Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 298C Tafsir Al-Naba 17-30

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a time where people will be killed or captured based on their deeds and social status. The loss of water means people need to see a picture of the disaster, and protecting oneself and others from the event is crucial. The negative impact of severe punishment on people, including extreme pain and coldness, is discussed, along with the importance of finding ways to avoid burning and avoid small actions. The speakers stress the need for responsibility and taking responsibility for one's actions, including the use of cannabis and alcohol to stimulate desire and desire to stimulate desire.
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There was a time when none of this existed.

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Who brought this into existence? Who did? Allah? Allah asks us alumna, diallyl herba. Did we not make the earth as me had? So if Allah subhanaw taala can create this one's? Can he not resurrect people?

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Can he not do that? All of these verses over here, what are they proving his perfect ability? So people stop wondering, I'm Maya alone, stop wondering and start preparing. Because in a yo ml firstly, can I mean kata, indeed the day of judgment can have yukata it is an appointed time.

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Yamo Fussel the day of separation, the day when people will be separated based on what on their race?

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Based on the time that they lived in

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based on their money, their

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economic or their social status in the world know, based on what based on their deeds, Yeoman Fussel great distances will appear between people. People who were in love might be enemies on that day. People who are related might be complete strangers on that day.

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People who were friends might be running away from each other that day, a NEO mal Fussell can me Carta. It is me caught what is me hot.

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When the time for something is fixed, or the place you see me caught when you're going for Hajj when you're going for a Mullah? What is the mucoid when you arrive at that place, it is time to put your home on.

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Correct. So the Day of Judgment is a time that is fixed. you defer about this day you wonder about this day, you are amazed. And so you just keep talking inquiring about it? Well, the time is fixed already. Are you still uncertain? Yo Ma Yun for who has sorry, it is the Day when the Trumpet will be blown. Yun for whom it will be blown for sorry, in the horn in the trumpet, further tuna of words. So all of you will come how have wotja as multitudes of wages applauded of the word fold and fold. Yes, it's used for an army, but not just an army. It is used for a force a large group of people, because that is what an army is. It's not just to three people, right?

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It's 1000s of them. So, for the tune of wotja You will come in multitudes in groups, diverse groups, group after group nation after nation people after people, but how in large numbers, because not even a single human being will be missing from that gathering or food the hottest summer and the sky will be opened up for Canada Aguada. So it will be like a web gateways Florida of the word Bob and who will come forth the angels will was so yeara till G Bell and the mountains will be so Euro. What does the Euro mean? set in motion? Sade is to travel. And when you're traveling, you're moving. So sweet yeara till Jiabao mountains will be set in motion.

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They're moved. And if they're moved from their places, what does it mean? They're broken. They will be blown away. They will be removed. So Yatim de Bello for Cara Csaba. So if the mountains are removed from their places for Canada, so they will be Sahaba

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Oh, me, Raj. What is a mirage? In the distance? What do you see? What do you see? Water but as you come close, what do you see? No water, it's empty. This is how the mountains will be that day. That yes, they they were there.

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But on that day, gone,

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they will disappear.

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They will be gone. Just as from far you see a pool of water. But as you come close, it disappears. And you rub your eyes wondering. I just saw that. That water was right here. Where did it

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Got it just disappeared, and the mountains will completely disappear on the Day of Judgment.

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No sight of them, no sign of them. You could go all over the earth, north, south, east west, wherever, but you will not see a single mountain there. If you cannot see a single mountain, what else then can you see? If the mountains cannot survive that day than what can survive for cannot Sahaba this earth will be finished.

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Finished. It won't be as we see it today, all these beautiful houses and the beautiful buildings, and the shopping malls and the places that we love to go to. We love to spend our time and we spend our money.

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This is what we dream about. We wish for we spent hours in all of that on the Day of Judgment inish no sign of them.

