Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 242B Tafsir Al-Zumar 17-18

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the behavior of Islamist leaders who avoid certain things, turn to Allah repeatedly, and reject instructions to avoid problems leading to negative consequences. The difficulty of avoiding worship and rejecting thought is discussed, along with the importance of following best options and having a strong personality. The speakers stress the importance of listening to one's own interests and not just looking for confirmation. The segment also touches on the negative impact of giving people too much information and the importance of learning from the past and making changes to one's own behavior.
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Let's continue.

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Verse number 17. When Levina and those who eat returnable they have avoided, aka water, the cow who they avoid boat, they avoid the whole as in a year abou her that they worship it, meaning they do not worship cahoots. The word each 10 of Wu Ji Noongar jump is one side and each Turnabout is to avoid something to keep away from something, meaning that something is coming toward you, you move away from it, you steer clear you keep away as if you show your side to it.

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So, he tenable tahu de quoi who each time out invites them. What do they do? They avoid it. They keep away from province meaning they do not worship it.

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Then who do they turn to? What are now Boo in Allah and they turn back to Allah repeatedly they never rest from turning to Allah. For such people no one will Bushra for them or good news for machinery bad the addresses to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that oh prophet for that shit, give good news, very bad deed to my servants.

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What servants those who are repeatedly avoiding potholes, they do not worship the hood. Instead they turn to Allah over and over again. So for them are glad tidings so give them glad tidings congratulate them encourage them offer support to such servants but this shit everybody.

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Allah subhanaw taala has created us for His worship. And in this life. At best, there are many VA who that call us to their subservience. What is the whole thought from the will that is all they need? Yeah. Well Ha is to rebel. And cow hoot. There's a mobila in here. hyperbole. This is a very extreme form of rebellion. So far, how old is any creature that has a hog farm it's had that has gone beyond the bounds of servitude to Allah.

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For all creatures, every creature is a servant to Allah. Correct. So what is the limit of that servant that he should remain in servitude to Allah? Allah who is someone who says no, I'm not going to be a servant to Allah. I'm not going to be in servitude to Allah. He rebels. So firstly, he's disobedient himself. But he doesn't just stop there because Southpaw whooped. There is extreme rebellion here. So what does he do? He invites others on the same path of rebellion also.

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He invites others on the same path of rebellion, how he himself becomes a marble, a matar or a mature, what is marble someone who is worshipped

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someone who was worshipped. So instead of being asked to Allah, he becomes someone who is worshipped by

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the rest of the creation. Matar, who is mythos, someone who's obeyed,

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meaning is obeyed in disobedience to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives one command and the star who says no, don't do this, do this instead.

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Understand that more, much more from etbr, meaning someone who's followed.

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Right. So for example, in bliss,

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a hoot. Why, without refuse to obey Allah, and then he didn't stop there. He said, I'm going to mislead all of mankind. And is he on that mission? He's trying his best. Her own at his time. What was he called? He said hon Carmel area. Right. Abuja has at his time, what was he thought?

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He didn't allow people to worship Allah. He said that I should be obeyed. Follow me, follow my elders, my forefathers. This is a form of thought. Right? Likewise, any idle, or anything that is worshipped besides Allah, basically anything that is worship besides Allah, what is that? Bahu. So those who avoid both from worshiping it and instead the turn to Allah, that you see rejecting fatherhood, avoiding thought is not easy.

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It's difficult. Why? Because the whole itself is very arrogant.

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Because this

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data of every preacher is of a servant to Allah. Now this servant is so arrogant that he says no I'm not going to accept servitude for myself. I'm actually become like God, I'm going to demand that others worship Me and obey me and follow me instead of Allah. Look at the pride and the arrogance. Think about Abu jehlen from imagine refusing frowns order.

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Imagine refusing Abuja house order that that created problems for the Muslims, what happened to the wife of their own,

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the same wife, for whom he made an exception, a great exception, his heart melted When asiyah said that do not kill this boy, I want him as a son of mine. What happened when he accepted Islam when she believed in musante Sena. When he found it, he just killed her. He tortured her,

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tortured her, nailed her with four pegs. Four pegs imagine vaccinations that she couldn't move, she couldn't run away. She couldn't even comfort herself. Her hands both her hands were nailed both her feet were new. And then he had people guarding her and torturing her so much so that they would get tired, and they would have to go take their break. And every time they would do that, the angels would shade ESEA and in that stage, she made dua to Allah.

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Refusing fatherhood is not easy.

