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The history of the Islamic economy, including the fall apart of the first three years of Islam, the formation of a caliphate in Spain, and the rise of modernization, is discussed. The caliphate causes a civil war in northern Spain, leading to a civil war and the rise of independence in many countries. The conflict between different kingdoms is serious, and individual plans are made for their respective political and cultural changes. The rise of Islam is also discussed, including the rise of the Morabito and the Moq Claibou.

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Are we ready?

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Are we ready?

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Okay, how do we learn him in a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more discerning CD now Muhammad nor early you're gonna sit down while they come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Alhamdulillah night number 10 The last, the first third of Ramadan, almost done, may Allah bless us in what we have done thus far. And may Allah grant the remaining two thirds to be the best of Ramadan that we have experienced. I mean, we move on with the Islamic spirit of revival. And we finished the four Imams and building on Islamic orthodoxy, we now move to a a time in our history where things really started to fall apart and fall apart very quickly. And we'd have one catastrophe after the other, but to to give context. And I know some people have mentioned this a lot of information in the series, then we'll see how much we can cram into this into the circuit of the ACO

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plus how much we can cram into the series inshallah we start this evening with the fall of Toledo and Toledo. It was the capital of under Lucia of Muslim Spain or Iberia, Spain and Portugal together before kotoba became its capital. It was the original European capital, Toledo. So by now you should know, we all know that it's that Islam ruled in Spain for at least 800 years, you also would have heard in our beginning series, there was a family called the Omiya dynasty. And they ruled Absolutely, then they were overthrown by a new family that acid caliphate. And they did this in a very bloody Game of Thrones kind of coup, where they killed every member of the family. And only one

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little prince survives, you know, he's running for his life with his brother, and his younger brother even is killed on the way and he miraculously escaped Damascus. And he gets smuggled from one agent to the other, and they take him to the furthest Land of the whole Ummah, as far as you can get Spain, even further than China. And so he comes to this almost forgotten, barren, desolate land within the OMA, there was nothing happening in Spain, Spain, Italy, or other place. And there wasn't much going on neither of us it wasn't even too interested in it. And it was really falling apart. And this all made prints and it must have been something in the Omega blood that caused that there

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is leadership in them. And he brings his his people together, he unites the Muslims and equally asserts Islam within,

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under Lucia. And now he begins the omad family continues the way it family continues to succeed or survive in Spain from 750. And they continue on. And then they build one of the greatest civilizations in human history. They combine the local Christian population, and the Jewish population, and the Muslims that have come the to really build a unique society in the heart of Europe. And we know that eventually, within time, they will transform what would have just been an emirate, a little state and Omiya, emerged into a caliphate, they would rival the Khalifa of Baghdad, in terms of the output in terms of the technology in terms of the wealth, the third, amid

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of demand the third in in, you know, the 10 century, he declared himself the Khalifa of the world, as Cordoba was now the leading city on Earth in terms of development and size. It was bigger than that.

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It is mentioned in the books of history that could do by the time was had universal lighting, the first city in the world where there was public lights on live, and we don't have that anymore. We have looked at that 50 hospitals, 900 public baths, 600 massage and 796 100 mosques in one city, Cape Town doesn't have that, to think about that. It's in the heart of Spain, 70 libraries, and it was one of the first cities in the world where you had universal literacy. One chronicler, a European who traveled and he visited, he said, everywhere you look, there was knowledge in a time when the majority of the monarchs of Europe could not read or write one Amin in Spain one just so to

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answer, a little governor, he had a personal library of over 600 books in his library. 99% of Christianity was wholly illiterate races, you'd struggle to find even in the villages, children who couldn't read or write in the hole under Lucia. And if you look at some of the great scientists that emerge during this time, and we won't go through all the names in the slides, but for example, the first documented person who tried to fly in wasn't the Wright Brothers was even fair and as he tried to fly off the minority built some kind of contraption. Also he the father of surgery, he's encyclopedia on medicine was taught in Oxford up until the 1700s at the University of Oxford, he's

