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The history of Islam is discussed, including the former president's actions and their impact on society. The importance of passing by others' actions and avoiding harms is emphasized. The use of "slave running" and "will" in relation to loss and the importance of not apologizing for mistakes and letting people become the cause of their problems is also discussed. The importance of "ar permission" in the context of Islam is emphasized, and the use of "ar permission" in various context is also discussed.

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We're in and indeed glue on low to early his Salam laminal mousseline, he was surely among the messengers. Even Ajay now who,

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when we rescued him meaning mentioned when we rescued him, we're Allahu and his family, meaning those who believed in him from his family from his people, Edge marine altogether, all those who believed in him were saved in there, except I do then an old woman that was farmer, his or her. But what happened? She was Phil Hobbywing. She was in those who remained behind remain with all the rest of the people, some mother maternal Marine, and then we destroyed the others. Who are the others referring to the people who have looked on his salon. Notice over here, their crimes are not mentioned the whole story of how he called them, he did Dawa. To them he warned them nothing of

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that, as mentioned, it's mentioned elsewhere in the Quran. Because over here, the focus is on what the fact that Allah saved loot on his Salaam and only those who believed in Him, not necessarily those who were associated to him through marriage or through blood ties or something. No, it was those who believed in him. Because ultimately, what will rescue us what will save us is not our worldly possessions or our links with other people, it is our own actions. So over here, the way the wife of Lutheran Islam is described in law, Jews and Phil are beating our Jews who is our Jews? are Jews a very old person, Ryan, James, he reads what does aids mean? weakness? So Jews is someone

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who's very, very weak due to old age.

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And reads is basically to remain behind while others have gone ahead.

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Okay, meaning due to one's weakness, a person gets left behind. Does it happen with old people, the old family is going to a wedding party, and the old grandmother is at home because she doesn't have the strength to go. Everybody is going out for lunch and she's at home, he's at home. Right? They usually get left behind. If a group of people are walking, who is all the way at the end at the back. It's the people who are old. So this is our juice.

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So I juice it's referring to inner weakness. All right, or the weakness that is within the person because of which he gets left behind. lobbying. Lobbying is a poor level. How did who is a lobbyist? One who is in the holdout lane, Barbara.

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And what is that? A dust cloud for example. LaBiche is the one who stays behind in the dust cloud.

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A group of people are walking, okay. They are traveling together. And as they're walking, they're leaving a trail off dust behind them, for example, and as they're walking, they continue to walk but one of them stays behind. So where is he? Where is he in the dust cloud?

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So, inner eye duzen Phil hobby routine. So hobby refers to the person who stays behind behind his companions, after having walked with them.

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He was with his companions. But then what happened? He stayed behind and his companions, his friends.

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They go ahead.

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In their I do's and Phil hobby routine.

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She was the wife of loot on his salon. She was with him. But due to her own weakness, which weakness is this her inner weakness, weakness of faith?

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Where is it that she remained behind? When Luth artists Salam and his followers they went she stayed behind? Some muda Marnell, hurryin de mer Udemy routed me completely devastate utter destruction of all the others, meaning the people of Luke or his salaam

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a Allah says what in the comb, and indeed you or people of Makkah, lotta more Runa surely you pass by I lay him upon them when must be healed as ones entering the morning

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because the people of Makkah, they will travel very frequently and they will travel towards a sham and remember a shambles in the north. All right, and they would travel back and forth regularly

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And the trade route that they had adopted was a very ancient trade route. So Allah says that in Macomb letter Marina la him the Marina for me Mara Mira, it means to pass by something. So you pass by abundant meaning they remains their dwellings

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the people have looked, are you sad they lived right by this trade route and you walk by it when must behave as you enter the morning must behave oil of must. And must bear is one who enters sober, me meaning as the day is rising, because that is the time when people will travel, because it's not that Sunny, it's not very hot. So the best time to travel would be early in the morning or in the night. Okay, so what in the come Lattimore wanna lay him must be here in your journeys, you pass by the ruins will be late and also in the night, because they will also travel by night, I fell out alone, then will you not use reason?