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And remember, thought is not necessarily just a person, an idol, right? It could even be a system you know, it could even be like culture, for example. Refusing code is not easy. It's very difficult because you're going against the norms. You understand an arrogant person when you refuse to follow them? Do they become arrogant or do they accept your opinion? They become even more arrogant. So when Lavina Tana book bar roots, refusing to awards makes life difficult. Allah subhanaw taala says the humble Bushra for such people is good news. Because all this is not going to be in vain. Give them good news Lahoma Bush Rafa Bashir, a bad what's the good news they shall be successful in this

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world and in the hereafter. So Prophet sallallahu Sallam comfort them, what they have lost will be replaced by what is better.

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And because of their Inaba to Allah, Allah will continue to guide them.

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What an Abu in Allah Muhammad Bush Allah forbid should be bad, who are such people, Allah servants, they are a novena, those who yesterday Arun and Allah, they listened attentively to the goal, to the speech whose speech

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whose speech, this could be the speech of Allah, the Quran, it could be the speech of a human being, whatever it may be any speech, when they hear it, when they listen to it, how do they listen? Attentively, attentive listeners, in order to understand the speech correctly, and to benefit from it also, not just to pass time? Yes, them your own little cola. And when they have listened attentively, then what's the next step fire your owner, then they follow a center who the best of it,

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they follow the best of it, how can they follow the best of it? Because they remember it? What is it that we can bring something into our actions when we remember?

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Otherwise, we can listen to many, many lectures, hours and hours of lectures. The change will only come when we will remember what we have heard what we have listened to, and we can only remember if we were listening attentively. So five out of your own Santa Ana Aiken, Medina, Hidalgo, Mala. Those are the people who Allah has guided, what would I eat, go home oil bath, and those are the ones who are people of understanding. Now, you see over here and Lavina yesterday, if we did all as Quran, they listen attentively to the Quran, and then fire Toby Runa center who then they follow the best of it. What is the best part of the Quran

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all of the Quran is in itself. So if I have to have your own accent, who means they follow the Quran, they don't just pick and choose.

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Understand, rather than follow all of it, because the whole Quran is ACEN.

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This could be understood in another way that sometimes in the Quran for certain situation multiple options are given

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right, this may be done or this may be done or this may be done. And this is not just in the matters of halal and haram. It could be in the matters of our dealings with other people. So for example, one powerful Acropolis Taqwa if you pardon that is

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closer to the quad meaning it's not a must, you're not required to, you're not obligated to forgive somebody in that situation. But if you do, so it's good for you, it's better understand. So, from the different options that are given, what do they choose? The axon, the best option?

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Understand the best option, go ahead.

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The ones that wish she was quoting him for that he always helps me in the center. So I said, Okay, so I asked is his mother is a Hindu or a father? And she said, his mother is Hindu. And I asked, okay, so So what he says about religion, that in which religion he's comfortable, he says, Islam is good. But you know, Hinduism makes more sense to me, because of wrong to see and a father, right. You know, then I was just thinking it's, you know, Islam, it is not allowed for a man to marry or non Muslim, right? A America right? But yes, al Qaeda is allowed, but it is not preferable. But that person he married America, right. And now the case has so much confused about where they're gonna go

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to go. So

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to find out the Verona or Santa who they follow, it's best meaning the best option, the option that is, that is the most beautiful in the sight of Allah that is most pleasing to Allah.

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Just one more, one more meeting. Okay. Can you take the mic?

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She's thinking, it says the best of the speech and the best of the speech What if you classify it would become the Quran itself? So we're to feel like it's sort of a first decline itself. The pole over here, one interpretation is gold as in the speech of Allah, and that is the Quran, right? So they follow its accent, meaning all of it,

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that we see that in some matches, we have been given options choices. So in that also, they choose the best for themselves. Why? Because the goal is to earn Allah's pleasure. So they don't look at it in a way that okay, what's easiest for me what's most convenient for me? What will satisfy my ego know, they see what is most pleasing to my Rob? What will draw me even closer to Allah? So Fiat who ona Aksana, and on over here is a speech, right? Also. So whatever speech they hear, they take the good and leave the bad.

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Understand, because sometimes we're listening to a lecture a good poll, right? You know, 70% really good things. And there's 30% things which may be, you know, we consider problematic or we have issues with it, or we'd have disagreements with and what happens, we forget the 70%. And we dwell on that 30%, or maybe that 5%, even. And we say, well, this chair,

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don't listen to him again, why? Because there's this one or two or three things that I disagree with, and therefore, I don't listen to him anymore. And I'll make a video against him and whatnot, go ahead.