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No sign for Canada Csaba but what is it that will be there in front of people's eyes that they will see? It is Jahannam but it is Jahannam that we forget today that we don't think about that we don't worry about in Niger hannema Can at middle sada

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mountains, famous bridges, whatever famous places we go on, we feel so proud about it. But on the day of judgment, they will be gone. But there's one bridge that all of us have to go on. And it is the bridge over * and * Allah says cannot Masada it has been as Mossad. What is Marisol? That which is lying in wait. You see Mossad raw saw dal rassada is to lie in wait for something

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like an animal sitting waiting for the prey to come close. And as it comes close, what does it do?

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leaps out jumps, catches it Jahannam

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cannot move saw that it has been lying in wait. waiting all this time. That when is it that those who are to enter it will come near it so it will catch them. It will take them in. Everyone has to pass over *. Every single one of us. As Allah says we're Imen come Illa word he do her. There is none among you except that he has to arrive at it. Some will fall right in and some will cross the bridge and those who crossed the bridge. Some will fall from it and some will manage to pass in Johanna McCann at Mira sada just imagine a hunter or an enemy hiding and sitting in wait watching that as soon as the prey comes within reach it attacks this is how Jahannam has been waiting.

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Imagine Jahannam blazing beneath above Jahannam a bridge and Jahannam is watching people one after the other that who is it that I have to catch? Who is it that I have to cease? Who is it that I have to fold down in Johanna mechanic middle sada lip Paulina Moranbah

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I want you to think about this Mossad.

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Have you ever felt like felt afraid because somebody is watching you.

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Maybe from the corner of your eye you can feel that this person behind you in the store is is constantly watching you. So you become nervous. You get afraid that they might say something or do something that might hurt me. And especially with the current atmosphere, we're even more cautious. And with your hijab, maybe you're even more cautious, more afraid that somebody might say something or do something that will hurt you.

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Jahannam is looking out. Johanna is lying in wait, are we afraid of jahannam?

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Are we

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in the Johanna McCarrick middle sada bring to mind a picture of a frightening scary animal with its sharp teeth and scary eyes staring at you? Waiting to leap at you? What would you do? Would you ever be passive? What would you do? He would do something to save yourself.

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And this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his family save yourselves. This is what Allah told us in the Quran. Oh and fossa calm. Lee calm

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Now, save yourselves and your families from the fire. This is real. Don't forget this reality in the Johanna Mechanicville sada lip Tallinn.

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For the Tallinn for the transgressors it is my OB It is a place of return. A place where they will end up in. This is where they belong. Pauline, who are Tallinn?

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What is the Lian Baja to rebel, the limit that Allah subhanaw taala has set for his servant.

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The limit that Allah has set for every single one of us.

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The Lian is to overstep that limit, to not care about the boundaries.

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So those who don't care about these boundaries that Allah has set litho Hina Moranbah it is in my app for them and aboard a destination where they will end up in and remain forever.

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And you see a rebellious person. What is it that we call someone rebellious when they don't listen, they don't omit they don't care.

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And how proudly people tell I don't care about religion. I don't care about halal and haram. I don't care about what's fun and what's wrong and what's prohibited. Who cares.

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This who cares attitude, this is Darlene

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litho Hina Alba lebih thena fie her the

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lobby scene wants to remain meaning the Thorazine will remain in healthy hair in it

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for how long?

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For ages,

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God is the plural of hookup help off hook and hook is used for a period of time whose length is 80 years. So what is one hookup? What is one hookup? At yours. And here how many hakab are mentioned just the plural form is mentioned.

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Meaning as one hookup will end

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another will begin and another will begin and another will begin. Lab Athena V her orba for unending ages

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of poverty he has recorded in his deaf seat that are you not alone Martin who said that we know her as 80 years

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each year having 12 months and each month having 30 days

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and each day like 1000 years.

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Each day, like 1000 years because we're in a Yeoman are in the Rebecca l fi Senate in one day near your Lord is like 1000 years into the church I have 47

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of you who don't know the Lord who said that I'll hit with some Annona Santa one hectare is 80 years.

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And the year has 360 days each day, like 1000 years. And there is many other narrations, all of which tell us that each day is like 1000 years. Larabee thena fee her GABA, they will remain in it

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for how long?

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How long?

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This is a very different way of saying forever.

