Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 291C Tafsir Nuh 7-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
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He said what in the and indeed I couldn't live out to him every time that I invited them. Lethal fear Allah home, so that you would forgive them, meaning each time I invited them to your forgiveness, I invited them to believe in you to worship you to fear you to obey your messenger, the result of which would be that you would forgive them. So every time I invited them to your forgiveness, John Liu asabi Our home they put their fingers a saw there plural of the word is bar finger, they put their fingers were fee Athenaeum in their ears. They literally plugged their ears what does that mean? They didn't just listen and ignore they blocked their ears so that they would

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not even have to hear him John Liu asabi our own fee attorney him and they didn't just stop there was those shows he have a home and they covered themselves with their garments. Thea is a Florida soap soap cloth garment and Estelle show from Elaine Chien yet to cover Alicia remember, so is still shot, is to cover something completely, or to attempt to cover there's two meanings. One is to attempt to cover something is defined. And the other meaning of is defile. Another benefit is that it gives the meaning of mobile level. So it's so shallow, as in they covered themselves completely fully with their garments. Why would they do that? That as new holiday season is coming, and they

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know that he's going to come and talk to them. They put their fingers in their ears, but then they didn't want to see him either. So what did they do? They covered themselves with their garments, whatever shawl they had, they would put it on their faces, they would cover themselves with it fully, so that they wouldn't have to see him was though show theorbo home. What are some rules and they persisted.

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What is slog stubbornly persist in one's ways. They stubbornly persisted in their disbelief without even lending an ear to listen was stuck baru stick bar. And they were arrogant with great arrogance. extreme arrogance. So arrogant were they that they did not even want to listen to him? In fact, every time he passed by him, they would make fun of him. They'd look down on his followers on those people who have believed in him into who they are 27 we learn that the people of New Harley Sam said to him that manner, aka Illa, Bashara, Mithuna, woman Urraca, Tabarka, Illa, Latina, humara de Luna, we don't see anybody following you except the lowest of us. People who have no money, no fame, no

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status, nothing. These are the people who follow you so arrogant. They weren't that they looked down at the people who believed in new Harley Sinha. And their pride is mentioned in this verse also that how they would close their ears cover themselves up. Now think about it. Imagine you're talking to somebody and they block their ears. They put their hands on their ears. What would you do?

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What would you do?

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Embarrassing. Let me go away and never dare do this again. But know how to center 950 years. What did he do

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if they plug their ears and they cover themselves up with their garments? Didn't know how they sell I'm stop? No. So much in Nidal To whom do you ha. So I tried something else. I invited them publicly. What is jihad Jim Hora Jehan, to do something openly or say something openly, so that it can be heard? If it are basketball DeLonge, who said at the top of my voice, some ini thou tune G Hara. I called them loudly. So when he went to private gatherings, and attempted to speak to the people over there, out of extreme rudeness and pride, what would they do that put their fingers in their ears and cover themselves up? So what did he do? He went public, in the streets and markets,

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not speaking to one individual, but addressing crowds. And how would he address them loudly so that those who had their fingers in their ears could also hear him? If they close their ears? He spoke louder. If they covered themselves, he

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he spoke louder. What does this show steadfastness on the part of new Harley Sinha? He wasn't a

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quitter. He really wasn't 950 years. Imagine if somebody were to reject us in this way, what would we do? Never dare make another attempt some in needle to one Jihlava Suma in the Ireland Tula home. Someone then in the indeed I are Lentinula, whom I announced to them. But Alana Erlang is to let something be known to declare it.

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What does it mean? To declare it? So I publicized it, I proclaimed my message openly and clearly. What Estrada Tula whom I sought to seen rah rah Israa said What is the secret secret and it's raw is to communicate something secretly to share a secret with someone so I can find it my words with them. In the Arlen Tula who assadullah Whom is Laura. So he went public and private, loudly and softly.

