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of praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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we find in a previous Surah we spoke about the destruction of nations of people, or tribes, those people rebelled or disbelieved in Allah Subhana Allah Allah, for how thorough Allahu Akbar Pia, do you see any signs or remnants of these individuals. And from last week to this week, we can see certain signs of Allah subhanaw taala of how it we can use such a word, linguistically of destruction, as some people may interpret data has taken place in the face of this earth, whether it be the land of Afghanistan or Bangladesh at the moment, the earthquake that took place today or the floods inside Bangladesh, because some of us may interpret this as a form of punishment or

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punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. And that could be one reason amongst many reasons, that these things begin to exist in the face of the of this earth. As you mentioned, that Allah Subhana Allah, from his wisdom, will show his Quadra his over his power, his mind and his glory and his dominance and his power in the face of this earth. Not every time destruction, as I mentioned, linguistically, that comes in the face of this earth, that many of us even Muslims, we have a mindset it means because these people, they are sinful individuals, they're bad individuals. This has become unfortunate common mindset amongst many Muslims, that every time people suffer, there must be an

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underlying issue. These people have deviated away from the past, so they deserve to be suffered. They deserve to go through this punishment is a mindset. Unfortunately, many of us Muslims, that's the way that we engage and we see things in the face of this earth. This is only one of the many reasons that Allah has trumped our sin certain things in the face of this earth. Amongst the other reasons that we don't look at the flip side of the coin that we become judge and jury, we play God on the face of this earth. That is other reasons as well. They could be hikma to awaken the rest of us Muslims. That the suffering that people go through for us to give us a chance to awaken ourselves

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to do good deeds, to do charitable actions to do welfare, societal work to begin to reflect as Allah mentions our failure to buena Ilahi. While you're stuck for Runa don't they repent back to Allah Subhana Allah don't they reflect? That's what Allah places inside the Quran. The punishment if we use these words linguistically, in a generic meaning is for us to reflect upon this. In other places in the Quran, Allah mentioned in such sort of Toba, a fella Your Honor. A normal afternoon of equilibrium in Merton Omar rotate through malaria to buena wala, whom he has the karoun that you see that every once in a year,

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every six months twice in a year. We place afflictions and calamities and difficulties and obstacles, trials tribulations on the face of this earth, for what purpose.

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So they may return repent back to Allah seek forgiveness. So it's not all waste as some people tried to display in such society that these people because maybe they Aqeedah is wrong, maybe they must have his wrong, maybe the deviated maybe the full of innovations. That's just one spectrum of a long list of reasons. That's just one of many reasons that Allah allows the wisdom of Allah also that the world begins to galvanize around them whereby they don't preach demonize these people now the world will see them in a different light that is suffer just like everybody else suffers. Just like Ukraine is suffering that we care about this. Now. Now humanity says, Oh, they're suffering as well.

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Where was the humanity before? Where was humanity before? Well, the same spectrum of dealing with human beings as we deal with human beings. When millions are killed in World War One World War Two, Rwanda genocide that we find Holocaust if and millions are killed, executed, persecuted? Who speaks about that? Muslims speak about that Spanish Inquisition? Where did the Jews flee to? Where do they flee? Where did they go? Who gave them shelter? Who gave them rest?

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Is as Muslims. But see, you see, when many of us don't see the double standard face of this earth? Because why? It's not because we're an Asian ethnic origin or minority. That's not the reason. Because people Albania and Kosovo and Bosnia, they were the fairest of Fairest individuals. The blonde is of the blonde. The blue eyes of the blue eyed individuals was the reason the core Crux that we need to understand in the medina fraternal Mina will Minette for malaria to Boone, those who persecute the believing men and women, they don't persecute us because necessarily color of our skin. That's one element persecution that we find racism on the face of does that still exist?

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institutionalized racism, that's what they call it. It exists to the day on this day existed, but we believe it humanity. We believe in anybody who suffers, that we play for them, we cry out for them, but they don't cry out for us. Because we're Muslims. Because we believe in Allah Subhana Allah that's the core reason. That's why I apply is shelved away, is put away

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Like the back shelf is shoved away. And you can see these statements what they say about us. You do not have the same rights as those people in Ukraine, those people suffering, listen to the language that they use.

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But it's the same human being with this same human race. We go through the same sufferings they go through. We care about the human race, they don't care about the human race. They care about their own selves. And we have mostly to understand the global message of Islam, that as we squabble amongst ourselves, that we begin to dissect Muslims, and look down upon other Muslims that this is the reason why they're suffering. That's partially true. But there's many other hidden wisdoms behind why they suffered that we should reflect upon that we should thank Allah Subhana Allah is an opportunity for us to rectify our faith, our belief and conviction and see the immense wisdom of

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Allah Subhana Allah have you alternated things from last week to this week? That is called a young woman who officiate and that's Allah subhanaw taala things can change. And Amber banal care if you are new coding for your Khun B and it is an alternate for tilcon a year mu nu Davidow, Hebei, the nurse, these are days that we alternate between people a day for them a day for you. But the N day in the always the days always for whom what Kalama Tula he'll rule year the word of Allah panda always remains dominant, remains powerful. That's the word of Allah subhana Dannah either we assist that know that Allah needs our assistance, we go towards that, that we believe in that caliber we

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had a conviction we have that belief. The why are we why are we thriving as Muslims today read history? Why are we thriving as Muslims sacrifice of whom? Sacrifice of the companions? Hardly any the companions are buried inside Medina. Sacrifice with a prophet Elijah his long vision, so will they be what he saw, making peace making pacts making agreements to see the long term vision and what to create inside of society is a society of stability, serenity, peace, tranquility. That's what Islam is. That's what Islam will do in the face of this ever give Temkin.

