Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 285D Tafsir Al-Talaq 6-12

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of support to ensure a woman is not damaging her partner and that she can survive. They stress the need for support until the end of the pregnancy, and the importance of communication and finding a balance between the couple's emotions. The negative consequences of divorce and loss caused by negative behavior and actions, including divorce and abuse, are discussed. The use of backwards verses in Islam to explain the law of divorce and the potential for multiple planets to create a larger universe, are also emphasized. The importance of self-taying and finding a balance between emotions is emphasized, and the need for effort and consultation is emphasized.
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Hola says es Keanu Hoon lodge them as Keanu from Sokhna sukhna is home as Keanu make them live.

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This is after the divorce. So a man pronounces divorce to his wife. All right. Now she has to spend their underwear

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in his house. This is further clarified again clearly mentioned so that people don't misunderstand asking you Hoonah make them live min Hazel second tone, where you live.

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Where you live in the same house under the same roof. Not that he says okay, this is my house. I've given her divorce, you can stay here for three months. And while she's in her ID that I'm staying at my parents house, I'm staying at my friend's house No, no, no.

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Min Hayes the second tomb under the same roof, where you live in the same house why? So that there are greater chances of reconciliation? Mineral would you DICOM for out of your would what is what it means which is basically that which a person wotja with himself when a person finds with himself, meaning his means his capacity.

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So make them live where you live.

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This is after the revocable divorce. But in general also what do we understand from this? That a man should make his wife live in the same place where he lives? Not that he says okay, you live in a different country so that we can get the citizenship and I'm gonna live in back home? Not just for three years but endlessly. So it's been 15 years. husband isn't one country wife isn't the other is this marriage.

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This is not marriage. This is very problematic.

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A skin wound I mean, Hazel Second, don't live in the same place. It's not right. That the man is just absent from the family completely. The children don't really have a relationship with the Father because he's never there. The wife doesn't really have a relationship with him because he's never there. As Keanu Wyndham in Hazel second tune, Minh, where do they come from your means. And also what this means is, if you're providing accommodation, that means you also have to take care of the expenses, you have to take care of the food and in general spending. And whatever a husband provides for his wife must be according to the man's means. And what this means is that

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it should be of the same standard.

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Not that he's wearing fancy clothes.

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And she's wearing the same clothes that she got when she got married from 10 years ago, from 15 years ago.

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Not that he's getting a new phone.

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And the wife has that old phone every time he gets a new phone he gives the old phone to the wife. No.

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Provide for her according to your means meaning the financial standard of the husband should be that of the wife make them live in the same way.

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This is not right that people have double standards in their marriages. And I think women should also think of the other way, you know think of themselves that oftentimes the best food right that they like they'll prepare for themselves and for the husband. Yeah, there's some leftovers in the refrigerator.

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This is not right, you go out and eat at a party and for the husband it's old food from like five days ago that he doesn't even like know like for the other what you like for yourself. So asking who wouldn't? I mean Hi, the second time in which they come well are two bar ruhuna and do not harm them. Eating oh you men do not harm the women. Which women those whom you have pronounced divorce against during their eight that do not harm them so much that little by eco Elena, that you oppress them you constrict matters for them. Who is from leaf leaf is constriction, tightness, don't make matters so difficult for them that they're just forced to leave. Don't harass them, that they say

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you know what, I should better go from here. So at least I can survive so that at least I can live because many times when it comes to divorce, people don't say, Okay, I'm not going to spend anything on you. Rather, they don't say leave. What they will do is they'll be absent, they'll be gone. They're nowhere to be found. And the woman has left to fend for herself.

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So love to God ruhuna little by you koala when we're in Kona Olathe, Hamlin, and if they're being the women happened to be pregnant for unfuckable Alejandra then spend on them had to learn from Laguna until they deliver their babies until the end of the pregnancy. Meaning generally, the man has to provide for the woman after pronouncing divorce for how long for either

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Three months or three menstrual cycles, but in the case where the woman is pregnant than her needs are different,

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right? Different food or longer if the pregnancy is still eight months to go seven months to go. So he has to provide for her until the end of the pregnancy. For in our learner come then if they nurse for you, meaning if they nurse the baby for you. What does this mean? Man pronounced divorce to his wife while she was pregnant. She was pregnant for let's say, seven more months, no reconciliation.

