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An-Nur 47-57 Word Analysis and Tafsir 49-52


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The hesitation of people to adopt Islam is seen as a fundamental part of one's life, and the use of tools like the "beads of the heart" and "beads of the heart" is discussed as a way to avoid hesitation and discomfort. The importance of understanding one's beliefs and avoiding dangerous behavior is emphasized, along with the need for people to have a clear understanding of their beliefs to avoid mistakes and mistakes. The importance of faith and acceptance is also emphasized, and the need for people to leave everything runny to achieve success in life is emphasized.

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When you can, and if it is the home for them, and help to the right, meaning if the right is for them.

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In other words, the decision that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim would make goes in their favor.

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What in yakun Lomonaco? If I'll help the right goes in their favor, the home lamb over here indicates in their favor,

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then what will happen yet to LA, they will come to him meaning to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or they will come to the command that has been given how much the remaining ones in prompt obedience, they will come immediately in prompt obedience more than 18. It's the same word as the word is. And as I mentioned to you earlier, that Eman includes, but does it include the state COBOL? And if so, if Iran from Iran is suffering

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from Iran if Iran is far more free,

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so who is more than one who makes admission, one who is very submissive. But Iran is not just any kind of submission, it is an Islamic metaphor. It is an Islamic to be hasty to rush, matara, along with obedience. So it is to be readily promptly. obedient, that as soon as the command comes, that's it. I obey, without any delay, without any hesitation, without any reluctance. Immediately, a person submits and in Iran is not just submissiveness and promptness. But there is also the element of humility, that a person is very humble. So yet to La moodini, they come to the command they come to the Prophet salallahu Salam obediently submissively because they know that the decision is going to

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be in their favor. So what do we see that the way of the hypocrites is that they only take those parts of the deen that support their opinion?

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They only take those parts of the deen which suit their desires, those commands those elements of the deen which they like.

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And if anything goes against their opinion, if anything goes against their lifestyle, if anything goes against their desires, then what happens? they abandon those if they abandon those bodies,

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they don't look towards them.

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Now this kind of obedience where a person obeys where a person except to a person follows what he likes, and what he does not like he doesn't follow. He doesn't accept that this kind of obedience is partial obedience. And this kind of obedience is not actually obedience to a line is messenger. This is what obedience to one's desires.

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This is obedience to one's desires. The person is not really following the commands of Allah, he's actually following his desires. And this is why such obedience is rejected.

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Such obedience is not acceptable to Allah.

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Because of a person takes what he likes, and he loves what he does not like, is he actually obeying a law? Or is he actually obeying his desires, his desires? So even when he's apparently following the commands of Allah, in reality, what is he doing?

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In reality, what is he doing? Following his desire? He's not following the command of Allah. He's not taking it as a command of Allah, He is taking it as fulfillment of his desire.

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So this is a test that if there is one command that goes against our lifestyle,

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and there is another command that conforms to our lifestyle, what is our reaction? Is it that something that conforms to our lifestyle, we accept it, and if something contradicts our lifestyle, we leave it, we abandon it? This kind of obedience is not acceptable. anything, any command that a person learns off, why should you do it? Why should you follow it? Why should you implement it? Because Allah has

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on because I like it a lot. It's good to like what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded? Definitely, but that should not be the only reason.

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You're doing what you're doing because Allah has told you to do so. Because Allah wants you to do it. And that is the greatest reason for doing something.

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But unfortunately, many times what happens? We don't accept something we don't follow something saying, I don't understand it yet.

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I don't understand the logic of it, yet. I haven't fully comprehended it yet. When I do comprehend it when I understand its logic, then I will do it. But until I don't understand the logic, I'm not

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Do it. And sometimes people have such excuses for the basic things even like, for example, people will not pray five times a day saying, I don't understand the logic of praying five times a day, you're saying the same thing over and over again.

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I don't understand what I'm saying, Why pray. So therefore, until that moment when it hits me, until that moment when I actually get it, until then I'm not going to do it, when it actually hits me when I get it, then I'm going to start doing it. Such obedience is not acceptable.

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You see, in the history, we see two examples from the children of Ibrahim medicina. One is the way of the money is for you.

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And the other is the way of is married.