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As one hiccup will end, another will begin.

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You see the Yahoo they said? We'll call you Lanta Messina, now to Illa. A Yama Marga will only be in * for a few days. Okay, we'll manage. Really, one day

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is like 1000 years. You think you can manage? You think you can survive? Have you ever managed a burn for one week? For three days?

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A small burn.

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Very slight one, maybe somewhere on your arm or on your hand? Very minor. And you see it on your hand for how long?

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For weeks for months.

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And it hurts. It burns. that burning sensation never really goes away. Lab Athena via Acaba, even a day in *

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is difficult. Something that we cannot imagine.

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Something that we cannot fully comprehend here. Because every pain in this world, every hurt, it has a limit to it right? Meaning, if anything, a person will die. And we think death is really hopefully, in sha Allah, this is what we should hope for the death should bring us relief. But for some it's not.

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So even if a person were to die out of extreme pain, that's what After how long, maybe suffering for three days, maybe suffering for one year, maybe suffering for three years. But those three years if you see someone suffering with constant pain, it's so difficult to even look at.

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So difficult. Many women have been through the pain of childbirth, how was that pain, you feel like you're going to die?

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Really, you feel like you're going to die. That's it. Imagine a pain

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so severe. That's not just for an hour or two. That's not just for a day or two. Bob.

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We don't understand *, as it really is. We don't fear * the way we should. We don't believe in it the way we should. Allah warns us again and again, we read, we pass we ignore, we forget.

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Larabee. thena Fie, her Kaaba law Yazoo Hakuna, fie her they will not taste in *. Burden. Any coldness wala Sharapova nor any drink.

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They will not taste in *. Not experience in *, any coolness or any drink nothing that would cool their skins and nothing that would quench their thirst. So there will always be hot and burning, and always thirsty. Illa hum Iman will circle except for him. boiling hot water and LaSalle

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fowl parula Since this is the only thing that they will experience in *. How mean? What is Hemi boiling hot water that we protect ourselves from in this world that were so careful about

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how mean that we'll burn their faces and cut up their insights. Allah SAP foul Peruvians, what is the gossip? One opinion is that it is the excretions dirty excretion from the wounds studied of the people of the fire. Just imagine, have you ever seen a dirty wound, maybe somebody else's dirty wound you can't see it, but your own, and the dirty excretions that are coming out the blood and the person stuff that's oozing out. And imagine if it's been sitting for long, Doesn't it smell, it made an appearance I did It's taste

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in the HMI when will a circle

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some of set of a sock is something extremely cold. So on the one hand extremely hot water and on the other hand, something extremely bitter cold.

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The severe punishment

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for this long, why?

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Why for what Jezza can we fall call Jezza as a recompense that is we found

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that is appropriate. We found from welfare cough is that which is in perfect conformity with the other perfect conformity

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for perfectly suited most appropriate.

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Sometimes you buy something and you say oh wow, I got such a good deal. Such good quality, so much amount such great quantity for such little money. You're almost shocked. Sometimes it's the other way. That something that's really cheap, costs too much money. And sometimes you get something you pay for it. And what do you say it was the right price? You get what you pay for. Right? When do you say things like that? When the price matches the quality of what you have purchased the cost? It matches it? It's fair. You understand? Because it matches you say it's fair. And if it doesn't match, there is imbalance over there. You say it's not fair Jezza we Falco? Allah says this

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recommends is 100% fair,

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because it is imperfect conformity

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with what they have done. In surah Tula, I have 40. Allah says wages that will say ye 18 say ye attune myth Lu Ha, the recommends for an evil is an evil just like it. Meaning when Allah punishes, than that punishment is according to the crime. It's not unfair Jezza and we foucha What does it mean? That the people who will suffer this punishment, it's because they did something

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which brought this punishment upon them? Because Willa Yoli Maura Booker Harada your Lord, He does not wrong anybody

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when I can, and Fusa whom Yodlee moon, people wrong themselves. So this endless punishment, the severe, horrible punishment. Why? We Valka?