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I tend to listen to a lot of TED Talks. And obviously, most of the speakers on there are not Muslim. But I find that I tend to I learn a lot from them, either be it scientific, or just sociological or whatever it may be that I learned from it. And then when I use those examples, for other people, it's more convincing for them, because they're surprised that I even listened to them in the first place. They're like, Oh, I didn't know you'd be the type to listen to lectures, I thought you'd only be listening to Islamic lectures, not anything else. But when you're learning from all these sources, and you're only taking what is good out of it, you also strengthen what you say to other

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people as well. So it's beneficial even that matter. Yes. I mean, in general, you see, one is that we compartmentalize our lives. This is a slam when I'm listening to a lecture, all right. And when I'm at school than that is dunya. Dunya has nothing to do with my dean and Dean has nothing to do with my dunya. No, a believer, even when he's listening to, you know, electron biology, for example, there will be some oxen thing that he can take out of that, and draw closer to Allah through it.

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So they take the good and they leave the bad. And the thing is, when it comes to human speech, no matter who that human being is, your mother, your father, the best audience that you know, the most excellent scholar that you know, the best lecture that you know of whoever it may be, you will come across things from them, which you don't necessarily agree with.

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So don't dwell on that. Take the axon and leave the rest.

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There's always good that you can find so Fiat of your own Santa who? Allah Aiken, Lavina Hidalgo Moon Hola, hola, ecohome on Alba, how you see the same statement. The same coal is heard by two people. All right, and

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Both act differently upon it. One person takes the action, and another person takes the not so Excellent.

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All right, because the thing is that we choose to hear what we want to hear. This is so true. The same statement, the same speech, the same lecture, the same article, the same class, but two people have understood the same thing very differently. Why? Because when we are listening to things, or when we're reading things, when we come across different information, most of the time, we are looking for things that are already in our minds, we're looking for confirmation. We're looking for confirmation. So the where we are what we select for armor, what we select, you remember from the speech that we hear is reflective of our interests, what our interests are.

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Because, you know, for example, one speech, something was silly, something was very profound. One person just remembers the jokes, and another person remembers all the, you know, complicated, profound matters that were discussed. What does that show one person is interested in jokes, and the other is interested in serious matters? Isn't

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one person learned from a discussion that, Oh, you don't need to weigh in our bio, and another person understood that? Okay, there's different forms of Elia. Right. And this is true Tamia said that, you know, honestly, we hear what we want to hear. Sometimes people come to me and they say, you know, you said this? No, no way. I never said that. I did not.

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But the thing is that you were looking fine that in my speech, and you took that, and you forgot everything else that I mentioned.

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So what we did from the speech of others is reflective of who we are. So if a person is selecting the accent, what does it mean? They're looking for our son?

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And if a person is selecting that, which is not our son, and what does it mean? That's what they have within? That's what they have inside?

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Did you want to say something?

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There was a video criticizing like a shale and stuff. And a video video that I watched, I happen to watch as like, Okay, let me this person was like, Oh, don't follow the shale anymore. He's horrible. So I was like, Okay, this is probably not right. But let me you know, give them a minute or two to explain themselves. So I listened to a bit of it, like the first 15 minutes or so. And they had a clip off the shelf speaking. And they said that don't follow the show, because he has doubts, and anyone who has doubts, is a Catholic, you know, or has hypocrisy in his heart. Right? And the show clearly, in that clip, he says that I have doubts about things too, like, there are things I don't

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understand. So this person who was making the video about the show, he said, he used that clip as a defense to say that he has doubts. But this year, he clarified what he meant by I have notes, he said, See, the thing is that, again, if we're looking for problems and other people, we will find them, we will find them, we can take their words out of context and misinterpret them, or, you know, come to a conclusion concerning them. What do we know about them? Just because we have heard a statement from them part of a statement, it doesn't mean that we know everything about that individual.

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So you see some people, they look for faults as if they're looking for treasure. Right? It's like, yeah, yeah, I found a fault in this person. You know, I it confirmed my assumption about them. I heard that there was an issue with this person. And yes, I found a fault. I found a treasure. This is how they are. So it's truly reflective of who of ourselves. Forget about others. Think about yourself. If we're looking for problems, it means. That's how we are from inside. And if we're looking for beauty, that means that's how we are from inside.

