Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas – 02 Do not fear and do not grieve

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Well, I will

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order bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman

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Ladino Stawberry fulfill our will be when,

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in honor jehlen Human worthy thing, one omake another one filoblu annuity if you're around our man, our Juno devil man in America and we have the rune syrup, Allahu La Liam. So verse number five and number six I just recited before you yesterday will be concluded on the note of the repugnance and the deplorable nature of pride and arrogance. And we spoke about the tyranny and the oppression and exploitation of Pharaoh, that he just had this addiction of killing people because his power was threatened. And today you see people when they feel threatened, sometimes by jealousy, do you see somebody else's rising somebody else is climbing the ladder, and you can see your empire is

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potentially crumbling. Now you start taking out articles you write in against this person. You make an post about him because you are feeling threatened, you are feeling threatened. But remember, one of my teachers used to say until more Kadima until more affair, it is Allah who takes the person forward and it is Allah who takes a person, you know, to the back, meaning drops him degrades him, and it is Allah who elevates a person or Allah subhanaw taala, who drops a person in rank or status, you cannot influence this in any way. Ultimately it is in the control of Allah. So in verse number five out of these 88 verses of chapter 28, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, one read to an Amana Allah

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loving us to fulfill our but we intended that is Allah and the Muna to favor those that were oppressed. When Angela whom ima Now how did allow him to favor them? Well look at what Allah had intended for them. Pharaoh had oppressed them, he had him in his clutch and your AMILO homearama little Hamid Eva da bla your attorney in Lakota Yomi Ha, he treated them like sub humans. He treated them like animals just give them a meal for the day. And that's it. That's it. And sadly, today, you will find that even in the so called Modern World of you know what the 21st century and human rights and animal rights and eco friendly and preserve nature and keep the planet green etc. Humans are

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still being subjected being exploited, been abused, so many times the lips are seen. Nobody has the guts and the courage to speak out afraid of the perpetrators etc. But the stories and the miseries of human abuse trafficking exploitation continues unfortunately, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says when you read to animonda Allah Latinas to bury fulfill out and we had intended and of course, Allah's decision reigns supreme in Allah ballyhoo Emery wala who Caliban Allah Allah, Allah says I have full power and muscle over my intention well I can axon nurse Allah Allah moon but people don't realize this. We wanted to favor those that were oppressed on the earth when Allah whom ima we

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wanted to make them the leaders in Deen when Allah human were iffy, and we wanted them to become the heirs of the assets of Pharaoh. And verse number six. Why no Makina Allahu MPhil. org and we wanted to establish them on the earth when who McCain Allah whom fill out the one real fear around that why would you know though Houma and we wanted to show Pharaoh and Harmon which we knew that Houma and their armies and their warriors whenever you if you're on our Hamana would you know the Houma Minho mark and the rune, show them at the hands of Bani Israel, the very thing they were afraid of the very thing they were concerned about, and that is the collapse of the Empire and the rise of Bani

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Israel. So this is what was bothering

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fear own. This is what kept them restless and they tried to control and and flex their muscle. Atheros Amin fakin Anatel Moluccas. The last arrow in the kings COVID is violence when you cannot silence your critic and he overpowers you and he can mobilize people. So now the only way you do is you know what if you open your mouth you will be incarcerated or you will be beheaded. And so the Pharaoh start this merciless killing, and I cannot but feel the need to share with you

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To the writings of Allah Abul Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah and, you know, whenever I read this book, cassis will not be in and I want to share extracts of it as we move along. It's very nostalgic to me because I go back to my very early elementary years of studying. And that was the time where I develop some passion for the Arabic language. And I still have vivid recollections of myself sitting and memorizing the spices, you know, as we had commenced our journey, and later in the years, Allah allowed me to teach it as well and I used to often impress upon my students as well, that this Arabic is so beautiful and it is almost like a commentary to the Quran. So okay, let's let's go

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through some of the extracts of customs will not be in just a 33rd. But we tie it up with verse five and six and we move along. So yeah, the dream was seen the fortune tellers told Pharaoh that you're going to lose your empire and your kingdom. And so he started the killing of children. And Allah subhanho wa Taala had decreed and ordained the birth of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. Well, I can have it all Musa al Amoudi hell Jamil okay fella to have what I do will finally be met Assad. He writes so beautifully, that Sarah Musa asylums mum was in great panic and concern and anxiety that I have a child I have a male, I have a boy. And of course the intelligence of Pharaoh I in ambush.

