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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of marriage, which is the union of a man and a woman in Allah's name. It is a crucial and crucial bond that is the source of comfort for the couple, but also fear. The negative impact of divorce on society is discussed, including damaging relationships and causing stress. The legal system for divorce is discussed, including the use of the symbol "med strict" in the context of divorce. The importance of counting the number of menstrual cycles is emphasized, and the use of the symbol "med strict" in divorce is discussed. The conversation also touches on hate and anger, and how it can be replaced with calm and love.
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Surah two Tada

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Literally freedom from bondage

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from being tied. bollock is to untie a knot and let loose

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off is marriage, marriage is the tying of the knot, the coming together of a man and a woman in Allah's Name, making each other Hello. How by making Allah a witness

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and taking upon themselves obligations and duties towards one another, this is Nika, this is OKT.

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And follow up is to untie that knot, to end that bondage to end that relationship to terminate it. So Iraq marriage and Talaq divorce.

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Now, marriage, as we discussed earlier, is a very unique bond. It's a very unique relationship.

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It's a unique relationship, because it's a very intimate relationship, a relationship of closeness. And Allah describes this closeness in the Quran. Through the example of Libous,

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your LEA bass is close to you, your LEA bass covers you your LEA bass is a source of comfort for you. It's a source of protection for you.

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You feel secure in your clothing. Without it, you feel exposed and vulnerable.

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This is the role of marriage. This is the role of a husband and wife in each other's lives. But sometimes what happens is that one is unable to enjoy intimacy in their marriage. And by intimacy. I don't mean physical relationship, I mean, a bondage a bond of friendship and love and closeness of trust. Sometimes,

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marriage for some people, is empty. It's empty of love. It's empty of closeness, it's empty of trust, there is no friendship. And there are such differences between husband and wife that are irreconcilable, there is no way that they will figure out a solution because for the past year, for the past five years, they haven't been able to figure them out. And Are you all familiar that, you know, a man and a woman if there's some chemistry between them, they get along? Right? That's the term they use, right? And if there isn't, then what happens?

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What happens?

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It's like two completely different people that are coexisting in a house, that are supposed to be married, that are supposed to love each other, but that love is not there.

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There's so many differences, and that doesn't necessarily mean that they're bad people. It just means they cannot get along. And that's fine. It happens. It happens. You will get along with some people, and there's some others, you try so hard to get along with them, but you just cannot. You say one thing they understand something else. They say something you misunderstand it. Their way of showing love annoys you. Your way of showing love annoys them.

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Constant miscommunication, misunderstanding. This is something that happens in marriages. Sometimes

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it is true. Now, where marriage is not fulfilling its purpose anymore. And it becomes a source of constant distress for a person

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that Allah subhanaw taala has made a way out for His servants. Allah subhanaw taala out of His Mercy has legislated a beautiful way of ending marriage where it is necessary.

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A person is not obligated to remain in this relationship if this relationship is not fulfilling its purpose. What is that way of ending that relationship? It is done up. Remember, bollock is not a sin. Divorce is not a sin.

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It is a part of our religion. The Surah falak is dedicated to the topic of divorce in total Baqarah there are many verses that talk about divorce. The entire process of Pollock is mentioned in the Quran. repeatedly.

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Diff different issues related to divorce are mentioned in the Quran. So divorce is not a sin. So let's stop treating people who have gone through divorce as it

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They have committed a major sin.

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They have actually obeyed Allah. Tala elk can also be a bother.

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What is everybody? What is an act of worship, an action that Allah subhanaw taala likes. So if a person goes through the process of divorce in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed, they're not committing a sin. They're not. Unfortunately, there's so much negative talk about divorce. I'm not saying that divorce should be normalized. And you know, on every little thing people should consider divorce. No, marriage is beautiful, it is sacred. And it requires commitment. It requires a level of sacrifice. And you know, this relationship has to be worked on. But sometimes it's not possible for two people to continue in that relationship, because it's not really bringing

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them to court, it's bringing them distress.

