Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #09 The Clothing of the Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the use of shirts and pants, dresses, and conservative clothing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It emphasizes the importance of avoiding clothing on women and keeping certain words out of culture. The use of "yeah" and "yeah" in marketing and media is discussed, along with the importance of keeping certain clothing rules. The group discusses their choices and mentions a film and song about acne.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda mon fauna when finally my lymph Tana was at night in mon hammerlock. I mean, as Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala to put Baraka in this gathering, and make us from the people who listen and apply in sha Allah

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by the way

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would like to buy the book I have two copies left please let me know after the class inshallah

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looks like

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everybody is watching the debate, but is everybody

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was watching the circus

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Bab magia fie Libous Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam today in sha Allah Tala the discussion is the reports pertaining to the clothing of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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it should be noted that the general rule

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is that all clothes are permitted.

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So, as I said and said Kulu What are sub Doku well we will be su theory is Raph whether Macula or Hadith in society or someone told us to eat drink wear clothes and give charity without showing off or being extravagant. So, in general the

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is all permitted

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unless there is something that goes against the Sharia now, what are the show route?

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What are the conditions for the clothing for the

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we talking about men mainly today

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for the men's clothing

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who's going to help me with a shirt

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number one

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test to protect our PSA test to protect the outer and the outer of the man is from the navel, of two under the knees, head covered the knees second

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what else that's good enough. Why nobody is * than

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cannot be.

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Cannot be let me leave that to the end inshallah. Because I'm gonna I'm gonna explain two things first.

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Not too tight. Does not since we said that. It's not

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it has to cover the outer then the second logical condition would be cannot describe the outer.

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We see some sometimes some brother maybe they do not know. But the parents that they're wearing is going to split details everything. This is not permitted. Okay.

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Third, talking about the outer also it should not be

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see through. Right. I'm covering the outro but I can see through sometimes you see those like knitted shirts or the fabric is too thin. Transparent that you could see the body so what did you do you did not actually cover the outro or these three come under covering the IRA. When you describe the IRA or the close of transparent you still did not meet the main condition of covering the our

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forth it should not indicate woman somebody walks in here with a dress and say brother I'm covering my IRA and it's on no but it's looking like woman that's not allowed because the Hadith we all know the Hadith fourth

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everybody has fifth I mean

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it should not be bright red and we explained that before and when we hear that as soon as I sent them was wearing hola camera. That means the automat said it has some stripes of black in it. It has some stripes of black and it strictly a bright red is not allowed. If it has any kind of stripes of different color with red is no problem. And one

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very famous one, no silk. It should not be silk for the men. It should not be

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now we come free explained all these they say I'm not wearing silk I'm covering my hour but he's wearing a dress or outfit of a priest.

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It's covering everything all these conditions we discussed they are there, but this is specifically known to be the dress of non Muslim that specific dress

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that is not allowed

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it should not be filled Shahara

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but the shirt I mean

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the clothes that you're wearing, it should not be extremely extravagant that people are pointing at you.

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And at the same time, it should not be extremely show that you know they are ripped and terrible and you can afford to have a decent dress. I'm not talking about the person who is completely my doom skin pool. He doesn't have anything I'm talking about the person that he can afford a decent dress, but still he wants to show that he is very humble. No no no. This is Phelps chakra and the Hadith of the pharaoh Beshara let me see if I can find it somewhere here.

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Anyway the meaning of the hadith is he will not smell Jana

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be the one who was thrilled Shura

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just to show off his wearing the shirts help to show off

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this is not allowed. It's not permitted.

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Now this is the most important thing. Some people

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that if we wear pants and shirt This is a mutation of the kuffar.

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If they see you wearing jeans or pencil or T shirt or polo shirt or whatever, brother you're imitating the kuffaar Fantasia the honeycomb in our minim and the Shama they started cutting you Hadith and if

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you are part of them, you are one of them.

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Listen to what mo Tamia Rahim Allah chasing Islam what he said

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lo Enel Muslim I'm gonna read Arabic part first.