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Look at the different ways that he conveyed in different ways of the hour, if he faced an obstacle in a particular way that he had adopted, what would he do? When he quit? No, he tried a different way. This is the way of successful people that their goal is clear. This is what I want to achieve. This is where I want to reach. Okay, let's get here by doing this not working, change the strategy, change the methodology. Be more creative, try something different, be innovative. Now, it's amazing. We get very creative and innovative and whatnot. For worldly things, don't we? Isn't it? You know, there's even ways in which you can bake your chocolate muffins or stuff like that in microwaves?

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Really, and I think it's an insult to baking. To bake in the microwave. It's just wrong. But people have come up with that. They figured out ways of even cooking eggs in the microwave lab. You know, seriously, I don't know how anybody could do that. But they do it. Because if you don't have an oven, if you don't have a stovetop, what are you going to do not eat eggs? No, I'll figure out a way in the microwave. I don't like washing dishes. So I will figure out how to do everything and just one plate, one bowl, everything done. One machine class. Again, when something is important to you, you will figure out a way when you believe in something strongly.

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And what you're doing is not working. You will figure out another way. Don't give up. This is what we see in no holiday Sam he refused to give up. Some in the Arlen Tula home was routed to LA home is raw. But it's amazing how generally if we're doing something for the dean, and it's not working out, it's getting difficult. We say, I think I should not do it.

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I think I should stop this. Because it's really not working out. No, it's something he said it's something good. Why stop it, why leave it? Try something different. You don't like to say what got you here won't take you there. Right? Meaning you did something to get to the state. Now you're not able to go any further because you're stuck in your old ways. So you have to come up with a new methodology. Change your strategy, try something new. Try something different. But keep going. Keep moving. Don't get stuck. Somewhere in the Ireland Tula home we're Estrada Tula home is rara

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for all to stop fear. Oh, Rubicon. Another way that he came up with that he he encouraged the people. What did he say? I said to them is still fearful of bacame seek forgiveness from your Lord. Because in the who can have a federal Indeed he is ever a Perpetual Forgiver always forgiving. So seek forgiveness from your Lord, for whatever you've done. Whatever it is that you've done, ask him for pardon, and you will find him forgiving. What do we see? He kept the message of hope alive. What happens with us is that over time as we suffer from failure or some level of disappointment, we become so bitter inside, that we make everybody around us bitter also. We get so angry with people

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that the only thing we can talk about is * and punishment and haram and kufr and this and that, and we forget the hope. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also we see throughout his Dawa, he kept the message of hope

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Live, know how to listen. I'm also he's inviting them to forgiveness, even though these are the people who had closed their ears and covered themselves up and refused to listen to him, and he's inviting them to Allah's forgiveness.

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This is sincerity. When you're doing something for Allah, not for yourself, because if you were doing it for yourself, you'd be so angry. You throw them in help. Really, if it was up to us, we would dam every person to help. This is how we become. But if a person is doing something for the sake of Allah, then he will not forget Allah's mercy and forgiveness. Yes, he will warn people of Allah's punishment, but he will also give them hope and Allah's forgiveness for all to stop fear or have become in the who can have a Farah your sin Osama. He's giving them hope he's showing them he's telling them about the benefits of a Stefan if they turn to Allah, what is it that they will get?

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What is it that they will find? He says uracil Allah will send a summer of the sky are late Come on you meet the RA in continuous showers. Of course this is referring to rain. He will send rain from the sky upon you Medrol Medrol Dallara and the rule from the same route the route Dallara while Ra is used for a camel that gives a lot of milk.

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I mean, Medrol

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an eye that is Medrol. What do you think? What kind of an eye is that?

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Huh? cries a lot.

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You like some people? It's just their eyes are just waiting.

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Or sometimes in some days, time of the month what happens?