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The money is for you when they were commanded that in the La Jolla, Morocco and that Rahu bokhara, that your Lord has commanded that you slaughter a cow. What was the reaction? a tetrahedron? Yahushua? Are you kidding? Are you serious? How's that possible? It went against their ankle, it went against their intellect. And instead of obeying immediately, what did they do? They asked so many questions. So many evidences. This is what we do many times as well. If this is supposed to be done, okay, what's the evidence? What about this? What about that, what about this? What about that, and we spend so much time researching, researching, researching, discussing, discussing, discussing,

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and then what happens after some time, you know, that whole interest it dies out until we move on to the money Israel also, what did they do instead of accepting immediately, they began asking one question after the other. Why? Because it did not hit them. They did not accept it as a command of Allah. They wanted to understand the logic.

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And what happened it complicate the situation for them even more. And then finally they went and slaughtered the cow.

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On the other hand, there is the example of ismar either in Santa

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Ibrahim or s&m he told him, that I drempt that I'm slaughtering you. What was his reaction?

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That was only a dream.

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What was his reaction? Yeah, avati. If I met

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my father, do what you have been commanded.

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He didn't say Are you sure it was me? Maybe it's metaphorical. Maybe you know, something else was being said to you.

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Maybe it means you should not love me.

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This is why you were being told to slaughter meat. No. What did he say? If not, just do exactly as you have been commanded.

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two completely different ways. One is off, objecting and procrastinating and asking questions, and the other is off semina.

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And sometimes when our heart has not settled on something, what happens? We asked one person, we asked another person, we asked one email, we asked another email, we ask one shape or another shape, we look into one book, another book. And eventually when we find something that suits our desires, we accepted

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this recently, I was amazed, I was shocked when I actually saw somebody literally photoshopping, that they went to one scholar, they asked him about the particular issue that they were facing. And that's called he said, You're not allowed to do whatever you want to do anymore. That's it, it's finished. They went to another scholar. And they said, No, no, you can do it.

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And they actually did it. Why? Why did that? scholars say no, no, you can do it. Because they did not tell that scholar the full story.

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They did not tell that scholar, the full story.

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And they're coming and telling the first scholar scientist scholar said, you can do it, and you're telling me I can't do it.

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So this is inappropriate behavior, that when our heart is not settled upon something when we ourselves are not satisfied when we don't want to do something. We look at what one person has said, we look at what the other person has said. And then eventually, when we find something that suits our desires, we do it. And to that even we don't do justice, we ask in an ambiguous way. We ask in an indirect way, we don't give the full story, or what that scholar has said we don't take it fully. We take it partially, this kind of behavior does not suit a believer.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala questions us that what is the reason?

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Why is it that when a person has learned of a command, when a person has understood something still he does not do it? What's the reason? Allah subhanaw taala says a few connubia Martin, is there a disease in their hearts? Are these people sick? Are these people diseased? That because of their disease because of their sickness, because of their ailment, they're not able to follow the command of Allah. Like for example, if a person is genuinely ill what happens he's not even

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Do what he's supposed to do right. So, Allah subhanaw taala is asking a vehicle to be modeled, is there a disease in their hearts? What is the model, model is imbalance model is imbalance, it is when something leaves error today when something leaves moderation balance, how? By going to extremes

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and if you think of it any disease any ailment, any illness is of this nature. Like for example, your blood sugar level should be within a particular range. If it goes too high, if it goes too low, if it goes on to an extreme, is there a disease? Is there a problem? Yes, there is similarly your blood pressure should be within a particular range. If it goes beyond that, if it goes below that, is there a problem? Yes. Similarly, your body temperature should be within a particular range, if it goes above that, if it goes below that disease, illness, correct. So this is what a disease is.

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And remember that spiritual diseases are also like that. Spiritual imbalance is also an illness. And that is a disease of the heart. Like for example, love, that is what it's like an imbalance of the heart.

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that a person has so much love for someone

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that because of that, they're being distracted from things that are very, very important. It's not love for the sake of Allah. It's perhaps haram love. Similarly, it's not for the sake of Allah. It's not in obedience to Allah. Like, for example, if a person genuinely loves their husband, understandable, but if a person is only engaged, or a proposal has just come, and the girl falls in love with that guy, and even during class, she's daydreaming last, this is what imbalance. This is disease. This is illness. Because her emotional state is not balanced. She has gone on to an extreme. She's not thinking properly. She's not doing what she's supposed to be doing. She's

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distracted all the time. She can't focus in class, she can't focus in Salah. She can't focus on anything because she's constantly distracted. Similarly, if a person is extremely sad, if a person is suffering from sadness, that is also what a disease Why? Because a person is depressed. He's down in the dumps is very, very low.

