Does Eating Or Drinking Unintentionally Break The Fast

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Dr Zakir Naik – Does Eating Or Drinking Unintentionally Break One’s Fast

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couple of questions. However,

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this topic wouldn't be complete without some answers to the following questions. First one, if a person who's fasting eats or drinks during the past,

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unintentionally does this break his or her fast when a person drinks or eats unintentionally, because of forgetfulness, it does not break the fast and this normally happens mainly in the first few days of the month of Ramadan, a person is used to his daily activity and suddenly Ramadan comes So, unintentionally may go to the kitchen or you may pick up a bottle of water and put it in the glass and have it a person goes jogging in comes back and use dripping water. So it does happen. So based on the data from masala Salaam, which is mentioned in sable Hari, one number three in the book of fasting Hadith number 1933.

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The Beloved, Mr. Lawson said that anyone who eats or drinks unintentionally,

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he has to complete the fast in the day, the past is not broken, and whatever he has eaten or drank, Allah has provided him with that. So if you drink unintentionally, the fast is not broken. But if you drink intentionally, then it is broken. And while drinking if you realize or while eating realized immediately should stop because then if you continue, it will be counted as though you're having it with intention to realize we should stop it. And if there's some food in the mouth and realize you're fasting you should spread out, but unintentionally, whatever is done, it is forgiven.