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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your watch Amy Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim What up others are rough NaVi has an pooran in as you mean coolum Ethel Walker and L.

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Zhang in dela Sadat Allahu la v. So yesterday we conclude at verse number 53, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala said lemmya Jew and Hamas refer the criminals that as believers will realize that there is the fire of hell and we are going to be hurled into how there is no getaway there is no escape this is our abode May Allah protect one and all. We move on verse number 54, that I just recited before you in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says while others are rough nafi Quran in azim in coonley methyl indeed we have explained in the sport on every type of an example. So if a person does not respond, it is due to his arrogance, his lack of passion, his own obstinate nature, you

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cannot falter the message in any way. The Quran has provided anything and everything for the guidance of mankind. What else can I'm thorough, nobody really knows and these are the examples we share with people warm it no hot in the moon, but it is people have knowledge and wisdom and understand that can he did the understanding of love and the message of love the example of a mosquito some took objection and they said also strange what why would I like give an example of a mosquito or a fly or a spider there's a chapter spider Allah speaks about the spider and from that Allah gives a rich lesson. In the second Jews in the in the first Jews in the second chapter, Allah

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says in Allah Allah is a very Bana Salam button family phone. Allah is not shy or ashamed to give forth the parable of a mosquito or something beyond something beyond the experts of the field tellers can mean something beyond meaning greater in size or smaller in size. Beyond meaning smaller in its stature for a melody in Amman of Ala Moana Hakuna robbing him the believers will marvel marvel at it and say, Well, we've got a lesson to learn from it. Why melody in a Kaffir row and those who does believe for Jaco Luna mother or the love will be higher than Metallo. So like, what's the aim and the object and the message out of the mosquito? You'll bring up Kathy, db Kathy, you're

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all one example. Some hearts are guided and others are deviated, did not the messenger sallallahu wasallam said in the La Jolla del kitabi aka man, while you're about Ruby he hurryin Allah will elevate people through this book and others will be disgraced because of neglecting this book. So what happened Seraph now via the coronelli nasm in Cooley, methyl waka national in Sanu Aqsa Rashi in Jeddah Allah, verse number 54, you will always find that man is the most disputed of all he likes to argue and dispute This is human nature. No, no. He wants to challenge you wants to oppose he wants to object. And you know, what's the irony of the whole thing? The Quran provides logical and

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divine proof on toe head and they would counter argue and more context here is the infidels of Makkah counter argue, and they would want to nullify an invalid date all the proofs of the Quran by saying watch our dinner I lay by but my forefather did this. My ancestor did this. My granddad did it. Like really? Is this tangible enough to challenge the divine command of Allah? So man by nature likes to argue the famous Hadith appeared in in Sufi Muslim comes to mind where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a person will appear before Allah subhanho wa Taala and he will say Allah oh geez Oh Allah NFC in La shahida Mini. I'm not going to accept the testimony of two angels

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recorded and I'm not going to accept the document of the book of deeds presented before me and what's captured in the preserved tablet. I mean, I wasn't there to witness this year. So how can I accept this evidence against me? So no problem the narration goes on your demo I Laffy his mouth, his lips will be sealed while you can only Aragon he in 30. And Allah will tell his lambs, his organs his anatomy, speak up, speak out, say like Allah will tell the earth. Well I've heard it referred to as tala ha, and the earth will vomit out its burden a verse of Surah 200 in the 32

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Which we recite the earth will throw forth. But I fear Rama como se llama is sudo what the graves will be toppled and it will flip out everything that's inside it and whatever is in the chest and the heart in the bosom will be revealed what you call early earcandy into Turkey and his organs will be told speak out and they will say yes I made advancement. I used to gamble. I used to speak a lie I walked towards haram I perpetrated this. So this man will then say to his organs, but I didn't Laguna was can for an was fun. For unconnect cuando una will will be to you. I tried to defend you and you speaking out against me. And in the 25 Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says what are

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the limits? To marilena oh my oh my Allah, my brother, my sister, my listener my viewer. I beg I beseech I implore you embark on your journey of understanding the Quran today and now this is the commitment I asked you to make to Allah. Wa Lulu the limits are here to Marlena and they will say to the lambs, why do you give evidence against us? Carlo and tukana Allah who levy and Takako lashay, the Allah that made the tongue speak in the world has made us speak We have no choice in the matter what colonel in Zion or ACTA Rashi in Jeddah, Allah, the man by nature is disputed. In terms of crochet, I came across something amazing. Al Jazeera lu li ly e ma e Mahmoud, well, Giada Luma Allah