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When you journey to a sham back and forth, you pass by the ruins of these people, you go up on the very trade route that they controlled once upon a time, because remember, of the crimes of the people of luthiery salaam was that they would harass the travelers? Remember, highway robbery, exactly. And many other crimes that they committed. So they control this trade route.

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And now the people of Morocco we're using the same road for their journeys, by night by day, they will pass by the ruins of these people. So Allah subhanaw taala is asking them if I let alone, will you not use reason? Meaning Will you not take a lesson? Think about it. What did they do to their messenger? And what are you doing to yours? What was their and and what do you think will be yours?

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I find that therapy alone. And this is something we need to remember each time we pass by any place. All right, where people lived once upon a time that at least it should remind us of death. At least it should make us think about our lives about what we're doing. Not just that we passed by it and we admire their homes and we laugh at their buildings or their culture or whatever they may take a lesson. I forgot our pinion. Where you may Yunus and indeed Yunus Alayhis Salam laminal mursaleen surely he was among the messenger stew. He was also a prophet of Allah sent to to the Bani Israel eel in particular, the people of Nineveh and he delivered his message and he was harmed in the way

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of Allah, just like any other prophet was harmed in the way of Allah,

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but unis on his son, and what happened when he was harmed in the way of Allah, such that his people denied him, they rejected him. He became angry with his people. And in his frustration, he left he left in total mbi 87 We learn whether Nguni is the hub of Malawi been, and when known meaning Unison is Salam, when he left angrily

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Why did he leave his people? Because he was angry at them.

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Remember that the work of Allah is such working for the sake of Allah is something that there is no quitting. All right, there is no quitting. You never just quit and walk away. Even if you're working with, for example, a group of Muslims for a particular Islamic cause. You never leave it as saying that that's it. I'm done with Islamic work. I'm done. No, it may be that I think that this is not the best work for me. I have to try something else.

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You understand? You never quit. When it comes to the work of Allah no matter how upset and frustrated we are with the people that we are working with you dishonest and I'm not angry with the people that he was working with. Remember, he was angry with Allah. Who was he angry with the people? Why is he angry? Was he justified in His anger? Of course he was because they weren't listening. He was trying so hard. He was fed up of their denial.

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So in his frustration he just left there was that okay? It was not okay. Allah says in other car mentioned when he ran away other car.

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I Roca is a very interesting word is

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From the letters Hamza Bell off eBay, UK or UK. And Africa is a herb Minister yet to run away from one's master

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to run away from home from one's master. So this word is used for a slave when he runs away from his master.

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Now think about it. A slave running away from his master, why would he do it?

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Technically, why would a slave run away from his master? Have we heard stories of slaves running away from their masters? Yes, it happens. Why?

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Okay, because the master the say you this very mean very harsh, oppressive. Why else? Any other reason?

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Okay, he's just fed up. He doesn't want to work anymore. Why else? Okay. Yes.

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Okay, for freedom.

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You see,

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where there is fear of oppression? Okay, where there's fear of oppression, or there's so much work that a person cannot handle it. And a slave runs away? That's understandable.

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That's justified in a way. All right, because there's risk of his life, like the money is thought yield. Technically, there were slaves off for now. All right. And master slave relationship. I mean, it is a relationship. It's difficult for us to comprehend. But when before in the past when it existed, there was a relationship. All right. This is similar to how if you're working somewhere, you have a contract, isn't it? And you have to abide by that contract, you're expected to do some work, you're expected to show up at certain times. Right? And even if you want to leave that work, you can't just call one day and say I quit. No, you have to give some notice. Isn't it?