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So if somebody has gone through divorce, or if somebody is going through divorce, let's not think of them as sinful, let's not think of them as an outcast. There's so much stigma attached to this word. And this is incorrect. It's a part of our religion, because this is a way that Allah has made for His servants. They started something, they started this relationship with the hope that it would work out, but it didn't work out. So if they're deciding to end it, let's please accept it.

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It's painful, for lack is painful it is. But so many things in life are painful. Just because it's painful. It doesn't mean that it is bad. You understand my point.

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And sadly, divorce has so much, you know, negative things attached to it, because we have all heard horrible divorce stories. Alright, horrible, horrible divorce stories.

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That we think that if somebody is going through divorce, or they have gone through divorce, then either they have experienced trauma or they have caused trauma to others.

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And that's not always the case. Nor should it be.

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We see that ze thrilled Allahu Anhu he was married to Zainab radula one, huh? Isn't it? Who are these two people?

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Who were these two people, people who had embraced Islam very early people who were very close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But could their marriage workout? It didn't Did they try? Yes, they did.

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Did they have to end it? Yes, they had to end it. And in the Quran in surah Zab. We learned about that, right? So Allah subhanaw taala has created this way out. So remember that Allah is not evil, it should not be done in a horrible way it should be done in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has taught. We learned that once a man came to even miss Rudra de la Mourinho and he had some fear concerning his marriage, and even miss ruderal de la Mer and who taught him after all, what was that they're all that when your wife comes and make this dua that Allah Who methodically fee li wa Abadi clarehome figure that Oh Allah, bless my wife for me and bless me for my wife Allahumma Jamar bein

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Anna magia Maratha Bill Hayden, that oh Allah join us together for as long as you keep us together in goodness. As long as we stay together, keep us together in goodness, we're fedrick Bay Nana, either for luck that Isla hate. And when you separate us than separate us towards goodness. And this separation is not just referring to the death of one of them. It can also include divorce.

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So this means that divorce is a part of our religion. It is a necessary option for some people. And if it's done in the right way. It could be an airy bother. Divorce is not evil. It's not a sin. Yes, Iblees wants that to end marriages. He wants that because marriage can be a source of sukoon and he doesn't want good for people at all. Shaitan loves to hurt us. And divorce is very hurtful. It's very painful. It can be very painful. So this is what Shavon wants for us. But it doesn't have to be evil.

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It doesn't have to be evil. So this surah through to Pollock, it was revealed after Surah Baqarah in total Bukhara we have learned the rules off fala Atolla kumara tan right and the different types of women who are divorced Mukalla caught right where marriage is consummated marriage

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is not consummated if a woman is pregnant, so on and so forth. Now in this surah further matters concerning divorce are clarified. All right Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Yeah, a Johanna bu O Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, either. When palak Doom, you all give divorce and Nisa to the women, oh prophets of Allah when he was salam, when you all give divorce you all

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being addressed. Why is it Sepilok? Dumb? Because the luck, Doom Doom, the plural This includes the believers.

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All right. However, the command is given how by addressing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It's given through him beginning by addressing him, which means that it will be correct for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to divorce his wife if there was a need,

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you understand? And it will also be correct for the believers to divorce their wives if the circumstances necessitate.

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So if it is okay for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam, then it is okay for who? For the OMA. So then is divorce evil?

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Is it evil?

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It's not evil. So next time you find out somebody's going through divorce, or somebody is divorced, please don't think they're a horrible person. Don't think they're a bad person. Even if we say things like this, Oh, it's okay. No problem. But we feel that in our culture, in our community, we think very negatively about divorce. So anyway, over here, Allah subhanaw taala gives the ruling that when you do give the divorce and what is meant is that when you have decided to give divorce and just like either ontem Illa Salah when you stand for prayer, meaning when you have intended to perform the prayer than performed will do. So here when you have intended to give divorce, then when

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should you give divorce for fun Nico Hoonah, then give divorce to them. When Leary that he hints for their Aida, read the waiting period,

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meaning give divorce at a time when there is the can begin

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at a time when there it can begin. And what is that time. That time when a man can say the words of divorce to his wife is which time, the time of the hook, what is Thor purity, meaning when a woman is not menstruating? A man is not allowed to sit back to his wife when she is menstruating. It's not allowed

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to basically if she's mentioned dating, and he has decided he wants to give her divorce. What does he have to do? What does he have to do? Wait for her period to be over?

