The Companion Who Told the Prophet (S) to Let Him Enjoy His Youth

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The speaker discusses the story of Hadith, a man who claims to be a docile worshipper and is annoyed with his son's father's actions. He describes his struggles with his son's father's actions and how his father tries to convince him to stay in the worship of Allah. The speaker also mentions the use of the symbol "slack in less than half of a month" to measure progress on a project.

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At the library I'm living in a house is a newlywed. When he gets married, his father comes and checks in on him. And when he comes to check in on him, he finds his new wife. And he says, How's your husband?

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And she goes, hamdulillah he's incredibly righteous. He spent the night in prayer.

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That good

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night if you just got married, and so I'll do live near or I'm gonna ask his father is annoyed with his son as fathers are annoyed with their sons. And he goes and he complains to the progress on the lighter side of the line that I'm gonna be honest, is one of the most prolific narrators of Hadith. He's someone who in general, he just, he's just such a devout worshipper in his youth, the province of Elijah send them here's the Abdullah Ahmed Manasse loves to constantly recite the Quran all the time and complete it again and again and again. And indeed when you measure the progress of Elijah send them says to him, complete the Quran only in 30 days.

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Just do religious a day that's it don't don't go faster than that. And so Abdullah now I'm gonna ask says sudo su la sala de Selim, he says yada so Allah, that he attempted the Kuwaiti Russia Bobby. He says, Oh Messenger of Allah, let me enjoy. This is amazing. He says, Let me enjoy my strength and my youth. He's saying that I want to use my youth, like the fact that I can just drink one Red Bull and I can be up all night, no problem. I want to use that in the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, this is the time when I'm able to do that. This is the time where I'm able to take crazy road trips and be in a masjid for four hours, on four hours sleep like this is the time where I'm able to do

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and and let me enjoy that. Let me take advantage of that. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, okay, don't complete the Quran in less than half of half of the month, 30 days 50

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And he says the honest will Allah Danny is tempted to share Bobby O Messenger of Allah, let me enjoy my youth and my strength. And so the province of Allah and SNM says, Only complete the Quran in seven days don't complete the Quran in less than seven days. And he says Yama, Allah, let me enjoy my youth and my strength.

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And the Prophet says, No, that's it. Now I believe now they're lost. Now he's got a schedule from the prophesy said and don't complete the Quran in less than seven days. And so he goes on that routine, until he becomes old. And now he's still trying to keep up with the fact that he used to do in the Quran that he does and all that type of stuff and he's not at and he said, I wish that I took the concession of the prophesies. But the idea here is just the psychology of the companions is that they saw youth not as a reason to be young, wild and free and all kinds of just make up for all of this stuff later inshallah to Allah later on in life, is that they took it as an opportunity to be

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energetic, and to challenge themselves in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala