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  • Miracle of the Quran – Science
  • Miracle of the Quran – Prophecies


AI: Summary © The Quran is a title that is not a science text and is not a science text. The title is a 600-pound book that is considered the beginning of time and is not a science text. The title is a scientific statement that suggests that every living creature on earth is water. The title describes the process of human intervention, including the formation of the mother and the development of the body. The title discusses the history of the universe and its expanding nature, including the use of iron for life and the importance of iron for the spiritual world. The title is not a science book and is not used to teach about the future, but rather a living desert.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen, Sita now Mohammed and Radha early also ibH remain as cinematic mama De La Habra, Khartoum, I greet you with all the Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala may be upon you Alhamdulillah or placement to Allah should Allah Allah ilaha illa Allah we testify as a witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah Almighty. We praise Him and we glorify Him and we sanctify him and we thank him in all times and in all conditions. We asked him in the secret month of Ramadan, in this holy hour of the day of Juma they are Friday that He grants us despite

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during this global pandemic, it keeps us all safe and made this pandemic come to an end. I mean, and we've seen our love greetings and salutations to all the prophets and messengers of God Almighty Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his pious and pure family. His companions also follow His guidance until the end of time, we've been blessed to be amongst them, I mean, well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Praise be to Allah subhanaw taala that we are once again together in this time of Juma and we continue inshallah with part B of our series that we started last week. And last week, we started the series the miracles of the Quran, and we said that throughout all times and ages, God

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Almighty has sent messengers and he sent with him science as evidences and proofs of the of the veracity of the revelation. So for example, and we also Prophet Moses, he was given that that amazing stick that by the grace of Allah to become a snake and when he struck that at split open the Jesus Christ specie of honey, and have the ability by the grace of Allah to heal the sick and even resurrect the dead all by the power and the grace of Allah from themselves. And then of course, the prophets of Allah, Muhammad peace be upon him, he received multiple miracles and evidences and perhaps is a topic for another discussion, look at all the the the miracles of the Prophet peace be

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upon him. But of course, the greatest miracle and really the only miracle that that should concern us is this book, this revelation, because just as a prophet, he sent he sent with a scripture, and Allah subhanaw taala mentions that of all the miracles He has sent throughout the ages, this book, if we were to study it, and analyze it, and we want to dissect it, we will come to the only conclusion that this is not the work of human beings, and that this is something beyond human intervention, this is something extraordinary, and that it is a miracle. In fact, the greatest miracle of all the miracles that he has sent are the beginning of time. And so we said the challenge

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for us in the series is the Quranic medical, does it meet the definition of a miracle, and if it is a miracle if we conclude so is it really stack up as roosters claiming to be that the miracle of all miracles, so that's a very tough ask for us to do in sha Allah. And I refer back to that definition last week to understand what is a miracle. And so from a dictionary, definition, a miracle is something which is extraordinary. It is something which cannot be replicated in something that goes against any natural explanation, something that doesn't conform to any laws of science, it is out of the normal happenings of what we would expect. And so last week, we spoke about the Quran from a

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literary standpoint, just as a book without looking at its content. We said, How was it written, how is it put its themes, its style, its structure. And we mentioned that, without a doubt, with it being the very first book in the Arabic language, with it being the most influential book in the Arabic language with it being the most influential book one of the most influential books of all time, whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, this is its effect. The beauty of its style, noise written the fact that till today, it is studied at the university level, I mean, this is very few religious scriptures, a part of a linguistic standpoint is studied, because of its its mastery of

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the Arabic language. And then of course, we said all of us and we spoke a lot, a lot of the, the exact and precise usage of words and the way that the sentences are structured that you can refer to last week. And all of this coming from a man that never in his life, read a book or audiobook to put together a 600 page book, that alone is a miracle. I mean, just to have someone that you take someone off the street that has never written anything, or read anything and asked him to compile, you know, a 600 word essay, and you look at the quality of it, for it to be written at all would be something impressive. But this is a 600 page book and the man that he said to have authored it, it

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is known that he has never written anything and actually there's no books before he went in the Arabic language to copy from and so this is a clear miracle something which cannot be replicated something which goes against natural, the natural law of things. Today inshallah we move on from the linguistic miracles of the Quran, and we are going to look at some of the scientific miracles and some of the prophetic miracles, lay prophecies in the Quran. Those things come through. And we begin though with the scientific miracles of the Quran. As a introductory note, you could add it's not a book of science, and it is not here to teach us science if you're drawn scientifically to a science

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textbook. But very interestingly, one of the themes of the Quran is that it brings our attention to certain natural phenomenon, philosophy

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panatela God will tell you look at the sky, look at the seas, look at yourselves look at different things, the purpose of which is to draw your attention that behind these natural phenomena, there is a creator, he is a designer, he is an originator. And this will actually lead you closer to, to God, as one scholar says, sometimes you you know, you become closer to God, not by watching the Islamic channel by watching National Geographic or the Discovery Channel, it actually brings you closer to God because when you look at the way the world works, and the universes have been structured, it can only lead you to one natural conclusion that the he has to be behind this intelligent design. And so

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the Quran will mention scientific points. And many of these scientific points were not fully understood up until modern times, but only really in the last 100 years or so that the science has caught up to those comments. And we now compare to those scientific mentions of the Quran match proven scientific facts, and it's amazing how consistent the Quranic scientific comments are with proven scientific facts. So we begin inshallah, we're gonna go through a number of them, and we will start off inshallah, the first point is the origins of life. One of the great mysteries that scientists are still struggling and grappling with, is how come this little ball, but we call the

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earth that we live on, seems to be the only place that we can find that has living creatures and living creatures, it includes the plants, the bacteria, the animals, people, we are many other planets out there that we know of many stars out there, and rocks and balls of ice and all these kinds of things. But there is no evidence that we have found as of yet, for the to be life. And in fact, we we still do not know how to replicate life, meaning when I say life, taking inanimate objects, taking, you know, sand particles, water, mixing them together and bringing something alive. We don't know how this is done, we can't explain it, we are still trying to figure this out. What we

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do know, we do know for sure, that life, the key ingredient, and component of life is water. After studying how life emerged on the earth, and we're looking at the fossils, and we look at for the last 3 billion years, this is how long life has been on Earth. What we do know for sure, only once there was liquid water on Earth, could life be sustained. And you know, this was such a point that modern astronomers the biggest objective is to find life out there in space. And when they search for life, they don't actually look for aliens, what do they look for, they look for water. And they will tell you we need to find liquid water because that is the ingredient that is the key component

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of life, they need to find a planet that is not too close to a store that the water boils and too far away from the store so that it becomes frozen, we need to be what they call the Goldilocks zone where the temperature of the planet is just right. So that you could have liquid water because this is this liquid water is this magic ingredient that brings about life. And so if we look at the Quran, oh, and so having understood that, what does the Quran say? occurrences have those who disbelieve not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joint entity, and then we separated them, and we made from water every living thing, will they not then believe. Now in this first there

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are actually two points to medicals. The first one is the heavens and the earth being joined together and they will being separated. And many of you will believe that this could be the big bang theory, I won't go into that discussion, it could very well be the case. We do know scientifically that they use in the earth who joined together and then they separated at a point of inflection about 14 billion years ago, and that is the beginning of the universe. But more precise, what this verse is saying very, very clearly and effectively. Allah primarily saying are unnatural equilibria in here that every living creature on earth, its origin is water. And this is a powerful statement

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that, you know, that scientists today concur that this this is the magic and secret ingredient to life, we don't know we don't know much about how life comes about. But we do know water is that ingredient. So this is coming maybe the Quran, and we know it to be accurate. Moving on, we now want to look at the the six have a baby. Now if you go back to your biology studies, you will know that for human beings, we have two chromosomes and X chromosome and a Y chromosome. And the X chromosome codes for for girls and the Y chromosome codes for a boy in the past and especially in the society that the Quran was revealed to the Arab, pagan, illiterate backwards society we receive the crown

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and this was this is the people that added they very much, you know, look down on girls being born. In fact, they were so terrible that they made their own daughters alive. And we'll talk more about the social changes that could and brought about to its community. And so, you know, having a daughter was seen as something shameful. And they would blame the wife, they would blame the mother because of you. Or there's something wrong inside of you that you gave birth to a girl but if you were strong and if you were a blizzard woman, you wouldn't give birth to a boy. The Quran proves what we now know to be scientific that the X and Y chromosome comes from the Father. It is the male

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that will determine the sex of the baby. A female only codes for the X chromosome so really it is the X chromosome or the Y

