money will come. May Allah continue to bless us with the knowledge and practice of the Quran. Well suddenly left Mozilla, Mozilla barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Vina whenever you know Mohamed Salah Allah Allah, Allah Allah He was off he was suddenly asleep and Kathy was

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Slavonic, who wanted to lie he was on a cat

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