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It's because of what they have done. It perfectly matches the crimes that they committed, they are fully deserving of it. Well, what are those crimes? Because in the home, Allah told us about the crimes. Firstly, in the home can lay your junior he says,

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Indeed, these people lie your junuh they did not expect he Salba any account.

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They didn't expect that they would be held accountable.

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They didn't expect it.

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I have a question for you.

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When you attend a class, and you know that you will be tested

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on certain material. What is your attitude with that class?

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As opposed to attending a class knowing

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that there is no test at the end? Is there a difference? Is there Yes. When you know that you will be tested on certain material? You take it seriously. You pay attention to the words, you pay attention to the details. You don't just memorize you try to understand. You try to remember, you keep it in your mind. You're conscious about it. But when you're not expecting any test, why would you even bother to attend the class?

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Doesn't that happen? So lie your Juna he saba. This is a reason behind many, many sins. When a person does not expect that you will be held accountable, then what does he do? What does he do? He does whatever he pleases, he crosses many limits, because he doesn't have any boundaries for himself. When you know that there is hisab you put boundaries for yourself?

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Isn't it?

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When you know you're going to be asked about what you did in each hour? How much work you got done? Then what do you do? You're careful about how much time you're spending checking your phone, you're careful about how much time you're taking on your break, because you're more concerned about the work.

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But if you work at a place where it's all that matters is you come at nine and you leave at five than what happens. How do people work? They go to their workplace 50% of the time goes in what?

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On what email, social media reading this? watching one video after another, they don't take their work seriously because they don't have his out. Lay yo Jr. He saba.

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This is something very dangerous. And if you think about it, many times when a person does something wrong. Why does he do it? Because he thinks it's okay. Don't worry, he won't be asked about it. Who knows whether the Day of Judgment is even gonna come? And when it comes, you know what I've said La ilaha illallah I'm a Muslim. I have so many other good deeds. La yo Jr. He Saba worker, there will be a Latina kid.

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And you see when a person does not fear the Day of Judgment, he does not have this realization that I will be asked about my actions. Then he commits many injustices also against human life. people's property, people's honor. They commit great crimes, so many that they forget

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how casually people lie. You know, we think sometimes we wonder as Muslims even then why is the punishment of health so severe? And why is it eternal? This is the crime. The crime is not just oh, I don't believe it's much more than that. This idea I don't believe in the Day of Judgment. This is a root cause of many, many crimes.

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This allows a person to

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Lie to cheat. This allows a person to do whatever he pleases. One of the things that was narrated from the wisdom is what that he there lambda stacking fastener mashita when you do not have any shyness, then do whatever you wish.

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This is the root cause in Nome Can you lay your junior he Saba working there will be a Tina kill another crime. They denied Our Verses how keep them

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with absolute denial, emphatic denial. They didn't just casually Oh, I don't believe not interested. Thank you very much. No, give them vehemently, severely. emphatically. Absolutely. Totally. They denied Allah's ayat. And I had clear signs, clear proofs. So evident, but they denied them.

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And these are the only two crimes that are mentioned over here, because these two are the root cause of many, many crimes. What color che in Asli now, Kitagawa what color Shane and everything whether little or a lot good or evil. Everything they did ask Lena who we enumerated it, where Keith Albin in writing.

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We enumerated it, we listed it by counting it how in writing and now they are being recompensed for it. They're not being punished for crimes they did not do know there is written proof of the crimes that they committed. Kitagawa it's written and now they're being recommended for it on the Day of Judgment. What Kula che in our sign Okay, taba interest. CalFire 49, Allah says, well, will they are al Qaeda, Abu Fatah almajiri Mina was 15 the book of deeds will be set up, and you would see the criminals afraid, me Murphy, of that which is in that book, were Kowloon and they will say, Yahweh let Anna merrily handle Quito. What is wrong with this book? Lie you God you silly rotten? What

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could be rotten? Illa Arsa. This book has not left out anything small or anything big, except that it's written at all?