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chromosomes that all determine the sex of the baby. And the Quran says very clearly what and the Holocaust so Jane is the Caroll author and that he, God Almighty is the one who creates the two sexes, the two mates, the male and the female may not fit in a tumor from a sperm drop when it is emitted. So very clearly the Quran is saying that the six of the gender of the baby is dependent on the sperm. Again, it's something that could add mentions, as you recite it is not a book of biology. But it's so precise, the wording is precise, it is saying, you know very clearly from way the gender comes from, and we continue, have the perhaps the most extensive scientific points the Quran

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mentions is the formation of embryology. And it must be understood that when the Quran mentioned these things, the microscopes were not invented, telescopes were invented, the tissue wasn't even invented. seventh century Arabia was a place that was as primitive as it gets, you know, you cannot imagine how primitive and backwards it was. And so therefore, these comments are very interesting. And so embryology, the science of embryology had not even existed, you know, people like really strange concepts of how the baby developed and it formed in its mother's womb. And so if you look at these verses that will come which we'll discuss, it's so scientifically accurate in the language it

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uses, that there is no doubt that this is something beyond human intervention, the very first revelation in fact, so if we look at the first verses to be revealed with the Quran, and we'll talk perhaps more about how the Quran is put together because it did not begin with once upon a time and endured happily ever after it was revealed in bits and pieces. The first revelation was, God Almighty said he got this miracle. Lucky site in the name of your lawyer read the first command of the Quran the theory the first command of the Quran is read, recite, in the name of your Lord who created created man from an ark. So the word the Quran uses a very strange word, a word that is not

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very common in the Arabic language at that time, use the word created man from an Iraq and aduc literally if we look at it from a linguistic standpoint, and alloc is something which attaches itself to something else something which clings like something clean to a wall. It is also the word used for a leech. So it's a leech like structure that clings to something else. So Allah is saying that

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man, one of the the processes in which man was created was he was an Alok. So let's go further. And we look at another verse of the Quran. And this verse in the 23rd chapter is an amazing verse that actually goes into very specific detail as to the embryology of a baby. So Allah says, For maharatna, not fact that you begin with this note for which is the sick discharge of a man and a woman. So the first stage is the sexual droplets meet up and they fertilize each other and they mix together is called the look back. So Allah says, first of all, that man began as a sperm drop, when he forms into an aliquot. The sexual discharge, the zygote, as we call it. Now we know to call the

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zygote scientific language. It begins from that point, and then it converts itself into this allok, which is a clinging leech like substance, meaning this thing which clings to something else. And we know for very, very clearly, the first step of the fertilization is that the zygote clings to the uterus of the mother's lining. And again, if you think about what is an embryo in this as it was called an embryo yet, this structure, what it does is it attaches itself, it embeds itself against the mother's uterus, and it starts taking from her nutrients it starts, you know, throwing things from her blood very much like a leech. Even if you look at the picture, if you look at our slides,

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and I hope you open the slides is one of those presentations, you need to look at the slides. If you look at the first formation of embryology and you look at a leech it looks almost identical to the raising. So then Allah says we've opened the nada then we go from the allok for holopainen Allah mudo. The next stage is called the modifier the third stage, the Moodle ha, again, literally if you use the word linguistically open the dictionary, it is a lump of chewed up flesh, something which has been chewed. And if you look at the next stage in embryology, this stage, is where the features of the embryo begins to form, you begin to see the segments of the spine. In my slides again, you

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compare what an embryo looks like at about I think it's 26 days compared to a chewed up piece of gum or piece of meat it looks almost identical as if you have bite marks in it. And this is exactly what the word would say is first then I'll continue so then we made the the Moodle ha ivam. And in the Moodle formed bones, and this is again one of the very, very recent like, like I think 50 years ago, that has been confirmed that the bones of the skeleton are actually formed very early on that the entire skeleton of the baby is formed within the first few weeks of pregnancy eautiful the skeleton evolves and it forms over the entire duration. Rather, what happens is the entire skeleton is

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formed. You have like a miniature mini skeleton and this is called ossification. ossification is where the tissues are hardened to form bones. And so Allah says, once we have this chewed up substance, there's movement

