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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was a happy woman who Allah. Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is definitely an uncomfortable reality but nevertheless, it is the truth. This is in reference to the reality which states that not all people who will meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of reckoning with iman, with faith will be granted instant access to paradise. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are certain deficiencies in Eman ie in our Eman which may mean that some people will not experience paradise as the very first destination. It's Muslims we are speaking about.

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And therefore it's for this exact reason that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out of His love and mercy towards us strove with all what he possessed to guide us to certain characteristics and traits and behaviors, to raise our email to high levels to ensure that we never need to feel the fire of hell before paradise, which will raise us to the highest levels in gender, and perhaps even without accountability on the Day of Judgment is well, and I want to give you one such example of a hadith that does this. This is the famous Hadith which Bukhari and Muslim generate on the authority of Ns where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said let you mean

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your high belly athlete Hema you have Bo lien FC he none of you truly believed until you love for your brother, what you love for yourself. Wait, hold on. I know I know you've come across this hadith before. I know maybe you've even read it. I know maybe you have memorized it and studied it. But wait till you hear what the scholars of Islam have had to say about that hadith. It will blow your mind Dory, and it will change your perception forever. Imam Abu Dhabi, the CG Stanny for example, he said about this narration in Nahuatl, ahaadeeth ility Ali Hamadani Islam. This is one of the fundamental narrations of the religion of Islam.

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Imam is al Maliki he would also say Juma. Dr. Bill Haley was in Morocco who that afara Amin or Dottie a hadith the narrations that gather all of the good manners they branch out from for narrations. What are the narration number one where the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men Cana up Nobilia he will Yeoman actually familia Cora Chiron Elia smut, whoever believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment, he should say that which is good or should remain quiet. That is Hadith number one, from which all have good manners apparently branch out from what is the second Hadith, he said where the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mean Hosni Islam will

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not eat or COO whom Allah Yanni from the perfection of a person's religion is to leave those things that don't concern you. Hadith number three, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was advised to give advice to a person and he said to him, learn Jehovah Don't get angry.

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And Hadith number four, from which all good manners branch out from is the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let me tell you humbly as he had there you have done enough. See, now you have been enough. See, none of you truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.

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So what somebody may ask, like, what is it that makes this hadith so important? Why have our scholars made such a big hoo ha and the big deal about this narration? What have they seen about this hadith that maybe I've missed?

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Consider this dear brothers and sisters. Number one, the completion of your Eman your faith depends upon the likes of this narration. In other words, we can recite as much as we want attend Islamic conferences all around the year, deliver as many study circles as time permits, pray and fast as much as humanly possible and all of this is virtuous. However, our email and our faith will remain dangerously deficient. Until we learn how to love for our brothers and sisters. What we love ourselves and that is why in another narration which if you have bandha rates on your authority of anus that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said layer below or abdomen hotties attend email

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and you had that you have been in nursing now you have been enough see him and clearly one will not attain the reality of faith

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until he loves the goodness for people just as He loves it for himself. This is the first reason your iman depends upon it. Number two being shielded against

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The fire of hell depends upon this hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Femen had the end user has yeah Jaime Nari where you would Hello Jen Netta filter team and near to Hua Hua you know Billa he went to me earlier well yet te learners you Olivia you have what are you telling him? The hadith which Muslim narrates on your authority of Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Hassan the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Therefore whoever wishes to be pushed away from the hellfire and given access to Paradise, then let him do two things. Let that come to him whilst he believes in Allah and the Last Day, and let him behave with the people as he wishes for them to behave with him,

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as he wishes that they behave with him. Therefore, according to that narration, you've just heard salvation, success, protection in the hereafter is hinged on to two principles, correcting your affair with Allah your relationship with Allah Tauheed Islam and then correcting your relationship with people Subhanallah therefore this is reason number two your protection your brother your sister from the Hellfire depends upon this hadith. Reason number three, access to your palace in Jannah. Trade treasures of Jana the gardens of Paradise, they depend upon this hadith

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that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once asked the companion Yazidi acid el Kasuri a beautiful question he said to him to hippo gender, is it not that you will have paradise? And he said yes on Messenger of Allah He said to him for him belly Nursey Alpha ahead, burly athlete I'm here to help building I've seen therefore love for your brother what you have for yourself. Your Allah your reality of faith depends upon it. Entry to gender depends upon it protection from the Hellfire depends upon it. Look at number four, how Allah Almighty treats you in this world and in the hereafter depends upon this hadith.

