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The importance of following Allah's commands and trusting Allah for one's success is emphasized. The " ridden life" that is the "overcome of pain, loss, and loss" is also discussed. Consent to getting married and having a marriage license is emphasized, as it is necessary for legal deership and visa. The importance of praying and praying in a safe way to achieve desired results is emphasized.

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For either below Nigella Hoonah then when they have reached their agenda, what is idle

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term? Right and this refers to the end of their ADA. So when they are nearing the end of their ADA for uncIe Kahuna, then retain them keep them be ma rufen with maruf meaning according to acceptable terms, what does this mean? Or it does about to be over, no reconciliation has happened. So, the man is told make up your mind, what are you going to do? You have a few days left. So, you either decide to keep the wife and you do that in the right way, be my roof in the right way, giving her what she is deserving off in the marriage. And if you do not want to keep that marriage, then Oh or fatty Hakuna, barter with them, separate from them be my roof in the right way according to acceptable

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terms. Meaning if you're going to wait for their ADA to end and you don't want to reconcile, you want the divorce to take effect then end this marriage in the right way. What does that mean without abuse without harm?

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Give them a parting gift. What does he do and call to witness the way to possessors off idle injustice meaning to just people men come among you

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bring to people at that time to bear witness that the marriage has ended.

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This is when at the end of the EDA.

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So let's say they're supposed to end when, for example, 23rd of September, for instance, that's the date. All right. So on the 23rd of September, two witnesses are called All right, to bear witness that this is the end of their marriage is finished now. Two Witnesses are there there bear witness to that and the wife leaves, the woman leaves the man's house marriage is finished. All right. Now remember that this is recommended. It's not mandatory that two witnesses be brought to testify the ending of the waiting period will actually do the way or the limine come this is not wajib This is recommended. Well Kima shahada kalila and now the witnesses are commanded that you testify why Lila

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for Allah, for the sake of Allah,

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meaning remain truthful and honest. Don't change this testimony later, just to please some people and don't take any price for it either. That only come you are a Ruby that Allah advises you with it. Allah admonishes you, He gives you this command, but to meaning who's going to follow this command, man Kana you may know Billa he will Yeoman. The one who believes in Allah and the Last Day the person who believes in Allah and the Last Day will follow the commands related to divorce even woman yet the killer her and Whoever fears Allah yadgir Allahu Allah who will make for him Maharajah away out Maharaja myfile place of Rouge Allah who will create a way out for him for who? For who?

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For the person who fears Allah

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fearing Allah What does that mean? The core of Allah means following His commandments. Right. So the one who follows Allah's commands, even at this emotional time, then what will happen? Allah will create a way out for him. In this time of trial, in this time of dispute, Whoever fears Allah will be guided by Allah.

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Whether it is the man or the woman, or the families that are involved, everyone at this sensitive time must guard the commands that Allah has given. And usually what happens when it comes to divorce, people just follow their

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That's it. They just follow their emotions. They're angry divorced three times. Right and then angry hurt. I'm never going to talk to you again. Well, Allah has given these commands for a reason.

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So well mania tequila, Hydra. Allahu Maharajah. What does this Maharaj mean the way out this exit this way out. This is solution. Whoever fears Allah, then Allah will give him the solution. Allah will save him and bring him out from every trouble from every distress. divorce can be painful. But if a person fears Allah at this time, then Allah will give solutions also. This Mukwege it also includes a way out

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of distress. Because divorce can be very painful.

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But if a person goes through it in the right way than Allah who will bring him relief and contentment, the person feels as if that distress that pain is never going to be over episode this chapter from their life is never going to end. But if they follow Allah's commands,

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then what will happen? They will heal

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Allah who will bring them contentment, Allah will heal them.

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Well my yet Aquila, Hydra Allahu Maharajah? What does this teach us? That the person who fears Allah, when they're dealing with others, then Allah will create ease for them.

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And if we forget Allah, when we're dealing with others, then our matters are not going to be made easy. We're going to find roadblocks, we're going to find lots of obstacles.

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We think it's the commands of Allah to create obstacles for us. It's the exact opposite. You fear Allah follow his rules. And what will happen you will find exit exit out of what out of the trouble and distress that you are in.

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Now, these verses are specifically with regards to follow up but in general also what do we learn in any situation when you fear Allah, He will create image for you

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while zuku and he will provide him mean Hazel as the same from where that person never expected from where he never imagined. It never occurred to him that he could get risk from there. But because he feared Allah, Allah sent him on his way of Zuckerman high school he said many times, an opportunity to sin is right before us an opportunity to indulge in Haram in disobedience to Allah is right before us. Right before us. So if out of Allah sphere a person holds back, he controlled himself he refrains from the haram. And is he deprived?