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Somebody just says one word. And that's it. You just start crying. This is I IN withdrawal, uncontrollable on the slightest of things. A person starts crying. So your sin Osama Aleykum withdraw. You seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah will send on you rain in perfusion, continuous showers. It is said that because of their denial, they were deprived of brain for a long time. This is similar to how even the people of Morocco were deprived of rain for a long time. All right. But even if that was not the case,

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farming communities are people who have to worry about growing their own food. They need rain, isn't it? So use in the summer or late considerada continuous rain is welcome.

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So he's telling them about worldly benefits they would receive if they were to worship Allah. Now, what do we do generally, if we're telling somebody about Islam, or we're encouraging them to obey Allah, we talk only about the Accra

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right, which is fine, which is fine, because the real reward is the reward of the author. Right? But no Hollis Anam is also telling them about worldly benefits. Because we're human, we're people, we need to know that if I do this, what do I get? Right away? Don't tell me later, but I want to know, right away what's the benefit? So he tells them about worldly benefits also, why you didn't come and he will increase you you did come from him that mean that that and him that is to reinforce replenish resources. So for instance, somebody has something and as they're using it, they're running out of it. So in that to give them more so that they never run out of what they were given.

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So you did come he will increase you He will provide you with what be unwell in Weber Nene with wealth with properties and children meaning he will give you more wealth and more children where gyla come Jannette and he will make for you gardens This is Jeanette in the world. Okay, gardens in this world, way Ajala calm and Hara and he will make for you rivers plural of now.

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He's telling them the benefits of seeking forgiveness from Allah.

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We see that every messenger invited his people to seek forgiveness from Allah. Because when you're calling someone to Allah, what are you saying? Basically, that if you're worshiping something or someone other than Allah, that's not okay. Right? And if you did this and this and this, that's not okay. So all of a sudden, the person is like, oh my god, I'm so bad. What have I been doing? So don't leave them hanging there. Give them hope. Tell them to seek forgiveness from Allah because who can forgive sins except for Allah? No one

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And no matter what a person has done, no matter how many sins there are, is there any sense that it's too big for Allah to forgive? No.

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Remember the person who committed 99 murders? And then he went to somebody and said, Can you tell me what I'm supposed to? He said, You'll never be forgiven. So he killed him also

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100 murders, then he went to somebody else. And what did he say? Change your place, go to a people that will support you in doing good. So he's on his way to them, and he dies in that journey. And what do we learn that man? Was he forgiven? Yes, he was. Why because he was already in the path of changing himself improving himself.

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So the change had actually begun. So new harness Anam is telling people about the benefits of forgiveness. He's inviting them to seeking forgiveness and every prophet did that. We see through the hood i a three, insert hood i or three, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was instructed to tell his people that what Ernesto Futura bacame so Matobo LA, that seek forgiveness from your Lord and repent to Him, you Madeira cometa and her Santa he will give you a good life to live

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prophet who aren't his son said to his people that has mentioned sort of Hood I have 52 way I'll go Mr. Fedora back home so Matobo la you see the summer early commit rah rah way y Zed comm Quwata illa Quwata calm same message. Prophet tribe Alia Sana Multiset Solitude i A 98 has mentioned was still fear or have become so Matobo la in Nairobi era Haman wa dude. seek forgiveness from your Lord repent to Him my Lord is merciful and loving

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now, we see over here that no hey listen, I'm says you seek forgiveness from your Lord Allah will give you what rain in profusion? What else will he give you? Property? Children, gardens, rivers, worldly blessings. What does this show us? That is still far. When we seek forgiveness, then this is what opens up the doors of provision for us.

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When you seek forgiveness for your sins than Allah subhanaw taala will open the doors of his mercy on you even in this world.

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Which is why we learned that a man once he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said O Messenger of Allah when I make God to my Lord, what should I say? Like I want to make dog can you tell me what I should ask for? He didn't know how to make dua, what to ask for out of ideas.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Say, Allah humo fiddling while Hani wa Fini was zucchini.

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Right and he made him count this on his fingers. So firstly Allahumma fiddly that Oh ALLAH forgive me. Secondly, what how many have mercy on me? Thirdly, why are Feeny and grant me safety and well being? And fourthly, what zucchini provide me? So we see that this door all begins with what seeking forgiveness?

