Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 239B Tafsir Saad 27-29

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The confusion surrounding the purpose of the universe and negative consequences of doing things that do not meet principles of Islam is discussed, including false assumptions and accusations of evil. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself and not letting others do things that do not meet principles of Islam. The book "Merry Christmas" is a source of reward for believers, and it provides context for personal development and future opportunities. The importance of learning from the book for personal development and future opportunities is emphasized, along with the importance of reading the book to understand the meaning and offer a recitation of the verses.
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Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

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when I am not, hello Kona, we created a sama or will Allah, the sky and the earth? Were Mr. Boehner, Homer and whatever that is between them by thriller aimlessly.

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No, we have not created all of this in vain in battle. Rather we have created them, Bill Huck, because the opposite of battle is Huck. We have created them Bill Hawk meaningful reason for a just cause. While now Harlequin, Osama our Alderwoman Boehner Homer bow thriller, the sky, this earth whatever is in between was now brought in existence for no reason. No, it was created for a reason for a good purpose. biathlon is understood as how you can botlane and what is baffling

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false what is false that which is baseless. That which does not have a sound basis, a solid foundation, it's in vain.

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Likewise, over here, back within is understood as li agile Boulton meaning for a false purpose for a vain purpose. No, all of this was created for a reason. There Lika that is what is that this entire creation is aimless. This is one Lavina Cafaro. It is the assumption of all of those people who disbelieve for Whalen. So a big distraction. Lin Lavina Cafaro for those who disbelieve Mina now from the fire.

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One what is a one one is an assumption regarding something without any proof. So the people who say that this universe was created without a reason, meaning there is no creator. This belief of theirs is based on a one meaning it's an assumption they have made about the existence of this universe. And they have no proof for that. It's a one. And it can only come from those who deny Alladhina Cafaro those who disbelieve in Allah in the hereafter in the prophets in the Scriptures. And for such deniers, there is great punishment of the fire way learn what this whale mean whale is a Kalama, or that it's a threat of punishment. And notice way learn. It indicates a great punishment,

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Nokia, always for the purpose of magnifying this object that there is a great punishment for those who disbelieve from the Fire.

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The universe that Allah subhanaw taala has created is just too beautiful and too intricate to be here without a reason.

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It just doesn't make sense. It's illogical to think that all of this is here without a reason.

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I mean, it's amazing. We look at a flower, and we see its colors, or we see its patterns. Or we see the kind of petals the flower has, or the shape that it has or the way that it goes. And we know there is a reason why it is like that, isn't it? So

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every creature? Why is its beak like this and not like that. Right? It's colors its feathers it's for, for everything, there is a reason or is there not? There is right? So how is it possible that this whole universe is here? For no reason?

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There's got to be a reason. It doesn't make sense. Even the smallest of things in this world are serving a purpose. So how could it be that this whole universe is serving no purpose? There's got to be some purpose. And so to Jaffa I have 24 Allah says, we'll call you man here in the higher tuna dunya number two under here warmer you Licona Illa da de se meaning the deniers they say that it's nothing except this life of ours we die we live and nothing destroys us except the passage of time. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to that this is the belief This is the assumption of those who deny in total hatred i 85 Allah says we're now halacha sama YT will although my Bina

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Homa inlab will help

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in certain what minuman I 115 for her symptoms

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were unknown Elena Allah to Joan, you thought you were created in vain and you will not be returned to Allah. So what is the purpose? In truth is that yet

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56 Allah tells us why Maha lacto Jinnah will ins OLALIA, who do this whole world as if it's revolving around the human beings, everything in this world is such that the human being can live can prosper.

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It's as if the whole world is somehow helping people live.

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And we have been made for what purpose for worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And if all of this is considered to be without a purpose, then the result will be that all people will be the same. Those who live good lives and those who live evil lives those who are fair and those who are unfair, the oppressors and the oppressed, everyone will be the same everyone will die return to the earth and become the same is that fair? It cannot be fair. And this is what Allah questions am or Nadal Alladhina amanu Nirjala we make Alladhina amanu. Those who believe Wamena Salah hat and they do righteous deeds, shall we make them kind of Sedena fill out like those who spread corruption in the

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earth. One is a person who's living with Eman, he's focused on Ahmed Saleh and Amal Tala is entirely about giving giving giving. And there is another person who is more upset on the earth he's causing corruption chaos mischief in the lead hurting others abusing others should they be made the same. Um or Niger I loo Shall we make a Tokina those with Taqwa conferred jar like those who are wicked,

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not the queue with the key one who has Taqwa for job playing of the word fougere. And who is 5g? an immoral person you see 5g from fedora.