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And that is why Imam Imam, he said in his book Allah will say you listen to these words I will translate sentence by sentence he said men are Osaka ba ba de la Hirafu Allahu be, whoever is gentle with the servants of Allah. Allah will be gentle with him mantra Hema hamara Hema whoever has mercy upon them, Allah will have mercy upon him, man as an eland Nursey as any lady whoever is good with the people, Allah will be good to him. Man Jada led him Jaga Allahu alayhi whoever is generous with the people Allah will be generous to him, but never who never Allah Who whoever is good to the people Allah will be good to him, man Cetara whom cetera who whoever conceals their faults Allah

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will conceal his faults. Women men are home Hi yah hoo mana who Hydra who whoever prevents people from his good Allah will prevent him from his good one and I'm Allah NASA be asleep at 9am Allah hula hoop Matilda sleep at behind you have in dunya will interfere and whoever behaved with people using a particular trait Allah will behave with him in the exact same trait in this rod in the hereafter.

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Therefore, having realized all of this brothers and sisters our predecessors made every possible effort to reflect the teaching of this hadith in every department and field of life. In the field of Islamic learning, they wanted for others what they wanted for themselves. Look at the words of Abdullah who have nasty companions Subhanallah What did he say?

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He said in now in the more rural area teeming Kitab Allah He for our international Kula homea Ala Moana I mean Hannah Ireland, he said Sometimes I come across an area a verse from the Quran, which causes me so much joy that I wished that all of humanity had learned what I had just learned he wanted others to benefit from the knowledge that he had learned not keeping it to himself. Have you felt that dear brother, dear sister, number two in the field of sharing good deeds, they wanted for others what they wanted for themselves.

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autobahn, and hula and one of our predecessors would say to his friends when breaking his forest, he would say to them, accurately Matt and automerit of zero Elisa, Lea Kunal AKA, Miss Liu agilely, he would say to his friend, bring me some water please bring me some dates, so that I may break my fast with it so that Allah gives you a similar reward of my fast he knows the Hadith that whoever gives food the fasting person, Allah will give him a similar reward to the one who was fasting. He said, I want you to bring me the food. You bring me the water so that Allah Almighty gives you a share of the good deeds Allahu Akbar, field of sharing good deeds. They wanted for their brothers and sisters

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what they wanted for themselves

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in the field of slander, rumors, accusations they wanted for themselves, or they wanted for others what they wanted for themselves and considered your brother the sister a discussion that took place between a husband and wife

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following the slanderous and false accusation that was leveled against our mother our Isha.

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Almost a YouTube she said to her husband about a YouTube Yeah, the YouTube and that is mama Jaco Luna Sophia Aisha Radi Allahu Hunter. Are you

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Have you heard what people are saying about Hi Isha?

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Have you heard what they are accusing her off? Like a difficult scenario?

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But what did you say to his wife? He responded with words that are really a methodology for us to follow. He said to her no, I'm worth early can catch up. I've heard what they said and that is their manifest ly, a cookie violet and Delica uma yo, he said, OMA, yo, let me ask you a question.

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He said to her, this is the lie. This is the blatant lie. And I asked you this question, would you have done this thing? That what they are accusing her of? Would you have done it yourself? She said by Allah, I would never have done this. So he said to her fat Isha 200 Minkee let me tell you i Isha is better than you Oh, my wife Subhanallah wanting for others what they wanted for themselves. Subhanallah and you remember the story of Khabib nomadic the companion when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went out to Tabuk. To fight in the path of Allah Khabib nomadic and two other companions, they stayed behind. They actually didn't have an excuse and Allah sent down verses later

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on forgiving them.