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he's going to argue with someone for the pleasure of Allah to prove the heat and to counter prove any other things to invalidate other proofs of of polytheism and disbelief and to establish the truth and defend the deen of Allah and argue In the name of Allah for the pleasure of Allah is Great is meritorious is noble. When agenda no my Allah but to argue with Allah is Cofer and disbelief. Like I always say, to complain to Allah is fine to complain about Allah is repugnant is deplorable. I can complain to Allah. This is what my spouse did. This is what my employer did. This is what society did. This is how he's taunting me. This is how she has abandoned me the rest of it, but I

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cannot complain to Allah I cannot complain about Allah. We move on verse number 55. Why am I a miner I NASA your amino is yahuda and nothing prevented the people jala Lane says the people of maca, maca. I'm given the context of jelenia woman I know nothing prevented people. Julian says kuffaar omaka the disbelievers of maca and you amino to embrace the truth. Mr Monahan as your amino is a human Huda when guidance came to them when the Quran came to them when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam came to them. When yes done furor a bedroom and to seek forgiveness and pardon from the Lord Illa bath and Dr. home so natural well in our idea Humala sabula, but that they were

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awaiting for the three men that had seized the nation's priests that preceded them. They wanted the same treatment to envelope them what is meant here, that idea home but that they face so now the practice the tradition that happened in alonein of the people that came prior to them or to Humala, Bukola, or that the punishment stares them in front of their eyes. In a palooka Theater, I read myself extensively. He writes that it refers to the fact and what is implied from this idea that these people had no grounds not to accept the truth. Everything was clear was compelling, was convincing. But they still did not accept which then implied it's looked it looked like it appears

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to be that probably you are waiting for punishment. That's the time your eyes will open. You Waiting For Allah to strike. That's the time you will realize like sometimes the person tells you brother mend your ways, brother abandon your own brother give up that sin. Time is running out. Time is running out my brother, you aging you're getting closer to you. No, no, it's fine. And you play in a game you play in a game of disloyalty. You play in a game of Haram. You play in a game of deceit and you think you know what you get in time and nobody is watching you. But you know what? The stench is getting louder people can get the smell, they can smell the coffee. People are observing there's

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inconsistency in your pattern in your hours in your time, some way it's catching up with you. Now someone says to you, it looks like you waiting for your marriage to break. It's look it looks like you

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One death to grip you. It appears to be that you want Allah to strike you, because you are not responding to the signals and the red flags that are coming your way that does believe us was so arrogant and obstinate. They said, in Canada well hatami rendiconti ralina haidara tell your Lord to show stones upon us. By know ya know. honka da da da da da da da da da Matta Regina in conterminous dt in chapter 11 Joseph 12 Allah subhanaw taala says the nation of new said to know we tired of your arguments we done with your back and forth the threats You know what? Why don't you bring this punishment this suppose that punishment that you're talking just bring it we want to see it. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says it looks like verse number 55 verse number 55. What are minor nessa umino yahuda Well, you start with euro Illa and it also nettle Evelyn and the famous Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by the rule Bill malissa. By the rule bill, Armand is hasten in the performance of virtue before seven conditions in capacitate you paralyze you, you're stuck with a paralysis, literally or figuratively for Kronman, sia, then mudaliyar such poverty that makes you hitless God that will fall in your corner. cofra poverty can take you to disbelief, or such wealth, and opulence and effluence and flamboyance that it makes you rebel and transgress so much

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money so much fame, you just become arrogant. ohama muffiny or then you become senile and frail and weak and you wish I could pray and I wish I could fast but my health isn't there oh Mountain majida or sudden death or with that job? Are you waiting for the Antichrist? For sure Roja EBU into our PSA? Or or then are you waiting for the hour of cuyama facade to add to how Mr. Wealthy Yama is very intense and it is very better.