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Is it true or not? Okay? So, I'm calling about is used for when a slave runs away from his master, without being induced by fear, or severity of work, meaning there was no reason for him to run away. It wasn't like the work was impossible. It wasn't like the master was oppressive. It wasn't like he was afraid for his life, or he was afraid of mistreatment, no, nothing like that. The master in fact is very good, for instance, but still the slave runs away. This is the word Abaco. Now all of us are who are slaves of Allah subhanaw taala. So if ever called this word is used, why because unis on his sunnah is a slave of Allah. And here's to do his work as long as Allah wanted him to. Was the work

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unfair? No. Was it impossible? No. Was he being oppressed? No. But he fled he left without permission. So if Adam ill full kill mushroom, he fled. Where do the laden ship fake is shipped and mushroom from the root letters Sheen has known Shannon mushroom is shipped that is loaded.

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Cargo people fully loaded. So the ship was already laden, and he still got on it.

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Just imagine a ship or a boat is already full. And now one more person gets on board. Is that going to create a problem? Yes, it will.

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So he left in anger, but due to no genuine reason. Allah subhanaw taala had not ordered him to leave. The punishment was not due on those people. And the life of Eunice Ernestina was not in danger, either. But still he fled. And when he fled, where did he go? He found a ship leaving the coast, the shore and he also boarded it. But what happened? fossa Hama, then he drew lots for Kana, Meenal mood Halloween, and he was among the losers. There's many different versions. All right. Some have said that there was a storm. And because of that the ship wasn't really safe for people to continue on that ship. So basically, they have to get rid off some of the load. Right? And they

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decided that one person at least has to be thrown off of the ship. Now imagine if there's 30 people on a boat, is it fair to throw anybody no way. But if the load is not reduced, then what would happen? All those people would die? You understand? So they decided that a

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Okay, since the situation is so serious, it's so critical. We can either continue like this, nor can we just randomly throw anybody off board, we have to choose, we have to choose amongst ourselves to decide who is going to be thrown off. So for that, what did they do the saham? What does the sample mean? Musa Hama seen her meme? Sam what the Sahara mean?

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I heard something. Arrow good. Musa is to throw arrows in order to draw lots.

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Okay, because that is what the Arabs would do. They would throw arrows to draw lots people use different things. Sometimes people use paper pieces of paper, sometimes different things. Remember in the story of Madame, what did the rabbi's use their pens. Okay. So fossa hammer, he drew lots he cast lots. But what happened for Academy none would have been he was of the losers would have been plural of the word mood help from the letters that have been the hub, the hub is to slip.

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And it held is to cause someone else to slip.

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Okay to make someone slip. Now when someone slips they fall. And once they fall, that's it. They're done.

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So the word is used to defeat someone also. So mode, however, is one who has been made to slip one who has been made to fall meaning one who has been defeated mahalo lube for Sahana for Ken Amin, Al mod Hellene. So due to the storm that people have the ship decided to get rid of some load. And that would mean someone would have to be thrown off the ship. So they do lots for it. After multiple attempts, what happened? You decide SNMP failed, and so that people decided to throw him off of the ship. It is that that the first time his name came up, they said that no, this man appears to be a very nice, righteous man. He couldn't have been a bad person. There's no way that we could throw

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him. It's got to be somebody else. Right? He's too good of a person. So they tried again. Again, he failed. So this happened numerous times, and then they decided that they would have to throw him. So you see everything was turning against him for Sahana for catamenial mode Halleen. And as he was thrown into the water fire Tacoma hole who fell Tacoma who intercom comma Lamb of meme lamb cough meme Lockman. It means a bite or a morsel of food that you take in into your mouth. Okay, and Ill the coma is to swallow something whole.

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What does intercom mean? To swallow something? Whole? Certainly we should do that. Sometimes people do it. They don't chew their food. They just put it in their mouth and gulp it down. Right? It's not healthy at all. Chew your food. Okay, but anyway, the hurt the fish. It swallowed him Hall wha humulene Allah says while he was moody you recited Salam was Molly Molly from the letters lamb well mean low. What is low mean? To blame someone reproach them censure them because of because of something wrong that they've done meaning they are deserving of that reproach.