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encyclopedia on on medicine, the best

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as scholars in terms of agriculture, what was really amazing about what they did in Spain, one of the first things they did was they transformed a semi desert land into a lush green city country. And they were able to feed its population, Spain is a very dry place. And so they managed to cultivate the land. And they brought all kinds of different seeds from all over the world, and they will became self sufficient. But remember Spain, to the north, you had hostile Europe, Christians, and to the south, and Muslims were not really friendly with them either. And so they were little a little island on their own. And so they became self sufficient. Even though they thought the father

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of modern pharmacy 1000 foreign yet is an encyclopedia of drugs and medicine that was taught in universities throughout Europe. And then we spoke about this great scholar, ever also, even Russia, who basically is one of the founding fathers of the Renaissance movement, is a great Maliki jurist and philosopher, his way of thinking Subhanallah we study his book in Medina University on fic. And his his his way of thinking, and his way of putting through philosophy was really the foundation for people like Thomas Aquinas, where the philosophers in the renaissance of Europe. And at this time, at the height of Alain de Lucia, there was a term that was called the convent in sia conferencia,

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which meant coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians, that everybody was welcome. And there was a crossover of of civilization, there was for the most part religious tolerance. And of course, an Arabic was sort of the SubhanAllah. Arabic is the the the lingua franca of of Cordoba. And just one more thing, what went wrong? How did this disappear? It wasn't a major invasion from Europe. It didn't start with that it didn't start with any catastrophe. What happened was the Khalifa of Cordova at the height of his power, he dies, he leaves a young son, and the person the Vizio was supposed to take care of the sun, wanted to usurp the caliphate for himself. And of course, when he

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did that, the rest of the cities or states within the so called the this is a big land. This is the whole country of Spain and Portugal put together, each little city felt that they wanted to be independent. And then there was a civil war. For 30 years, there was a civil war, and the caliphate of Alain de Lucia broke up into what is called the typhus, the tiny little states. So if you look at that slide, disunity, and fracture, each little area became a state on its own. Now, the Muslims were never able to subdue the northern parts of Spain, there's a small little region where the Christians maintain autonomy. And they would pay the Muslims when we call party as they would pay a

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type of extortion that look, you guys don't invade us. And the Muslims were really in charge, and they were bossing them around. Now. When the Muslim the caliphate of Cordoba fractured and you had all these little individual towns, each one fighting against the other. This was an opportunity for the Christians of the North to unite. And so Subhanallah

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as we said, we turned the turn just before the Millennium that are after the turn of the millennium. The power shifts from the Muslims in the south of Spain, to the Christians in the north, the Christians unite under a king called Alfonso the sixth from Castile, and he is handla. He is used by each me each me would say the Emir of Seville would say, Alfonso, you join my army, and we attack my brother in the TYFA of Saragosa. And they will help and he's helping them taking each other out. Until they realize eventually if we take each other out, what's Alfonso gonna do, and this is Subhanallah exactly what happened, when, by the time in 17, oh 1310 75 An alliance, the TYFA of

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civil joined up with Alfonso to take out the type of Granada later that Samia Alfonso joins up to take out the the Emir of Qatar, Cuba. And when the king of Toledo was assassinated, and a new young King came into power, he realized that he has no power Alfonso is in charge of and is ready to take over all of of Islamic Spain, but then it was basically too late. Alfonso the sixth and it's a long story, but just to summarize quickly, he besiegers, Toledo in 1084. And he was able to the Emir basically said to him, you can take the city for free you take the city, just let me go in peace. He gave over the keys of the city so that he could save his own skin. And Alfonso walks in, and he

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takes over the the TYFA of Toledo now Toledo. If we just go one slide back maybe to the fracture, if you can just look at where Toledo is

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the map of Spain, Toledo, the Talita that's big piece in the center. That is Toledo. So it's really in the heart of under Lucia. And that would be the staging ground to really conquer all the other areas. Now Subhan Allah when this happens, this was the first of