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The only thing that will give peace on the faces of centuries, noticed a small spectrogram centered eight centuries, six centuries of core belief dominance and power is what Islam gave to people. So these bacteria that signs are left remnants left to those people that Allah totally destroyed. But sometimes Allah destroys certain things to awaken as we mentioned, punishment during the night that happened inside of money start during the night, show how Allah can destroy things punishment during the daytime, the floods in Southbank, let's show how we can control everything. All these are Assad signs.

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Man, I shall do Minako, who is more powerful than us, signs that Allah subhanaw taala he's the most powerful he's the old powerful, he's the only one He's the one that we submit to. He's the one that we we encode we embrace and us that to alleviate take us from this and don't destroy us like you destroyed the previous nations. And the only way that destruction can be taken away, uplifted is when we turn back to our deed. That's where the previous Surah spoke about people who reject the last day and today's Surah suited marriage. It begins by speaking about the same concept salsa, it can be either been welfare, the one who asked the question about the punishment. Many grandma said

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this, this questioning his former former. So Korea is not a genuine question that when is the last day going to come about the punishment? That's when somebody has to speak at another ribbon Harris, that he's tried to pose this question as a mockery as a joke. Just like many non Muslims say, When is the last day when it will? When will it come? We'll see about it in some motion to say we'll see when the last day comes. We'll see when the day of judgment comes. We'll see what happens in that day. That will we believe see, we'll see Sophia Nora Well, we'll see when the last day comes what happens in the last day, let us just live for today. Let us enjoy our lives today. This enjoying

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this live for today if we could have you mentioned the concept of ultra about the last day, the more weaker the concept of the last state, the more stronger you may become on this world that you perceive to be. But the more weaker the your your chest, your cavity, your mind, your heart your soul becomes in that quest in that search

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to find peace and tranquility you never find it because it's a way it's a loop away from Allah subhanaw taala and likewise that is surah Allah mentions further whom you're Who do you who helped her you love who your mama lady, can you lead them along to let them pray, play and enjoy their lives. Until the Promised Day it comes upon these individuals. You almost could do them in a deathy let them come out as corpses when our cabal would come out their graves. Then they're going to be rushing, rushing towards the destination. Look at the Quran. It depicts that when they come out their graves as dead zombies corpses they're going to come at then they're going to start running

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towards the destination. It's too late at time dinickel Yo Mala de can who you are doing. That's the day that they've been promised.

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East. So the Surah Al have converted the theme it continues it completes the picture. It completes the picture whereby the previous Surah spoke about being given the record inside one's right hand on one's left hand. And here when the record is given was Sahiba T wa he will facilitate ility took we woman fill out the Jimmy and sama Yun Jie the person will be given the record and the person will flee away from the companion from their friend, everybody around them ever going to flee. I want to rescue themselves with everything on the face of the earth. So my Yun Ji to try to rescue themselves can ignore her levar Nutzer attorney Shaohua tele knee This is Laval This is the first one the names

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of Jahannam seven names with Johanna mentioned the Quran. This is a face Blazing Fire Nuzhat in the shower, it burns right down to the core, it burns the element in an element of the brain. The fog goes right deep that is when Allah discovered Otama discovered how deep the fire goes into the chest goes into the heart goes into the bone goes into the core and it burns the individual. That's what the fire of Allah subhanaw taala is now the light Muqtada ignited fire of Allah subhanaw taala Why does Allah mentioned it inside the Quran? Why does Allah make us very fearful? Because fear leads to rebirth? And he told me I said, That's what fear? Does fear take you towards a bad faith? Is it just

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to shed some tears, which is a good concept. That's the beginning path. That's the beginning of fear is is to weep and to cry. But the end result is what is the action. That's why they attribute to embitterment other element as well. Don't look at the beginning of a human being. Don't look at the beginning of the human being. Look at how to look at his end. Look at the end of an individual because we're so busy always nitpicking every individual or but he was like this. He was like this. He'd done this. He'd done this, he done that. Why don't you look at the end of the individual? Why don't you look at the end of their life, the final moments of their life, the final years of their

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life, what were they then at that moment in time in the mullah Malou Bill, how our team actions are judged via their intention. Judge opposite Hadith had mentioned via the ending the ending of an individual that's what stands in front of Allah. So as we mentioned, we began when we play judge Jewry, we pray God on this earth is a sickness in our society. It needs to be up rooted is a deep sickness, cuz every day, that's all let you but this but this, but he's like this, he's like this. He's like that she's like this, but maybe they could get punished for this. Who gives us the right to play God on the face of this earth? Just like you don't make the Shmi in the Sefa. And names and

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attributes of Allah don't make the Shmi in his judgment. don't equate yourself that you can make judgment about God.