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You see, the word maloom is also used. Maluma is someone who is reproached for a crime that they have not committed. They're being blamed. They're being censured whereas they're not necessarily guilty. They could be guilty but they could also not be guilty. But maalim is someone who is guilty

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so fall Takoma who were who were Muslim. He was swallowed whole by the fish. While he was guilty of a blameworthy thing. What does that blame were the thing that he had done? He left his duty without permission from Allah. He was angry with the people and because of that he quit his work.

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Well, who am Alim and look at the consequences look at what happened. He boards a ship and from that ship, he's thrown off, and from there he is swallowed whole by a fish swallowed whole what does that imply that he did not die? All right. fanola Allah says Falola so if it was not that I'm gonna hold that indeed he Cana he was Meenal Musa behavior amongst those who glorify glorify who Allah

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If he had not been of those who do this B, were in the belly of the fish, then what would happen? Lebua? Surely he would have remained lubs is to remain somewhere firmly, meaning just to stay somewhere, not get up from there, and I'll go from there. So malaba Surely he would have remained fee balcony he in its button, meaning the belly of the fish until when Isla Yomi Yuba soon until the day they are resurrected. Meaning what got him out of the belly of the fish was what his this be his turning to Allah.

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Otherwise, he would have stayed, he would have remained in that condition until when, until the day of judgment. What does this mean? That there would be no escape for him? He would not have gotten out of there. Because who can come out of the belly of a fish? Who, in the middle of the ocean? Who can? Can anyone fight the fish and make a way out themselves and other cannot? They cannot survive? And even if they were to come out in the middle of the ocean, how could they make it back to the short? It's impossible? So the only reason why and how he got out of it was because Allah took him out of that situation. And why was that because of his the sphere, otherwise, he would have remained

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in the belly of the fish until the people are resurrected, meaning there would be no escape for him. And what this means is that he would have become food for that fish a part of the fish, and that would be his and, and some have said that Eli Yomi abrazo means that literally he would be trapped in the fish until the Day of Judgment. Yes.

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Oh my gosh, every time I go over this, it reminds me of like, the different like struggles or problems that we go through in life, and every human being is always looking for a solution of how to get through it. So sometimes, like if there is an issue in the community, they'll have townhall meetings, that people will come up with different types of solutions of how to solve a certain problem. But then a less pantile reminds us that the solution to every single issue that we have is doing to speak with him or going back to him there are no other solutions other than going through him. And anything that we do find is just a temporary solution and might it might work or might not

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work but this if you do to spare have a loss pans out if you turn back to the Quran if you you know, if we're not praying solaar for not doing certain things for not doing or the kids in our problems aren't going to be solved no matter how, like how many other ways that we try to solve them.

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Because the reason that's mentioned over here is his the spear fellow law if it was not for his the spear, he would have remained in the belly of the fish forever. Similar Salam alikoum I was thinking about this ayah Allah subhanaw taala he tell us this in here in Surah huger also Allah subhanaw taala he said Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I know what they saying about you just due to severe and all coalminer surgery Subhanallah that mean when we are in darkness of the problem, only it has to be the one who does. This B takes us out of problems. This B is the way out of our problems, whether those problems are self inflicted, self created, meaning we are the cause of those problems. Or it

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is because of other people, or whatever reason it may be because sometimes when we find ourselves in difficulty, we can blame others, right? It's their fault. And sometimes we have nobody to blame except who, how ourselves. It was our bad choice. It was our bad decision. Right? But regardless of what the problem is, what the cause was, the way out of that problem is through the spear, because this be first and foremost it removes grief. When we glorify and praise Allah, it takes away grief from our hearts, and must be also avert calamities. In total, Zambia is 8788 that the speed that Eurosonic Salam did is mentioned and what was that Fanad field guru Mati Allah ilaha illa Anta