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And what's the last thing provide me? Because before we ask Allah for sustenance, we should ask him to pardon us for our sins. And this hadith is in Muslim and another hour we learn, which has mentioned so here Jeremy sullied that Allahumma fiddly them B. What was Searly fee daddy were badly fee rusty. Again the DA begins with seeking forgiveness that Oh ALLAH forgive me my sins. Secondly was thoroughly fee daddy make my home spacious for me, and then very quickly, fearlessly bless my provision for me, even when we're making law for somebody else.

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Allahumma Fila home what hum home, we're Baddeck our lay him well, what's crrna him Fiat Zylka him. If somebody invites us, they give us food to eat. This is a dog that we should make for them that Oh ALLAH forgive them, have mercy on them, bless them with what you have given them and expand their provision for them.

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So before asking for provision asking Allah for forgiveness. Why? Because it is our sins that become a barrier between us and Allah's mercy. It is our sins. Again, go back to the story of Adam and Eve Sana, did Allah subhanaw taala bestow blessings upon Adam release? And I'm in Jannah

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did he? Yes mean if you think about it, he's got a wife. Right? He's not alone. He's got

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A lovely companion. He's got company, and then they've got the best clothes. And then they've got endless provision

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and freedom. Only one prohibition only one.

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But what happened when Adam or Lisanna ate the fruit of that tree? Did he lose something? Did he lose something? What did he lose everything that he was given in that garden in that Jana. So behind any problem we face is what? Our own wrongdoing. Remember, we discussed this earlier also, that Allah subhanaw taala has created things in solid condition in a good condition. And what causes corruption is what our own sins, our own wrongdoing. So whenever we see that there is a problem, we're not getting what we need, you know, things are not working out, what do we need to increase in

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increase in what is still fall? This is why we see that many scholars whenever people would come to them and ask them about what they should do with regards to their problems. What advice would they give them? Do you still follow it? There's a famous story about Hasan Basri that how a person came to him he's sitting in a gathering a man came to him and complained to him about the fact that he didn't have enough money or the fact that there was drought there wasn't enough rain there was famine, and that he wanted children and he wasn't having any children other person came with this problem other person came with that prop so many people came with different problems and to each

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person he said, Do is tougher to do is to do is tougher. So somebody who was sitting there the whole time said what's going on every person that comes to you and talks to you about their problem, you advise them to seek forgiveness why?

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And it is said that he recited these verses that new honey Sam said to his people, that for people to steal Pharaoh robber come in who can have a Farah your silly sama rla COVID. Radha where you did come be unwell in Weber Nene, where Jana come Jeanette, and John Luminara.

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Any problem you're having,

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even if it's with regards to having trouble, about what idea to come up with to write your essay, really, you know, your mind is just not working. There's a mental block. Right? There's a mental block.

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You want to buy the perfect furniture for your room. You're trying to find the right bookshelf, and you can't find it and you check one store after another you want to find the right shoes, you can't find them. And here you are wasting your time one hour in one mall and then another hour in a different mall and then you go buy something and then that doesn't work out so you go return it doesn't happen with us now in our lives. Simple things can become so difficult. So whenever simple things become difficult, or big things even become difficult. What do we have to do is still far seek forgiveness from Allah. Because look at the benefits of is still far.

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He says mela calm What is wrong with you that lateral June Allah Allah he will call lateral Joona you do not expect you do not have hope. And Raja means hope or to expect something. But it also gives a meaning of air to call to believe about something to believe something about someone or something. Because whatever you believe in that is what you expect, isn't it? So he says what is wrong with you? That you do not believe lillahi for Allah meaning about Allah, wa Cara, respect? What is wrong with you, that you do not attribute to Allah? Do you respect What is Walk on while kufra respect and honor to keep in mind someone's status and deal with them accordingly? This is

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what God

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so what he's saying is the what is wrong with you? Why don't you respect Allah, you respect so many things. You have so much regard for them.