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You don't have no right. No one has that right? That's only Allah subhanaw taala you're truly meant to show you at the moment your shirt, he punishes whomever he wants, and he forgive forgive whomever he wants. That's for Allah subhanaw taala you can only hide that this action leads towards destruction, it leads towards sins and leads to his punishment. It leads to some it could harm you inside your grave in southern Africa. That's all like you can see that's when you could hide it. And it shallot highlight this could be the dangerous end of such actions. And so to conclude that this is going to be the end of a Muslim, then this is dangerous belief.

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The only thing that can be completed is the opposite which we don't do those people disbelief

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and their disbelief is clear cut. That's when you conclude those individuals from a serum Ilana. But look, I believe we twist it around. We go around making excuses having moments of silence for people that their disbelief is clear cut. The disbelief is create other people for a moment of silence for them moments of respect for them. We do have moments of respect for them. But we can't conclude that they're going to go to jahannam

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is something difficult at times, the professor Abu Talib, who helped him who supported him throughout his life, how do you think he felt? How do you think he felt when His own uncle is not being given? The promise is going to go? He said say this Kadima where you can be Yeoman cuyama in delay Subhana Allah just say this one kill him and his one word La Ilaha illa Allah and I will argue in front of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, just say this one word, this one Kadima, he refused. He stopped saying it because the entourage around him the courage to lead people around him say no, don't give up your faith. Don't weaken inside your faith. So he died upon that belief. And

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what's the least punishment that he went tube boiling sandals or shoes, or straps around his feet and make his brain boil? And that's the Shiva the intercession of the Prophet Elijah from that he done for Abu Talib. This is hoss. This is only for the prophets of the hidden that the intercession is allowed for him.

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due for his uncle by because of his defense of this Dean, his protection of his nephew

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that's only for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the rest of the disbelieving individuals, for them that the fire is destined for them. If you don't turn back to Allah Subhana Allah, no matter what good deeds to do in the face of this earth, day good deeds are invalidated. Because that's pure *, that they have pure disbelief, pure rejection. That's why you mentioned more of them will karate always speak about rejection? Rejection of Allah rejects the signs of Allah, questioning Allah denying Allah being arrogant towards Allah is that this questioning mind is inside our heart and our mind. Why does Allah do this? Why did Allah do this? Why did Allah let this Take this? Why

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does the Quran say this? Why did optimism tell us to do this? Why why why why? Why is it always why we're called to submit now what our partner the believer that those interviews say we hear and we obey we don't question

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that's different Abdullah in our bus he mentioned it inside the Quran is only 11 or 12 questions inside the Quran? Yes, Aluna can it only because I never know 12 times the Quran that's the only time they ask questions, and he will study those questions is to benefit society to benefit people just alluded to and then somebody will may say they ask you about wine about intoxicants and gambling, so society could benefit your Saluda Adeline Mahi they ask you about the menstrual cycle so the society can benefit your Salonika and a rule they ask you about the soul. So society could benefit so even a questioning is a beneficial questioning. And like as an aside and be either been

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welcome. This question isn't beneficial. Because this person and these people, they don't want to get to the end result.

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They tried to make Anastasia a mockery about what's going to take place inside the last day. Or those people who believe it's or the last day to undermine such individuals about the belief. So the surah salsa lsap Cathedral mentioned are most common in certain marriage, the ascension that we find. So inside the Surah it gives it gives the cure twice. It's a highlight what is the cure, and a list of all the things we need to do to get to Jannah and list them quite clearly categorically. These are the bad traits of the human being and these are the good traits for you to get to Paradise, what you need to do. And the other meaning of admire you find is El Mirage. Same concept

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same verbal said now know the verbal format that we find is the ascension. The Ascension of the Prophet as of the Israa will Mirage when he made the night journey Subhanallah the Astra BRB Laila Mina Merci, merci Aqsa and let the Baroque mahalo Lemuria when Tina in Nam was Samuel bossy, and the beginning of sort of Israel.

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Israel, or Israel or Bani Israel is other name, Glorified be Allah Allah took his servant took him from Makkah all the way to muscle, Aqsa, that's the Night Journey. Then from there he made the ascension

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from Baitul muchness made the ascension and Murad made the ascension to the heavens, and what was given in the heavens. What was given in the heavens, finally to eight are suited Bukhara that we find and what was what was imposed. Only one commandment. One action is imposed inside paradise that was given to the professor is a Salah is the prayer. That's the inside is Surah Surah Marathi, Allah describes a prayer and I didn't want him dead imune when Ladino Allah Salah team, you have the bone twice Allah mentioned at the same surah in the context speaking about the believing individuals, this is the core journey of the believer when Allah Allah Salah Tim dare a moon and it's similar

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that a moon not here Not there once in a while you have the default position of a Muslim is to pray that said finish there is no discussion about this. There may be this is that that the default position, every single The only thing that companions so Cofer off.

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Only thing they saw that disbelief. If a man who doesn't pray

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that's the only thing I do as Sahaba led a man who doesn't pray that is as a clear symbol of a disbelieving individual. Apart from this, because in the role of our Fukada the debate about many things, but this is the essence about arsenal. So we need to rock this Allah focus upon prayer, rather than as many others focus on certain external elements of the prayer, which we rightfully should do. But we saw once again, our minds so bogged in tune with just that inside our lives.