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All right. So what happened? baby was born, divorce came into effect now the man and woman are separated. Now the issue of nursing the baby who's gonna nurse the baby the mother the mother wants to nurse the baby. So if she's nursing the baby who's gonna look after her food and everything. It's the father of the child as we learned in Surah Baqarah is number 233 Allah says well Wiley data you will learn that Hola Hola. Hola, Annie Kami, Elaine Lehman Arada and YouTube Malabar while mo Lu de la who is gonna It's the father of the child who has to provide for the food and the clothing of the woman who's nursing the child. So for in our dharna la confer to Hoonah Oh, doula Hoonah give them

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their ages. And what is the age of the wage over here refer to what does it refer to covering the costs of their food and their clothing? What dummy Rubina Combi Maru this is so, beautiful. Allah says, what time you and

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between yourselves in the acceptable way it taught me rule Hamza, Nimra amor, what is Amin? Command or matter, and it timeouts is to give homage to each other,

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meaning to suggest one another.

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So, discuss,

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discuss the matters related to the child between yourselves in the acceptable way.

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Meaning, yes, you are divorced, there is no relationship between you anymore between the man and the woman.

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But when it comes to the children, for them, and maybe for some other matters, you have to discuss, you have to communicate,

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you have to communicate. And you must communicate how, in a manner that is appropriate. Don't make things hard upon each other.

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What Tommy Robaina can be modeled with, you see, we're so emotional, we say,

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either it's marriage, or it's finished. And when it's finished, then don't even mention that person's name in front of me.

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And what is Allah saying? What dummy rule discuss these matters, because they must be discussed. But how be maruf in a manner that is appropriate. We're in thorough self talk. And if you make things difficult for each other, versus what does the rest of mean difficulty, you're creating difficulty for each other. Meaning you just cannot even have a simple discussion.

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You still hate each other so much, or you're so angry at each other so vengeful, that you cannot come to an agreement over who should nurse the child? And how much should the expenditure be or how much the food and the clothing cost should be? What entire saltoun Then you know what Fussa told the ruler who Ha, then settled the room, she will nurse law who for him, for who for the sake of the father, who's going to nurse the baby, oh ha another woman, meaning then he can hire somebody else he can get something else done.

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That's also an option.

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Because sometimes divorce is so brutal, that and you know over custody issues, that it's just so ugly, that the more you deal with each other, the more difficult things become.

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So in this situation, look for another alternate facades of the ruler who

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Leon felt he should spend do certain amount of wealth mentality from his wealth. Meaning generally the ruling is where the mother of the child is going to nurse the child. Then, how much should the father of the child provide for her? How much for her food and for her clothing? How much should he give? Allah says the wealthy person should spend according to his wealth. Woman Who did I lay him to school, and whoever's provision is constructed upon him. falloon flockmen Mata Hola, then he should spend according to what Allah has given him, meaning there is no fixed amount $1,000 $500 $300 No, there's no fixed amount

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Oh, it's according to the means of a person. Lie you can live Allahu nevsun. Allah does not burden a soul. Ill Lama atta ha except according to what he has given it.

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Allah does not burden a person, except according to what Allah has given the person meaning the capacity that he has given him, which means that if Allah has put you in a test, that means you can handle it. You can, if you weren't able to handle it, you wouldn't put you in that position.

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So every test that we are put in, we have the potential to succeed.

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You understand? Every test that you put in, you have the potential to succeed.

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Yes, you can lose but you can also succeed, you can also win.

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Now it's up to you. How much effort do you put in?

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How hard do you strive?

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Because if you weren't able to do it, you wouldn't be put in that situation. La you can live Allahu nevsun Elana atta sajer Allahu Allah will make Barbarossa and after difficulty, you saw ease after hardship, Allah will create ease. What do we learn from these verses? The importance of consultation, the importance of discussion, you know, discussing these matters, that even if there is a fight, even if there's bollock, whatever common interest binds the two together, they should consult one another, regarding that, and matters should be decided by that discussion by that consultation.

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But if things are getting too hard, then Allah subhanaw taala has provided other alternates also, what can alien and how many men are yet in of a city? Now you see over here, commands related to divorce were given.

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But generally, do people follow these commands? Now they don't? Allah subhanaw taala gives a warning here, that how many of a city there was how many nations there were, at that time? Unreal? beha. It was insolent towards the command of its Lord at that there are two iron Tao disobedience out of pride. That no no, there's no way I could do this. There is no way I will put up with this. There is no way I will accommodate this.

