Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 269D Tafsir Al-Zariyaat 24-30

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Prophet's treatment of guests, including the treatment of guests and employees. They emphasize the importance of honoring guests and being treated with respect. The segment also touches on various aspects of Islam, including serving guests and being treated with respect. The speakers also mention the importance of being humble and not showing fear or discomfort.
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Hello attacker has their come to you has they reached you? Hadith story news of blaming Ibrahim of the guests of Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. What guests were they they were a smoker Amin? They were honorable they were honored. hadith is speech, right hadith is speech, news of an event. Right so the word also applies to story. Have you heard of the story of the guests of Ibrahim that were Mikami McLean is a Florida, Florida LaF mukarram who is McCrum? The one who is honorable, who are the guests of Ibrahim alayhis salam was the angels. Right? Why does Allah subhanaw taala describe them as honored guests of Ibrahim? Because firstly, they were angels and angels are honorable

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creatures of Allah subhanaw taala why are they honorable? Because they do what Allah tells them to do. And in a Croma compreender Allah he, at Koco are persons honor is by what his obedience to Allah. So the angels are honorable because they obey Allah. They were honorable because of the fact that they were angels.

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Another reason why they're described as honorable is because they came as guests. And a guest is honorable.

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You understand? A guest, whoever he or she is, the fact that they're coming to our place as a guest means that they deserve to be treated with respect, because of the fact that they are a guest. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day for you cream by for whom he must honor his guest.

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So Muslimeen and also they're described as Muslimeen because they were treated very honorably, by who, by Ibraheem Alehissalaam as we will see, is the one who la he when they entered upon him for Carlos Salama, and they said Salam. As soon as they came to him, they entered upon him, they said, salam, ala Santa mon Ibrahim alayhis salam said Salam, O mo mon karoun, meaning you are a comb A people mon karoun Unknown mooncup This is a singular Mancha. One car is someone who is unrecognized a stranger.

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Stranger, and something wrong is also described as mancha maruf and Moncure. Right. Why is that called mancha because it's unaccepted. There is no room for it. All right, it's rejected. Here. It doesn't mean rejected it means unrecognized stranger, unknown, unfamiliar folk. He said Alma mon karoon. Ferrara, Isla Lee. So Ibrahima listened, and basically he didn't recognize them. Now, I want you to put yourself in that situation. And think of it this way that you're at home. And there are some people that come at your door, and they come and say, Salem, and you don't recognize them. What would you do? Ibrahim alayhis, salam, Ferrara, Isla Li, he went to his wife, rah, rah Well, Elaine

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row role is to go toward something quietly secretly. So Rolla, Isla Lee, he slipped away

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to his wife, Fauja, Java. And then he came, meaning he came back to the guests. How not empty handed, but Berejiklian with a calf, a calf as an a baby cow. That was Sameen. That was fatty fleshing. In other parts of the Quran, suited hood is 69 We learned from our libido ninja, a bit rigid in honey roasted calf. Alright, and here we learned Sameen Sameen is from someone which is used for fat. And it doesn't mean there was a lot of fat as in the fact that we don't eat what this refers to is a lot of meat.

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A lot of meat, meaning stuff that was supposed to be eaten. All right, it was roasted Berry, Julian Sameen. He didn't recognize these people. He didn't know who they were. But he honored them by serving them, whatever that he had, the best of what he had. And when he brought that meat What did he do for karamba? Who la him?

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He brought it near them. God Allah you are rivers to bring near. So he placed it near them in front of them. Why? So that they could eat and when they didn't eat Allah He said a lotta Kowloon Will you not eat? He's not forcing them eat. Like sometimes we do. Right?

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Sometimes in our extreme generosity, we don't even ask people will just, you know, for food in their plates. I don't care whether you're allergic or you have diarrhea or you're sick, you know, I cook this food, you have to eat it. He said Aletheia Kowloon, will you not eat? This is suggestive. And it's very important to remember this. You know, sometimes we say, you know, whether somebody eats or not their business, we don't even ask them. Or we go to the other extreme of ignoring their choices, right and pouring what we want them to eat in their plate. You see a beautiful balance over here. He's so generous, hospitable, but at the same time, he's not forceful. Right? He says a lot that

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cologne Will you not eat meaning please eat? I mentioned earlier that honoring guests is a part of our Eman. It's a part of our faith. And Allah subhanaw taala describes these guests as honored guests. Why? Because Ibrahim Arneson, I'm treated them honorably. How did he treat them honorably? In what way? What do you see here?

