Ali Hammuda – The Assault on the Heart

Ali Hammuda
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the place where fitna is presented to is the human heart you think it's your eye that saw what was haram? Or did you think it was your ear that heard what was haram? Did you think it was your hand or any other part of your anatomy that touched that which was haram carry dear sister, these are just gateways the entry the destination is the heart fit now go straight to the heart. And this is mentioned explicitly in the Hadith which Muslim narrates, on the authority of Hadith Babylonia man that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Borovo defeat and Weiland code will be Carville hustle your your old and older fitna tests, tribulations, temptations, whatever they may be, they

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are presented to the hearts fitness by fitness the same way that a read mat is woven stick by stick one at a time fitness by fitness, temptation by temptation one at a time it's coming to the heart. He explains he says Salalah when he was listen to this beautiful Hadith he said that your Albena oshri Maha Nikita TFI he knocked himself down. Therefore any heart that absorbs the fitna it takes it in what happens a placed upon that heart you feel that darkness you feel that gloom and misery when you don't know your gaze for example, or cover your ears for example, you feel that Lakhdar almost physically he said, Where are you Calvin and Kara had located fi he knocked on the

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door, but any heart that repels this fitness with patients it turns away from it despite the pain he said a white dot will be placed on that heart. This continues to happen Hatha sera Isla can then kill one of two hearts will develop with a person there's no third till one of two hearts he said I'll be Mythili Saha fella todo Roho fitna to modernity Santa Artois, one of the two hearts will eventually become so white they will look like a white stone pure and clean. Therefore no fitna will ever harm it so long as the heavens and the earth endure Allahu Akbar May Allah give us that type of heart what is the second was

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more bad than tell Kuzey muda hiya diary full marathon while Are you in queue Roman Koran Ilana Sri Berman haha. And as for the other type of heart, just allowing anything in it will end up looking like a black and gray dust colored vessel that is upside down Upside down and you can try to pour this cup with water or you like when it's upside down. It will never fill he said that's what the heart will look like towards the black that's colored upside down not recognizing good not forbidding evil, but being obsessed with sins. So you try to offer that type of hot admonition and reminders it just deflects it you give it i a hadith Quran sunnah, you know the person is not dialed

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in. He's not there. They're not checking in with you. It's deflecting it. So whereas fitna presented your brothers and sisters where does it go? It goes to the heart. Why is it that when you see something in the street that you know maybe perhaps you looked at it a little bit too long and then it disappears colors you go and TK Maxx and you do your shopping and you go home you come to sleep you close your eyes now you're not in Allah the image is still there. What happened? It went to where they went to that that's where fitna goes, How is it that you may hear something you know you should have closed the browser you should have swiped left. You know you shouldn't have given it

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your eardrums but you do you switch it off you say I start from LA and you need to do that you go home you play with the kids you go to sleep switch off the lights pindrop silence you hear the track what happened you went to the heart you go on the internet you read something you know you shouldn't have read it's a sugar it's a doubt it makes you shaking your religion you switch it off you go home you come to sleep, you can still read it you can still hear it your mind is no lingering why? Because it went to the heart and the same can be said about care goodness you come to a lecture like this or any other one you feel uplifted, you feel strong. You feel now buzzing with email and you

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feel light emanating from you even when you are leaving them as did why because the credit written to your heart so fitna is presented to the heart. Remember that your eyes, your ears, they are gutters, gutters, imagine this gutters and they are pouring their contents into your heart. And we're just allowing these gutters to pour everything at any time of the day into that poor heart. It can't take it, it can do it. Then you ask I'm anxious, I'm anxious. I'm miserable. I'm upset. I'm unstable. I'm unhappy. What have you filled those gutters with whatever you feel disgusting, because whatever you've chosen to fill them, they are pouring left to the heart. So this is another reason

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why we've chosen this topic because the home of fitna is the heart

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