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These idols that you've made yourself, you become so humble in front of them, you beseech them with so much longing and humility. What is wrong with you? That you don't ask Allah to forgive you your sins, you don't turn to Him in your time of need, what's wrong with you?

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You trust so many and you don't trust Allah. And in this ayah we should also relate this to ourselves. Let's seriously whenever there's some trouble and somebody advises us do is the fall. What do we say? Yeah, okay, but what else

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What else right

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somebody advises us with regards to our problems make dua we say okay, but what else? Yeah, yeah, I'll do that. Somebody says go pray now for a priest Hara. We say yeah, okay, but tell me something I can do right now. Well, yes, right now go do Salah and praise the Hara.

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But it's like we have no faith in it.

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Malecon Latur jounal Allah he will call, you have opened so many things, so many beings. It's like, you know, when you're having some trouble, you're like, If only I could have this one thing in control, everything will be perfect. If only this could happen for me, that person would listen to me. And if only this individual would help me, if only I had this, if only I had money, if only I had, you know, my car. If only I had the right people, everything would be okay. We put our faith in the creation. And we don't put our faith in the Creator. This is Chopin's trick. This is his way of misleading us. You see, otherwise Sam, he was in Jannah. He had everything, isn't it?

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One thing he was told, don't eat the fruit of this tree, only one prohibition.

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But other artists that I'm being human, he had a strong longing or desire or love for hold for eternity, as people have nobody wants to die.

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And a strong love for power for control, herbal hold and herbal milk.

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Right. So shaitan told him, if you eat this fruit, you will actually live forever.

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And you will have a milk a kingdom ownership that layer blur that will never fade away.

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So he made him love or be attracted to the creation and seek it and rely upon it and desire it. And what happened when he ate the fruit? Did he get the milk layer bla No, he lost what he had. Did he get hold? No. He was sent to the world.

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This is Chevron's way.

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So we see here that no hulless and ancestors people Malcolm lateral junella He will call it What's wrong with you. You're going to everybody and you don't go to Allah.

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You trust upon everybody and you don't trust Allah. You want worldly benefits. You want success through these idols, but you don't seek it through Allah wakad Hello Kakuma Ottawa. Have you forgotten Allah as favors upon you? Using Allah will not give you look at Allah as favors on you? What God halacha Khan, He is the One who created you, how did He create you up to Allah in stages, a trois plural of the word power, power, and power is a state of something that changes over time, meaning it's a temporary state, it's meant to change and that is meant to change. So this is why the plural is used a block. So what a color Kakuma tewara. He created you in stages in phases.

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How, if you think about it, other than Islam, he was made from mud and even that mud was made to go through different stages. All right, and then he was created from that. But even in the womb of the mother, does the baby grow in one day? No stages?

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Right? different phases, the gestation phase and different different phases, right? And then even after birth, what happens? There's childhood, there's adolescence, different stages, walk up halacha come up, why

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don't you see his greatness and how he has produced you through different phases of development? And I'm thorough, do you not see K for halacha Allahu how Allah has created savasana worth in seven skies. Blue Bell PA in layers. We did this word earlier and sort of Mulk as if new Hello Sam is reminding them that look, you're not amazed with your body. Look at the skies above you then. The proof of Allah's favor on you the proof that you should turn to him the proof of his greatness is where in your existence that how he created you in stages, and not just that look at the creation around you. Just look at the sky above you what John L comma Rafi hinda and he made the moon in them

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neuron alight meaning in the sky, Allah has placed the moon and what is the function the role of the moon in the sky?