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How did he treat his guests? Raise your hand? Yes.

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Very good. He treated them hospitably. But he didn't force them at the same time. What else? Start from the beginning? What happened? Yes.

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Okay, he greeted them before that.

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Go ahead.

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Yes, he didn't recognize them. They said salam to him. He said Salam. And he welcomed them in

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our response generally, is we don't recognize somebody, they said salam to us. We look at them strangely. Like, do I know you that I should respond to your greeting even? Alright, he didn't recognize them, yet. He welcomed them.

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And then of course, as they came in, he said salaam to them, etcetera, etcetera. What else do we see here?

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How did he serve them? noisily, showing that it was such an inconvenience that they came, you know, without warning, and without asking, and they just came, he made arrangements to serve them. How? Quietly

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in a very subtle way. Sometimes what happens is that as our guests come in, because we live very

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sadly, we live very fake lives, we live very differently when we are on our own. And when guests are coming, then we become completely different. Our house changes, right? Our clothes change, our language changes, the dishes change, right? I mean, everything changes.

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So if somebody comes in like that, we're not happy at all, because we've been caught off guard and everything is a mess. I'm not saying that our houses should be perfect all the time. It's only normal that there will be times that our houses will be messy. And yes, if somebody comes in by surprise, and it's going to be difficult for us, but if they have come in, then let's not make a fuss. Oh, you should have told me. You should have told me. You know, we repeat that over and over and over again. You should have told me you should have told me.

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I've heard people saying that you maybe mashallah, you don't. But I've heard people saying that. Right? Why didn't you call? And yes, we are taught that before we go somewhere, we must take permission. And as people of the house, we have the right to refuse someone. We have the right, right. We have studied this in sort of news. All right. However, if we have welcomed someone in now, let's accept them in and not show them every few minutes that they're being in our house is such a huge inconvenience. All right. Then we see that he brings food when and how quickly without delay. Right? Then what does he bring the best that he has? Then he makes things easy for his guests.

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Right? How that he brings the food quickly and he puts it in front of them. And then of course he doesn't force them either.

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So for Casaba who am Allah Allah Kowloon? He said will you not eat? Now what's amazing here is that Allah's friend,

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Ibrahim Allison was who Holly of Allah. Allah is friend is serving unknown guests. Would we do that? Sometimes we think that we are too high above having any guests. I'm such a busy person, right? I don't entertain any guests. But if somebody has come treat them as a guest serving other people, there's nothing wrong in that. Go ahead.

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giving honor to other person, then it's significant how we serve to people in what we serve.

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Do we serve the best serve our things? Or we just save it for our kids or other people or we'll eat after they go? So it depends on our intentions and how last one serve the people. Yes. And you see, sometimes we think that everybody should help themselves. Right? But we see over here, Ibrahim Ali, Sam is bringing the food, and he's putting it in front of them. We think sometimes it's below us to serve others. It's not below us. It's not something that will reduce our honor. That will humiliate us No. Being humble. serving other people offering them food is something that's very noble. The Friend of Allah did it for Oh Jessa but these people these guests when they refuse to eat Ibrahim

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are listening, of course, naturally, oh Jessa he felt men home from them FIFA 10 apprehension fear FIFA from health. And oh, just a wild dream scene, what is basically fear in the heart that a person keeps in the heart. You know, he's trying not to show it. So he sensed fear in his heart. He was afraid in his heart that firstly, I don't know them. And secondly, they're not eating. Who are they? Why are they here? What's going on? i They're refusing my food. Maybe they have some bad intention of coming here. Oh, just a minimum fever. But notice, even that fear? Where does he keep it?

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Where does he keep it in here? He doesn't show it. He doesn't express it. And this is also part of

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treating the guest nicely, that we don't show to them. Oh, I'm so tired from serving you. Alright, go ahead.

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In the UAE it's culture that you know, so if someone offers you food, and you reject it, then they considered really bad because you won't take their food meaning like, you don't trust them, you don't trust them or they might enemies or something, you know, it's an insult.