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So muddled is what an imbalance, whether physically or spiritually or emotionally, something goes on to an extreme, either too high or too low.

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And over here, muddled refers to the disease of hypocrisy, the disease of hypocrisy. And if you look at it, what is the reason behind the disease of hypocrisy? What causes hypocrisy, what causes and effects, what produces an effect in the heart,

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love of the

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That is the major reason the prime reason behind hypocrisy how that a person has so much love for the Giada he has so much love for Bay that when the time for Salah comes he cannot go

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What do we learn earlier? The Jalan latterly in the Sheraton whenever you're an antique dealer. But as for the Ben Affleck, what happens to him? He loves to Java he loves bear, he loves shopping. So even when the time has come, I love shopping. I love being here. I cannot leave early. I still haven't bought everything that I had to buy. This is what hypocrisy, that a person is not fulfilling his duty to Allah. He's not proving his Eman. Why, because of extreme love.

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Similarly, we learned that the moon I have been many times they would not go to battle why they did not want to spend their wealth. They did not want to borrow from their families Chava, Latina, Luna, Luna, our wealth and our families they have kept us busy. This is why we don't have time.

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So they're so lost in the love of their wealth, in the love of their families, that even when the command of Allah has gone and it's clear, still they do not accept still they do not follow.

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So a few glooby model is there a disease in their hearts that because of this disease of hypocrisy, they have so much love in their hearts for this dunya for their families for their lifestyle, that they don't want to change. And even though they realize the command of Allah, they understand it. They don't implement it.

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They don't want to live by it. They don't want to follow it.

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You understand? Because many times what is it that prevents us from following the commands of Allah even when we understand them?

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What is it?

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It's the love of different things. For instance, for many people, I cannot do this because it will upset my husband. I cannot get up and pray at this time because my husband wants me to be with him at this time. I cannot do this because my husband does not want me to the command is very clear. Now, obedience to husband, love for husband, definitely, it must be there. However, it cannot be in disobedience to a must.

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And if a person loves their husband, to the extent that they do not want to disobey them, even if it means disobeying Allah, then this is what imbalance, this is not the appropriate amount of love that should be given to the husband. A few follow up model, is there a disease in their hearts? Why don't they follow? Why don't they accept? What's the problem?

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Okay, if it's not this disease, then what is it? Um, if terrible? Or are they in doubt? Are they in doubt, is terrible from ATF, if the job is to entertain, right, meaning to entertain doubts, so are they in doubt about the profits or losses? Or are they in doubt about the Quran that isn't really from Allah or not.

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Because if a person is certain, then he will never ever disregard the command of a law.

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If a person is certain he has the opinion, he will never disregard. Because think about it, if somebody comes up to you, and tells you that so and so person has said this.

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Now, it depends on who that so until a person is, if you trust them, you will do what they have told you to do. Like, for example, if your sister comes and says, you know, mom has said that you were supposed to wash the dishes. If you really trust your mom, if you really trust your sister, if you really know that they are sincere to you, then are you going to do what your mother said? Of course you are.

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But if you have doubt

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that she's telling me to do this, so that I don't go to my friend's house. I don't have to take a nap. If there's any element of doubt, and is that going to lead to obedience or disobedience, this obedience? So amid taboo, what is the reason? Do they doubt that this quote is from Allah? Do they doubt that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is really a messenger or not?

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Because if they had certainty, they would accept readily. Okay, if they don't have a model, if they don't have doubt, then is it that Amir ha funa? Or is it that they fear and your haIf Allahu la nueva Sulu, that Allah and His messenger will deal unjustly with them? That the command that has come from a lion is messenger is unjust, it is unfair?

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Is it this that they fear? Your Hiva is from the blue letters high f haIf. andhave. Is to deal unjustly with someone It is to be biased in a decision.

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It is to be biased in a decision that just because you don't like someone, you're going to make a decision against them.

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And have is to reduce something from its sides. So do they fear that Allah and His Messenger are unfair? They are biased in their commands

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that the men are told, just lower their gaze and guard your private parts and the women are told, lower your gaze, cover your private parts. Live with Xena, Xena tahuna voila, here we are, Julian, that they think that this is bias. They think this is unfair, that women are being discriminated, that women are not being treated fairly. Is that this that they fear that any haIf Allahu alayhi wa rasuluh that Allah and His Messenger are unfair to them, unless has been rather no hula eccomas learning it is these people who are unjust. Allah and His Messenger are not unjust. They're not unfair. It's these people who are unfair, who, those who claim that they believe those who say that

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they will follow but they don't actually follow.