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Federico from ryer herb,

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Lamia, more on Bill Mohan fit la fille Hadiya vorher lemon Allah He feeds early coming up Gordon Bell could use the hub little Rajan how Yeji ballet and you Sharika home urine and fee Hadiya him a voyeur, either can Urlacher fee must Latin de Nia mindat with him in a dean when I when I was Alika, middle mocassin or saleha. If a Muslim is a non Muslim land

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he is not enjoined to differ from them in his outward appearance because of the harmful consequences that may result from that. Rather, it might be Mr. Hub or an obligation for a man to be similar to them in his outward appearance sometimes, if there is a religious interest to be served by that, such as calling them to Islam, and other good aims.

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And to look different

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in a society that is

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used to this kind of dress.

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It's not really recommended. For example, somebody's going to the Haram and wearing jeans. He's gonna look weird. This is not the norm over there. Similarly here.

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It's not recommended. We're not saying It's haram to go out with a thump or should want to come in snow you can do that. But if somebody is wearing the clothes that are the norm of the society, there's nothing wrong with that. As long as it goes through these conditions that we have mentioned. one more condition

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which unfortunately a lot of

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our youth do not pay attention to its value.

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What does it smell mean? When the pants drags under the

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not even the cackle Qadiani the heel

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you see our children sometimes the defense is under the heel and dragging and taking cleaning the street. The curb everything on the on the way

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that is not allowed and Hadith about Isbell are too many.

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So, if any

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of the clothing

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follow these conditions, they are not tight, they are not see through, they are covering the hour they are loose

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does not matter. They are not imitation of the non non believers then it's not there's no problem in in wearing them.

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this is just an introduction.

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So, we can discuss what did Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam were the first Hadith

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had definitely FrogLube no Musa Abu

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Camela was a it was a no Bab and abdiel movement bin Khalid Abdullah bin bowrider and Musallam. Amo Salma is our mother, or the Allahu anha called can a hub bethia In our Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alchemy is

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Musala narrated that the most beloved clothing to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is the commies

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what is the commies?

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Because in Arabic, but brother God it is wearing as a commies

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in order to do what Brother

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This is coming

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shall a language the film is a commies

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and they are all allowed. But the one that we are saying that a social selling used to love the most is the long good commies.

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This is the one that and we have the chef narrated in amateur media Rama Allah mentioned two or three Hadith. And the end of it. His favorite clause was the commies was the commies.

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So that was the favorite quote of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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It was said that the private side seldom liked were in the commies because it is lighter than other types of clothing. It conceals more of the body than other clothes and thus the one who wears it is displaying humility.

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The one who wears it is displaying humility. Now you're gonna hear that wrestler Salam used to wear a hula

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what does the hula

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when you hear the word hula what does it mean anybody

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hung up?

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It means it consists of two pieces.

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It consists of two pieces.

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There is our entry that

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both together are called Hola.

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You hear sometimes a hottie we saw a solar cell and fearful Latin hombre. Latin kodra I saw Susannah wearing a holla that's green or red.

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So when you see is similar to to what

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the Haram right similar to the Haram there are two pieces. One is our is the bottom.

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Brother, Abdurrahman has

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kind of for stealing.

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And whatever you have on top is called redact. And the bottom is called izhar.

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We see a lot of time our brothers from Bangladesh they were the right

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what do you call it? Five. Okay. So this is called Hola.

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The word simply refers to the two garments when they are worn together.

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And then the chef said that when you hear red, it means red and black together.

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He also

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wore wool, cotton, and he is Salatu was Salam. He wore also black garments.

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his sleeve used to be up to the wrist.

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And once he were a sleeve

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that was so tight

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that he when the time flew, came, he couldn't lift it on a salatu salam, he has to remove his arm in order to make it was very tight

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so like I mentioned the shamisen three Hadith

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or more

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the commies and Osama bin Zayed car that can come, come easy. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Russell,

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Osama bin Yazeed or the Allahu anha narrated that the sleeves of the commies of wrestlers Isilon would reach his wrists.

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This shows that the sleeves did not exceed the wrist.

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The reason behind the sleeves not exceeding the wrists because if they do exceed them, they hinder the movement of the hands and if they are too short, they expose the arms to the heat and the coldness. Therefore, as was I said, I preferred to be moderate in the length of the sleeve even this is how much how important is moderation our Dean don't go too extreme in anything Subhanallah even the sleeve was up to the wrist. Does that mean short sleeves haram?