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So when they arrived at Debu, the prophets that I sent him realized that some people were missing from the Muslims. He said Mirtha Allah Khabib pneumonic were his cab. So a man from the tribe of selima, he said messenger of Allah habits are horrible habits elbowed their whole another trophy, I'd say the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't worry about camp he's too busy in Medina enjoying his clothes, enjoying the weather, or looking really into his dunya leave him backstabbing. So Maha the Blue Devil who heard this he stood up for Khabib nomadic and he said Mr. Cook you speak evil words. Wala hiya rasool Allah He ma Denali in the higher messenger of allah

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sallallahu sallam, we only know good of caribou Malik look at the how he defended his brother in the unseen when he was not at what he was not present. Wanting for others. What you want for yourself what else in the field of dealing with haters,

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enemies, adversaries, they wanted for others what they wanted for themselves. I want you to think of these words dear brother, the sister of Imam Abdul Karim describing his teachers behavior Shaco listener myblu Tamia and I will translate he said what kind of ad was Harvey Hill Academy? Yeah coluna body to a nearly as hobby mythical holy Adam II. Well, who will be he is some of the Friends of the Tamia they will say we wish that we could behave as nicely to our friends as he behaves to his enemies. into him. He said Walmart or a Toyota Corolla hadn't been hooked up to Canada yet. I have never seen him supplicating making dua against any of his enemies. He would only make dua for

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them. And one day even pay him he said I came to know Tamia Masha Allah who will be Moti Atteberry Adam II, I came to him giving him good news that one of your main enemies has just died. Thank god he's gone. Who used to harm me so much. him said the Hirani Tanaka rally was started. Yeah, he told me off, he reprimanded me. He rebuked me for for singing this. And he began to say in the arena, he were in the elite here audio, something that you see when there was a calamity. So he said, let's go. They went to the family of the one who had died his main enemy, they went to the wife and they went to the children. And he even told me he said, I am here for you. I will compensate you for your

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last Insha Allah, anything that you need spending on I will take it care, I will take care of it for you. And they were so happy when they saw this. They may do art for Shaco disassembly, multimedia, and they saw it as something mighty from him Allahu Akbar. In fact, even in the field of clothes, and shoes, and material, worldly items they wanted for others what they wanted for themselves.

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You know, the IOER Allah subhanaw taala sent didn't get down here to Nigeria, Aloha, Medina, Allah Yuri do now.

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Fill out the Walla

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Walla, T Bertolino 30. In the home of the Hereafter Allah said we assign it to those who don't want any high handedness here on earth, nor do they want to spread corruption. Look at the words of Allah you have negative describing this area. He said it means or part of its meaning. Hola Hola. You have any Hakuna nanogel Hi Ron McNally Ryrie wala philippou Hi, Ron means Toby he he said this area is in reference to a person who don't who doesn't want his shoes to be better than the shoes of anyone else, or his clothes to be better than the clothes of anyone else. Even in the department of shoes and clothes. They don't want to be better than anyone else.

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Actually in one of the most breathtaking durations I have ever read in this regard.

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Is that which Bukhari and Muslim generate on the authority of Ebihara that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there was a man who purchased a piece of land from another man.

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And the buyer, he found a jar filled with gold in the land that he had just acquired. And so the buyer said to the seller who they had a mini in demonstrated study to minimal harm, while abdomen cancer have he said, Please take your gold back. I only bought the land from you. I didn't buy the pot of gold.

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So the owner of the land, the ex owner of the land, said to him in Namibia to call out Governor Murphy, he said, No, I'm sorry. I sold you the land. And everything inside of it, that gold is yours as well.

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So both of them took their case to a third party. So there was a dispute. He said, Take your gold. And the other one said, No, what's your gold? They went to a party to settle the dispute. And so this middleman he said, Do you guys have children? One of them said, Yeah, I've got I've got a boy. I've got a girl. He said, Why don't you marry them to one another? If they are interested? Of course, why don't you marry them to one another?