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It becomes it forms bones Folkestone and Eva mala have been over the bones, it is closed with, with tissue and with skin from Manchester now Hong Kong are her and then also is after we have covered this, this bones the entire skeleton with tissue and muscles, it then continues to develop and form. And so Glory be to God the most perfect of creators. So it mentions these very specific phases that the embryo goes through. And what is amazing in modern times, this is so precise and accurate. And if you understand embryology, one cannot deny that the phases that is described and the picture which the Quran draws could not have been understood. You know, you can't even see this without very

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high powered microscopes. There was a scientist, still alive, Professor Keith Walker, Keith Moore, and I want more, I want you to actually Google him. He is like, one of the greatest scholars of embryology is a book that he wrote on embryology was sort of the standard textbook in many universities, the last couple of decades. And when he was presented with these stages, as described in the Quran, and it's only on YouTube, you can actually check it out. He's not a Muslim scientist, and when he looks at it, and he you know, he says very clearly, when I look at the, the way in which the embryo as is described to have emerged from the Quranic standpoint, there is no way that this

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couldn't be proven scientifically, the science the time did not mention any of these things, no book on earth mentioned, embryo going through these phases. The only natural conclusion of this was divinely inspired. And so I asked you to actually check Dr. Keith Moore, on YouTube, it's quite amazing as well, we continue on. Just again, another I mean, passing by we know today, we're not going to watch in detail, we know that every single person has a unique barcode on them. And that is, of course your fingerprinting. That is why today, police The first thing we do is before we even take your picture, they take your fingerprints because this is a more accurate identification as to

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the person. So Allah says to mankind, if civil insano Allah Nadia, Mary Varma, does mankind think that we will not reassemble his bones and bring him back on the Day of Resurrection? Do we think that when we die, and we've been decomposed, and we became dust, and we scattered, and maybe many 1000s of years have passed by, there is no way God can bring me back together? So Allah Francis Bella, surely Yes, indeed. called the Lena Allah and so we have an Anna, not only will we be able to bring him back, but we will be able to bring him back to his fingertips to his fingertips. seventh century Adams had no idea why Allah says this exact words, why would he say to the tips of your

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fingers, they of course read it, they believed in it. But we know that when Allah is talking about the Day of Judgment, the fact that your fingertips or you know, your fingertips are mentioned, it shows that Allah says to such precision that every single person, the exact pattern on your fingertips, he knows every single one of us from the first man under the last man, we continue on, and the snow in the field of geology. And what's amazing is of course, you looking at these verses will go from astronomy to geology to embryology, different fields of science. So Allah subhana wa tada says, In the Noble Quran, and Have We not made the earth a resting place, and made the

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mountains as pegs were stakes inside the earth. So the Quran calls mountains, pegs and stakes that go deep into the earth. This is what the verse is saying. The Quran indicates that mountains have deep roots by using the words pigs to describe them. In fact, mountains do have deep roots and roots and the word pig is an accurate description for them. I've taken a quote the book entitled The Earth by some geologists, and he explains this is a modern book that is used by students in geology. And he explains here that mountains are like stakes. In fact, he uses the word mountains are like stakes and are very deep into an embedded inside the earth. For example, Mount Everest, which is the

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tallest mountain in the world. It goes nine kilometres above the ground, but in fact, it's got a route that goes 125 kilometres deep inside the ground. So the fact that the mountains have roots is something which I don't think any of us most of us knew we look at Table Mountain, we don't think that deep down in the earth, the mountain has roots similar to a tree. And this is exactly what the Quran says that the mountains are paid inside the earth, even more, you know, specific and this is really one that stands out Allah says what you and I filled out the last year and Amida became that Allah says and we placed within the earth firmly said mountains list it should shift with a meaning

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list the Earth would shake, if they want any mountains, the Earth would would shake the Oasis and we made inside of the mountain passes on the altar, there may be guided. Now the fact that that mountains cause the earth to be stable is something which only known in modern science. Only through the development of the science of tectonics, we know that the earth is sort of floating, the ground that we working on is floating on a liquid called a mantle. And so if you think of like, like a ship like planks floating, think of planks on water, and the only way that these planks don't shift all the time, is that the mountains peg them like nails, keep them together like two planks being held

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together. These are the

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Mountains. And so if I read again from the book, the facts that mountains have deep roots like, and they claim to the earth from shaking was not only known only at the beginning of modern science that speaks about plate tectonics and the shifting of the continents, do we understand this. And so the Quran very specifically very clearly says that he had it not been for the mountains, we would have many, many earthquakes. And as we said, science, modern day science understood the link between that we continue on to the sky who moved from the mountains to the sky, the sky, in fact, plays a very crucial role in protecting the earth. Our sky has many essential functions, for example, it acts as