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Subhana acha in the conterminous aalameen

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that there is no God worthy of worship, but you will Allah you are perfect. I have been wrong over here. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a servant sincerely says La ilaha IL Allah, then the gates of heaven are open for it until it reaches the Arsh meaning the statement because you remember La Jolla Seidel, Kalamata Yep, the good words are sent to us

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Allah literally. So La ilaha IL Allah when a person says, The gates of heaven are Oakenfold until that statement reaches the ouch as long as the serpent abstains from shake. So when you start Assam realized

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that he had made a mistake, he immediately turned to Allah in that darkness humbling himself acknowledging his shortcoming, and for that he mentioned the glory of Allah and His own faults, the perfection of Allah and his own fault La ilaha illa Anta Subhana QCCA in the countrymen of Bali me, oh, Allah, you are perfect. And as for me, I have been wrong. Another important thing we see over here is that, I mean, it seems like it was the end, it was all over. I mean, if a person has been swallowed by a fish, put yourself in that situation if you were swallowed whole by a fish by a whale.

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Would you think that there's a way out of here?

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No, we were thinking it's over. I'm done. It's finished. I'm a loser. I'm a total failure. No, there is no way out for me. But look at the hope.

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Look at the hope. La ilaha illa Anta Subhan Anika in the conterminous VOD Amin, oh Lord, I have done something wrong. But you are perfect. As long as I breathe as long as I live, I will turn to you, begging you for your forgiveness and pardon. In some narrations, we learned that unisol is someone who was swallowed by the fish and, and he realized that he wasn't that because inside the fish, the part that he was in lower than where he was, but wherever he was, he could breathe, you know, he was intact, he was alive. So he said, Oh Lord, I have taken as a place of worship, a place which no other person has reached.

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I am worshipping you in a place that no other person has worshipped you in before. Look at the whole peer.

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Look at the positive thinking over here.

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We would kill ourselves in depression.

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Right? We will destroy ourselves. It's amazing how Allah forgives people. We don't forgive ourselves. We don't. And yes, it's good to be strict with yourself to hold yourself at a high standard, but it should not make us lose hope in Allah's mercy. Look at where he is what situation he's in, but still he is turning to Allah.

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You know, the mistakes can happen if you're human, even Newell esalaam He didn't mistake right. And when he reflected back, and there is no way to go away from Allah, but the only way to turn back to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Again, listen to him. And he took him out of you know, otherwise, I made a mistake that got him out of Jannah Can you imagine?

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And imagine the guilt that he must have been feeling. Allah clearly warned me that do not even go near this tree. And Chopin is your enemy. But still, I forgot I made a mistake. And he wasn't alone, while was with her, but still both of them made a mistake, you understand? But what happened? He also repented, Nautilus and unrepented unicyclists. And I'm also repented. So no matter what mistake has been made, and no matter what situation we find ourselves in, never give up hope.

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And choose how is phase is complete because first thing he recognized is his mistake. He did not panic, even though he was in the shadow in the sea and in this belly inside. He just think about his mistake and he just started to repent, the only person only thing that can save him is Allah He knew and that shows his complete faith in Allah.

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Plus, he is a prophet of Allah. He didn't say well Allah, I was your prophet. Why do this one I'm did not do any other mistake, just one mistake. And I didn't do that just I lifted the fear coming through some calamity in our life. They said, Oh Allah, He didn't find anyone else except me. Choose me for this one. I pray I do graduate, I do this one, I do this one why I have to go through all this stuff. But Subhan Allah is a prophet of Allah. And he still having hope of a las Panatela in the darkness. And he remembering the philosophy anatella He didn't justify the mistake and he did not become angry with Allah, because he realized the mistake that he had made.