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And whatever remains, give it to charity. Subhan Allah? Have you ever heard of anything like that? I mean, yeah, these disputes happen, right? But what is completely out of the ordinary is when each of the two parties is arguing that he is the rightful owner. She is the rightful owner, not me. He wants to give me money that's not mine. Subhan Allah,

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wanting for your brother and sister what you want for yourself? Here, I would like to ask a question. Let's be real. Now. Why is it so easy to speak about this principle, but in the lives of many people, it's so hard to apply? The answer is because it boils down to an illness deep inside an illness within the heart. A heart that convinces you that the losses of other people somehow means that you've now automatically progressed in life is a terribly ill, and severely mistaken heart.

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If your friends business plummets, does that mean that you've now somehow become a millionaire?

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If your friend's children failed in their exams? Does that mean that your child has now passed in his exam?

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If your friend, their brother, their sister has had an accident and they lose their looks? Does that mean that all of a sudden you somehow look any better? The answer to all of these questions is no.

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And therefore the conclusion from this is that this type of jealousy

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is purely from the works of shaytan. Who wants to keep our iman faith deficient? By encouraging us not to want for others what we want for ourselves and therefore limiting our success in the hereafter?

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It's about this brothers and sisters. There's something here that's preventing us from applying the simple Hadith that we see so easily. And this is why when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked the question clearly a unity of people who are the best of all people. What did he say?

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He said, cool, new MK mu mill called me Sadu condition.

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He said, It is those people whose hearts are McMorran pure, and whose speech is truthful. So the Companions weren't entirely clear as for what that meant, they said sodoku listen in it for who Fernanda whom will be messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, we understand what it means to be truthful in speech, but what do you mean by Muhammad? Pure in the heart, what do you mean by that?

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Listen to his definition of the best of all people. He said, What are you nothing?

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And let the you know if Murphy Walla Walla, Walla, hassad, this is he said, in reference to the heart that is pious and pure, that has no sin within it, injustice, malice or envy,

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Allah so when you profit from a financial transaction, Brother, let the very first thought that crosses your mind after thanking Allah, B, how can I

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transfer this experience to my brother? How can I pay off his debts?

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When you go home, dear brother, and you realize the beautiful atmosphere that your wife has created for you, children who are happy and running around in a home that is warm and food that is ready a cheerful face in your reception? Let your knee jerk reaction be After thanking Allah, how am I going to facilitate a similar experience for my brothers and my sisters who are yet to get married?

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When your husband your sister returns home, returns home from work and maybe he has gifts with him

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or maybe he is mashallah raising your children with care

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goodness and he is fulfilling the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah at home, not just in the masjid in the mosque that ensure that your immediate impulse your knee jerk reaction after thanking Allah is thinking about your sisters who are yet to experience this because they're looking for marriage or they are married to the wrong type of person. Loving for them what you love for yourself, when you make dua for the righteousness of your own children, make dua for the righteousness of the friends of your friends as well and the children of the Muslims.

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When your brother is spoken, enough, slandered, accused of something that has a lot of aspersion attached to it, ask yourself how would I like to be treated in this situation?

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See brothers and sisters in conclusion, I also would like to say that the benefits of living by this principle, loving for him what you love for yourself and this is part of completion of Eman the benefit of this is not limited to the hereafter. The benefits extend to this world Allah is so generous. I remember

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visiting an old Welshman in the hospital during his last days and he was a multi millionaire, maybe even a billionaire. Some of my friends have suggested he has jets to his name and yachts to his name. He's got several banks to his name as well. My friend he asked him the question What is the secret behind your success? You know what he said?

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By remembering that there is enough to go around, be at the service of others.

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Alhamdulillah days before he passed away, he would also embrace Islam. Therefore those people who serve with sincerity, wanting for others what they want for themselves Allah does not down in both of the worlds have you experienced this paradise dear brother the system

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strive to leave a legacy behind you. Footprints that are not erased till the day you meet Allah. Please, plan a project plan a project from now that will that will outlive your short life here on Earth. A project that will witness for you on the Day of Reckoning, a project that will argue your case before Allah and will plead to Allah to give you access to gender and the palaces and rivers of paradise due to the service that your project had continued to provide for people

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during your life and after you have died