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So we see in this ayah, that whenever we are given any command, and we don't follow, we don't accept, we need to check ourselves. We need to analyze ourselves, what is stopping me what is preventing me?

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And I'm sure in the minds of all of us, we're thinking about the commands that have been given in the soul only think outside that box as well. Not just the commands that are given in this order, but otherwise as well as commands regarding eating commands regarding the proper clothing commands regarding how to speak, what kind of words not to use, how we must behave with our parents, how we must be with our

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husbands have a must be with our children, how we should obey how we should fulfill our duties, our obligations, think outside the box as well, all of the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given. Whenever we don't follow something, what is the reason behind that we have been given a checklist. It could be one of these three reasons, nothing but this. Either we have some model, either we're suffering from a disease, or we have doubt.

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And if it's not these two, then we have this thinking that this religion is biased, this religion is unfair.

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It goes against our rights, that we're not given our freedom.

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And because of this reason, we're not following the commands that Allah soprano God has given.

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So this is a checklist that we have been given, analyze yourself that what is the reason? Is there a model is there too much love for someone is there too much love for something?

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example, I know of a girl who had fallen in love with a particular guy. And she had said that I can't cover my face in front of him.

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And if I don't cover in front of him, I can't cover in front of anyone. This is what modeled extreme love, wrong love imbalance. So what is the reason? Is there a model amid taboo? Or is it that they doubt? Or they fear that the commands of Allah are unjust? And this is why they don't accept? Because if despite seeing with our eyes, and listening from our own ears, if we do not change our behavior, then what is the problem? Is it that we don't understand?

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Is it that we don't comprehend? Is it that it doesn't make sense to us? Is it that we're suffering from some illness? Is it that we're not sure? Is it that we think that alone is messenger unfair? And if we think that if a line is messenger unfair than we are, because Allah says, well, who like a Muslim or those who think that a line is resolder? learning, there's lightning themselves.

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And if you look at it, many times, if a person does not want to do something, if he does not like it, if he wants to do whatever he wants to do, he doesn't want to change his way. He has many excuses. One excuse after the other, isn't it?

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So over here, we're being told, check yourself, what is your excuse? It will fall in one of these categories, it will fall in one of these three things. Because if you really believe in something, if you really want to do something, you're sure about it, you're confident about it, you know that it's the best solution because a line has messenger have given it, then you will not care about what other people say. You will not care about how other people stop you. Because when people want to do something, they don't care that their husbands tell them not to do it. Many women, it's seen in everything in almost every aspect. If they want to do something, their husband says no, they don't

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care to do it anyway. It's not appropriate. It's not correct, but they do it anyway. Similarly, with parents and children, if a particular person wants to do something, their parents say no, you can't do it. They want to do it, they'll do it. And the parents are just helpless at the end.

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So when we really want to do something, we don't care what other people say. how other people stop us. Now I'm not saying that this is how we should be when it comes to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala as well because we are forbidden from Google validate disobedience to parents, but obviously remember that there is no obedience to the creation in disobedience. Do Allah soprano.

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Make your Nia, make the intention. pray to Allah, speak to the people, make them understand and keep making God to

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keep making the artola he will open the ways for you.

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I remember once my mother was mentioned to me that throughout, you know her experience since she has started this work. In fact, since she was a child, she wanted to learn the ins she wanted to teach the she faced a lot of hurdles almost at every step. At every step. she faced many, many hurdles. And every time she would say I would think who are people.

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They can't do anything. They can't stop me. Allah is the one who opened the door for me. People cannot do anything. They can never stop me. If Allah opens the way for me, no one can ever, ever prevent me.

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And this is how each and every one of us must be as well. That we should think about the power of Allah, about the fact that Allah can give. Don't fear people don't think that oh, this person will look at me like that. And this person will say this to me. And this person will say that to me, they will leave me She will say that. No.

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Don't look at them. Don't fear them. ask Allah. ask Allah to open the ways for you. ask Allah to give you the fig to give you ability and see how the doors will open for you when you are determined.