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And Fedora is when something bursts. Like for example, you know, a river or a waterfall is just bursting forth at a large scale. Fajr is called frigid. Why because sunlight, it bursts through the sky crack of dawn and then the light just pierces through, it comes through and it takes over. This is what federalize and fougere is a term that's used for a sinful person who openly defiantly does wrong, without any guilt without any remorse without any hesitation. And he keeps on doing it without any repentance. You see. One is that a person does something really bad and then later on, he repents, okay, and 100 Allah, or at least he apologizes, and the other person confidently does

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something wrong. And he doesn't have any hesitation. Nor does he have any feelings of remorse or guilt, openly, confidently doing wrong abusing others hurting others. This is when a fighter is

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someone who doesn't even have higher of people.

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I mean, generally people have some higher Allah, some respect for God. And if a person does not have that, at least he has some respect for people.

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And if he doesn't even have respect for people, he has respect for their criticism or the fact that they disagree with him. Or the fact that they don't like what he has said. Pfizer is someone who doesn't care. Just doesn't care. Just selfish concerned about only himself, confidently doing wrong same wrong. This isn't a fragile is. Allah is asking one is a person who has Taqwa what is the conscious care for protecting oneself guarding wants to guarding one's mind guarding one's hand, guiding oneself all the time? I should not do anything to hurt someone.

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And farjoud is someone who doesn't care about hurting others. Should these two people be made the same? No way. It doesn't befit the balance which is within this universe. It doesn't fit the creator of this universe to let two such individuals become the same. No. This will not happen in total jatheon 21 Allah says I'm happy when Latina Tara who sejati and Madonna Hunka Lavina Amanu we're Amina Sally health. Do those people who commit evil think that we will make them like those who believe and do righteous deeds? How that's a wow and Mahir home to him, that the life and death is the same? No, sir ma Aquaman it will not be the same. This life is a test after this is death and

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then is judgment. And a person who will be judged based on his life how he lived a Nigerian with the pinnacle for job nowhere. So in these two verses, it's made clear, there is a huge difference between believing and not believing. You go back to the beginning of the surah AlLadhina cafardo Fear deserting, wash your car. They refuse to believe and then they

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excuses and they are baseless objections are mentioned. And all of them are refuted and the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given the example of that we'd already set up and then again we're reminded there's a huge difference between believing and not believing.

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Kitab on Allah says, This is a book, what book will tell you what your purpose is over here? What book will tell us what Eman is what Ahmed Farley is? What book will tell us. What is Taqwa? And what is voodoo? It is the Quran Kitab and this is a book and Allahu La CK we have revealed it to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for what purpose for the purpose of guidance for the purpose of instruction, and this Kitab it is mobile rockin it is blessing it. What is Mobarak Mobarak is that which is full of Baraka full of blessing, what is baraka al Hieron, worser

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and higher good, that is worse here. What is why sir?

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Last, okay, all encompassing. See, there are some things from which we get only a limited benefit.

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limited benefit. Like for example, if you have a membership somewhere, then you get to enjoy the benefits that they promised you. But even those benefits are limited. As long as you pay for that membership, you can enjoy those benefits. The moment you sign off the moment you close your account, that's it, no more benefits. Correct. Mobarak is that whose blessings are too many, and they're endless.

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And medallic is that which is a source of only blessing.

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not evil, not harm.

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You see, there are some things in life, they are a source of benefit, but we also suffer because of them.

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Isn't it? I for example, your phone, you say oh, there's so much good in it. I can do this, I can do that I can do this. I mean, you start listing the things that you can actually do with your phone, there's so many,

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but at the same time does it harm you? Of course it does. But the Quran, Allah says it is Mobarak meaning there is nothing you get from the book of Allah except that it is good for you.