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We're up there immune we are people for synaptic Fajr where are they for? Serato Fajr. Why are they so worried about technicalities about the prayer? That's what Allah has laid out certain things to do to show symbols of believing individuals, even as set out no matter what happens to a person side they should not leave a Salah and just generate some strange things that people that we met just to highlight the question of when they understand what Salah is people about to

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Do you have or sitting with the opposite gender may be involved in something but they stand up every day sir people trafficking drugs have stood up read this law, a person inside a nightclub walk out the nightclub pay decent I went straight back inside person might say this is a D this is strange.

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But why? Because I understand no matter what sins are coming on the face of the earth, if I leave this one thing that I'm doomed

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and most of these people when you come back to them, you've seen that day have abandoned those evil actions. It took them a matter of time to abandon it but they had the instilled within them that no matter what I'm doing right now, it's time for Salah people said we quoted inside a cinema watching a movie time for Maghrib and he's gonna run out they've just walked out gone to the side read this Salah maybe you could make a more creative joke about it, what kind of saliva but they have that belief that conviction. They leave that out and are his people when people have missed salah. Why do you think people feel so emotional about it? It is a great discussion about khadakwasla Abandoning

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the prayer or praise you missed inside your life. But some people feel so emotional about that. I've missed so many Salawat inside my life, what should I do? And I started to comfort the individual that Allah forgives. He pauses whatever happened. He literally began to weep. He said no, no, I need to make these prayers up in my life. I missed him yet. I'm going to make them up.

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You can argue to him that technically yes, you're probably going to be forgiven. But he has that conviction that 10 years I never pray

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that I'm going to ask about it in front of Allah. I need to make it up so we can give the technical answer but his emotional feeling deep down inside his heart. He feels remorseful he feels remorse for the I did not submit to Allah subhanaw taala inside my life I need to make this up inside my life. That's the remorse we should feel about missing Santa's inside our lives. Some of the Folk I mentioned what oh Sara Wahida um, the person misses one Santa one Salah intentionally some of the fuqaha mentioned when it's a minor view but just to wake us up, one Sara you missing you live intentionally for enter careful your disbeliever it's a minor view. But that's how deep that

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discusses once that you miss intention inside your life. So we should be worried about this inside our lives. While illenium Allah snatam You have the food, they preserve the god the prayers that preserve it, they're worried about it. That's why Allah mentions are the surah This is the bonding between the believer and Allah Subhana Allah. This is the this is the bond. As soon obey Nico baileigh between you and Allah Subhana Allah don't make a mockery about it. Don't make a joke about it. But cool Allah He carnitine stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala in observant men in front of Allah subhanaw taala and ustedes individuals asked his questioning

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as a mockery as I said, What's your Salah going to do? Look what you say to a ballet Salam? Does your Salah prevent you from the harms benefiting society to make a mockery about salah just like to repeat Muslims say oh just go read your Sargon read your Salah. Then.

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These are chromatic if you find more Korean and Stetzer will earn he was so Nawaz Sharif it relates to Hana data to make a joke about the symbols of Allah is Cofer

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to make a joke about the symbols of Allah is a is going to heading towards disbelief. And we see that many times the person doesn't do certain things inside their life. That's your personal belief or your personal issue with Allah subhanaw taala you to rectify, but if a person does certain dresses in a certain attire to confine with a sunnah a Muslim woman wears the hijab wears the niqab, or whatever she does, why is she doing it? They should be saying that, you know, maybe I don't agree with this, I have a weakness of faith, they have this belief to have this conviction. They've understood the Quran in this light in this meeting. And that's the most strongest view and they want

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to live in that life. But when a woman decides to to cover herself, then a valence of such a sudden it becomes an issue inside society. And the issue for many of us muslims isn't it becomes an issue whereby we should be encouraging things inside our society even though we may have a deficiency within our own cells. So mockery of the last day that we should be wary about this in front of Allah subhanaw taala that's where the Quran speaks about these individuals who make a mockery, and Allah only mentions Salah Salem be other than welcome. It doesn't say who this individual is. It really matters he mentioned now that even Harris Bashir has been Rahmatullah. I mentioned that certain

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names are mentioned inside the Quran. For what purpose? Because the names identities are not important. It's the concept is the concept that's important. You need to avoid that do this and avoid that inside you like you don't need to search of what every single individual inside the Quran. When the Quran wants to speak about certain individuals. We spoke about two individuals amongst the courage. It spoke about Abu Lahab but yet there are Billahi metab by name and he spoke I spoke about zayde I believe in Sun Tzu said he said chapter Quran perfect no other individuals mentioned inside the Quran from amongst the companions and in surround the sister

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Titan has mentioned us there

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by the time of the Quran that we find only these two individual mentions of the Quran. And it could be a reasoning for that to send a lesson to us, other than whatever the Quran does not disclose the name. We don't need to get so bogged down in what to decipher it. Look at a concept. People who question or reject the last day, don't believe in the last I want to make a mockery of the last day. And that's why these people they tried to more creative or trying to hasten it that Allah mentions another place that the Quran Umrah lifer at the start, you know who and sort of Nahal Allah mentioned utter Amarula fellow artists do the commands of Allah the last if Allah has come?