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It's *. It's a light. Of course this is in the night. What gyla shumsa And he has made the sun see Raja, a lamp a burning lamp. Notice the two words that are used here for light. For the moon, it's noon. And for the sun, it's Suraj because what is Syrah till I did a lamp you know the lamp in which there is flame so it's the source of light. And the moon is just using that light is taking from that light. What Jharna shumsa See Raja so to do this, I have five. Allah says who will lead the journalism So Leah unwelcome or neuron waka Dora woman as in Wallah who am betta calm, and Allah has produced you, he has made you grow meaning RB from the earth now batha, a progressive gross,

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a different word is used over here for human development and growth. And what is that embeds and this word is used for the growth of plants,

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So I'm Betacam mineral or the he has made you grow from the earth? What does it mean? That your origin is the earth? And yes, either Mr. De Sena was created from mud. However, after him we see every human being, he grows with time, and where is his body growing from? Where is that nutrition coming from? What's the source of it? It's the earth. So just as plants grow from the earth,

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human beings also grow from the earth. Not in the same way that plants do in a different way. But similar, that plans their nutrition not so comes from the ground and people also nutrition comes from the earth. Well Allah Who am betta communal Urbina, betta some Mejuri do comfy her, then he will return you into it. He will return you into the earth you grew from the earth and you will go back into the earth. You see, these days you will find the trees becoming leafless, all their leaves are falling. Where are those leaves going?

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Where are they going? Back into the earth? Right? And then in the summer, what's going to happen in spring rather, the trees will grow leaves again. Right? So where are those leaves growing from? Where's the nutrition? What is the source? It's the earth but then when the leaves are when the tree sheds the leaves where do they go back into the earth? So this is how Allah has made us also so my you're either comfy when you will die, you will go back into the earth where you read you come and then he will bring you out if Raja an extraction meaning he will bring you out of the earth another time. And when is this going to be at the time of resurrection? Well Allahu Jahren Allah come and

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Allah has made for you all over the Earth B cell tall and expanse bear see him thought bus best and what does best mean to stretch expand something spread it so this earth Allah has spread it out for you expanded it for you. Really? If you think about it, the earth I mean it's so small compared to the sun right? But it's still so big for us

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no matter where we go you know even if you go to a park let's say you've been going there for the past 15 years. Right it particular park you've been going there for so long. Can you really say about it that I have sat or I have stood at every single spot? No, you haven't.

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It's so big. BISAZZA so big that you don't feel constricted and limited in this earth will Allahu Jharna Docomo herba be Southpaw it's leveled stable, spread out for you Letus leuco minha, that you may follow in it. So bulan roads, Seville plural of Seville and Lita sluka Celica is to enter and proceed. So, in the earth, Allah has made natural suitable pathways roads means of getting from one place to the other. And then you enter upon these ways and you proceed fee jajah as passage fat gene gene, and this is used for a mountain bass ravine. So natural roads Allah has made for you in the earth, meaning he has facilitated travel for you as well. You can move around for different reasons.

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And these verses know how they Santa's What is he doing in his Dawa?

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What is he doing? He is showing to the people the proof of Allah's not just his existence, but mainly His favors. So that

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They recognize that their son his mercy, and they turned to him even more

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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This means your Walkman you're walking in

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follow me and the phone I can probably

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movie near Milan

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the old

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boy was here Camila

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alone you either

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to phone me let

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down to only Delphian on John

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John O

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still shows the ebb and flow was stuck Bostick bow

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knee down to

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Tula who is

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the Quran to still feel more welcome in

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your series

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murder of Jonah

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gave up on

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ball well John

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John A Shem says

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well long

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Murray feel free to come if Raja walawe who John Allah, our bodies

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eat us local mean

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fija Okay, share reflections amongst each other and talk about the strategies of Dawa, that new Harley cinema adopted? What are the ways he adopted in order to convey the message? Okay, come up with five ways in which new Harley salon did Dawa

00:38:34 --> 00:38:44

five methodologies or five techniques, or whatever you want to call it? Okay. So from the vs find five ways. And when you have five, raise your hand.