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When you are determined, because many times, many times it happens, that we're prevented from doing something, because there's lack of determination in us, we are not determined, we are not confident. And this is why all of these tests come our way. So that we become more determined we become more confident, and when we have that confidence and Allah will open the waves

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in number, indeed not but can it was almost meaning the statement of the believers. Meaning the only statement that suits the believers are the only statement that comes from the believers. Either guru in Allahu Allah suli when they are invited to align His Messenger, Leah Kuma baina one so that he can judge between them. What is their only statement? What is the only statement that suits them hulu's colusa Mariner what

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they should say we have heard and Allah authority, we will obey.

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This is the promise that they make at that moment. This is how they make up their minds. As soon as they hear the command of Allah, they make a firm resolve in their hearts. That's a mirror now what I have made my Nia to obey your Allah. Now you have to help me. And Allah says what Allah aka human muffler when it is those people, only those who are successful.

00:26:31--> 00:26:36

Only such people are successful, mostly homeless from Fela. And for that is what kind of success

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what a person attains, after putting in effort after striving? What would like a human will for whom they will be successful, they will attain a less pleasure, they will attain his reward. Because they have put an effort. They strove in the way of Allah. They didn't say some aryna Yes, and Athena whatever we like, and whatever we don't like we're going to leave it because now you can live long enough and allows her therefore even I should not burden myself. No.

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They say severe now what Alterna and what Allah eco homomorphism if you compare this ayah with the previous, what did we learn Bella eco homos, lolly moon, those who abandon the commands of Allah, Who are they unjust? They are unjust, they're causing loss to themselves. And over here, what do we learn that those who obey the commands of Allah Who are they will they will,

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they will be successful.

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Even if the entire world says to them, you will suffer you will suffer you will suffer. They know that Allah is telling them Allah ecohome will Muslim. And they believe in the words of Allah, because he is the one who knows everything.

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And what people say that's based on their bias that's based on their fears that's based on their limited knowledge. So when Allah has said, What will our economy move your home that the believer has trust?

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So what do we see that in order to do anything, in order to obey any command of a loss of primadonna we need to have this determination in our hearts that I am going to do it this resolve that's Amir Nova Aparna now that I have heard I cannot disobey. Now that I have learned, I cannot ignore this. Once I have learned I am going to do it Sameera. Now what Alterna and this is a result of what the man this is a result of faith. Because this is a statement of who the believers and many times we see that if a person lacks determination, if a person lacks resolve if a person lacks confidence, the problem behind that is weakness of even the problem behind that is knocks in email, deficiency

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in email. Because when there is a man, nothing can stop a person

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because of the matter is between you and Allah. You don't fear people you don't look at people. You look at what Allah is telling you to do. And you don't depend on yourself to accomplish anything. You trust Him that He will give you the Sameera know what authority to make the intention, make the resolve and Allah will give you the

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woman you there and let her and whoever obeys Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger whichever person obeys Allah and His messenger. You theory from ITAR and uttara is obedience to the command that has been given. So the command that comes from Allah, the command that comes from His Messenger, we're not looking at what he likes, what he dislikes what he finds easy, when he does not find easy, what people allow him to do what people don't allow him to do know what is being said, user Ilaha or pseudo. Any command that comes from Allah and His Messenger he obeys and what leads a person to

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Such obedience, it's the fear of the law. Well shall law and he fears Allah yaksha from Russia. And this kind of fear is based on knowledge. And it's based on the awareness of the greatness of the one whom you fear.

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He doesn't look at how big the people are. He looks at how great Allah is.

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That if I disobey people, they're only people. And if I disobey Allah, he's Robert elemi, Maliki oma Dean,

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Welsh, Aloha, he fears Allah, he realizes the greatness of Allah. And because of that he has fear of him. He doesn't have the confidence to disobey Him.

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He may have the confidence to disobey people, but he does not have the confidence to disobey Allah yaksha law were Ducky, and he also has the koala.

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What does it mean by that he also has the quote of Allah. Because having taqwa means that you take a shield between yourself and what harms you, you protect yourself from what is harmful. So what is harmful? The punishment of Allah, the Wrath of Allah, the anger of Allah, how can a person take a shield against that? By doing what Allah has commanded? And refraining from what Allah has forbidden? So he doesn't just say, Oh, I really fear God, I really fear Allah know, yet the key, he truly fears him. It's proven by his actions. He does what Allah has commanded and he stays away from what Allah has forbidden, yet Ducky, then such people for Allah eco home with his own, then it is

00:31:43--> 00:31:54

those who are truly successful home, this home the meal Fussel What does it indicate? It is only such people who are successful, no one else but them is successful.

