Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 237A Translation Al-Saffat 114-182

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Santa Monica label got

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their mother who on a Sunday or that assuta He'll get him a Mother Earth forever with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Furbish Rouhani Saudi UAE a Sidley Emery Wagner of the Tamil the signing of Guru Kohli probenecid.

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TRANSLATION what occurred and certainly my Nana we favored Allah upon Musa Musa alayhis salam will help goon and Haroon are the Sunnah

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when a Dena who Huma and we saved them to walk Alma Houma and people have them to men from alcohol, the distress, the affliction, or limb the great one I saw no home and we help them for kennels so they were home they have hardly been those who are victorious. What are they now Houma and we gave them to Al Kitab the Book and musta been the explicit one.

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What are they now Houma and we guided them to a silt to the bat, almost again the straight one. What are Aachener and we left our lay humor upon them to feed in an athlete in the later ones. Salam would beasts Allah upon Musa Musa alayhis salam were held on and held on are the Sunnah, in that indeed we could Ellika like that, Ledger z we recompense and more sinning those who do utmost good in the Hova, indeed the two men from Riverina our servants and movement in the believers were in us and indeed, in the USA, in Yes, lemon surely from and more saline the messengers is Allah when he said Liko me he to his people, Allah do not that the bone you all fear

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that other owner do all invoke Berlin Baron what are the Runa and you will leave Aksana best alcoholic claim of those who create

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Allah and Allah Rob Baku Europe will rob and Rob Abba eco of your father's a welline The first ones such as the woohoo so they denied him for a new home. So in the de la Mata Rouen surely wants to be presented in LA except rebored Allah servants of Allah and miraculously those who are chosen what Ochsner and we left our Lady upon him fee in an athlete in the later ones Salah one piece Allah upon Ilia seen in years in that indeed we Gallica thus Niger z we reward a worsening those who do have most good in the hood indeed he men from Reba Dena our servants meaning the believers were in and indeed Luton loads are the salon lemon surely from a more saline the messengers it when Medina who

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we saved him what ethna who and his family I do marine altogether in law except are using an old woman fee in a lobbying those who stayed behind so much then the moment we destroyed an air hurry, the other ones were in the comb and indeed, you all Lattimore Runa surely you all passed by or lay him upon them. misbehaving. As ones entering in morning will be laying and in the night. A fella do the knock darkly loan you all use intellect. We're in and indeed Unison unis lemon Charlie from almost saline the messengers

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he ran away 11 To unfold the ship, Alma schoon delayed in one,

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sir Hummer. So he drew lots again so he was mean from Elmo to Halloween, the losers.

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Those who are rejected

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fell Takoma who saw it swallowed him and show to the fish were Hua while he Maliwan blameworthy.

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fanola So if not unknown, that indeed he can. He was men from Al Musa behind those who exalt

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Lala visa. Surely he remained fee in botany he it stomach. Illa Yun de you Barzun, they are resurrected. Son about now. So we threw him bill

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at the open shore. While he was while he still came on.

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What am BATNA and we cause to grow?

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or lay upon him shedule rotten upland

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men from Yakko cleaning a vine like a grapevine. We're also now who and we sent him. Ila to me 100 1000 Oh, or use the dune they increase forever. No, so they believed summer Turner home, so we benefited them. Isla deal Shane in a time for stuff to him so ask them earlier have bigger are for Europe, Albania to the daughters, what a home and for them and balloon the sons or canacona we created al-mulla Iike the angels in earthen females were home and they share he the ones who were witness Allah unquestionably in the home indeed the men from iski him there lai lai aku loon surely they say one other. He has begotten Allahu Allah were in the home and indeed they look at the bone

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surely liars a stuffer? Has he chosen al Burnett, the daughters Allah upon and beneath the sons man what Luckily for you, okay for how the heck come on you all judge a fella do the not that Tarun you all take heed um or luckily for you so far known and evidence, Sivan and evidence or an authority

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will be known clear

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that too so you all can be kita become with your book in if you were Saudi pain ones who are truthful, what do ya do and they made Boehner who between him webinar and between an agenda that in NASA relationship

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what are called uncertainty or NEMA it new agenda that in in the home in the day language Varun surely wants to be presented. So the HANA glorified exalted. Hola, hola. I'm mad from what ESC phone they ascribe Illa except rabada. Servants, Allah, Allah And miraculously, the chosen ones for intercom so indeed you all warmer and that which Darboux Don't you all worship man not unto you all. Are Leahy against him be fattening at all ones who tempt

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in law INLA except man who? Who or he saw one who enters to burn? Al Jehane the Hellfire

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warmer and not Mina from us in there except the whole for him. More common, a place a position my alone one known we're in and indeed we learn national surely we a soft phone. Those who make rows we're in and indeed we learn national surely we also be shown those who glorify we're in and indeed Gano they were layer two loan surely they would say low if a net debt indeed. In dinner with us. The con a reminder, men from a wedding, the former ones lacuna shorty, we were very bad as servants, Allah of Allah and miraculously the chosen ones for Cafaro so they denied be with it. For so far. So soon you are the moon they will know what occurred and certainly Saba caught it proceeded. Kadima

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tuna, our word, Larry, by dinner for our servants and mousseline the messengers in the home indeed de la home surely the elements will ruin those who are held. We're in and indeed during the NA our forces law home for them. Allah hollobone Those who are victorious

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further wala, so turn away on home from them had until Shane in a time

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whatever stayed home and watch them for sofa so soon. You will see rune they will see SRB or their Bina

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are or do then they are there Bina with our punishment? Yes started June they hasten for either so when Nasrallah it descended bissa hottie him in their courtyard, sir. So evil Subash who morning and one Zareen of those who are warmed water well and turn away and home from them had

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that until pain at whatever stage and watch for sofa so soon you will soon they will see so the HANA glorified blob beaker Europe rugby and the result of the honor Amma above what you'll see phone they ascribe what Salah one NPS either upon and more saline the messengers will handle and all praise Lilla for Allah rugby club Alana mean of the worlds

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let's listen to the recitation

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Nabil once

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baby you know

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what our

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daddy Kennedy's saying

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was nine years

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old me

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it I love

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the logging of lacing watch

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homing Neva

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Fi Loreena

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sorry we're

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be lady

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Sarah Salli

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ala mosquitonix Casa Macaca Muda. How we can clap on our whole show to a hula moody

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Beijing Falola

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was healthy

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he showed me up all the while all of a sudden now who emailed me

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first Jesse he him earlier of bacon

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M Hala.

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miniPCI him let

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to be keytab if you

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saw the game, watch it

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in Cologne,

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so they had a lot

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of lacing.

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Jehane one

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the law

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like I thought it will be here

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whatever this scary imaginary

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we're in

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Vina is

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ready whatever

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so there

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Sadie now on with

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