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Even if you get tired because of it, even that fatigue is good for you. If you get thirsty because of it, that thirst is good for you. If your time gets limited because of the book of Allah, even that is good for you. It is Mobarak it's only goodness upon goodness upon goodness, it's hiring where Sarah Keitel Cathy's Cathedral High, there's a lot of good, it's full of goodness. And it's not just good hold, but also for why it benefits cathedral for why it many benefits, worldly, as well as religious. And regarding the hereafter, meaning this is a book that's a source of benefit for its believers for its adherence for its reciters in this world, and in the next world, it will

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help them it will benefit them, it will bring good to them and their worldly matters and their religious matters, and in the matters relating to their hereafter. How is it Mobarak? If you think about it, it's recitation for every letter 10 Good deeds, even if a person doesn't understand, seriously, and in that is Mobarak. Because technically, you can only benefit from a book if you can understand it, isn't it? But the Quran is such that even if you don't understand it, you're just reciting it with the man of course, it's a source of reward for you.

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Technically, you can only read a book if you know how to read the letters. But the Quran is such that you can even read it by memorizing and how do you memorize not just by reading the text, but even by listening.

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So it's Mubarak in the sense that every person can benefit from it. All the young Arab non Arab learned, illiterate every type of person can benefit from the book of Allah.

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It is mobile.

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And of course, when a person reflect on its meanings, when a person studies its meanings, then the more a person tries to take from the book of Allah, the more gifts the more blessings it brings to him, meaning you can never run out of benefits you can get from the book of Allah. You understand there are some things which you know, you do once, you do twice, you do twice and you're like, I think I'm done. Right? You go to a theme park, you go to Wonderland. Now, I don't know what it's called. But you go there. Once you go there again, and you go there again, you get a season's pass, and then by the end of it, you're like, I think I'm done. There.

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is nothing more to explore, there's nothing more to enjoy for me started. I remember assassin saying that she has studied the book and taught it so many times. But every time she goes through it, she finds something which she never remembers from before. Like it's something new and something she's learning from a delivery time social, all of us should study this book until our last bit.

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There is a kid that I was going to see he recently registered and he was telling them Ireland, that he was coming, he finished around 13 times and that he was coming back again for 14 time.

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13 times already done back again for the 14th time. Why? Because it's something that you cannot get tired of. If you truly are benefiting from it, you can never exhaust its benefits.

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I read a story once young boy, he went to a scholar he was living in a small cottage along with the river. He said I don't understand that. When we read Quran we say it cannot clean your heart and I don't understand it. So can you explain it to me, the scholar said, Okay, there's a bucket over there is having a coal inside it emptied, and then fill the bucket for me. Then the young boy, he went to the river and he took the water in it and it was all black inside the bucket was all black. So to go here to fill the bucket with a washroom and he rushed to the scholar, then he saw that water is dripping. Then he went back and he filled again, then went to the scholar, then all the

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water was stripped down. Third, fourth time then finally he went to the scholar and said, What are you up to? Why are you telling me to do that it's all having a holes inside, then the scholars that now look at the bucket. So when you even the water did not stay in the bucket, but it clean it right? Because you'll need a three and four time this is how the Quran if some you don't understand it, but it's just cleaning your heart. Subhanallah Yes. And each time you try to understand it, it helps you in in a different way.

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I just noticed the beauty of it, that when the IR came for doubter a Salam, I look around addressing him and his warning him and he's giving him instructions, but Allah Tala started it by saying we have made to Khalifa. So give him honor first, before kind of telling him and then told him what to do. And then the next thing is what not to do. And then the consequences. And then in this is to the warning is there. But when it has been addressed, it has been said about the people of intellect. And so the beauty is there how you address it like because so many women are here, little children, the mothers say nasty things to their children when they are telling them what to do or not to do

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and their little children. And we do not give them honor, or the teachers sometimes will. I'm not talking about teachers here, but generally sometime, specifically mothers needs to think about themselves, they will not like honor it, they'll just start telling them what they don't know. But it's done with such a beauty that the way it has been taught, it has been told by honoring the other person and telling them what they possess and what their honor is and then giving the responsibility in a way that they feel like doing, which is so beautiful it does. And this is the baraka the blessing of the Quran that you don't just learn the law, the rules, but even the etiquette the fine