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Don't try to hasten it. Don't try to bring it earlier in his time or make a joke about it. And the strange thing about this surah is an MA be utter nightmare Salah is failed ma be like rabbits are certain suited Imams UTM Saudis and it's on speaks about Wade suitors begin inside the Quran. How they begin is that deep science about that why Allah chose certain verbs certain words, and mustn't be heard or certain however, there are certain words certain phrases how you began with them in certain suitors. Everything inside the Quran is dynamic is unique of Allah describes it inside his word subhanaw taala lil Katherina Lai sallahu Delphia so this punishment of Allah subhanaw taala is

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going to come that they cannot prevent it. People who disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah cannot prevent the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala when it comes upon them, whether it be inside this dunya when it comes to that Accra mean Allah, He did marriage to Allah Subhana Allah is the ascension. That's where you find it really my head describe arugula that loftiness to highness of Allah Subhana Allah Aleut Lucifer was that high above his creation is Allah subhanaw taala let's say the Quran you know, people go into academics and rhetoric and theology and dogma and philosophy. The Quran is so simple. When the Quran speaks about Allah, Allah or ramen or an RC stowa seven places

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inside the Quran, Quranic language easy to understand a salute la just to carry more pleasure to Allah is part of goals that will offer you what goes up to Allah subhanaw taala from Allah descends, the angels descends mercy just descends forgiveness. We don't need to dissect and say no, it doesn't mean this laser committee Shiva was somebody will proceed. We believe that Allah Allah describes himself inside the Quran. And nothing's like Unto Allah Subhana Allah, Quran is a simple language, simple understanding, only a few things that you need to then consult. Another has a generic creed, a generic belief that Allah the natural fitrah of the human being is what is to implore, raise your

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eyes, raise your heart, raise your mind to wear to the heavens, that you know that Allah panda is above the heavens to my elite will be generally that you call upon Allah subhanaw taala it's a simple belief. We don't need a long dissertation, long discussions about it. Simple people have a simple understanding of simple life simple belief. But we begin to mesmerize people's belief about what they need to believe in to Allah subhanaw taala traveled the world to Allah, Allah goes to dua of the believer towards Allah Subhana Allah da Rajan Mala Iike to Rue La, and the angels and the rule Amma Gibreel and A salaam traveled to Allah subhanaw taala or what rule be mana the soul? There

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were individuals we mentioned leave this dunya this world they traveled up. It goes up to to Allah subhanaw taala in a famous Hadith that we find a bribe and as even the soul travels up to the heavens. When it's a good soul, it comes to the heavens, it's us who is the soul? Firstly, they wrapped up in in a good cloth with beautiful fragrance. And as it travels with each stage to each stage, the angels praise and say this is so and so so and so the son of so and so's of so and so. And it comes up to the heavens and then Allah says opened the doors for this individual let him enter let him come, let him see. And then the opposite of the soul which is a wicked soul, I begin

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difficult to leave the body and it begins to try to traverse make that journey. Just prevent Who is this individual, the son of so and so a wicked individual bad individual found soul foul stench, foul believe foul actions. And anything that a phase refers to smell that soul, smell that body, that dead corpse lying inside the grave it will destroy that stench

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of that individual. But Allah conceals it, for what reason

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conceals it, for certain reason covers it up for reason, to awaken us inside our lives. That if Allah is to expose the dead people now on the face of this earth, what would happen to many of us, but that soul is never given permission to go beyond the law is heavens is flung down. Does Allah mentioned that I didn't continue these individuals. Liat kulula Jana, they're never enter into paradise until what? You find that that Campbell goes through the eye of the needle

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Mr. Hale, a camel can never go through the eye of a needle, meaning those who commit ship belay Subhana Allah, pure ship with Allah grant Allah to Allah dally die upon that they will never ever go to Jannah never ever. That's the promise of Allah subhanahu wa Allah and then we find the Yeoman candidate that will come soon Alpha Santa these days equivalent to 50,000 years it because he lists for things interpreters what is hum Sina alpha and what is 50,000 years. He says this either the distance between Allah's Panther down to the noise heaven, or the distance the soul going up to Allah subhanaw taala or is the timespan timespan of the creation of the of this earth it has 50,000

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years to remain for while in wind Allah is pumped out when it begins when it ends is one interpretation and not interrupted. He mentioned that some scenes Alpha Santa Jomo Tiana is another day name for your Matsuyama in front of Allah subhanaw taala firstly, subbrand Jamila.

00:30:58--> 00:31:40

So what is the last day entail? Look at the commands of Allah Samantha first bit of Sabra and Jamila have a strong, beautiful patient to get to the last day it requires patience and Hubbs controlling oneself. You don't get to the last day, just simply be hasty inside your life. person needs to be patient inside alive. Does another piece of Khurana mentioned for sub from Jamil wala, Mr. Anwar Allah mouthless ephone. Inside Surah Yusuf Allah mentioned for Cebu and Jamil What a beautiful patient that Yaqoob had. Well loved Mr. And well, Mr. Persephone, Allah is far removed from what they attribute to Him or attribute to Him, to Jacobian to use of and a must Sarah, does he find me

00:31:40--> 00:31:52

Tamia mentioned our sub B Duni. Chakra patients without any complaint. So sometimes be patient, but we complain. But then we should have been like this. If only this if only that if only that that's not patient.