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Verse number 56, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woman odorous lol Maura Selena in mobile Shireen our mon Vereen, and we do not send Walmart not noticing Sen al mursaleen the prophets the messengers, the envoys Illa bad mobis Shireen as bearers of good news mn very to warn to alert you and that's the key function of a prophet but she run whenever the Iraq War man or a sailor amaura Selena in LA mobile Shireen our mon varied what you giardino lady in a car for a row Bill bottrill and that there is believe as argue with false hood, they come and make this baseless arguments. And in July Lane was mentioned here I'm sharing different MCs with you so that you can appreciate you know the

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different angles that the experts on the exegesis of the Quran, who critically analyze the divine texts what they have conveyed to us. So in July in it is written under Bill Bartell the false wood arguments of the infidels was a bath Allahu Rasulullah

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has Allah made a human a prophet? Now man This is strange, but he has a Rasool concluding verses of the 18 Jews the right sort of report. What's wrong with this prophet? Yeah, Tommy is what I'm saying Phil was as well. He even comes to the marketplace. So he eats and he drinks and he goes shopping. We need someone more divine. You know what? He's got human traits and qualities we need someone more angelic. And then Allah says in the seven Jews in Surah Tula nah man, I beg you, my brother, please comment into like, I cannot tell you my pain. I just cannot tell you I probably will die in the process screaming yelling, hoping and I hope that that it can reach out to someone to understand the

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passion. What was the great words of that scholar who said two things have led to the collapse of this oma internal disunity and the abandoning of the Quran we've abandoned the Quran.

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So Allah says in the seven Jews in Surah, Al anon, while our general

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ledger module and while Allah best now I lay him my lb soon, and if we had to send down an angel, then they would have had other issues with the angel. Oh, well, it's so fine for the angel head on Ed don't drink. He doesn't know why if you don't have children's a perfect life, it's easy. But you don't understand my challenges. You know what? I'm a fallible mortal. I have this inclinations intrinsic to my anatomy. This is my passion. These are my desires. Well, what? So when Allah sends a prophet as a human, then suddenly you have objections to it and alumina stuffing in Surah bone in the 28 josiane Metallica 10 zeal under this. I have my way

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follow a Basha Rui Nana FACA 401 Lowestoft when Allah forgotten who they said about Sharia Duna is a human guidance for kifaru they denied what the well lo and they turn their back was doesn't Allah and Allah is independent of you and Allah is self sufficient. While I was learning you and Hamid, Allah is always independent, analyze self sufficient, Allah doesn't need you. You need a lion, I need Allah, my talking my brother and you're listening, my brother, my speaking and you're listening, my sister is for your benefit and my benefit not for the benefit of the Almighty Allah doesn't need us in any way. So he writes under this in Metallica Tenzin and Kuru Rizal, Atal Bashar,

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Omar and Kuru and Reba that el hijo. They objected on the Divinity on the Prophet would have a mortal, but they embraced the divinity of stone. So they found and scout and objected. This doesn't make sense that a prophet is a human, but it made perfect sense to them, that a stone was a god. This was the type of bottrill arguments they made, as mentioned in July about Allah who are Rasulullah as Allah sent a prophet, and he's a human

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liyu the Hebrew bayhill have, so they would come with these false arguments on the pretext to eradicate the truth. But how do you eradicate the truth? Allah says, you redo nearly youthful again, I'm saying and today I'm just having this overwhelming passion of urging my audience to the Quran.

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Allah says you really don't alioto nor Allah Hebei, FY him, oh my word. They try. They try not easily and foolishly to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths. Imagine if we tell the billions of people that inhabit the earth that we want to extinguish the sunlight. And today at a particular time, we all going to blow as strong as we can. To You know what, extinguish this light? It's ludicrous, the thought alone, it's bizarre. It's preposterous. It's insane. It's crazy. How can humans collectively try and extinguish the brightness of the sun? You know what? You've lost your sanity if you ask him for that? Well, Allah is saying by you trying anything to extinguish the

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light? Well, Angel, Allah hulin kaffee. Rena meanie nessa de la. Allah puts this idea in my mind now in the fifth juice in Surah chapter four Jews five, right, Allah says and he will never allow the disbelievers to make Islam extinct. To make it extinct wipe it out close the chapter it's done and gone. No no, you do not leave your three oh no Allah, you're trying to extinguish Allahu matamanoa here. I will perfect my light and I will complete it without getting hurt McAfee road Hello, Gary homebush recon if you don't like Tough luck. This is what I have decided. What am I Tasha una in sha Allah Rabbul aalameen I can hope it's sunny tomorrow and you can hope it's cool weather and nature

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has decided it's going to be thunderstorms. Tough luck to you. And Tough luck to me. They will be thunderstorms and it will rain and hail as nature has ordained and decreed that same Allah is saying that I'm in control of rain, and I will decide for my faith and my Dean to prosper what Taka do it warmer on zero who's over verse number 56. We continue Allah subhana wa Taala says and they have made my prophets and my signs a mockery. And remember, marketing is the worst form of denial. One is denial and I sorry, I don't agree we differ in our viewpoint, but to market someone and again I have a flash of a verse and I credit this of course only the grace of Allah and that was of my parents.