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What does this mean? He cannot give divorce in haste. And usually what happens

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I'm angry. bollock. You understand. This is what happens. It's given in haste. What does Allah say here for fondly? Guna Leary that he Hiner Don't be hasty. Wait, make sure that you can actually give divorce it's the right time and that time is the time of thought. And especially it's the time of tour in which there has been no muss no sexual *. Meaning if a man was intimate with his wife, right, then he can't say to her divorce, he has to wait for her to have her period. And once her beard has ended, and in that state of purity, now he hasn't had any physical relationship with her. Then he can give Pollock, this Pollock is Pollock, which is must noon which is correct. There

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is another type of Philip Philip Bidri what has been theory

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in which there is innovation, which contradicts the Sunnah. And what is falak victory, the clock which is given while a woman is menstruating or in the state of Tober, where there has been sexual *

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or it is given more than once

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in one sitting, this is all Talaq Bidri.

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So Allah says for toliko Hoonah Lyrid that he Hiner give divorce at a time when they can begin there is what are smooth and keep count of a leader of the waiting period.

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Meaning once you said follow then you have to count the waiting period don't neglect

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in this regard, be careful. And what is the waiting period? Three menstrual cycles. Right? So absolutely count it. Why counted? Why keep count of it? So that if you intend to take back your word, right, because in the case of Pollock luxury revocable divorce, remember that there has been a wife can reconcile, and their marriage would not be terminated as long as they reconcile within their ADA. Right. So I saw

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what the cola bekam And fear Allah your Lord, fear him regarding this matter. Laduree Johanna, do not expel them who the woman.

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Remember that? As we have learned in the Quran, divorce is how many times three, meaning maximum is three. The first two are revocable, in our dean, the way of divorce is that when a man has divorced his wife than her either begins, how much is there either three months, this is three menstrual cycles. And this isn't the case of the first two divorces. Right? If it's the third time, if it's the third time, then again, it's three months and then the marriage is over. Right? But remember that in the first two times revocable divorce, Allah says, Let the widow wouldn't have been Butina do not expel them do not turn them out from their homes do not send them away. Meaning there is the

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the woman has to spend were were in the house of the husband. The husband should not say this is the first divorce or the second divorce and has your follow up. Please leave. He can't do that. She has to stay in that house for how long? Three menstrual cycles. Why?

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Why? So that they will hopefully reconcile. And if they don't, if the differences are so great, and they wait for three months, almost two in this manner. Then what does it mean? That Okay, their relationship cannot work out so she will leave. So let's go Who did you wouldn't I mean, booty Hina Don't expel them from their homes. Well, I Yeah. Hello, Gina. Nor should the women go.

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That a woman should not say oh, you gave me divorce. I'm done. I'm not waiting over here. I'm going away. Where are you Regina? They should not go themselves. So you understand their ADA for revocable divorce must be spent were in the house of the husband in that except there is an exceptional situation and what is that? And yet Dena that they come meaning they commit before he shot the MOBA Yuna a clear immorality of blatant act of indecency,

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meaning of the woman has committed a major sin like she has committed Zina.

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And the husband is aware of that. And based on that he is given the divorce.

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He cannot tolerate that a woman who has been insincere to him and she has betrayed him that she stays in his house. So in this situation, okay. She goes and spends somewhere else in that a Tina B fascia T Mobile you know, what Tilka who do the law and that these are the limits set by Allah woman yet are the who do the law he and whoever transgresses the limits set by Allah, Allah Manasa then he has committed injustice against himself. He hasn't wronged anyone else he has wronged who, himself.

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Allah says letter D. You do not know. Law Allah Allah. Perhaps Allah meaning hopefully Allah will you diesel, he will bring about your diesel had Elsa hada is gonna shake lumea con that when something happens that didn't exist before. So it's quite possible you don't know Maybe Allah will bring about BARDA valleca, after that Umrah, a matter after what after divorce, Allah who will bring about a different matter what is his different matter referring to rue joueur.

