Embryology in the Quran

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In the field of immunology, the Quran describes the various embryology stages of the human development in great detail in Surah, mommy noon, chapter number 23, verse number 12 to 14, it says that you mean we will not find, then we made it into an Electra America is a man that human beings created from a minute quantity offered, then it made it into alaka. That's a leech like substance, then made it into a chewed like lump, then made into bones that included the bones with flesh. When this was was short, in the early part of the 1980s to Dr. Keith Mo, who at that time happened to be the highest authority in the field of an autoimmune embryology. He was the head of the department in

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the University of Toronto. He said that the description of the Quran is far superior to what modern embryology described today instead of page 123. And he said that it's not possible that any human being can mention these things in the Quran. This Quran has to be the word from Almighty God and he has no objection in accepting Prophet Muhammad as the messenger of Almighty God.