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So I was just reminded of a story that I came across like a couple of weeks back, and it was a scholar who was traveling and he came to a place at nighttime and he went to the masjid to sleep and rest. And while he was there, there was a guard there who told him he could

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Be there. And two, he kind of kicked him out. And so the scholar, he was just outside the mosque and the guard came again, he was just like, No, you can't be here. And he literally dragged him across like the road and in the street and left him somewhere farther away. And a breadmaker Baker, he saw him and he took the scholar in his home and said, you know, you can stay the night and stuff. And so, while he was staying with this baker, he saw that he while he was doing his bread, the whole time, he was making this beer continuously for hours. And so he said to him, how can you like, you know, make the spirit for that long, like, Don't you get tired? And so, he said, No, you know, like,

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this is what I do. And then he said, like, what good has come out of making disappear for this like all this time, and he said that I have never made a dua that has not been accepted. And so, he asked him, you know, not even one and he said, well, there is one I had always wanted to meet like this scholar, and he took his name. And so he said, You know,

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so he said Subhanallah you know, like dragged me like I got dragged by my feet, just for your this dua to come true.

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Because of the spear dua is accepted. You know, this idea Falola and catamenial Musa behind some scholars have interpreted this as had he not been of the Musa behavin earlier before he ended up in the belly of the fish. Meaning before this incident also, he did this B of Allah frequently, and in the belly of the fish also he did this B of Allah frequently. So it was his previous or the other, and everybody in that state that brought him out of the difficulty that he was in.

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So the ribeye that he did before and also while he was in the belly of the fish and this is why you know the Hadith that thought of it Allah Phil Raha er if Kofi should remember Allah in good times and he will remember you in your bad times

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yes, even though units are the some had in a way being publicly humiliated he still had the humbleness in him to repent despite that, because oftentimes like when we're publicly humiliated we become like arrogant or we we fight back in the moment even though like we know we might have been wrong. Yeah, it happens. Because for him to be thrown off of the ship, right by the people who are on the ship. This was humiliation. It was very embarrassing. When you say the speed does it mean like the sticker of morning and afternoon or it should be a specific the speed that we should make part of our life okay, so this does be if we take it as the spear that he did, while he was

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swallowed by the fish then it refers to the statement he said La ilaha illa Anta Subhana aka in the country, you know what I mean? Because this is also have this be hot, all right. And otherwise the spirit can refer to any this be in the sense that Subhan Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah Hera Alimi will be handy there's different forms of the spear alright, and remember that the word that's B is also used for Salah It is also used for Salah there are Hadith for instance, in Buhari in which the word must be is used and what is meant is Salah. So when you first read those Hadith it's kind of confusing. Why is this beer mentioned over here what is even meant by this beer over here. But

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the Sahaba they were familiar with the term this beer being used for Salah and this is why when we look at various mucky sodas in which the command to do this beer is mentioned it has been interpreted as salah. All right, so follow Allah and catamenial Musa behind. Yes, he did this V as in Victor. But he can also refer to Salah or any form of worship that he did, that he performed while he was in that state. Yes. So Ronnie, I feel like in this verse, Allah spent Allah is still recognizing the good of units that I said, I'm despite the wrong that he did that yes, he made a mistake. But he was of those who glorified a loss product that like he was still someone who turned

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back to him. And I feel like this is really important because I've read stories of, you know, the Bible that talks about universalism, and they're very, a lot of them tend to be very disrespectful against him how he was, you know, like, they made him seem arrogant, and you know, like, just not a very good person and how he turned away against the loss rather because of his own arrogance. Like that's what they make it out to be. But this verse, Allah subhana, Allah is still making it clear to you that yes, he made a mistake, but that's all it was. It doesn't make him a bad person. It doesn't, you know, take away from his status as a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala. And, you know, it

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

reminds us of that, that yes, he may have made a mistake, but he was still a prophet.