00:31:56--> 00:32:46

Because these people, they obey Allah, they fear Allah and they stay away from what Allah has forbidden. Therefore, such people are successful, if you look at the word for his own for his owners from photos, and photos is also success. But photos is slightly different from Fela, Fela is such success that a person attains after putting in effort after striving, but photos is different mccoo and hustle not lube, different mcru it is when what a person dislikes is diverted from him, that is to avert the push away to rebel and macro is what is this like what is harmful? What is dangerous, what you don't want. So on the one hand, a person is saved from what is harmful. And on the other

00:32:46--> 00:32:51

hand hirsutum Mk lube, to achieve the desire to achieve the goal.

00:32:53--> 00:33:03

So this is what follows is that a person is safe from dangerous and at the same time, he achieved his goal. he attains his goal, his desire.

00:33:04--> 00:33:47

And in order to do this, in order to have this kind of foes that a person has saved from anything that is harmful, and he attains what is beneficial what he wants, that he is saved from the punishment of Allah, and he gets the reward of Allah. What does a person need to do? He has to leave all those things that take him to hellfire. And he has to do all those things that take him to gender in order to do different mcru What does the person need to do? Leave everything that takes to Hellfire, because makuu is what Hellfire death averted? push it away? How will you do that? By leaving everything that can possibly take you to Hellfire and hirsuta matelo in order to get general

00:33:47--> 00:33:51

What do you need to do? do certain things. So both are required?

00:33:52--> 00:34:05

Now many times people say that, you know, so and so person, she prays to her job she gives so much. She's so nice. She's such a good host. So what if she does not wear hijab? What's the big deal?

00:34:07--> 00:34:45

seminary people say that I do this and this and this and this. So what if I don't follow this one command? But what do we learn that in order to be truly successful, you need to do all that as required. And you need to leave everything that is not permissible. You understand? Because recently, several people that came up to me asking me that if for example, a person feels that they need to improve on certain things before they start wearing hijab. Because once you put on the hijab, once you put on the headscarf, you're showing an image of a person who's very pious, you're showing an image of a person who is very righteous. And you know how your Salah is, you know how

00:34:45--> 00:34:51

your fasts are. So isn't that being hypocritical? That you're appearing to be very biased, but in reality, you're not.

00:34:53--> 00:34:54

How would you understand this?

00:34:55--> 00:34:58

How will you resolve this issue? How will you resolve this dilemma?

00:34:59--> 00:35:00


00:35:00--> 00:35:03

command is important in its own place.

00:35:04--> 00:35:32

In order to be successful, in order to attain foes, what do you need to do? Everything that will take you to general and leave everything that could possibly take to hellfire. And remember that this is a lifelong, constant struggle, where a person is every single day, he's trying to improve his Salah, every Salah he is striving to have sure you can ever say that. Yes, now I have reached that stage where every Salah of mine has for sure. You can ever say that.

00:35:34--> 00:35:42

The moment you think that your next Allah will not have question. It's a lifelong struggle. It's an ongoing struggle where you're constantly improving yourself.

00:35:43--> 00:36:28

So just because you feel that you're weak and one thing you don't need the other thing, this is a was was a from shape one. In order to be successful, you need to do everything that is required, and leave everything that is harmful. Both are necessary for success. We have learned earlier that from observe the heart and enough, we're obviously the janitor for God affairs, who is successful, the one who is saved from the Hellfire and admitted indigene because it's not just enough to be entered into gender, it's also important to be saved from the hellfire. Both are necessary. So such people are successful. This is a lifelong struggle, the Sahaba, even the very righteous scholars, even very

00:36:28--> 00:36:59

pious self, even they struggled with their Salah, to have sure to improve it to make it stronger to make it better, every person struggled with it. So just because you need to focus on that doesn't mean you neglect everything else. No, both are necessary for Allah eco mufa ism. In order to be successful, we need to pay attention to every single aspect of the religion, every single aspect. And you see, when a person thinks like this, then every single command becomes important to him.

00:37:00--> 00:37:10

Because he has this hashey of Allah, he has fear of Allah, He knows all the sins that he has made in the past. And he knows that he needs to do as much as possible to make up for what he has missed out

00:37:11--> 00:37:13

to make up for the loss that he has caused himself.