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What can you fill out the half? What are the data for tissue refer to as a rotten mineral at Fall? Mean headrail on Maha Sarathi ha. Why will she not be concerned when there's a royal decree to Kill every boy and the intelligence of Pharaoh across the length and the breadth of Egypt, abducting, intercepting and mercilessly killing mother does not allow Amal Myskina Can you imagine the anxiety of this mother? Can you imagine the anxiety you've seen? I've seen with my wife, and I'm sure each one when when when a child is born, that attachment, that connection, that rapport, that bond Subhanallah and every time I speak of this, my heart makes a DUA and a prayer for those couples that

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are desirous of a child and yearning and binding and hoping and praying May Allah subhanaw taala bless them and fulfill their desires and hopes in sha Allah. Why in a trophy husband Maloof, and whether she conceal her child whether she conceal the child who Nanika of artha Allahu Allah, Mel Myskina while hammer her and tava who feeds on Duplin 123 Yahoo, Finn, Neil. Yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired the mum of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. And that takes us to the next verse that takes us to the next verse, and that is the seventh verse out of these 88 verses. So what is the intervention of the Almighty for the rescue of Satan ah Musa alayhis salat wa salam, WA our hyena

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ala Omi Musa and a bed of your undivided attention follow through appreciate it, I promise you it would add so much value to your life.

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When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at also change the answer to your problems, your anxiety, your concern or your in the Quran, or our hyena. Illa. Musa, me, and we inspired this is Ilhan Mia and it is not a revelation which elevates the individual to the station of Naboo word. This is the consensus of the scholars. Whoa hyena, a alumna We inspired on the chest of Musa Ali has the mum of Musa alayhis salam and are very that Suckle him and conceal him as long as you can from the intelligence of Pharaoh but it's a child the child is going to cry people are going to hear in the neighborhood, the news is going to come out so at some point it's going to

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become difficult to conceal.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Whoa, hyena Illa Mimosa and are they ready for a bounce if they lie? When you feel meaning you feel the intelligence of Pharaoh, you feel the men of Pharaoh that they're going to come and intercept your child. Then for LTE failure me then put him in the probe and I put him in the river. The Scholars say meaning the revenue for LT phillium me put him in the river when at the haffi while attackers any Do not fear Do not grieve verse number seven. Jan Elaine says while at the Happy Hanukkah who want to attack has any fear alcohol do not fear well at the Harvey lotto who don't feel he is drowning while at Saxony ferrata who, and don't be saddened by his separation.

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Why in Nara do who delayed surely we will return him to you what Gary Liu whom in Elmore Celine and we have a great plan ahead for him we are going to make him from amongst the prophets. Okay, before I resumed with the tale and the story from customers who never yield, I want to make a very serious reflection here and I came across this in the memorial of hack

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Kamal Omar Rahim Allah and I've quoted this extensively in my talks. So let's unpack this for a moment. My brother and my sister, my sister, you who are a mother and may Allah bless you and reward you. Your first child in particular, you gave birth, your passion, your pride, your obsession you holding on the child is clinging on your attachment. It's amazing. It's just so soothing. It just brings tears to the eyes. When you see it in the wind and in the nature you know what the mother giving birth to her little foal or her cough and she goes through that excruciating pain and immediately that child or that fall or that golf attaches itself to the others and starts drinking

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and then the mom starts licking when you see this Yeah, I feel from for the sake of me cannot imagine how does an atheist Look at this? How does an agnostic Look at this? Yah, ha How can you witness something observe something like this and not tear and marvel at the Supreme Being and the doings and, and you know what the happenings of nature and the doings of the Almighty.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that nurse your child as long as you can, when you feel that Pharaoh is going to apprehend, then drop the child in the River Nile while at the huffy don't fear he'll drown Don't lament of grief, his separation, we've got a plan in place he will come back. Here's the question my brother and my sister. Fear and grief are involuntary. You don't grieve by choice. You don't grieve by choice and you don't feel by choice. Okay, listen, I'm not going to grieve. I'm not going to be in fear. And I'm just going to behave and then external factors you alone you in seclusion, and suddenly you your footsteps. It's late night, there's nobody else. Now there are

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factors that are triggering a fear in you. You've you've spotted waves from someone at an airport or you at the graveyard, and you had to bid farewell permanently to a near and dear one, you're overwhelmed by sorrow, and that's a human emotion. And that's