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Allah says there have been many people who have been disobedient to their Lord out of pride. Well who Sunni and ultra towards his messengers. So what happened for her sub now her we call them to account? He saben shoddy that is severe account. And what is his account referring to punishment because punishment is you after he saw, meaning those people were punished severely. Why the Naha? nohcra and we punish them with a terrible punishment for the market. So it tasted we're Bella Amrita, the bad consequence of its affair. Well, we discussed this word earlier. Also, while Balamb why bill is heavy rain and wobble. It's basically the bad consequence of something. And it's called

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wobble because it burdens a person. So for that Courtois Bella umbrella, it tasted the bad consequence of its affair. Because when a person disobeyed their Lord, then that sin will bring consequences.

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You know, a person goes through divorce, and he does it, you know, with a lot of love, a lot of oppression than what happens. They were unfair to the other person. And sooner or later, they're going to see its consequences

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in their life.

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There was a lady, her marriage was mashallah beautiful. And because of certain issues, basically, marriage ended. And this lady would say that I am so hurt because of everything that I went through. I was really oppressed here. I was really treated unfairly. That from my heart, I wish bed for this individual and their family. She said I cannot help it. But from my heart. It's like I find myself praying against them, I cannot help it.

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And the same thing that they did to her

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was done to someone in their family. The way they threw her out, their own daughter was thrown out.

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So never think that if we oppress someone will be fine. No, Allah is still our Lord. And he is fair. He is just so if we are oppressing someone today, remember that somebody else could be oppressing us tomorrow. We are depriving someone of their rights. We could be the

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Private alright tomorrow, sins have consequences and these consequences are real, for there are two Abella Umbria What can our Akima to Umbria? Husar. And the consequence the outcome of their affair was what hosel loss, utter loss and failure

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is the law dilla hula home Allah has prepared for them or they've been shed either a severe punishment for the Kola old album, or people of intellect, fear Allah. If you have sound reasoning, fear Allah and even if you have to go through divorce, something very painful and emotional, do it properly Alladhina amanu or you will have believed for the Enza Allahu La calm the Kra Allah has revealed to you a vicar a reminder, this Quran is a reminder,

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something that you have to follow. Allah has revealed these verses just so that they're recited there to be recited and also followed.

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So follow this vicar that Allah has revealed, but also known. He has also sent a messenger yet to do on a kumbaya Tila, who recites upon you Allah's verses, and these verses their mobile units. They're clear. They're clear, I mean, the rulings are very evident. They're not ambiguous. I mean, look at the ruling and sort of the Bacara. So clearly, the rulings concerning divorce are mentioned ufological mandala tan in simple words. And then further clarification in the Surah mobiIe. Net. why has Allah revealed all these clear rulings, Lee yoke region Lilina Amanu, in order that he may bring out the believers, those who have believed why middle slowly had and also those that are righteous

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deeds, bring them out of where through these verses, means lumati Illa Nora, from darkness into light,

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family problems, marriage problems, they're like Luma

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it's gloom.

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But Allah subhanaw taala has sent these verses he sent the messengers of Allah who already even salaam to explain the law of divorce. Why so that a person is taken out of darkness into light.

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So Allah has revealed these laws for us for our benefit. While may you may be Lehi and whoever believes in Allah, we are mozzarella Han and he does righteous deeds up the hill who Jeanette Allah will admit him into gardens which gardens that dreamin, tactical unhappy underneath which rivers flow, these gardens are not in this world. Where are they? In paradise? Holly, the NEFA abiding there in eternally got the sun Allahu La Buddhists call. Allah has a center He has perfected Lahore for that person that is our provision. Which provision is this the provision of paradise? The one who fears Allah believes in Allah and follows Allah's orders that Allah has prepared a great a

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beautiful provision for him in the hereafter.

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What does this mean then?

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Divorce is something painful, but don't lose sight. Yes, you are going through something painful right now. But realize, you also have an afterlife. You also have alcohol, you also have hisab.

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So don't put that at risk because of what you're going through right now. Don't put your alcohol at risk because of what you're going through right now. This test, go through it the way Allah subhanaw taala wants you to according to the laws that Allah has given you and what will happen, Allah will give you excellent risk in the hereafter. Allah who Allah the Allah is the One who halacha savasana Wharton, he is the one who was created seven heavens, seven skies, one on top of the other Wamena are the and also of the earth Mithila Hoonah similar to them.

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Meeting just as Allah has created seven skies, he has created seven Earths

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We have heard a lot about seven skies but seven Earths what does that mean? Allah is saying this he has created seven Earths also.

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Now remember, this is not seven continents by the way.