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Is he know, he saved himself from the unlawful but who's still his provider? Allah is so Allah will give him from where he never imagined from where he never expected. You know, for example, if a person starts begging in the sense that they put out their needs in front of others in front of other people, I need money for this and I need money for that I need help in this I need help in that. What happens? Sometimes they get and sometimes they don't.

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Right? But if a person out of fear of Allah,

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He places his needs in front of Allah only. Then what will Allah to Allah will provide for him and Allah will give him from where that person never imagined that his risk could come. That His provision could come? What may yet our call Allah, Allah and whoever relies upon Allah for Hua hasta, boo, then he is sufficient for him. Because what prevents us from following Allah's commands? It's the fear of losing out. So in order to follow Allah's commands, what do you need a level of trust in Allah? I'm doing this because Allah told me to do it this way.

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This is what Allah has legislated. And you know what, even if it seems like it's going against me, it's going to work out because I have my faith in Allah. So whoever trusts Allah, then Allah will be sufficient for him. In Allaha, indeed, Allah ballyhoo Emery he barely one who reaches Emery, he has command or his affair, meaning that Allah fulfills,

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completes his matter, his decree, whatever Allah has decided, or whatever he has promised, He fulfills it, no one can prevent him.

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What happens to us we decide something but are we able to fulfill it? No, we're not because we're humans, we're weak. But Allah when he decides something, when he promises something, then he fulfills it by the Jarl Allah who certainly Allah has made liquid cliche in for everything, but the raw and extent, a decree these verses are so powerful, so important. You see this last part called the Jain Allah Holy Cow militia in kodra. What is other a measure is certain amount right and the results are used for divine decree. So for everything Allah has decreed,

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a certain measure

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is certain extent.

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What does this mean? Nothing is forever.

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Nothing in this life in this world is forever.

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When it comes to hardship, it will be Oh,

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for Sunday,

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when it comes to ease and comfort and happiness and joy, that will also be over one day. You're waiting for something, that waiting period eventually will come to an end.

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You see when a woman is pregnant, is there a cuddle for that pregnancy? There is? Does it come to an end? Yes. You're waiting for someone to come every day every day. And then what happens? What happens? Eventually? They come? Yes.

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Yes. Yeah. I mean, look at the example of Xena little de la Mancha and Zaid, a little de la Mourinho. What happened? They were married for some time fedora. And that was over. And then yes, it was painful. It was hard. And that pain was also over. Zainab. radula. More on her, she married the prophets of Allah who already who was Salam.

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Salam O Allah. Like I mentioned last time the sister she sent it to her mum money and she recited this I actually I was there and I was listening to her she said, Whoever fear Allah subhanaw taala Allah will give from plus, you don't expect it. And subhanAllah from nowhere she didn't expected it came to her. And this is also if we obey our parents, we'll be good to our where and inshallah if you want, good marketing University, Allah will give you if you want anything, Allah subhanaw taala have been your way first of all, obey and bear and then second also Maharaj will be here. See, we are very short sighted, very short sighted. We feel like I want this thing and if I don't have it, I

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don't have anything.

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I want to get married to this person. And if I don't get married to them, there will be no other perfect human being on the face of the earth. And if I've lost him, I'm depressed for the rest of my life. My life is over. Allah's treasures are endless,

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aren't they? Allah's treasures are

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We think that if our eyes are set upon a certain person, and that's it, that's it. And if we've lost them our life is over.

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Own selama Radi Allahu anha she was married to Abu salah. And what a beautiful relationship they had what a beautiful life they lived. They embraced Islam together they did Hijra together. They came to Medina together what happened? Abu Salim out of the low on who he died, he was martyred in one of the battles on selama came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she said Abu Salah has died and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught her a DA what is that Dora in Manila he were in LA you Roger your own.

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Right? And then that oh Allah reward me for my loss and replace it with something better. And I'm Salma said that. I wondered at that time, who could be better than Abu Salah who could be better. But what happened? Somebody who was better than Abu Salah

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became her husband, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Right? So the thing is that when we are, you know, in any kind of distress, we become so short sighted, so hasty, so impatient, and we forget that, yes, this period of pain it's going to be over. But the John Allah holy coalition, podra, for everything is a fixed term, for loss, for pain, for gain for hardship, everything there is a fixed term, it's not eternal. It's not this episode in your life is going to be over this chapter in your life is going to be over.