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No, it's not haram but we are describing what our solar system used to wear.

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Mecca and Medina.

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One more Hadith insha Allah Tala.

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And wow yeah.

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And abhi call I think to rasool Allah Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fie Ratan min Mozia. Anna. Lee no lino bear. Yeah, we're in a funny Saho Lamode clock. icon. ZIL. Coniah see Mukluk fadhel to Yedi fish Abia comm ESA pharmacists to heart him, call him an ES for the Allah unrelated, I came with a group from the tribe of Medina to give the pledge to Rasul Allah insulin as I noticed the button of his kameez was open, I inserted my hand in the color of his kameez, and I touched the seal.

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Now, does that mean something to open your buttons?

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Oh by the way, the Hadith commits was opened the button of the cinema. Now

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the general rule is that one should keep the burdens of the color fastened unless there is a need to unbutton them. That being said, one should not think that unbuttoning the commies is a sunnah because this hadith does not indicate so in any way. The fuck out of this hadith number one, it is lawful to wear commies. Number two, it is lawful to have buttons on it. Number three, it's lawful to unbutton them, you got very hard for any reason. Number four, it's lawful to have a white color and it's enough for the hand to be inserted, becoming a focal ruling are taken from the simple from the simple Hadith. And the prophets I seldom allowed others to enter their hand through his color and

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touch his skin to seek the baraka. And that Baraka, like we said before, is only from Rasulillah Salam, not from your chef or from your Modena or from Brother basil. There's no Baraka Habibi, when you touch me you're not going to enter the baraka. The burqa only from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, I can tell you this one time I was in Medina and

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guy took his he had a turban. So he took his turban out from his head, and he started wiping the wall in the entrance of the wall in one of the doors of measure the level

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he's wiping it with the with this shirt and one of the gods came and

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boom on his head. Said what what happened? What are you doing? He said I'm getting some Baraka. He said Baraka, this was built in 1993.

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This was

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so hang on. So we have to sometimes you go

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you go to Medina because you didn't have a week

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It makes your heart bleed when you see so much ignorance. The cab is this way and somebody is facing the cover for solos SLM and making that and a couple of other way.

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The etiquette Jaquan some of our brothers just came back, you pass by very respectfully very quietly, salam alayka rasool Allah As salam o Alaikum salam alayka Ahmed, you leave

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books. Allah sit down and Subhanallah it's just you know, you do your Salaam and you leave time for your brothers who are coming. And that's it Subhan Allah

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for you. So the other of the rest of the Hadith are all indicating that suicide Salam prefer the commies and Hola. And I will finish with this in sha Allah Allah. Rasool was hassling us to start wearing clothes, whether it's a shirt or the pants, by the way, so Salem he wore a serval what we call now Chawan in Arabic is called me with a sin, sir. Well, he wore it sir. Well, so anytime he was clothing, he starts with the right hand if it was a shirt, or if it was a sir, well start with the right leg to go in. And when he put his clothes on, I mean salatu salam, he used to say the beautiful dua was

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excellent Alhamdulillah Allah the Cassani had or you could say hi the throat What does acne mean really? How will in mean need what are cooler? I'm so grateful to Allah that He blessed me with this call.

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What is acne and

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the Cassani as a football as acne without any effort from me without any effort from me. So anytime you put your clothes on say this beautiful dua is similar to the one that we say after we finished eating Alhamdulillah Allah the A Tammany has what has acne really honing mini Walco and there is another if the sound was new but was for the film was new.

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Anybody nobody have any new clothes make a fundraising challah donations will produce something new.

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But so to have something new hola hola.

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As Alka Kira who

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are Kira Nasoni Allah

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Allah I asked you the highlight of this film and the Pharaoh was made for a secret fuse from any kind of danger from this job.

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Salama Luca fatal Farah now Sonia Allah will also be coming shortly He will surely Sonia

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shamatha Allah. This is just

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the close we can come to the other stuff in the following weeks from Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. Zach Mala hear about our philosophy come Subhana Allah, masha Allah, Allah, Allah and West Africa on a two way like, like I said, there are two books if somebody is interested in buying

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