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Okay? Because Allah says Mithila Hoonah similar to them, how are the seven skies one on top of the other? So the seven earths are also how one on top of the other Mithila Hoonah.

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The seven skies? How far apart are they? Very far, so much so that with all the universe that we have come to know of that is still a part of the first sky

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because in order to cross the first sky you have to go through the gates as

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam went through when he went on the marriage, right? And with all our space exploration, we have not explored those gates, right. So our scholars say that the known universe, whatever of the universe, we know off that is still a part of the first sky.

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Just imagine how huge the known universe is what we know of the universe, how massive it is. Just think about that. And that is what just the first guy, Allah who are known how far those gates are. We think the universe is huge. What if it's 10 times its size? What if it's more than that? This is just our estimation, right?

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just imagine how far apart the seven skies are? No, we cannot even imagine the distance.

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So Mithuna Hoonah. These earths are also how far apart

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similar similar distance

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was the last month, Allah telling us about this over here? So there we go and discover that secondary and third Earth and fourth Earth? It's not referring to the planets, by the way. Okay. Because you might say, well, they're nine planets. Another eight. How many are they? Well, Allahu Artem. So it's not referring to a planet, it's referring to Earth's Mitla Hoonah. Similar to this earth?

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Sky, similar to, you know, seven skies, one on top of the other, Earth's one on top of the other.

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Why is it lost parents are telling us about this over here to remind us of how vast his kingdom is, how great his power is. His Kingship is, his creation is. So stop freaking out.

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Because we do that a lot. A small problem and we worry so much,

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isn't it? We worry too much over petty issues. But when you think of yourself, somewhere there on planet Earth, right? And imagine the size of the Earth compared to the sun. Now imagine the size of the Earth compared to the seven heavens and the seven Earths and then you with your little problem somewhere on Earth? How big is that problem?

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How big is it?

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It's not a big deal. If Allah can manage the affairs of the seven heavens and seven Earths, you think he won't take care of you.

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You think you'll forget about you. So stop worrying. Stop worrying, and start relying upon Allah. Stop disobeying Him and start obeying Him.

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Allah is the One who has created seven heavens and of the Earth is also similar to them, yet unnecessarily Amaroo the command it comes down meaning Allah's command descends been a Huna between them. Meaning it's Allah's command by which rain comes on this earth. Allah's command by which wind blows at a certain time of the night.

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Everything that happens, happens by Allah's command, he's got everything in control, and you are also his creation. Lita, Allah mu, he's telling you this in order that you may know, and Allah, Allah colletion and Cuddy that indeed Allah is competent, he is able over everything, including you and your problems. One the Lucha a half of big cliche in Elma, and that indeed Allah has encompassed everything in knowledge. He knows what you're going through.

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He knows your challenges and your struggles. So what do we learn from this then? rely upon your Lord

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and do what He has commanded you? Let's listen to the recitation of the surah

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This means your Walkman you're

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a human being you either call up Otto Moon is

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what the

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back room to Free Joe Moon

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Audrina in

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Adana in

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Jena visa

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or Tilka who do more

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hold on long

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enough. Let's

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do that.

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They can

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be now off in repo

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if you actually do that we're

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gonna do that

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learn a

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new one young

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whom in high school

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husband in

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any other

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nation in the

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is nominal Mahi we mean is

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in trouble to that

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to assure you

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we're all cool marry

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00:26:25 --> 00:26:26

you saw

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you wondering

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why you're ugly Mala Oh agile as Keno one I mean are you full circle to me

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what you can do Hamlet

00:27:09 --> 00:27:09

a long

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time you may not

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be mount holes were in tune to settle

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for Leo

00:27:36 --> 00:27:37


00:27:38 --> 00:27:40

is all value

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all lie you can live long enough and in

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Darrow see your social worker you

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Yeti not that on a mini Bina was only for Hi southern

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shading in the house

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00:28:27 --> 00:28:27


00:28:33 --> 00:28:37

Shadi the double long

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for the

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law who the call was ruling to

00:28:55 --> 00:28:55

euphrasian John

00:28:58 --> 00:29:00

Lee oak regionalizing

00:29:02 --> 00:29:04

Foley Cimino Voluma

00:29:08 --> 00:29:08


00:29:19 --> 00:29:19

you the

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holly dean

00:29:30 --> 00:29:36

or the long haul is all a long haul

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00:29:47 --> 00:29:48

later on

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along creation

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upon equally

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You share in

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panicle law 100 eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stuffy rucola to retake a ceremony camara Hutton La Habana Koto

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