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And we should be careful about these cultural sensitivities. But even in general, I mean, if somebody is offering food unless you're fasting or something, a lady she gave a very good comment. She said can you pass my message was Mr. asiyah that I normally used to go in different malls right for you know, when you have Ramadan, you know, Saturdays by Iftari. So, when it comes to alHuda, I notice the girls when they serve food, they give so respect to the guests come over here. And I stopped going to different mosque, I don't want to say the name of the mosque here. I don't want to go to these mosque anymore, because the respect I see lower here, like that the girls they give food

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Alhamdulillah it's amazing. And he when she was talking about even the spoons and everything that's amazing. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And this is very important that wherever we are serving somebody, you know, at the masjid, or at home, anywhere, some guests of commerce and family even that we're serving, serve them happily and respectfully. And if you feel that you're being mistreated there, this is not mistreatment that you have to serve someone. This is an honor. Ibrahim, on SLM served unfamiliar guests. So if we have to serve food to somebody, whether, you know there are grandparents, or they are in laws or whoever, there's nothing wrong in that.

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Nothing wrong. This is an honor. giving food to others is one of the best things in Islam. So for Oh, just a minimum of the button. cannula have they said don't be afraid. What was Shuu and then they told him who they were, well the shadow and they gave him good news of below lamb and Eileen have a boy who would be Eileen knowing a learned boy that gave him good news that he was going to become a father to a boy who would be very knowledgeable in solitude is 71. It has mentioned that one way to imagine further Hekate Ferber Shona Nana B is her who was this woman Arlene is healthy or the hair salon. Woman whare is helped by our coop not just is helped but also grandson Yaqoob are

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the center. So what happened well my shoulder will be Lulu and I leave as soon as they gave me this good news for oppo Bella. So she began or she approached up ballot off bat lamp public acapella basically it means to come forward to approach but the word acapella is also used for beginning something starting something.

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Right? So for a ballot, she approached or she began who Imre to his wife and who was she? Sara? Fee Salatin with a cry sulla sod rah rah summer is she the to salt a sharp cry?

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Alright, so as if she gasped or she made a sound out of what out of alarm and not just the sound, but for socket. She also said

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struck. Socket solid, solid calf calf soccer. Soccer is when two things hit each other with force and strength. So she suck at what her

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she struck her face. She slapped her face, she stopped herself basically. Now two things are mentioned here. The sound that was a sharp cry, and secondly, her hitting herself. Why out of extreme surprise and shock that What are you talking about? How am I supposed to have a child? We'll call it and she said in that shock are using it team that I am our dues. Our team who is our dues extremely old person, or in Jim's day, I just read his weakness. And with age a person increases in his weakness. So our Jews extremely old and weak Hakim Baron eyeing off meme accom is dryness basically, that doesn't absorb anything so dry that it doesn't accept anything doesn't absorb

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anything and it refers to infertility. So our theme as in barren,

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infertile, she said, I'm old, and I've never had a child at this age. How was it possible and in that shock, she slaps herself, and she even shrieks out. Luca there Leakey, they said, exactly like that, meaning you're going to be old. And the way your body is, it's going to remain the same. In this step, color of buki. Your Lord has said that you will have a child and inner who who will Hakimullah Arlene, indeed he is the wise the knowing solitude is 73 The angel said Kalu authority venum and umbrella. Are you amazed at the command of Allah Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh RLA como el beIt in Nemo Hamid Majeed, the Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all people of the house?

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Allah is indeed Praiseworthy, and honorable.

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Notice over here again, risk children are also that is, isn't it? Ibrahim alayhis salam shared his risk. Right? He brought the region and here we see he's been given good news of risk that he will be given.

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You see, Musa alayhis salam we learned about him how he received help from Allah in a state of extreme neediness when he defined himself as fatigue. Right and sort of costs us we learned about it. But in that state of neediness, he extended help to those who were in need. He gave what he could give. And Allah gave him what he could not get himself. Ibrahima has Sam serves his guests with whatever that he has and Allah gave him what he needed. We listened to the recitation of these

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holy cow Hadith to boy if he EBO he called me kami is the follow

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on follows

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for all

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send me football Waldo

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for oh just mean teeth and all turf off will best show me hola me nicely for up on Bella team ra to fee so I want to

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get to our Johanna our call

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it all okay. Keep on walking in

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hacky Mulally.

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