Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 5 – Be Like The Bee

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet sallam's teachings and how they can be applied to the world. They explain that the Prophet is not only a source of blessings, but also a source of power. The speaker also discusses the importance of being helpful and beneficial to others, and how it can be a burden on one's behavior.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah he was a holdover who were the illa Billah wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad in Lhasa Irina Bina, one more serene. What are the things that are easy to Allah is to them describes himself with installed at mme chapter 19. A and number 31 is what Jelani Mubarak and as Mr. Conte, he, Allah God had made me blustered wherever I may be, meaning that in whatever time in whatever place in whatever company Isa may find himself in, he is a constant source of blessing through his teachings, through his counsel and advice through his character through his actions. The fact that he is in that place at that time around those people means that he is blessing them. And

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that is a NEMA from Allah subhanho wa Taala a blessing from Allah, because a person gets rewarded because he or she are a source of blessing. And Isa was such a person and all the prophets of Allah are like that. But is this reserved for the prophets of Allah alone? Listen to what prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, methadone, mini methadone Allah in a lot about what in all the hot water hot plida were in wakad Allah who didn't know he didn't take care Excel. The believer the person who has a man is like the bee, when it eats and consumes and eats and consumes what is wholesome and good. And when it produces, it produces what is wholesome and good. And when it lands

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on a stem. Even if that stem is weak, it doesn't break it. So here in the Hadith, the believer is like the bee in the sense that the believer, male or female, they withhold their harm and evil from their surroundings and their context. So they don't have anything or anyone around them. And when they produce they give out something they give out the sweetest thing like that honey that the bee produces. So is the man producing the sweetest thing to the things and people around him. In a another similar Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, Matthew Minamata Luna, hola Mahathir Mohamad, che in the fog, the believer, the one who has a man is like the day tree, whatever

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you take from it benefits you. So that tree according to that Hadith, whatever you take from that tree is a source of blessing. And so is the believer, the one who has a man in whatever context in whatever time whatever place at home, at work among friends, amongst strangers, the character of the movement does not change. He is an She is always benefiting those who are around them and the things that are around them. They are improving them. They are a positive influence in their context. And the source of all of that is a man.

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The woman whenever he finds an opportunity to benefit people around him, through teaching them about Islam, reminding them about Allah, helping them with their problems, relieving their stress, sharing a smile with them, whatever you find, as an opportunity to do good, you will take advantage of it. Why is that the case? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said Pharaoh nursey And Pharaoh homeliness, the best of people, is the ones that are the ones who are most beneficial to other people. So the big lever who wants to be close to Allah subhana wa tada realizes that a way of being close to Allah is to be helpful and to be beneficial and to be a constant source of blessing

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to his environment. And to her context. Can this be a burden sometimes can it be heavy on a scan will be positive constantly? Isn't this a burden? Well, the answer is that if we have a man, then this will be less of a burden, because the prophets of the law to you earlier said limited in the Hadith, the example of the men of the believer, meaning that it is because of a man that the person will be able to have that intention, and to have the patience to continue in those ads, so that they continue to bless everyone around them. And if that is lacking in our lives, then we have to ask ourselves, it is either our man is not strong enough to produce these blessings around this or that

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we have a man but we are unaware that we have to have these blessings that we have to spread these blessings as a consequence of our email as a fruit of our email. So if the fruit is missing, either it is because of ignorance because we don't know that we have to be such a source of blessing or it's because the source of self is not strong. We don't have enough. So we should aspire to be such less at people whatever opportunity you find when we wake up in the morning when you go to bed whenever you opportunity you find you ask yourself and you tell yourself, I will take advantage of it because it's an opportunity that is presented to me by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So be like the be

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whatever you want to give you give what is best and what is

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Good and you keep your heart and your evil to yourself. I asked Allah subhana wa Erna to make us of those who will be successful in their in this pursuit, a whole new community how there was a little lonely hola como Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Are we a positive influence? Do we benefit others around us and try to help? Do we make the places we’re in and people we meet better? Learn why iman in Allah requires us to be blessed just like the bee.

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