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Well, would you do ma Mi Lu? how little they will find whatever they have done present in front of themselves in the book of deeds, everything counted. Everything listed. So easily. Sometimes we say things and we forget about them. But remember, just because we forgot about them, or just because now it's the next day. It doesn't mean they're finished. No, they're written.

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Sometimes we lie.

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Sometimes we backed by.

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And every word is written, every lie is recorded. Maybe people whom we are lying to don't know the truth.

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They don't. But we lied. And that lie is written Kulla che in OSI now ketover.

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In a hadith we learn that on the Day of Judgment, before all of mankind,

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Allah will bring forth a man from the ummah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning he will be called for his hisab.

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And then 99 scrolls will be placed before him. What are these scrolls?

00:28:51 --> 00:28:52

His deeds,

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each of which will be as long as the site can reach.

00:29:00 --> 00:29:07

How big is each girl? How big is each girl? As far as the site can reach?

00:29:09 --> 00:29:10

Just imagine

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and in each scroll, what is listed the deeds of this person and which deeds has since

00:29:20 --> 00:29:39

Allah will ask that men? Do you deny any of this, these 99 scrolls that are full of your sins, the scrolls that are so huge these pages that are so big, that there has been as far as you can see, do you deny any action that's written over here?

00:29:40 --> 00:29:46

And the man will say No, Allah who will ask, did my angels wrong you?

00:29:48 --> 00:29:51

Were they unfair to you that they wrote something you didn't do?

00:29:53 --> 00:29:54

And the man will say no,

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

because how can he deny? There's written proof? There is written evidence

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

sense of what he has done. We're canola che in US Lena Kitamura.

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In another Hadees, we learned that Allah the Exalted says, All My servants, it is your deeds that I record for you I will hold you accountable for and then recompense you for. So He who finds good, let him praise Allah.

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Meaning when you realize that you have done something good in sha Allah, then what should you do? Praise Allah for it, thank him for it. And He who finds other than that, when you realize you've done something wrong, it's written, then let him not blame anyone but himself. Take responsibility

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of what you have done. Don't blame others. Oh, my husband's like they so my friends are like that. My family is like this. What do I do my heart is is like that.

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My family situation is like, no, stop blaming. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for yourself, because it's your deeds that are being recorded. It's your deeds for what you will be held accountable for.

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Take care of yourself. Worry about yourself. You know, like people tell you, you need time to take care of yourself, you need a break, you need to go and get a facial, you need to go get some sleep, you need to take this you need to do that. Sometimes tell yourself also,

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please take care of yourself.

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You worry about your children, you worry about your family, you worry about your friends, worry about yourself also. And I don't mean where are you about your sleep and worry about your quotes because that'll get done.

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Worry about your book of deeds. What is being written in it every day?

00:31:56 --> 00:32:00

What did you do all day? What did you accomplish? What did you fail in?

00:32:01 --> 00:32:11

That's been recorded. You'll see it before your eyes on the Day of Judgment. What do you want to see? What color che in RC now keep

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in total MBR I have 47 Allah says whenever rumo Asinelli Kinsta leoville piano we will set up the scales of justice on the Day of Judgment Fela total amount of sunshine, so no person will be wronged. Regarding anything at all. We're in cannabis or the Huberty min hurdle in a China visa. And even if there is something as small as a mustard seed, mustard seed, a tiny lie, a tiny ill feeling whatever it is, Athena be her we will bring it to surface. Waka Fabien AHA Sabine and Allah is sufficient as one who will take account Wakulla che in US Lena who Keitha for those who saw taste. Now taste the penalty for what you did for what you brought upon yourself.

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Tasted fallenness either come Illa or the Abba Furlan so never NAS either come we will increase you INLA either Abba except in punishment, meaning the only thing that will increase for the people in * is what?

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What is it? It's punishment.

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So the punishment of * is ever increasing.

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Never reducing never decreasing.

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Nyoman thoughts Lika anime bought

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yo nail the Orpheus 40 fatter tuna as

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well 14 hotties?

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wants to hear what you zhiban Over

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meal father

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Larabee fina

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was set up all Jezza

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I can

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assure you in

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who kita bazoo who Ferland z the Coombe

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