00:31:54--> 00:32:11

Does not patient patient is that you are you're controlling just that you can you have to control the environment around you have to control restrain your tongue, restrain your mind for sovereign first with sovereign Jamila. And so even the previous or previous to suit before that. Allah mentioned about the unknown about Yunus and a Salam

00:32:12--> 00:32:36

don't become Casa hibbett route, the pastor the companion of the wane, that will happen he lost patience with these people. You have to persevere inside your life and given that when in the folding stool that's going to come out is sort of newer is nothing but patients again, look at the Quran builds up, speaks about destruction speaks about certain things, and it trains us trains the prophets, it's alive of patience.

00:32:37--> 00:33:18

Once will be patient like those individual gamma Sabra rule as we met Russell, and those five lofty strong, profitable patients inside their life, develop patients inside your life in Nome, you're no better either when Rahu katiba They see something far away the last day when Rahu kaliba We see it something close by disbelievers see the last day something far away and imagination a figment of the mind and last mirage in the mind of human beings or amongst Muslims. When Rahu kyriba The believer sees it close by the believers sees the last days close by that's how the believer sees it. And as we've added some narration mentioned Muslim Ahmed that Allah is prompt Anna will ease it on that

00:33:18--> 00:33:56

day. And I'm going to I'm sad inside is Topsy dimensioned in the love you have for Anil Mortman Allah makes it light on that day easy for the believers on that day. That you see it far away. We see it very close. And I believe in seeing something light and easy on that day. Yama, takuna Sama, okell. Mohali, once again, the depictions are suited halka about the last day Allah continues to theme, when you see that the heavens or the sky can move really, it becomes like boiled oil, lead, copper, boil, these elements, metallic elements take a lot of heat. And that's how it becomes this heavens that we see just becomes a soft liquid, that it becomes what the Kulu GBL who can a knee and

00:33:56--> 00:34:38

you find that the mountains become just like wooden and that sort of Korea? Can any man who's separated all these great German, these great mountains that you see, just had to go up into the sky, they penetrate into the earth? What happened to these mountains that turned into a cotton wool, that you just fluster away, take it away? This great creation of Allah subhanaw taala that's how the the last day is going to be everything that we visualize. Allah was dismantling, look at certain Hajj, the 22nd chapter of the Quran, speaking about the last day how it begins, that Allah's panda will give this depiction of the last day. What are the nurses suka be tsuchiura? Well, Akina Alicia

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

did you get to see people in a state of drunkenness running helter skelter all over the place? You find that a pregnant woman will drop her load. The breastfeeding mother will throw the child away. People be in that state why? Because this is the last day that everything will change. Everything that we dream about. Everything that we perceive, Allah will alter they will change

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Did for what purpose? To show us the powers we began with the power and the mind and glory of Allah's Panther yolmer to paddle out do Hyrule rd was somewhere what Burroughs who delayed we're heading to call her Surah Ibrahim you know even these places in the Quran sootel Hajj you expect him to speak about soft iron about hedge to the brim speak about once again John you've had but look right inside the custody iron how Allah speaks about the gathering the masher, the coming together, how does that display about how just that millions would gather how on the Day of Judgment will be there will be there standing there in a basic garment, not even a basic garment anymore? In a state

00:35:41--> 00:36:22

of nudity, uncircumcised, barefooted destitute and clothe naked individuals standing there in front of Allah subhanaw taala cannot or will or will help in order to do just that we bow to the face of the earth in the beginning we're going to bring you back again what then Elena in couldn't affair Elin Promise of Allah in the Quran affair in in, that's something that we're going to do. No one can challenge Allah Subhana Allah, no one can challenge Allah Subhana Allah on the face of this earth inside the heavens and the earth inside an era he's going to bring every single individual on the gathering on that day on the planes in front of him subhanaw taala and that should be enough to have

00:36:22--> 00:36:55

fearfulness inside the individual of coming in front of Allah's pants. Then you find all this, this depiction. Then Allah mentioned while your solo honeymoon Hamina look at the language the Quran person, their their best close, close friend, their beloved ones, people close to them, no one's going to ask about another individual. And he told me he lists many irons so it because he leaves many iron inside is the seed of this similar concept for either new philosophy sought further and said they know when a trumpet is blown out and said that they know there's going to be no lineage. There's no friendship.

00:36:56--> 00:37:39

There's no family members. There's no father there's no mother, there's no son there's no daughter. There's no tribe. There's no nation there's no affiliation, was Sahiba T Wah he the person flees away from their companion their friend, their mother, their father, their clan they tried from every one person freeze away from that for a purpose. To show them there's no relationship on that day in standing in front of Allah Hunter you but Soluna whom then we'll get to show everyone to see another individual you want to move even further beyond me it can be Bernie then after MoodGYM would say oh if only I could rescue myself with my children or with my specifically my sons was Sahiba te wahi we

00:37:39--> 00:37:45

my wife Emma, my brethren, my brothers what facilitated took me and my tribes men,

00:37:46--> 00:37:57

my clan by nation to we who support me in this dunya maybe they come and rescue me on that day. Woman Phil rd Jimmy and from Eun Ji