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details that we can benefit from. So the Quran is Mobarak its reward is endless. Its benefits are endless. It's understanding the benefits that a person can derive from it for his understanding for application for following the Quran there and less if you think about it, the language of the Quran is Arabic. And it's because of this Quran that believers are united, right upon one language that we see the Quran is a Shiva for the disease of the heart diseases of the body. And no matter where a person he reads it, he understands it. he recites it, he listens to it. No matter what a person does with the book of Allah, it will be a source of benefit for him as long ago. And I was thinking that

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Allah is one that is calling himself this book as a burqa. That should be enough for us unless one today saying it is mubarak for us. It is mubarak for us. There's no doubt about it. That is very true. Even if we don't see the baraka immediately, if Allah is saying that it is Mobarak that Baraka is definitely there.

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So Madonna can why has Allah revealed this book Leigha

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tea so that they reflect on its versus who should reflect on it versus who is they referring to people to whom this book has been sent to they must do that the better on it's versus yet the new from the work that the book and the bar is to reflect to ponder and it's from the letters dal ba ra doober Is the back the back of something and that the better is to reflect on the purpose the objectives, the

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cause behind something. And the middle of a text is to reflect on the words of the text, it is to reflect upon the words in order to understand the meaning of the text.

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Leah W iOttie, meaning they don't just recite the text, but they reflect on the words of the Quran also. So that they can understand the meaning

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that the Buddha is to repeat something in one's heart over and over again until the meaning becomes clear.

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So to dabble in the Quran, is for instance, reading an IRA. That's the first step. You read the Kitab Allahu La comm about a con, then you look at the meaning of Mobarak What does the word Mobarak mean? That is the double. And then looking at how is the Quran Mubarak that is also to the Buddha. Leah, don't bury it. Notice over here, lamb, Allah has revealed this book, in order that people reflect on the verses. So the verses are such that we can reflect on them, we must reflect on them. And this is the idea based on what some scholars have said that learning the field of the Quran, it can be said that it is mandatory.

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It's why Egypt. Why? Because without learning the meaning of the Quran, we cannot understand the text of the Quran. And if we're not understanding it, we're not fulfilling the purpose for which this book was sent. laid the blue

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whale yet as ACARA and so that he may take heed, he may take lesson who will take lesson who will be reminded only Al Bab the people of the intellect oil bad possessors of Al Bab Al Bab is a plural of loop. And loop is the core, the crux the essence of something and only Al Bab are those who are endowed with intelligence, those who don't just look at the surface, but they go deep into the matter. So they don't just read the words they also reflect on the meanings.

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They understand the benefits and this doesn't come you know very quickly it comes with reflection.

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So, while later that color will allow. So we see over here certain steps are necessary. Firstly reading of the book, secondly, the bill on the book in order to understand the meanings and thirdly, it tear off Wilier to the core to the core meaning taking benefit taking lessons from the Quran. Notice how

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what comes first.

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Okay in the ayah What is first

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that the Buddha's first and then comes that occur?

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We cannot take lessons from the book of Allah until we understand the meaning.

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First understand the meaning. Then take lesson.

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This is the proper way intuitive Nyssa 82 Allah says Allah Tada Brunel Quran will not reflect on the Quran meaning the most intuiting what mean you and I are 60 at f&m Yet the body will call will have the non reflected on the word meaning the speech of Allah they must interpret Muhammad Allah 24 are familiar to that. Baron Al Quran, Amana, Caribbean, follow her? What's wrong with these people? Will they not reflect on the Quran? Are their hearts locked up? Unlock your heart. How? by reflecting on the book of Allah because the heart does get locked up.

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How does it get locked up? With so many biases and ignorance and desires and diseases? Unlock it with reflection on the book of Allah set your heart free so that it can serve its purpose of existence which is to worship Allah and how can that be done through to the birth of the Quran?

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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we're now following up on

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that eco one new levena.

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Foley you can move see the ugly

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coming back.

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Subhanak Allahu be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta estafa to be like a

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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