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So what does this mean always have hope, always have hope. We're afraid of change, but change is necessary. But what that change means is that we can always have hope that Allah will give us something better, he will improve our condition. And look at the hope that is being given here at the time of divorce, where your resume and hate to lie to say, if marriage comes to an end, a woman is threatened. You can never get married again. If you lose this guy, you're done. And so you know what, even if he abuses you, you better do something. That's it. Just be patient.

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Because you're never gonna get married again. Look at your age, you're never gonna get married again. What do we learn here? Do it the right way, follow Allah's commands. And trust in Allah, you fear Allah, Allah will create a way out and provide you from where you never expected. You know, I know of a lady. She was very worried about her daughter's marriage. And she was at Hajj and she said that I was walking out of the Masjid Al haram and she said that

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As I was walking out, I saw 1000s and 1000s of people coming out. She said, I just stood there looking. I said, Ya Allah,

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you have so many creatures, so many people that you created. I'm sure there's one for my daughter. I believe there is someone for my daughter, because your treasures are endless. Look at all this mahalo this hope you have created. Look at this woman's hope. Look at her hope. But usually what happens if the daughter turns to 20? These days? It's 20 I'm so worried can you find somebody? Can you find somebody? 2530 3233 Oh my god, it's like, she's never gonna get married, we start losing hope. And these verses are giving us hope. trust in Allah. This topic is very bitter, insensitive. I can see all the long faces of the girls. But you know, remember if we fear Allah, and number one,

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like Allah is saying, don't leave the house. And we are so hasty immediately you said something, I am going to leave the house. Nobody stays at the husband's house. Whereas Allah says, stay three months and decorate yourself and serve. And I know one girl and her husband was very high tempered. And she was in love with her husband, of course, she was staying staying staying. And she was in a patient now that same husband is just you know, worshiping her loves her like anything. And number two, if you leave the house, we are so disappointed so dispute that there is no man after the divorce. See, our problem is that somebody said something mean to us and we think this is over. My

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husband yelled at me. How could he yell at me? This is over. Alright, we know we closed doors, we think there can be no forgiveness we think there can be no mending. We think there can be no healing.

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But Allah can fix things. He can

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remember that these were loves. Panatela says I am as my slave thinks of me. It's it's all what we think of Allah subhanaw taala. What hope we have within that matters. Always be hopeful.

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So I have a question. If a marriage ends in, like, according to the law of the country, but not the Islamic law, will that marriage still be over in like, it's ended with the intention that the man can remarry? Like have a second marriage? Like get married again? Yeah, because that same person know like someone else, like have a two wives but like, end it legally in one way, but not the Islamic way. I think before this, for any woman, when you get married here, please make sure you legally marry.

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Okay. And by legally, I'm not just talking about the Nikka in the masjid. I'm talking about getting your marriage license and getting your marriage certificate.

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Get it registered. This is not a game. It has very serious implications. Very, very serious implications. I remember once I was sitting with my father, somebody called him asking him for, you know, regarding their problem, and that problem was, this girl was married, they never registered their marriage. And the husband was angry at her, left the house came back something similar happened again left the house, this kept happening. He didn't divorce her. And then one fine day he left the house and never came back. didn't pick up the phone. She didn't know where he was. He never came back. And it had been two years. She had no idea where in the world that man was. Was he alive?

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Was he dead? was in the country. Had he moved away? Where was he? No idea. So her question was, can I get married to somebody else?

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You understand the question though?

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Because legally, she doesn't even know where he is. There is no registration of the marriage, no record of the marriage, nothing like that. So please be careful. Get married legally. And of course, our dean is our dean. When it comes to marriage and divorce, if a person is getting married legally in terms of what is legal in the country, they still have to do the Nikka Islamically and falak also has to be done Islamically right. So for Nica to be valid. For marriage to be valid, it has to be done. Islamically and for Talaq also to be valid, it has to be done. Islamically but living in this country living in the world. You have to do these things legally. Yes.

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He was very good. The guy was very good. They were in love. So finally they decided to sit in the Tim Hortons and finalize the marriage

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Okay, and you know that girl of course parents they went to the council where she find out that she was he was married two times with these girls. So they went to the Tim Hortons and he said Okay, before we decide anything

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important everything.

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Everything too. She said he thought eating college he said okay yeah I will tell everything true. He said okay fine. This is the year you got married with this girl this is the year to God but this girl two times you got married. So now you're a loser and you are a liar also.

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So you have to go and find out he's married already or not. Exactly.