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A couple of points, I will go with what the sister said, I ended up watching the same video. But the thing was, I felt like really sad. And it I found it very scary to in a way that I had some knowledge about Rodino things and the gentleman whoever he was, first of all, he made it very poorly. He came across very aggressive and the part of it that in the very end, he kind of introduced his own organization and say that we are teaching so you're kind of promoting whatever organization and then you're putting the other person down and thing came to my mind. You don't have to agree but why don't you make an appointment and talk to the person by what you put it on YouTube,

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like you're making, it's like earning so much gonna in a way it's a sin that you were like taking maybe some people were thinking about going

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into the conference and they quit thinking about going to the right path, and they might have stopped because of you. So why would you get this kind of scenario? Second thing about having interpretate thinking about other people, and I always believe other side, because a lot of us wear hijab here, a bias here. And Muslims are already limelight, people see all kinds of bad things happening and a lot of people experience. So we are always on a different side to as you said, we're kind of looking at that somebody might say a comment unintentionally, unconsciously. And we click on all those comments or bad stares and all those kinds of things. But sometimes we don't realize that

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we do that to other people. And my daughter's friend, there is a restaurant barbecue tonight, and they're white family, very decent family. They don't like Islamophobia. And he shared with my daughter, he said, we went to that restaurant and most of the people come from Pakistani background. And she said, we liked the food with a lot of takeout and we went there as our family and then we noticed four people change the squat beside us. Like one family came in, they asked to change and she said we didn't say anything we just ate and my brother said seemed like Islamophobia doesn't work one way only. And and I felt sad that we don't realize that we do it to other people too. And I

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think we need to be careful about that.

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So Alladhina istemi una cola fire to Verona. arsena What's the lesson over here? When we read the Quran, when we listen to any speech, focus on what the arson why? Because at the end of the day, each and every one of us is going to be judged by who? Allah subhanaw taala. So our goal should be to become pleasing near Allah in the sight of Allah. Allah Iike Lavina Harada whom Allah such people are guided, Allah guides such people which people those who are looking for arson. Understand, if a person is looking for good, Allah will guide him to good what will he come back and such are truly intelligent. So truly intelligence is among true intelligence is looking for axon and doing mammal

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on the axon. You know, have southern city

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have some interceding? Have you heard of avian seeding the great scholar, right his sister have southern city Batavia. She was also a great, great scholar. In fact, she was so knowledgeable concerning the Quran that whenever her brother had been sitting when he was questioned about something of the Quran, he would say go ask my sister because she's more knowledgeable regarding this matter. So she would teach men also men would come and learn these from her Quran from her. And there's a story in basically that we learned about from this is an authentic narration that at one occasion when she was quite old, and she was wearing a jilbab and she was covering her face with it.

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One of her students asking me Allah have mercy on you. Was cantata has said well kawaii Domina Nyssa inlet Ely of Dune Anika Han Felice Allah Hina Jannatul al Banna Thea the hood, Allah subhanaw taala has said that a woman who's become old there's no harm on her if she removes her outer garment as in her jilbab so we feel bad for you that you're sitting here in front of us you know covering yourself and covering your face having difficulty in you know in your speech it's difficult in your breathing even so this Adam Why don't you be easy on yourself? She said hey, you che in Garda Valley what comes after this integrate the whole is

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so awesome. He completed the I will start with no higher loan. But if they refrain from removing their job that is better for them. If they keep it on despite their old age, it's better for them. So she said who is battling? This is the proof of delivery don't have pity on me. Don't feel sorry for me.

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Allah has said it but it's better for me. I'm gonna do it. You don't need to feel bad for them. So Fiat W Runa. Sona, hula II can Medina Harada whom Allah wa ala eco hormonal L.

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reported the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Shall I not tell you about the best of you?

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Shall I not tell you about the best of you? And they said yes, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Theo to come up while you come on now, Ron, what are Sonoko come on man and the best of you are those who live long lives and perform excellent actions.

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See there's a very important relation over here, long life and excellent action. Because what happens is we start something good. When time goes on, and it feels really long it's been 345678 10 years, we begin to feel tired. We begin to feel tired and then we stop doing the good that we had one started. So a person who lives a long life, meaning despite the passage of time he continues the excellent actions such people are the best

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along the journey

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the one to go to the DJ make their minor that alone was the most exactly the best deeds the most beloved deeds near Allah are those which are consistent even if they may be very small.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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have a seat

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shitty rebirth what's the good news? What's the bush law isn't mentioned here.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:57

isn't mentioned here. It's not mentioned you know different because you don't have given different interpretation of the good news is this or the good news is that and all tomorrow, you know valid but Allah subhanaw taala has not mentioned the good news over here what exactly that is because the goal here is the objective over here is you know know that all of this is not going to go in vain.

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Allah will reward Now what does that reward you find out don't worry about it. Just know that that Allah's promise is true and believe in Allah's promises are very bad. Think about what you have to do have faith in Allah's promises and He will fulfill his promise

00:27:15 --> 00:27:37

that's on is then who have Pylea it is incumbent on him Hapa on the Roulette is how cough up how far lady is when something becomes due necessary incumbent. So the person on whom it is incumbent meaning he's deserving of deserving of what kalima Terada the Decree of Punishment.