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a filter, it keeps out harmful radiations from the sun, it also acts as a kind of a blanket that keeps the earth warm and stops it from freezing. One of the areas of science which I enjoy thoroughly is that of astronomy. And there was a wonderful series on TV about how the the the the solar system have developed, how the earth developed. And if you look at why is there life on Earth, going back to why this life on Earth, and the scientists say Well, the first thing that you need is you need liquid water for liquid water, you need certain conditions. One of those, you know, essential conditions is you need an atmosphere, you need the atmosphere to be there for a number of

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reasons. One of it is to keep the earth warm, keeps the heat inside of it, and it protects it from harmful radiation babies This is a bubble around the earth that deflects harmful radiation. And so the sky that we see above us is a actually like a blanket and a protective covering a shell that keeps us safe and had it not been the we would not have been life would not have been able to be sustained on Earth. Now let's look at the Quran. The Quran says what are unnecessary, and we may the sky soccer fan my father, a protected ceiling, woman it her Martin, but they to the science to all the signs we give them, they turn away from it. So almost specifically uses the word being used

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there is a ceiling that is protecting you. And if you think of your ceiling, what does it do? It keeps out certain things it keeps in certain things. It keeps the warmth in it keeps out the elements. Allah describes the the sky as that now when we look up at the sky, and we are you in a very clear night is no clouds, you would think that there's nothing really it's all emptiness. But of course, there are many, many layers of protective coverings that Earth has an affair for protective sealing is a very precise word. And you know, one might just say it's it's passing comments. Now, how many of these words would you say I just caught? Incidentally, correct. And

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something you have to keep thinking about? And put that that definition in your mind? What is a miracle? Someone that never read a book of science, someone that never wrote anything, making these comments, and they are so precise, and they tie up with scientific fact, there has to be something more to it than that. And the next one is really mind boggling. Again, for me something which is amazing. And we tell you something 1929 while observing the sky with his telescope, a scientist, which you all know most of you should know who he is. Edwin Hubble is the service a telescope deepings outside of the earth and was advanced telescope outside of the Earth is called the Hubble

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telescope. And it's named after this this gentleman, this astronomer. So Edwin Hubble, an astronomer, astronomer, he discovered that the stars and the galaxies were constantly moving, he realized that everything in the universe was moving. And in fact, they are moving away from each other, not towards each other. And so this is known as Hubble's law. And in analyzing this, he discovered that they are the universe is actually expanding. And it's expanding at an accelerated rate, meaning it's getting faster and faster the universe is like so one way to make you understand this. It's like blowing a balloon. So if you have a balloon, and you put little dots on it each.is,

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a star or galaxy, and as you blow the balloon, the balloon gets bigger, the dots get further and further away various basically what's happening to the universe. Now, throughout the history of mankind. No one ever theorized that it's possible that the universe was getting bigger, everyone thought that perhaps it's static, or it must make sense that it should actually be shrinking and coming in because of the force of gravity, everything gets pulled together. And so this was such a revolutionary discovery that Edwin Hubble actually won the Nobel Prize for astronomy, he won a Nobel Prize. He got the telescope named after him because he proved that the universe is expanding. One of

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the scientists of today's very famous scientists, Stephen Hawking, but one of you should know him. He wrote a book A Brief History of time. He says the discovery that the universe is expanding was one of the greatest intellectual revolutions of the 20th century. Now let's look at the Quran. What does the Quran say? Usually in the Quran, Allah will speak about the heavens and the earth, the heavens and the earth and we created the heavens and the earth they appear together. There's a very interesting verse with with Earth is not mentioned Allah says was summer and the heavens by Nina hubby 18 we constructed it with great strength, meaning the earth took a lot of not to it didn't

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take any effort from a large part. But the earth was constructed with a lot of power and might inside of it, what inner lamouchi own and we are ever expand the meaning consider the word is it's in the present tense. We are currently it

