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Al-Anam 74-92 Translation 74-92


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When it comes

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to the Hill karimabad ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim for beshara Elisa de were silly emri wash lol melissani Yahoo Cody, for burner Urbanus in Lesson number 82 sudo tool anom I am number 74 to 92.

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Translation what is and when he said Ibrahim Ibrahim are they Sara Lee to his father as a as a

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do that does he do you adopt you take us nirman idols and lehighton as gods

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in me indeed I or aka I see you will call merker and your people fi in Berlin misguidance moving one clear

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worker liquor and likewise no D we show Ibrahima Ibrahim mallacoota kingdoms Empire smls 80 of the heavens will early and the earth

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when the akuna and so that he becomes men from a remote in in those who believe with certainty phenomena so when Jenna it covered Allah He upon him la Lu the night for he saw kilkivan a storage parlor he said had this Roby microbe

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phenomena so when a fella it said it disappeared on us he said last not possible I love an ethylene those who said those who disappeared fallow muscle when he saw Amara the room bezahlen rising corner he said Heather this Robbie Myra fellow muscle when a fella it said it disappeared all he said let in Surely if lamb not yet Dini, he guides me Rob be my Rob akuna surely I will definitely be main from only the people of Berlin those who are astray. Phelan Mercer when he saw a shumsa the sun basil Horton rising color he said hazard this er B's Myra. However this arc baru is biggest or is greater. A growth is greater for animals. So when a fella it disappeared, it said color he said

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yeah, oh golly, my people in me indeed I very own free of responsibility mimma from what the shikun you all associate in me indeed I work just to I have faced I have turned wajir my face. Lynn levy for who for he created a seminar the heavens will Aruba and the earth has an infant unswerving warmer and not honor I mean from a wish the game those who associate partners with Allah wa and had Yahoo he argued with him go with his people. Allah He said due to head junie you all argue with me you all dispute with me? See concerning Allahu Allah, or called oil in fact Heather and he he guided me whether or not a harmful I fear ma what touche licona you all associate partners be here with him

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in there except on that your shirt He wills or be Myra Shea anything was here he encompassed or be Myra cola every Shea in thing or ilma in knowledge of Allah do they're not better karoon you will take heed. You will remember

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okay for and how a harmful I fear man What a shock to you all associate partners. You all do schilke owner and not the half owner you all fear and Nicole indeed you are shut up. Don't you all have done shift? You all associate partners, the law he would Allah Manafort learn not universal, he sends down be he with it or they come upon you so far than any authority for au so which are for you cleaning the two groups. But how cool is more rightful is more deserving than me with the peace with the security in if control you were there on the moon you will know and levena those who knew they believed when I'm a not yell bizu the MCs a murder home their belief below men with injustice,

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Allah, Ecuador's law home for them, the peace, the security, we're home and they

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The ones who are rightly guided when to obtain guidance, what to get and that her jetavana our argument, Athena her we gave it Ibrahima to Abraham. Allah against only his people. No Pharaoh we raise the Roger thing in degrees in ranks. Man, whoever national we will indeed for bucha Europe hockey won't always always our Lehman always all knowing

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what and what happened. We gifted We bestowed Lahu for him his help got his help where Uber and they are who are they in Santa colon all hi Dana. We guided when you hand and know her Dana we guided men from a blue before where men and from the reality he his offspring, their wood. The Buddha was Sulaymaniyah and Sulaiman was a UVA and a you were you suffer and uses were Musa and Musa Wilhelmina and heroin and he was sort of worker there Anika and likewise madjozi we recommend we reward and worsening those who do utmost good weather Korea and Korea we are here and they are here where Isa and Risa where India and India's colon all men from a slot machine, those who are righteous. What is

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Marina and is married one year sir and Elisa, where UNICEF and Eunice where Luke and Luke are the humans. So now we're Quinlan and all for birna we favored honor upon an item in the world's woman and from other em their forefathers or their ancestors, what their god him and their children, their offsprings who are a whiny him and their brothers which diviner home and we chose them where are they in our home and we guided them in order to serve but was the team one st.

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Veronica that who the guidance Allahu of Allah yesterday he guides be with it man whoever your show he wills men from a birdie he his servants when Oh and if a shoe aku they associated partners. They did shift left surely have you ever he wasted or it wasted? It was wasted on home from them man what Colonel? They were here I'm alone they do all their Ecuador's and Medina those who are thinner whom we gave them Al Kitab the book when hookman and the wisdom and the authority or Nobunaga and the prophethood for in them is yuck for he disbelieves we have with it How old are these people for God so in fact what can we have interested be here with it Omen a people lay suit they are not be here

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with it because it in at all ones who disbelief

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owner Ecuador's and levena those who had our he guided Allahu Allah febi Huda home so because of their guidance, if you follow you take example. If you follow or you take example,

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to say learn not as I asked you, I lay upon it a juror any reward any weight, in not who ate a lair except the claw, a reminder that Ireland mean for the world's warmer and not further devalued. They estimated Allahu Allah helper as his rate for the heat of his value is when carlu they said man, not unzila he said down Allahu Allah, Allah upon butchering any human being mentioned in from anything to say, Man who unzila he sat down and keytab the book and Lady which jersey came up with it Moosa massart a salon, Milan as a light worker, who then and as a guidance, Linda see for the people that you're aluna who you all make it for all three stages. Do we do know her? You will reveal it to

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foreigner and he will conceal conceal them much. We're in limbo and you were taught math word, learn not who you are. No. I'm telling you whether and nor your forefathers told say Allahu Allah, somebody in the home you live them see in holding him there engrossment in our boon they play

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whatever and this kita when a book, Angela who we have sent it down, we have revealed it. No Baba como one Lessard massage the one that confirms and Larry which bainer is between Yeah, there he is two hands by the day he before it when he turns it

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And so that you want oma mother and Cora of the town's woman and whoever held her is around it. When Lavina and those who you may know that they believe will be in the hereafter you may know that they believe be with it. We're home and they are the upon salata him their prayer you have your own Deckard the project

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let's listen to the recitation

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of the body

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mommy daddy

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boo boo.

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Muna z will be here later on

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burger hockey

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cool and had a nice 101 k

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mini was it Gary

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dv me

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the chronic