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Okay, let's continue. Wala E and the women who yet Esna they have despaired, Allah a plural of the word allottee. Allah tishie. Who Allah in those women who Yeah, it's not they have despaired, yes, is to despair, to not expect something anymore. So, they have despaired as in they do not expect any more. What do they not expect? minima healed? menstruation, they don't expect that they will ever meant to it. Why? On account of old age on account of some medical condition. So technically, the reader for a divorced woman is how many menstrual cycles, three cycles. But what if there is a woman who doesn't expect her menstrual cycle anymore? So then what is their either until she gets her

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period next? Well, that could be never right. And sometimes for some women, it could be one period a year right? Or for some women, it's just unless it's an irregular cycle right. So there is no pattern to it nothing. So what to do in this situation. So what Allah is dominant Mahi women Nyssa come from your women in your tablet home if you doubt, if you are in doubt concerning the duration of their death and what should you do for it the two will not and there is the data to assure three months how many months three which months lunar three lunar months. Wala E and those women who love me or Hitler who do not menstruate or who have not menstruated. For them also, there is the IS is

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three months. Some women they do not menstruate, they just don't get it. One is an older woman. And there is another woman who just does not have her menstrual period or she never had it. So in her situation also it will be three months. What will add to lochmaddy and those of pregnancies meaning pregnant women will add is a feminine of oluwo all Al Bab so that is the feminine, meaning those women who are off alakmalak Maclaurin of Hamel Hamel is load burden. This is referring to the pregnancy. So the pregnant women agenda will not their term, meaning their ADA is how long are you gonna humbler Hoonah, that they put down their load meaning until they deliver their baby until the

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end of the pregnancy? Whether it is after two days, after one hour, after three months, after five months after eight months. So for a pregnant woman meaning if a woman is pregnant, and her husband gives her divorce, while she's pregnant, then for her, there is how long until she delivers the child. One minute tequila and Whoever fears Allah, He or Allahu Allah will make for him men, Emery he from his matter, you straw is Allah will make things easy for him. Not hard, things will become smooth, they will go smoothly. And this is the reason why I spent a good amount of time at the beginning talking about the fact that divorce is not evil, because it can be done in a nice way. It

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can be via your Allah woman camera use straw, Allah can facilitate this things will work out it will go very smoothly. Yes, it will be painful. But ultimately it will work out. And in general, also the person who fears Allah, that Allah will facilitate their matters for him.

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Allah will make things easy for them. You know, for example, you're traveling somewhere, and you happen to go on a plane. And it's a long flight. And that means you have to pray your Salah. And if you don't pray in the plane, you're gonna miss it. Because you couldn't pray before you got onto the plane. And by the time you will land the time of the prayer is over. Right? So you're afraid if I pray? I mean, it's a problem to even check WhatsApp messages. How am I gonna pray?

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You understand? So yes, it's scary. Trust me. I've been through it. It's scary. But you have to pray. You cannot miss your prayer. You can combine them within the given time.

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All right, but for that is also a limit. So you fear Allah and you pray, Allah who will create ease for you. You might get a few stares. Yes, people might get upset with you or they might, you know not cooperate with you it might happen. But expect is from Allah expect help from Allah. And it's Allah's promise. I am as my servant thinks, I am your Allah, human Umbra use raw Valley camera Allah that is the command of Allah, what is the command of Allah, what is mentioned over here regarding their Aida, how long it has to be where it has to be, and for different women, in the case of irregular menstrual cycles or no menstrual cycle, this is the command of Allah unzila who la calm

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that he has revealed to you. Why has he revealed this command to you for you to know and to read? That's it. No for you to implement? Well my tequila and Whoever fears Allah, you can fit on who say to he that Allah will remove from him his sins. Whoever fears Allah, Allah will forgive him while you're a limb and he will magnify he will make great level for him. A draw reward Allah will make his reward great for who for the person who fears Allah, ye great reward for greater struggle. Praying in your home is easy. Isn't it was going to stop you. In fact, everybody's gonna stop telling you once you pray, right? Things are gonna get easy for you once you're done praying. But

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when you're out in the public, and praying over there is difficult, it's harder, but out of the fear of Allah you pray, what will happen, the reward for that prayer will be greater your window a jewel, Allah will give him bigger reward, greater reward. This is how appreciative Our Lord is. Now notice in these verses many benefits of the court are given. What are they? What are the benefits of Taqwa that are given in these verses? Well my yet the Killa yadgir Allahumma kraja

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then whales Zuckermann Hazel Leia.

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Then mama yet the Tila for Hua has boo boo, Allah is enough. And then Wilma yet the Killa yadgir Allahu Minh Amrita, Yusra, Allah will make things easy for him. Then, well may a tequila you Catherine who say it, Allah will forgive Him His sins. And while you're Aleem Lagu Angela, look at all these benefits.