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spending it and it indicates Lamaze, your own inner lamassu. From a linguistic standpoint, we are surely expanding it continuously. So very specifically, Allah saying the heavens is a mighty creation, it is huge, it is massive, and it is being expanded continuously. Again, this is a very precise word that is being used something which got Edwin Hubble in 1929, a Nobel Prize, I think the telescope should be named the Mohammed telescope because it was seventh century prophet that had no access to any kind of telescopes. I don't think even spectacles were invented in the seventh century, to comment that the earth that the that the universe, rather, the sky is expanding

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continuously is something very unique. We move on when we continue on with astronomy, and the orbit of the sun. So, seventh century Adams and for most of humanity, you know, we believe that we were the center of the universe, and that we are stationary and at the sun, the moon and the stars, they rotate around us, you know, we have a center of the world, this is human ego. And then, along came came a few scientists like Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo, when they invented the telescopes, they realized, hold on, we are not we are the ones moving and the sun is fixed. And so then modern science moved on and said, and in fact, Galileo was persecuted was executed by the by the church,

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because this was blasphemous. How can you say that the earth is not the center of the universe, and he was forced to, to recant and pull back he's coming. We know for a fact that the the sun that rather the earth goes around the sun, and so therefore, it was the belief in modern science up until very recently, that the sun is static, it does not move, and that the Earth moves around the sun. And so the Quran which had a verse, you know, 1400 years ago, it says, well, Shang, Zhou sakala, the sun rotates, the sun moves in its orbit. So the luckiest man on earth another verse, Allah is saying that the sun moves according to its its direct trajectory, it moves according to its orbit. People

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say though this is clearly a, an indication of the Quran is incorrect, that it believes that the earth the sun moves around the Earth. This is not the case, that that the Quran is saying that the Sun and the Moon and the Earth, all these heavenly bodies, they have an orbit of their own. We know now, you know, in the last 100 years or so that in fact the sun is also moving as the Earth and the Moon is moving, the sun is moving around the galaxy, the galaxies like a disk and the sun is moving around the galaxy, it also has its own orbit. Now very precisely Allah saying that the the sun or coleauxv Falcon, yes, behind that every single thing in the universe is moving according to its own

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orbit, including the sun. And in fact, the sun is moving so fast, a ridiculous number 720,000 kilometres per hour. So at the end of this lecture, the sun has been sun has moved almost a million kilometres, that's how fast the sun is moving. And this is as we said, for it to have been mentioned in the Quran is something ridiculous 1400 years ago, we move on to, to to the miracle of iron, iron, this very common element that you find in in the earth surface is found all over the world, and is so essential for life. So essential for for for industry.

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When scientists this you know, analyze the formation of iron, they realize that it requires so much heat and pressure that the ground could our earth does not have the capacity our Earth, the ground itself does not produce enough pressure for iron to form we cannot form iron naturally on Earth. Rather, the only way I am actually forms waiters, I informed it forms in the heart of a star, a star has the amount of heat and pressure to actually create iron. And so we'd all the iron come from how does how do we have so much irony on earth if the earth itself could not produce any, any iron? The the standard position of astronomers now or scientists is that it is a must have crashed onto the

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earth through falling meteors and comets that crash into the early Earth before the atmosphere was was fully formed. And these these rocks that fell into the earth seeded the earth with iron. Now we move to the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, We have already sent our messengers with clear evidence and sit down with him scriptures and the balance that people maintain their affairs and maintain the affairs injustice we send on this. And he says Allah says, what ends then there are ends and they'll Hadid and we sent iron down to them magnesium iron down. In fact, we for much of the historians and the scholars of the Quran for the last 1400 years they struggled with as far as they could not

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understand the Quran that is very precise in its word usage. Why would Allah say we sent iron down very similar to rain the same way Allah describes rain coming down, he describes I am coming down to the earth. They couldn't understand it. And the only way to explain that they said, well, it shouldn't be understood literally it should be understood that it's a blessing and a blessing experience.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

And now, we know now that this is literally correct that the iron we have deep inside the earth actually fell to the earth and was sent to it from outer space. And this is, as I said, one of the modern miracles of science, we move on. Lastly, from a scientific and there are many, many more, but just due to time, we move on to the oceans. Now, another recent discovery with regards to oceans is that two bodies of water so and yankeetown, we're very fortunate we live in a very unique place with two oceans meet the Atlantic and the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, Meteor at Cape Town. And on a clear day, you can actually see the two oceans very clearly, there's a line that