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not an optional expression. So the question is, Allah says in the Quran, Allah, you can live Allah and please follow my pattern of thoughts here, Hakim Aluma, in his miroir, if that's where I read it, law, you can live for Allah when Epson Illa was, aha, Allah doesn't task any soul beyond his capacity. So if Allah has put that task in you, Allah has put that challenge than Allah knows you have that threshold, you have that capacity and that muscle to be it. So this is the declaration unequivocal declaration of the Quran. This is a mother with the atmosphere around the kid children. His child died, that one's child was murdered, this one was slaughtered, that one was killed, that

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one was apprehended. Now the mother has been told put your baby in the basket, put the basket in the oven, I don't panic. Don't fear don't grieve, relax, be at ease. Now fear and panic is outside of control. And this is not a defeat. This isn't a this is a cattle getting quite a garlic prohibition. How do we reconcile the explicit prohibition of fear and grief to a mother who's putting her baby in the basket? Subhanallah and when I read these will return to Allah how Allah inspired them with the understanding of the Quran and he writes, that whole fear and grief is rare. If theory, it is non voluntary, who do thin by inception, but it is voluntary Bucha and by continuation process this,

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listen to this. Understand this wala disease, you want to go for psychology. You want to go to a therapist, you want to go for a session? Well, I'm giving you a free session today. Yes, I know you have your grief and your anxiety and your pain and your anguish, etc. Listen to this year, this is an answer to it. There's something that's bothering you hounding you overwhelming new concern in your cloud in your years the answer, fear and grief, the mother of Moses, and don't fear don't grieve, fear and grieve is involuntary by inception. You don't choose it. But it is voluntary by continuation. So fear can grip you that you can dispel that you can be on top of it, or you can

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allow that to be on top of you. Grief is the same thing. You can allow it to swallow you completely and you're drowning in your sorrow, or you can rise above and be functional. And you know what be productive amidst that grief. And that is precisely the interpretation of the prohibition. So it doesn't mean the natural fear and grief. Rather it means that don't allow this fear and your grieve to overwhelm you to consume you. And we have so many of us probably have been victims of oppression at the hands of people we assume to be out

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well wishes, be it a spouse. We talk of narcissism. We talk of an employer we talk of a sibling. At times people have been in the grip of family members. Sometimes unfortunately, it has been parents for some children. It has been children for some parents. And you know what there's been manipulation. There's gaslighting, there's so many other things that has happened. So well listen to it my brother and my sister. Don't fear don't grieve, meaning don't allow that fear to control you. Don't allow that to encompass incapacitate you. Don't allow for a paralysis to sit in your body. I'm useless. I'm hopeless. I'm feeble, I'm defeated. No, no, no. Oh, the mother of Musa.

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Put the baby in the basket. Don't fear don't grieve, meaning we given explanation, context and reconciliation and meaning to this year that what is meant by that fear and because she didn't choose to fear. It means don't allow that fear to overwhelm you. Don't allow that fear to overwhelm you. Don't allow the grief to overwhelm you. And how do you keep yourself occupied? How do you keep yourself I know the world is riddled with challenges and that's irrefutable, rich with dunya Musa run initiator Omar Hassan la Bucha defeat dunya mineral Rami dunya Kabil Aqua anima karuna, however you live healthy or wealthy, poor or difficulty, this world is a place of challenges. That is the

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brutal truth and that's the harsh reality. But amidst the storm, amidst the gusty winds, amidst the wreckage of so many vessels, focus on the positive energy. Allah is telling the mother of Musa after putting the baby in the basket, focus on the fact that he's coming back. Focus on the fact that he is coming back in now rod do have a lake in nerado Lake wa riilu hoomin l Mursaleen. Surely He is going to come back we will return him to you what Jerry Lu who mineral motor saline, and he we will make him from amongst the prophets and the Prophet, the Promise of Allah will prevail. So that's the message of today. And honestly, this is a formula to de stress you. This is a natural antidepressant

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that when you have certain situations, something has happened in your life that brings grief and sorrow. Don't allow that grief and sorrow to overwhelm you. What do you do? You focus on the positive? What's the power of positive in any situation? INTERCO nota Allah Munna for inna homea, Allah Munna Kamata Allah moon, whatever tune Amin Allah Himalaya, your June or believer if you are in pain in agony in difficulty, this is not exclusive to you, your challenges are not exclusive to you. There are people with other faiths that are also sharing your difficulties What are Jonah mean Allah He Mala your June but you hoping for something in Africa, which is only meant for the believer

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module suitable Muslim men not soybean? Well our soybean Wella ham mean no pain, grief, agony, to the extent atone that breaks a believer but that it is an explanation for his sins, and it is a source of forgiveness for him in Africa. So that's the message focus on positive energy. A positive thinker finds an opportunity in every difficulty