00:37:59--> 00:38:35

and if all you had everybody in the face of this earth to rescue me that's what person can say. And if you mentioned then what's going to happen exposure to the fire likewise inside so the Abu Salah mentioned your Alma your funeral home and he were on me what a B person flees away from their mother the father, the children freeze the waiver runs away from it. Everybody has that fear that you're worried about in front of Allah subhanaw taala in her lover. Indeed this is a fire that's going to come for this individual event it's going to burn these individuals that the man at the bar or whatever wonder tend to rule to daddy the fire will call bring these people that you find a creative

00:38:35--> 00:39:15

and sooner fire will speak. It will speak on that day who speak bring these people let them come in such recodified Help me moseyed Is there any more any more to come Come let them come let them burn more space we made for these individuals I did. And so the punishment that's a read this is as soon as inside the Quran we find that depict the last state from Surah Zuma onwards that we find sort of onwards that we find all speak about, there's no outcome, it just speaks about Akira speaks about the last day what's going to take place in front of Allah subhanaw taala and then those individuals who get to be given that exception have given those individuals are the traits or characteristics or

00:39:15--> 00:39:28

if people have Jahannam and some aroma mentioned the most. The most concise is inside the Quran speaking about the human being inside sort of marriage depicting the good nature and a bad nature of the human being what Gemma for

00:39:30--> 00:39:45

what Gemma for our these are traits of this human being who deserves go to jail. Johanna he just compiles his wealth so negatively about miserly about his wealth just holds fast to it, and not in Santa Colita Hello.

00:39:47--> 00:39:49

Man has been created a state of haste,

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

hasty individual. This is how the Quran depicts a sinful animal partially for the human beings. And what happens as individual either muscles show

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

Through Jesu,

00:40:02--> 00:40:07

if some evil or some hardship touches him, he becomes irritable. He becomes upset,

00:40:09--> 00:40:16

become upset and now there is life is getting smooth. Then why is this obstacle there? Why this test there? Why is this happening in my life?

00:40:17--> 00:40:41

I'm just a normal individual policy by my life and what I need to do. Why is this come inside my life? There's no what creed and belief is. Allah wants to sift out people who really believe in Him subhanaw taala sift those people out there also if anyway, that muscle Hiroo, man who are when goodness is given to him, he prevents that goodness doesn't share that goodness, when it's all from Allah subhanaw taala except for who Eldon mousseline

00:40:42--> 00:41:20

inland mousseline, what is real prayer do real prayer leads you, why is it a gathering? Why is prayer not inside your own home, whether a prophet I shall say, If I knew, if I knew that people were not coming to the prayer, I would like to appoint an imam. And they had an incident Abu Dhabi, not mistaken go to their homes and burned their homes down for the men of this ummah, or appoint someone else to lead the prayer and go there. So prayer is it six that you pray in your own time and your own capacity, there's reasons why the congregation is day one to join that for either obligation. And secondly, to see the community see who needs help in the community, who needs

00:41:20--> 00:41:54

support in the community who's going through some hardships and a community. That's what it is. It's a community that prays a congregation of people and community and let the dome and our Salah team down the moon, always inside their prayers, as we mentioned, I didn't because he'd mentioned that this this is about people of Jannah. The prayers mentioned the beginning and in the end of the characteristics, just like so to me noon, at noon, unless you don't feel solid Maharsha they are focusing on the prayer in the beginning and the end, these individuals all atrophy Jannetty Mokra moon, they are going to go into Paradise, and what a noble place it will be after lost count Allah

00:41:54--> 00:42:29

mentions all the bad traits and characteristics of those individuals who are heading towards that direction towards a lover. Allah that's another mentions about the characteristics of the believing individuals, then highlights after a Salah that what are the actions that these individuals are carrying out inside their lives when Latina feel unwell in combat alone, because we mentioned we began with many of us have just condensed our Islam and our belief in certain things that you said look at Islam, totality and its total complex with the Quran described about believing individuals. As we began with the calamities destructions of hardship, what happens? What's the default result of

00:42:29--> 00:43:07

these actions to take place on the face of this earth? Allah describes when they don't feel unwelcome. How come maloom Haku maloom there's a right. There's a right that belongs to these people from your wealth, the Islamic concept that they have a right to your wealth. So Allah places this calamity or this hardship difficult that they can get, then open up the door for them to have a right towards your wealth. That's why Allah does it. Subhanallah Anna, when hikma and Allah Subhana Allah Anna, Lisa le well my room to the one who asks, somebody may come and ask you, whatever charitable organization, maybe they ask you give it to them. Well, my room that you find the hidden

00:43:07--> 00:43:43

people, or somebody might say the person may be traveling and they've lost their wealth, and you support that a moment in time, or means you go and find the people who need it, you search for them. And you give them the wealth to support them. And there's many people out there on the face of this earth who need that wealth, one Latina use of the guna Bo me, Dean, these are the real believers who care about this charity, but actually they believe in the last day, they have that conviction when Latina Humann other Bureau be Mushfiq God and they fear they say the Lord they fade the last day so that's why they do these charity productions. That's why they do these action is not because of

00:43:43--> 00:44:09

people they fearful that Allah is Panther will ask me about my wealth about my life, about my time that a foot of son of Adam will not move until he's asked about four things added narration five, he will not move until he's asked about them. Now all of these questions will be asked about them in the pseudonym I'm Timothy that we find, none of us will move on that day, about the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon each and every one of us in Nevada, in Nevada. But more than

00:44:11--> 00:44:42

that, you can't escape fear to think that the punch of Allah not going to happen, feel safe from it. Those people who fear feel safe, some makalah from the punishment of Allah subhana no one should feel safe about it. I've been saved. I've been rescued. Pets, it should be worried that I'm going to be asked on that day German in front of Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah mentioned look at look at the Quran. Here are some of the traits inside the Quran. They are very deep, as if Allah Spanish speaking to us today. So those things could seem far away. Maybe those are certain societal issues that we find inside our society.