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A number of catastrophes in the span of like 10 years, three major catastrophes are gonna happen. This is the first the fall of Toledo. And when Alfonso takes over Toledo it is quite clear now that the rest of the typhus these kingdoms, they are next on the chopping block. And they decide, you know, the amines are still fighting in the books read in the What's crazy is while Alfonso is taking you out one by one, they are still not putting the petty differences aside, they're still saying that you did this to me and that and we can't sit side by side, if they only united the forces together, they could have stopped the invasion. But they didn't. They couldn't. They didn't have

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that foresight. Nonetheless, when Toledo fell, this put them into a mode of fear, they realized this is something serious is going to happen. And

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they will considering what to do. Each one had its own plan. Each one was offering Alfonso a huge amount of tribute, you take them out and leave me for us this kind of bargaining. Alfonso says to them, I will take all your money, I will bleed you dry. And when you are done, then I'll invade you and take over your land because it's time now we conquer the courts the Reconquista, it's time for us to re conquer our lands. And when it became clear that each one was going to be taken out the Emir of Seville, so one of these type as the leader of Seville, he basically takes a drastic decision, as they would say in when you read these books of history, they said, if there was a

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nuclear option, he chose the nuclear option, something which was unthinkable. I should tell you that tomorrow, but let's start tomorrow. So we got some time. Let's go into tomorrow's tomorrow's lecture. We'll start tomorrow's lecture tonight. So we skipped Spain is on the verge of collapse. The Emir of Seville decides I'm going to do something drastic to Save to save the situation. Now we jump over to Africa. Something major is happening in Africa as well. In the Mercury, the Mercury is the West Africa, it's Morocco, it's Mauritania, something is going on in this region at the same time.

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So Islam reaches this area at a time of Sahaba. But there's never been a great Islamic movement. You don't have Allah ma that have flourished in this land. You don't have in that region, a great Islamic presence in the the people have embraced Islam nominally, they still cling to the pagan sticks way of life. They lifestyle are very far from Islam. There's also a very strange religion a man claims to be a newbie of the Prophet Solomon he is he has a massive kingdom, a false prophet. And one of these tribal chiefs goes on Hajj. One of his chiefs of West Africa goes on Hajj. And now that he's in Medina, and Mecca he sees through Islam, and he feels so bad that my people are in such

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dadada. And on his way back home, he stops by the university, Cara when in in Algeria, the oldest university in the world. And he says, Can I get some orlimar to help me to teach my people and they choose, you know, the machete said, Here's a young bright

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student, his name is Abdullah ibn Yacine. Let him go with you. And he will support you and give Dawa so of the Lavinia scene and the chief go back to West Africa. And now they're giving Dawa calling people to Islam calling people to the Seyfarth talking out against the immorality and things that's going on there. And for about a year, she has seen his calling, and he's really unsuccessful. The people basically throw him out, beat him up, almost kill him. And even the chief of the chief had brought him they said, Sure, I'm sorry, but you might as well go back home because these people are not really interested in what you are preaching. So she said, Okay, fine, I'm going to leave. And he

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goes further south, he goes to Senegal, and he finds a little island, deserted. And he says, I'm going to set up camp here. And he just gets the message out. Anybody who wants to learn from me is welcome to join. And a few youngsters come and they spend about a year in therapy or teaching them. And slowly this little group starts to grow. And more and more students join GPRC in this area, and they because they're not living in a city. They live in tents. Now thinking Arabic is a robot robot, the capital of Morocco robot is a robot with a tent. And these people will called the morale between the people living in the tents. The morale between you heard this term before. This is the beginning