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

of Allah. He was still an example for you and you should learn from him for what he did in this situation. Yes, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that may Unbeliev the Ogden a year goal and a Hiram min Yunus Abney Mata it doesn't fit any servant to say that I am better than Unison Mehta, meaning we should not even compare between profits and say that oh, the Mohamed Salah Sam is better than us artists Salam because you started Saddam was, you know, he left his people in anger. Note, we are not allowed to make such comparisons, and to honor one prophet by dishonouring another, there is a lesson for us even in the mistakes of the prophets. And this is why the story is

00:35:43--> 00:36:19

mentioned over here. And it really teaches us the way of Tober. So following that, and catamenial Musa behind Lala Vita V Bajpayee Illa yo me you baritone. And you see when you are the cause of your suffering, meaning there's no one to blame but yourself. You're so angry with yourself upset with yourself, this can really lead to you know, harming yourself even going deeper and deeper into depression. And it's very detrimental. But we see that even in a state like that, due to speed.

00:36:20--> 00:36:51

I cannot be perfect anyway. Yes, I have put myself in this problem. But you know what, that's because I'm imperfect. The perfect one is only hope. Allah subhanaw Thara Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhana occur in the conterminous Salimi. And a person who turns to Allah with such humility than Allah also saves him. We see that two people they called out to Allah when they were stranded at sea. One was unicycle s&m and the other was fit our own.

00:36:52--> 00:36:59

Who was saved? unis Are you Sarah? Isn't it why? Because he did this be

00:37:00--> 00:37:42

when before this incident and also when this incident happened. So the way out of our problems is that we should have this good connection with Allah subhanaw taala of the spear of or ladder of dua you know, there's that nourishment that we find in even to be healthy and God and it's been Malik Portillo, on who reported that when it occurred to the Prophet Yunus Ali salaam to call upon Allah. In these words, when he was in the belly of the fish, he said La Ilaha. illa Anta soprano aka in the continental la Alameen, then this call, it went and hovered around the throne. And the angel said, Oh, Lord, this is the voice of the one who is weak, but known in a faraway, strange land.

00:37:44--> 00:38:23

Meaning the Wallace is very familiar, but it's coming. It's very weak, and it's coming from very far away and strange land. So Allah asked, How do you know this? And they said, Oh, Lord, who is he? They asked Allah who is he? And Allah subhanaw taala told them that it is My servant, Yunus. They said, Your servant Yunus from home there kept coming, acceptable deeds and supplications, which were answered. They said, Oh, Lord, will you not have mercy on him for what he did during his time of ease, and save him from this trial and tribulation? So save him? Why because of what he did in his time of ease.

00:38:25--> 00:39:01

And Allah who responded, of course, so he commanded the fish and it cast him forth on the shore. phenibut now who Bill our ra II were who are supreme Featherbed now who so we threw him literally the Word Nevada means to throw to hurled something fling it, so we flung him Bill Ira onto the IRA, Ira, I andraia. The word means to be naked. Literally the meaning is to be naked. Like for example, for other martyrs Sinha into the fall we learn that he was told that in Jannah, in Melaka, Allah that you are fee her wala Tara,

00:39:02--> 00:39:10

that you will not be hungry in Jana, and you will not be naked. So this is the meaning of the word and when this word is used for land.

00:39:12--> 00:39:44

It refers to land that is open bare, meaning there's nothing on it. Nothing on it, no tree, no shrub, nothing to hide under or to take cover with. So are all over here refers to the shore, the open shore the beach, so he was thrown over there. Well, who was a team while he was ill? He was physically unwell. He was weak in his body because he had been swallowed by a fish after all.

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

So when he was thrown out of the fish, then he was unwell in his body. And at that place, no vegetation, no building, but Allah provided for him. What am Betina

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

And we cause to grow. I lay he over him shadow a ton. A plant. A tree literally meaning a plant. Which plant minea clean off, you're clean. You're clean is used for

00:40:16--> 00:40:19

a plant that doesn't have a trunk.