00:27:38 --> 00:28:15

The person who has deserved the Decree of Punishment for antha then can you don't pay though? Can you save Can you rescue? Man who for now is in the fire? Don't? Don't cough then in odd is to save someone from what is dangerous, destructive? Can you rescue someone who is already in the fire? Can you save him? Well, you can't if someone is already in fire, how can you save them from falling into it? You cannot. You can't help the one who was already in failure.

00:28:16 --> 00:29:08

Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being comforted over here. Because he would try his best to call people who though he he would do his best, he would grieve he would try again and again, he would not give up. But what was the reaction of the people rejection rejection. So he's been comforted that it's not your fault. These people are as if already in the fire. And you cannot save someone who's already fallen in. So there's no benefit in grieving over these people go save those who are on their way. Lacking but Alladhina Takahara rub the home those who fear their Lord, law home for them, what often are chambers love Florida of the word Wolfer a lofty high chamber chamber as in a room

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and you see one is Fujairah and other is warfare.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:22

We're off is the plural of warfare, which is an apartment on ground level and warfare is what is above it

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all right. So what is a room a Manziel? A place Adonijah is high lofty. So for them it will be high lofty rooms. Men for pee ha from above it are often more rooms. What is this referring to? The homes in Jana? Levels of paradise gold often men fold the * out of one level above the other above the other and they are McBurney yet on built Madonia van Onya

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Banana, banana building and Madonia that which is built that which is constructed. What does it mean by this Mobilia? One meaning is it's already built, meaning these homes these residences in general, they're already built. Ready?

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Have you seen those ads? Move in? Anytime? Right? Right, ready? It's ready. All you have to do is just make a huge payment, lose all your money and just come and stay here. Alright, that's all you got to do. That they're portrayed as something so beautiful. But Madonia Tom, what does it mean Jana is already made. And Lavinia. It's built, how is it built? How are these houses? How are these residences? In general, one description we learned here is level upon level upon level and this is true in general, there are many many levels. Right? And in addition to that, what this shows is that agenda, houses homes residences are lofty. It is when you are somewhere Hi, isn't the view much

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just feels better? Why do people go to CN Tower?

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Or what?

00:31:08 --> 00:31:13

We I'm sure they're better restaurants. Hello, isn't it out there in the world? But why have their

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fighting? I mean, can't you see that picture, you know, online or something? The different experience when you're high somewhere it's a different experience. Alright, so we're often in Philippi how often Madani yet on. It's already built, ready, prepared, and Mobley ultimate solidly constructed bricks of gold and silver.

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And Janna to urban Allah has made it with his own hands, hygiene and tactical and how underneath which rivers flow law, the law. This is the promise of a law, law usually for law who Allah does not go against his promise. And Allah has promised this result. Then don't doubt His promises. So believe in His promises, did he not fulfill his promise to the mother of Musa in now? Do a lake and he did he fulfilled his promise to the mother of Musa he fulfilled His promises to the prophets that he sent in this world and He will fulfill his promises in the hereafter also, so remain firm and do not be shaky into each other i A 37 Wheeler home feel a little fatty and you know, in sort of a

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corner 75 Willa Iike, you rezone a whole Fattah Vemma Hina Sava, who they will be rewarded with a little high and lofty residences, why because of their patients. So don't be shaky. You see, if we're working really hard, and we're making a lot of sacrifices. We're doing our best. And it's at every level financially, emotionally in so many ways. We want some guarantee that we're gonna get something in return. Right? The effort must be worth the result. And if we are in doubt about the results, about what's promised in return, we think of changing our mind. We become double minded, isn't it? If somebody says, No, you do this for me, I'll give you this. And then we have a feeling

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that no, they're not going to give it because they don't have it. How are they going to give it? Are you going to do the work for them? No, you won't. You might start off and then you might give up?

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Why the shaky when Allah is promising you something? Because in the Lila usually for me. People make their promises, but Allah does not break his promises. When is it that someone has to break their promise? because of two reasons, because of Hannah. And that shows they're that o'clock. Right? That they made a promise, but they're deliberately going against their word. They don't care about you, they only care about themselves. Right? And another is weakness. A person had the intention of fulfilling the promise, but they weren't able to. Does that happen with us? Of course it does. Allah subhanaw taala is above any piano and he is above any weakness. So lay your holy Fula who will mean

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he does not break his promise he does not go against it. So have faith in him.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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