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So, basically in this idea, what is mentioned, give divorce at the right time,

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not randomly, not in haste, give it at the right time. And secondly, that there is there must be spent in the house of the husband. Why observe these two conditions why? Latta de la la Allahu you are de su BARDA Delica Umbra you never know things may change. So for example, if a person follows the first ruling, which is that give divorce at

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right time, he had a big fight with his wife. He decides he's going to get divorced, but she just started her menstrual cycle. He has to wait for a whole week, at least. So what happens in the week, he was angry. Now he's calm. So out of the whole week, he changes his mind. Right? lol Allah, your diesel by the Delica umbra. There was hate and anger. And now that hate and anger was replaced with calmness and love. In one week, things changed. You understand? The second ruling? Is there a there must be observed in the house of the husband? Why? Three menstrual cycles if the woman is in the house of the husband, and the husband is there? He's seeing her three months.

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Hopefully, things should get better, isn't it? So where there was hate? Hopefully, it's replaced with love. Where there was constant argumentation. Hopefully it's replaced with calmness in the house. So what is it that we're being taught over here that do not make such decisions in haste? Take your time. Take your time.

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And when you will take your time and be hopeful and be positive, then you never know. Allah subhanaw taala will fix your problems for you things will get better they will improve. Now, remember I mentioned to you earlier regarding the first ruling that falak must be given at the right time. Right. And if it's not given at the right time, then it is known as Talaq, Talaq. Bidri right. Remember, when it comes to falak Bidri, it will still count as divorce.

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A person has done something wrong, the man has done something wrong, but it will still count as divorce. Say for example, if a man says divorced his wife while she's menstruating, this is the lack Bidri but it is still foul up. It will count. You understand? Likewise, if you know technically a person is supposed to get the lock once, right? But if he says more than once, typically what is that? The lock the lock the lock? That's the words that we hear, right?

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Three times in one go?

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Or 1000 times in one go? Right? You will say things like that. So there's two opinions concerning that some scholars have said that even if a person were to say thought up a 50,000 times in one sitting,

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it will count as one divorce. All right. And others have said that if he pronounces thought up three times in one sitting then it is considered

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three divorces final, irrevocable. But the stronger opinion is that it will be considered one divorce. And what's the proof of that? The proof is that once a man actually, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam set the lock to his wife. He became angry, and he gave Pollak to her while she was menstruating. Alright, so this is Pollak victory. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, when he found out he said, order him to take her back and keep her until she's cleaned from her period, and then to wait until she gets her next period and becomes clean again.

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Then if he wishes to divorce her, he can divorce her when she's clean from her period.

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All right. So in this hadith we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not accept the philosophy degree.

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You understand? He did not accept the follow up with her. He said do it the right way. In another narration, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Lucena was informed that a person had pronounced three divorces on his wife in one sitting. He stood up in anger and said, Are the people playing with the book of Allah although I am present among you.

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This is playing with the book of Allah, this is not acceptable. In another narration, we learned that a man pronounced divorce and his wife 1000 times, not that he's at the law.

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But he said something that meant 1000 times. So he said, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said that by the three divorces, the woman stood separated from him. Meaning Okay, marriage has ended.

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All right.

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And 997

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pronouncements remained as acts of injustice and sin. So if Allah wants, he can punish him. And if Allah wants, he can pardon him.

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You understand? So he has committed a sin

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by saying such a statement. How do you think about it in this verse, one verse such important rulings concerning divorce are given when it comes to marriage. Do people know about how to get married?

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They don't know where to get married. Of course they do. Where to get the dress from? Right? And how the bride and groom are going to make their entrance and which songs are going to be played and pre wedding celebrations. And during the wedding, what's going to happen and then post wedding, what's going to happen? I mean, people know inside out. Yes, maybe they don't know about the details of NECA and Mahara and all of that, but they do know about how to party and have fun.

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Right? But when it comes to divorce, do people know how to give divorce or how to go through divorce properly? Generally they don't. This is the reason we don't even talk about divorce. Such a taboo topic that we don't even talk about it. And Allah has revealed an entire Surah explaining divorce, so that when it is necessary, it is done in the right way.

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