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

Look what Allah subhanaw taala then says well Latina homely for Rajim have your own inner as a gym owner Melaka, a man known from Winnipeg, Alborada Lika Hola, como la Dawn, look at the context, just like in today's world, while Latina homely for Rajim haffi rune

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Those who got their chastity

00:45:02--> 00:45:18

God the dignity now that real believing individuals in their Allah as well JIM Oh man Melaka a man whom except for upon their wife and what their right hands possess for money Takakura liquor for Hula, hula dual whoever seeks any other means

00:45:19--> 00:45:45

any other means of pleasure which is allowed inside Islam for all it will avoid the moon they are the oppressing individuals going towards Moon karate these societal problems we find inside our society this way Islam is tackling you look at what the professor he promised What did he say? Admin? I give a promise or guarantee for personal guarantee them paradise. What do they need to do?

00:45:46--> 00:46:25

Whoever God was between the two jaws and God was between the two legs of Malawi Jana, or guarantee for a person a place in paradise. Study these words of the prophets look at deeply either were loose with our tongues. Even people practice their Deen what are what they're busy doing? Have you read many ashadha time and time again libre backbiting slandering this gossiping saying this saying that doing this and in other half what can't control their private parts can't control the lust and the desires. So Allah tells us things inside the Quran that remain for eternity is for every single moment and time Allah knows and

00:46:26--> 00:46:33

as Bashar he knows to be inside knows the nature of the human being. So let's do these actions malady normally, for rhodium have a board

00:46:35--> 00:46:49

set to prosecute promiscuity inside our society. What is the spreading of AIDS inside our society going studied, it's clear, sexually transmitted diseases, of relationships outside of wedlock outside of marriage.

00:46:51--> 00:47:09

All his own karate that we find that will come to pass it inside our lives can be fantastic. But this is the core reason why we find these diseases there. You find it to be dealt with that we find when people begin to have these relationships and diseases spread in such society, and there will be no cure for that disease.

00:47:11--> 00:47:49

There will be no cure, no cure has been found to this day. There's no cure, that's fine for AIDS. Today's menu element interpreted this hadith going towards that the world of AIDS, how does it spread, either by 60 transmitted diseases of either taking or sharing of needles of drug abuse that we find in general, these are two most positive ways they become HIV positive inside society. And what does Islam say? Preserve God your chastity God, Your Honor, God your dignity, called yourself preserve yourself. These are the people who are going to enter into pride as Allah mentioned, then it continues that someone said that maybe I'm an elderly individual. So Allah dimensions as the

00:47:50--> 00:48:26

denominator among them are our own people true for in the covenant and the agreements. The true for when I deal with people, that's another problem started society, because many times we practice Islam for our own purpose, our own intent. And you can ask us Imams how many people when it comes to our own personal interest. They don't apply the Quran and Sunnah then they don't apply it then. Because now it's a family feud. It's a family's issue. It's my son, it's my daughter is my property is my life is my personal interest. It concerns me. So now I need to find some way to justify it.

00:48:27--> 00:49:06

That's not being true for our covenants, to our agreements. That's why we find these problems inside our society that people break covenants, break agreements, by promises, these are all vices inside of society. We don't want to tackle them. We don't want to speak about them, whether in a minor level or global level that we find I didn't conclusion that you find one lady Don't be Shahadat him called a moon that are witnessing a testimony called a moon were truthful individuals. Inside of no suit for Carnival Allah speaks about believing in His are true for what is upon your own self, your true for your just individual. Read the seat of the professor how when he went to the Joshy they

00:49:06--> 00:49:38

could have lied about certain things. But I was Soufiane even a disbelieving individual tongue he was forced to speak the truth. He knew to speak the truth. That's what a Muslim is. And he was a non Muslim he spoke the truth. That person is truthful in everything that they carry out inside their life. And then Allah gives the warning how these people want to derail once again as we mentioned, away from the disbelief in Allah Subhana Allah then Allah gives that warning if you began in the beginning of the surah about the last day other than promises are coming in this last day because she couldn't absorb them terracotta villa. You find the item overcome and disgrace will come home

00:49:38--> 00:49:59

these individuals their nickel, yo Mala, the can you are doing this the day that had been promised. So just we began with this coming of the last days of reality we to instill within ourselves inside our lives, that every single day, this is circumstances last week to this week of change, and any one of our circumstances can change. That's what we should pray to Allah. Allah Allah fear of calm

00:50:00--> 00:50:27

of peace or forgiveness of tranquility Aloma in the Silikal Houda. What to call what I felt for what Xena asked me for piety for richness for peace, for tranquility. And that not to take away the near term the blessings that you bestowed upon me upon ourselves. Don't turn these blessings into napalm Neerim into netcomm Turn these blessings into a form of punishment or hardship upon us, keep us inside your your protection, and we should be thanking Allah subhanaw taala for that in our daily life that we