00:38:46 --> 00:39:28

Sorry. So the first thing that we noticed was that he gave everybody first mentioned that he was a prophet, obviously. And then he gave everyone action points like this is what you need to do. So your worship Allah, like, that's the purpose of your life, you have to fear Him and obey me. And then he talks about so far. And he talks about, like, how all this is very forgiving. And then he talks about, like, how he gave Dawa continuously and at different times, and then he after, if one tactic wouldn't work, then he would change his tactics like he publicly proclaimed it and he told it in secret. And then he mentioned all this Panadol is blessings to them. So he's not actually like,

00:39:28 --> 00:39:41

directly attacking them, but he's like criticizing what they're doing because by mentioning like, all of us, part of that was favors to them and how they should be, like thankful and realize his favorites upon them. Okay.

00:39:42 --> 00:39:58

Okay, so we for our first one, he firstly establishes himself as a trustworthy person from the community. So develop, build trust, write this down, build trust, and how do you build trust with people?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

How'd you do that?

00:40:01 --> 00:40:08

Pardon? Okay, build a relationship with them. Yes. Calling them your own. Okay? Yes.

00:40:09 --> 00:40:58

Okay, your o'clock the way you talk to them, you see, yeah, call me. This is also a very respectful way of addressing people. Right? So if you want to correct somebody with regards to their prayers, for instance, you can't attack them, humiliate them and make them feel horrible. And then tell them by the way, you should fix your prayers. No, take them in confidence, let them trust you let them know that they're safe with you. Okay, next. For the second point we got he called them day night to forgiveness and yeah, to forgiveness. So the day and night What does that show? No movies gonna say as well adding to that is he established his main message. So what he was calling to us very clearly

00:40:58 --> 00:41:26

said that you know, worship Allah, have taqwa and listen to me. Yes. nidito Mobius message is clear, not ambiguous. Alright, so look at how it's listed, or with Allah with the full will alter your oni. Before that, he says in the automobile, I'm a clear messenger. So clear message, not ambiguous. And sometimes what happens is that if we're trying to tell somebody something good, we're so unclear, we try to hint it.

00:41:27 --> 00:42:06

You know, we will be upset around them or or be a little moody around them, and they're wondering what's wrong with them? Is she upset about something? Did I say something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Be clear, be direct, not as an blunt and rude, but be clear. Okay. Well, so that's the second point, clarity. And then thirdly was to seek forgiveness. So despite whatever they've done, if they worry that, you know, that's going to hold me back then day and night, he told him about forgiveness, that through forgiveness, you can get rid of your past. Okay, message of hope. Okay, what else? So that's three points. Yeah. So he was persistent. He didn't really give up. Again, like

00:42:06 --> 00:42:16

Maha mentioned that when that tactic wasn't working, then he proclaimed publicly and openly and he mentioned them about all the blessings that Allah has. So before that consistency,

00:42:18 --> 00:43:00

the message of hope because there was forgiveness, you mentioned forgiveness many times, isn't it? If you look at these verses, the message of forgiveness is not just given once it's given over and over again. All right. So consistency in what you're saying, and, and regularity also, for example, if you want your child to start praying, or your brother or whoever to start praying, then you can just remind them of Salah one day and other time when it's time for prayer, and you are sitting with them at a coffee shop drinking coffee. And later on, you're criticizing them that they're not getting up for budget. You can't leave Maghrib with them and then yell at them for not waking up for

00:43:00 --> 00:43:42

a budget. You understand? How is it that at one time you're okay with what they're doing? And another time you're not okay with it. So be consistent. Okay. Last point. And then we felt that after the blessings, there was also a mention of the incentive. So if that also wasn't working, then what could they get right now in the dunya? And also in the afternoon? Yes. So immediate benefits also, not just the benefits of the ACA, but also the benefits of dunya. Meaning, what is it that you will get? You know, the why? Because many times you will tell people do this or it's good to do this. And they'll ask why, especially children or maybe young adults, they will question why what's

00:43:42 --> 00:43:46

the benefit? What am I going to get out of this? So be logical

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