00:37:14--> 00:37:32

Like, for example, if a person has incurred a huge loss in his business, huge loss, he will spend every moment trying to save every penny, trying to save every dollar trying to make everyone more extra dollar. Why? Because he has incurred such a huge loss. And he has to make up for it.

00:37:33--> 00:37:45

And if you say it's only a penny, it's only $1 What difference is it going to make? It makes a difference? Like for example, if a person is saving money to go for a particular trip, what is he going to do? Save money.

00:37:46--> 00:38:02

He's going to be careful, even when he spends a quarter, even when he spends $10. And if he says oh it's only a quarter, it's only $10 that eventually what happens a quarter here $1 here $10 there $50. Here it adds up to a lot and finally when he has to go he realizes he doesn't have enough money.

00:38:03--> 00:38:15

So when a person has fear of Allah, he looks at his sins, he looks at his mistakes. He realizes the greatness of Allah that He knows what he has done is not enough. This will motivate him to continue to do more.

00:38:16--> 00:38:20

This will motivate him that I need to do this as well. I need to do that as well.

00:38:21--> 00:38:28

I cannot say this is sufficient for me. And I don't need to take that extra step. No, he will strive at every step.

00:38:29--> 00:38:30

He will strive to do everything.

00:38:32--> 00:38:34

We listen to the presentation and then we'll continue

00:38:36--> 00:38:37

oil Oh Luna

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00:40:37--> 00:40:41

Do words have been used over here for fear yaksha law where

00:40:42--> 00:40:58

both are understood as fear, right? Because fear is one of the most motivational vectors. It's one of those things that motivate a person to do something or not do something. It's one of the strongest driving forces, you can say

00:40:59--> 00:41:11

that when you have fear of someone, when you have fear of something, then you will do your best, then you will strive to stay away from something and when you don't have fear, even when you're showing many, many benefits, you're not going to care.

00:41:13--> 00:41:29

When you have fear of an exam, then you will prepare and if somebody tells you, oh, why don't you study, you'll get marks and get a diploma, you'll get a degree, you don't care. Fear is what drives people. When a person is threatened. If you don't submit the assignment, you're going to lose marks, that fear motivates them.

00:41:31--> 00:41:46

You may have heard or used such glasses, 3d glasses, in order to watch particular movies or play certain games, you have to be wearing those glasses. And if you don't have those glasses on, you can't see anything.

00:41:47--> 00:42:01

Even if you're sitting over there, you can't see anything. Now, just because you're not wearing those glasses does not mean that movie is not being played, that game is not being played, you are lacking something that prevents you from seeing.

00:42:02--> 00:42:31

So Allah subhanaw taala, he is newless mlsu. Allah, he has revealed is that our mobile units that are evident that are clear, and if we don't understand them, if we don't see them, if we don't get them, the problem is not in the if the problem was were in us, like I mentioned to you earlier, to see these is what do you need, you need the internal light and you need the external light, you need the desire of the heart, then you need the knowledge as well.

00:42:32--> 00:42:35

And then you'll be able to see, otherwise you will not be able to see.

00:42:37--> 00:42:55

So over here we see that the successful people are those who obey Allah and His messenger who fear Allah who have Taqwa of Allah, they will be successful, because fear dakwah These feelings are what drive people to obey Allah soprano data to obey the messenger sallallahu sallam.

00:42:56--> 00:43:06

Now, many times it happens that a person obeys certain commands out of fear of people. Like for example, a girl puts on the hijab out of fear of her mom. What will happen?

00:43:07--> 00:43:40

The moment the mom is not there, the hijab is gonna be off, isn't it? So? What does a person need? Fear of a law that no matter where I am, Allah is watching me. Allah is watching me He is the one who has given this command to me. Okay, my mom has told me to do it. However, this command actually comes from who Allah and he watches me everywhere. He is a Sameer he is asleep. And he is more healthy encompasses everything in his knowledge, I cannot escape him.

00:43:41--> 00:43:57

Because sometimes it happens that when we are with certain people, when we are in a certain company, we dress differently. And when we are elsewhere, we dress differently. This contradiction. This comes when a person does not have fear of Allah, but rather he has fear of people.

00:43:58--> 00:44:04

And this is also a type of what without contradiction, fear of people, not fear of Allah.