A Deeper Look – Surah Al-Buruj – This is Where Our Duas Go

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Allah hears describing was somehow either turbojets capturing many realities. On the one hand, the security of the skies and you know we've learned previously.

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He comes with a legion of angels. He descends with the legion of angels to deliver Quran to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam is MOBA and he's got a following some mean? Well, masa hippo can be imagined on your profit meaning the one among you is not possessed by Jen, it's not a Jin who gives him these words Gibreel Alehissalaam. It's almost as though Allah is now describing the checkpoints from which he comes these borouge that he descends from, right, and each of these towers are a witness to the journey of revelation coming down. But there's the other journey to the journey of the soul is in our deeds going up. So there are two journeys happening right now in the skies

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that are spiritual in nature, our doors go up, our deeds go up, those who pass away go up, and the revelation of Allah comes down that is comes down to deceit, the amount of Allah comes down. So this, this travel in the sky is a spiritual reality. I wanted to highlight that because oftentimes, because we are living in the scientific age, we read an eye of the Quran and we try to figure out what could it be saying scientifically, before Allah is discussing scientific realities, especially when he talks about the skies, he's either talking about some beauty you can see with your eyes, or he's talking about a reality beyond beyond the scene that only he knows. And he's just alluding to

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it. So we should be cautious about that and be aware of it. In any case, so the sky that possesses those towers, those guard towers, now, what's come from them, is the revelation of the Quran in our case. And so what does Allah azza wa jal describe? Well, yo mil maroons. And I also I then swear by the day that has been promised, this is a reference to judgment day. So firstly, swore by the sky that has those towers. Now, he swears by the day that has been promised, which means Judgment Day, what is the relationship between those two, there's actually a progression. You notice that the idea of towers and of a fortress is actually defense, not offense. It's there to keep enemies out in the

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in our case to keep gents out from hearing anything, right. But the day of judgment, as Allah has described in so many places is not a day of defense. It's a day of offense. In fact, those angels now start descending. All of those armies that have been gathered start descending Raja Rob Buck rabuka Will Melaku suffer and suffer they start descending rows upon rows upon rows. In other words, Allah is describing as if, right now you see the stars holding their place. Those twinkles you see in the sky up there? Those are the brugia Allah azza wa jal created those towers Allah created, but one day, they're gonna go from defense to offense, and I promise by that day that has been promised

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and sent down. The other interesting thing here is that, you know, one of the things that gets lost over time with any nation that was given guidance, is that they lose their true teachings of who Allah was. So the names, the qualities of Allah, the Oneness of Allah, the uniqueness of Allah, the relationship they're supposed to have with Allah, those things start withering away, and getting getting contaminated with culture, with ignorance with other things. Similarly, it's the teachings about the era, the day that has been promised, those teachings become corrupted, colluded, confused with other things, people have a diluted version of them. And even the world's major religions that

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still claim to have a book of Revelation with them, like Christianity, like Judaism, look at their description of Yeoman piano and you will find that there's little to nothing left of the original teachings that are preserved in the Quran that promise today, not much of that is left tying these two Ayat together with somebody that in Raja Yeoman mode. It is as if Allah is also saying subhanho wa taala, that this final revelation that has come through such secure channels has come in a way that that promise day and the truth about that promise it is also now secure, that will never disappear. So long as Quran is among us. And it has been sent by such secure means, there is no way

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people are going to forget the promise day. And what the truth about that promise day is just a subtle thing here. Somebody could believe in the last day like a Christian can believe in the last day and you might even believe in the last day somebody else might believe in the last day. But it's not just what is if there is a last day, what exactly is going to happen on that day? How is judgment going to be passed? What is going to be the way by which Allah will decide who succeeds and who fails, those details are all confused. And now Allah by calling it a Yeoman, no route is describing a day that has not only just been promised that it's going to come over and over again,

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but a Day whose details are well known and well defined, and that they're clear. So this is Masha who will Yeoman marooned? And then finally, wish I had no mesh hood, one of the most powerful ayat of the Quran next to small words, and so much as packed inside them, that it's It's baffling. I'll start with the most obvious let's translate it first. He says I swear by the sky that has towers. He says I swear by the day that's been promised. And then he says I swear by the witness, and the one that has been witnessed the witness and the witness. So for instance,

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Right now I'm the witness and you're being witnessed by me. Or you're the witness, and I'm being witnessed by you. So we are showerhead and machine to each other. That's the idea of shattered machine. But if you look at it in the sequence of the ayat, the first thing that comes to mind is that the stars, what's the purpose of a tower, the security guards sits there up there, all the way up on top of those letters so you can look out so he can watch witness. And the entire scene that he's witnessing is the machine. This is what is being what is being witnessed. Currently, the stars themselves are actually a showerhead on us, our deeds, our actions, what we are doing, even the

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stars are actually a witness against us. And that's one of the functions of the custom also, one of the functions of the oath in the Quran, Allah swears by something, he's actually turning it into a witness. So this the stars The sky is in fact, a witness. And then the day that's been promised is the other way. It's the thing that shall be witnessed. A Yeoman mo does actually the Masood, it's going to be the day that shall have to be witnessed by everybody. You know, so the sky is showerhead. And the day that's been promised, is actually the machine one of the interpretations of Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper

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look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section