00:40:20--> 00:40:41

trunk, like a tree tree trunk. How is it? It's strong? All right, a stem even it's strong. So it goes up it straight. So you're clean is my last cell caller who that which does not have a self as in no leg, no trunk, okay, meaning it spreads on the ground.

00:40:42--> 00:40:43

So what is it then?

00:40:45--> 00:40:46

Oh, Vine,

00:40:47--> 00:40:50

okay, a vine because it spreads on the ground, it grows on the ground,

00:40:52--> 00:41:34

inshallah summaries coming soon in sha Allah before that is spring in sha Allah within a couple of weeks. So maybe you should try and plant something so that you can understand this i Okay. You know, these plants that grow on the ground that spread on the ground. Some scholars, they said that he a clean refers to that plant which spreads on the ground and it dies in the winter. It dies in the winter. And that's exactly how it is. Have you ever seen pumpkin plants? Okay, if you don't grow them, maybe go to a farm. Right pumpkin? How is it? It's just on the ground. It looks so messy. And you wonder why all these weeds here but when you look carefully, you'll find zucchinis and you'll

00:41:34--> 00:41:47

find pumpkins and you'll find other plants or other vegetables like that. Even watermelon. What else? Cucumbers also the grown vines. Okay, what else?

00:41:48--> 00:42:03

Squash, right different types of squash. So what I'm that now I lay he sheduled rotten many are clean. One thing that is interesting about these plants about gourd Vines is that the leaves are huge.

00:42:05--> 00:42:11

Okay, the leaves are huge. And because of those huge leaves, it's very easy to hide things under them.

00:42:12--> 00:42:54

There could be huge watermelons, huge pumpkins, but they're hidden until the turn orange or a different color, then they become visible, even zucchinis they're hidden, you'd really have to look carefully and, you know, move the leaves around so that you can reach the vegetable. So what um, that's gnarly. He shuddered autumn minea clean, what does it mean that we cause to grow over him, meaning to cure him to nourish him to shade him, because he was unwell. He couldn't really go around and find some help or find food for himself. So Allah caused his plan to grow, so that he could take cover of the leaves of this plant. And also it was nourishment for him.

00:42:55--> 00:43:00

It was medicine for him until he finally regained his strength.

00:43:02--> 00:43:11

Okay, it is said that when he was thrown out of the belly of the fish, he was very weak in his body and a comparison is given, like a chick,

00:43:12--> 00:43:21

like a chick, meaning weak, fragile. Because you can imagine if somebody has been at sea for a very long time,

00:43:22--> 00:43:45

that affects their skin even does it the saltwater and imagine being swallowed by a fish what enzymes Allah on what all was inside that must have affected his skin for sure. And gourd plants by the way, or gourd vine and these plants like zucchinis and pumpkins and all these plants, they are extremely good for skin conditions.

00:43:47--> 00:44:23

I myself have experienced it. My son when he was born, he had severe eczema. And I remember we used to feed him zucchini, gourd and things like that. And Alhamdulillah now there is no trace of it. And I got the inspiration from this I actually because I figured that you must have had some skin condition, you know, you know solace and I'm the one thing that must have been affected necessarily would be the skin. Because I don't know about you. When you go to the beach, your feet they get cracked up because of all the salts, they really get cracked up. So the skin must have been affected.

00:44:25--> 00:44:30

So what I'm that gnarly He shuddered at a maniac clean. What's the lesson over here?

00:44:31--> 00:44:32

He eat zucchinis

00:44:34--> 00:44:36

what's the lesson?

00:44:37--> 00:44:50

Okay, the solution comes from Allah. Okay. When you turn to Allah doing the spear, look at how Allah didn't just take him out of that problem. But he also provided for him

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

so that he could have strength to go back to the work that he wants to do. This is the help that comes from Allah, Allah cardinalities

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

ANNA no further Nirmal Mooji Boone. Allah is the Best of those who respond. Recitation what?

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