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So in the 13 Joe's in the 13 chapter in Surah Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when we send the prophets for our do ad or whom fee for ye my word you must be interested in earth money under this ayah was written you will be blown away. We need to ignite our taste buds but don't care all I know though as Shem semen Rama de when you kill fermata Malema Eman sutra me satomi sometimes because of a defect in the eye, you even can deny the brightness of the sun or because of sickness in the body. You can deny the taste of food, the food is fine, the sun is bright. So to your vision and salt your taste buds out my brother and my sister. If you've lost the taste buds for Quran and

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Hadith, then I'm afraid you need to activate your tastebuds. You need to activate and I need to activate I'm not quantified when I say you. I'm talking of us. I'm not quantifying. I'm not holier

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Though I'm the most sinful fallible personal person you can think of, but anyway under this iron tafsir Earth mining Allah says about the kuffaar rotto admp FY e m, they turned or directed their hands in their mouths. Now, what we refer to as the Maharaja and the Burma era, so, the pronouns to which it refers to in the context of what preceded it at elementary level of basic Quranic understanding, there are so many opinions or do idea whom via for him when the prophets came, they took their hands and they blocked them out. Oh, are you talking about an expression of astonishment? Oh, Second Opinion radoo idea, Humphrey for him, they took their hands and shut them out of the

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profits, which is, which is blasphemy of its highest form, shutting them out of a profit, third opinion, Urdu idea houfy FYI him, they took that blessing the hands of the prophets, and block the mouths of the prophets with their own hands. This is how arrogant, how obstinate, how evil, these people were, and all these opinions fall under the ambit of the the grammar, you know, and the etymology and the adoption of the phrases by the Quran. So what the hadoo it was only Rosa they mocked at my verses, and they mocked at my signs, but of course but our rasuna led him Yakubu, our angels are recording and hisab will be taken. And that takes us into verse number 57 in which Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says women are bernama men men locura bi aunty Rob Bay and who can be a greatest center and a greater opera samim and then the one look at Robbie Robbie, who was reminded of the signs of his Lord for our da da da he turned away he ignored it when RB Johnny Bay. When RB Johnny Bay, what does Allah say? He turned away with the side right? For Allah He turns away and then what does he do when scmr Tamati a DA and he forgets the evil his ends and send forth you forget about it. You know, sometimes you meet a person and he greets you like he never insulted you before or he greets you like he never owes you money. And he makes you look so bad. Like why aren't you greeted

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nicely? I'm greeting you. And you like brother You know what you've defaulted? It's three years you haven't paid me back and you're acting like I'm the bad one. Like you've done the wrong and you have the audacity to give the notion I'm the bad Hello onesie and you forgot ma da da da in fact the owner might have written one of the signs of a wretched person is one who forgets his evil the wrong I did the wrong idea I often say How strange we did so much wrong yet we forget it and we do so little good yet we remember it. I mean when when wrong is of such a large volume you can remember in my youth in my prime I did this I did that the so much wrong. Oh, I don't really recall. I don't

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really recall and the occasional virtue I did. Oh, I have an absolute vivid recount of it when I see Mr. demetria da a believer never forgets the wrongs that he did. Now I'm reminded again of a hadith and I credit this to the Almighty and the and the bars of my parents. Because of the law when I sit here to speak, I don't have these thoughts and as I speak Allah allows this to come in my mind is the hadith of Bokhari on the occasion of her de br right when

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when I said no matter the Allah when I knew I had asked the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding his compliance in the with regards to the Treaty of Arabia, and the very stringent conditions that the enemies had imposed upon the messenger sallallahu sallam, and he sallallahu wasallam said as long as it does not infringe or encroach on the laws of Allah, I will accept it. And back and forth it continued and then say normally Allah asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam unless now lol, hacktivism and Al Bothwell, are we not following the correct teachings and they are on falsehood, he said correct. Understandably Allahu Akbar, are you not the Prophet of Allah Allah

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indeed, Elijah catalana Phil jannetty work at alarming finance. Is it not that the disease from our people are in Paradise, while the disease from them are not in paradise? And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said yes, yes. So say now, Amara Yolanda said then then why, what? What's the need of this submission? What's the need of being so subservient? What's the need of being so passive and docile?