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of a movement that would sweep through North Africa, or West Africa. And as the students grow and grow after a number of years, he has over 1000 disciples young men who are living sort of learning Islam. And this is like the jihad training as well. They are really in a state of Ischia. He now says we can go back to the tribe, and we can integrate with the tribe and with this now, he has a force and the tribes begin to join with some fighting. And eventually this movement starts to really get momentum, and it captures one city after the other and they're able to unite all the tribes in this area. Mauritania, Senegal, Morocco, Algeria. They're all the Berbers are all uniting under this

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move. It's like a wave of Islamic movement. And you can really see the people want Islam many times it's

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As the leaders that keep Islam from keep the people away from Islam, people want to see justice they want to see harmony. And so with a movement like this, the Morabito movement spreads and it expands and eventually shaky as seen, they take on as I said, there was like a false prophet religion in this area, and they go to war against this kingdom and eventually the Morabito and win, but yeah, he has seen dies in this battle who is injured and is about to die. That's interesting. So at the battle, he shed he has seen leads his people, and they win and they succeed finally, but he's injured he's about to die. And he calls his young son, you know, his disciples together and he says,

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my, you know, my students, I'm gonna die. I want you to choose and amid but promise me, you're not gonna fight each other. We've done something great. We have united this whole area under Islam, the people our practices, the worst thing we can do now is we fight amongst ourselves and they selected me and others Amelia is the new, the leader of the Morabito. He basically says, I want to continue the mission I don't want to government and the rule of city, I'm going to take a group of dogs, I'm gonna go into the Sahara Desert, I'm gonna continue fighting Jad and continue to preach, he leaves a deputy. And now this man is important. So I haven't mentioned the names. The name of the man that he

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leaves in charge of the Morabito in his in his place is a man called the use of evil Tashfeen use of evil Tashfeen he is basically the precursor of Salahuddin, what Salah Houdini is going to do is what use have been Tashfeen is going to do. So Yusuf intervene is in charge of the Morabito and he's got a small group of men that Amin leaves behind them, he said, Look, I'm gonna go and come back, he comes back after like 10 years, when he comes back he founds that use have been Tashfeen has started a brand new city, Marrakech, he started a new city, algae LGs. What was 10,000 Men is a civilization of over 100, you know, hundreds of 1000s of people. And the king comes to him and says to him,

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Yusuf, you are better than me at being king. I'm very happy going back to the Sahara desert and you take over the Morabito and you are in charge. Now use of being Tashfeen, assumes control of the Morabito and basically the same year, Toledo falls. And so the Emir of Cordoba, the Emir is in Spain, even though they have very little in common with the people in North Africa. In fact, they do salad for them. They, the Amis in Spain are saying, we don't want to be with those guys in North Africa, they too pious, we're not allowed to drink wine was make sure that five times a day we have more in common with the Christians here. And so the amount of Seville said, we need to call him to

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help us and the TYFA still arguing? Why should What if we allow them to come, they're going to force us to practice Islam they want to, and the Emir of Seville had this very famous line, he said,

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I cannot be the one responsible that for the next for the until the end of time, the Muslims will curse us that we allowed Spain and Andalus to be taken over by the Christians. And if we have to be slaves, I would rather be the slave of someone that forces me to look after the camels and a slave of someone who's going to make me look off the pigs and so he calls us have been Tashfeen please bring your Morabito an army into Spain and save us and so inshallah we'll continue tomorrow with a chapter of the history with Nila the Morabito as they enter Spain, okay.

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All right, so last night's question. We says we say that what HCD Imam Ahmed mean hammer become a Mufti. He became a Mufti at 40 years old. That was when Imam Shafi passed away. And then we said tonight's question, who is the founder or the man who establishes the Morabito and the chef? What's his name? Abdullah Lavinia seen Imam Yacine Abdullah remember bizarrely Oh yeah, hell clouded inshallah easy one so last night's question. She doesn't smell unless it

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actually smile it's Michael wants today Mashallah.

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It's male you want

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Commercial does Zach love it? Okay, well, so let's say know Muhammad Ali of soccer Islam was sent in from La Plata mean, as salaam alaikum. Mutharika, too.