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I am the Prophet of Allah and I will not disobey Allah.

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And of course, he was under divine guidance.

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This is precisely what the scholars say that the proximity and I don't want to go into academics here, but I just have this thought in my mind, the proximity

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Abubakar to the station of prophethood.

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So the process as it was unfolding, and momentarily with utmost respect to the seniority of the legendary personality armor of nahata Ravi Allahu anhu. For a moment he was trying to find his feed and process this moment digest this moment, Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu was in absolute harmony was in absolute harmony with the decisions taken by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which speaks volumes of the proximity of Abubakar to the station of profit would of course say their armor was was a great individual was an inspired individual. And subsequently when he realized that in that mode moment, he raised his voice, what's the hadith of Bokhari are amento Levi Lika Amala are a

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male tulee leka Allah Allah, I performed a host of good actions, begging bch in imploring Allah to atone for my mistake of questioning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which gave us which gave off a tone of sternness and harshness. He retracted, he revoked the sentiments. He apologized, and he performed good deeds, whereas our moroccanoil hotta was the very man the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam had given him the glad tidings of Jannah yet original hottub said, Amen to Leda Lika Amala I continued performing good actions.

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So my brother and my sister and that's the message for today amongst the other messages that I have been saying of the urgency of connecting with Quran is an intelligent a wise person is one who does not forget the wrong he did. In fact, I came across a quotation Subhan Allah, Who is the most intelligent person in agri SLK? Yes, man, Dahal Jan nada, be them been. Wow. Those who know Arabic are going to be like, did a year right? Was that a slip of the tongue? The most intelligent of people are those who entered paradigms because of a sin. Hello, paradise because of a sin. What are you talking? Okay, let's put flesh to the theory. A person committed one sin. And then he realized

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his mistake. NASA who bainer ama? He put that son in front of him in his mind. And he said I've burned my fingers. I've heard myself lie you'll double McMenamin johannine Wahid in Marathi, a believer is never bitten by the same snake twice, once bitten, twice shy, and that's an becomes a deterrent for him against other sins for the rest of his life. And that propels him by to virtue. So by default by default on a disguise node, that becomes a blessing for him and a catalyst to draw him and attract him towards goodness and virtue. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 57, woman of bellomo, men men look Cara Bay yatabe. And who can be more evil, more sinful, a greater

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wrongdoer. Then the one who's reminded of the verses of his Lord for our, for he turns away.

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Sometimes my brother and my sister, we are in a gathering and the other one is called out, and we carry on life like you know what, that's not the proclaim proclaiming the oneness of Allah. That's not the color to prayer, Abdullah Abbas or the Allah and Rama when he would hear Alon he would become a different human and he would say, lo Yamuna, Zuma, Jaco Luna Mojave, no mascara, hula Namu if people know what the motivation is saying, they will get up from their sleeves, and they will not rest there is a change. And remember, some of us great when the alarm is being called or sounded, we drop our activities. And that's great that we show that respect. But after that we ignore that

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prayer. And what do the Judas tell us? That to respond to the adon is sooner is necessary is rewarded. But mesh, build up the DOM to walk towards the prayer? That's mandatory? Because that's the invitation. So somebody invites you you acknowledge his invite, thank you so much, much appreciated. Is it on Sunday lovely, the venue the menu the time awesome, great indeed. Um, die rising and then you don't show up. Your honor the invite you respond to the words which

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Great, I'm not refuting the merit of that, but I'm saying that should propel us to the next action. Allah says when I see Mr. Dermott, yada, and this person forgets the wrong that he did, we ask Allah to open our hearts that we can be amongst those people who respond to the invitation of Allah. And may we never forget the wrongs that we did, so that we can renew our regret and renew our Toba and hopefully that renewed repentance will be a source of atonement and expiation and forgiveness for our vices. Armenia, Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was heavy age marine will come to rely on me