00:30:39--> 00:31:18

separates them, it's amazing that you can see on the one side, one ocean and the other side, the other ocean, usually, if we were to take two glasses of water, one was surely one of them, actually, we put them together, we would assume that they mix and we can't see the difference. We know now that even though these two massive oceans or perhaps even more clearly, clearly, when you see an river and an ocean and the sea meeting, one being salty, one being clear, one being warmer, one being colder, these two bodies of water, they don't mix, and there is actually a barrier between them. The Quran speaks about this, it is us released the two seas, one fresh and one sweet, one

00:31:18--> 00:31:57

salty, and one one butter, and we place between them a barrier prohibiting them from from mixing that a partitioning barrier between them, this is a very, this is very accurate when you look at and we can go when lockdown is over you can go to to a point when the two oceans meet. And then you can think of this versus very specific in the way the Quran describes it. And even even more specific, even more amazing, knowing that the fact of the Prophet peace be upon him, Muhammad lived in the desert, and there is no account of an ever going to the seat of the closest sees the Red Sea in ever went to the Red Sea. And in fact, there is no phenomena in that region with two oceans or two bodies

00:31:57--> 00:32:35

of water of different salinity mix. So temperature mix where you can see this phenomena happening. The fact that it's found in it's in the Quran, again, is is no way to explain it, except that it must have been divinely inspired. So we mentioned about, you know, seven or 10 different scientific hints that the Quran puts out, and how accurate and how correctly from a scientific standpoint, again, I repeat the Quran is not a book of science, it's not used to teach you science, but all of that which it mentions of science is very, you know, uncanny in how correct and accurate is, for someone 1400 years ago, we we did not have the basic instruments of technology. And again, someone

00:32:35--> 00:33:10

who had not read a book in his life, whether written a book in his life, to put these comments and getting them so correct, that we could only prove now, you know, in the last 100 years, the last 50 years, even the scholars of older Islamic scholars, you know, 500 years ago struggle to understand these these comments, because the sciences have not caught up with it. The conclusion must be again, where did it come from? Is it really feasible? Is it really possible that someone without any scientific background could put this in and be so correct and so accurate? Or was he divinely inspired?

00:33:11--> 00:33:17

inshallah we continue with some of the prophecies of the, of the Noble Quran.

00:33:18--> 00:33:55

And we might perhaps we'll continue with more than next week, as we running out of time here. But I just want to introduce the Quran, like like the previous books of Revelation, the book, you know, the the gospel that was in the Jesus Christ, that would either ascend to Prophet Moses, one of the signs and the evidences for people was that God Almighty, who has knowledge of the future and the past in the future, comments on certain events that would occur and of course, these events then came to being very precisely as the as, as the scriptures had mentioned in the Quran, as well puts a number of these, these prophecies into effect and and we'll speak about some of them today,

00:33:55--> 00:34:33

inshallah we'll continue next week. So the first one is the protection of the Quran from corruption. It is now you know, you you can know for a fact that of all the religious scriptures on Earth, all the sacred texts, and there are many religious religions, and they have the scriptures, there is no religion on earth. And this is a fact. You can Google this and you can search it, there is no scripture on earth that is as authentically preserved, and as accurately preserved as the Quran 1005 1.5 billion Muslims across the whole globe, and they only have one version of the Quran, one exact same authentic copy of the Quran, there is no doubt in its authenticity, and when the Quran

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

was being revealed, so you can choose either it is revealed revealed from God or it's being authored by a man in the middle of the desert. And these are there are a number of verses and this is repeated many times in the Quran. We look for answers in their likeness now. The Crown in Allah Allah, the Quran says, it is we ourselves we are the ones who have gradually revealed this reminder of this greatness Quran to you, and it is We Who shall through

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Got it, and preserved we will preserve it for all times it will be preserved for all time and will not be forgotten it will not become lost, it will not be changed. Now, if all other religious scriptures all texts, they have been changed and altered there is debate around its authenticity, which verses go in which was go out. And these were in the hands of very educated very highly skilled scholars and historians and theologians, and they struggle to determine what is the original Bible Bible which scriptures are in which comes out the original Torah, the original Vedas, the Quran says we will, we will reveal this book and it will remain preserved until the end of time it

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

will not change it will not be it will not become outdated as we said, what was amazing is that the Arabic language has not been able to shift because the Quran has kept it static. This is a powerful promise that we see today is still happening. The fact that the Quran has not been changed at all and cannot be changed. The Quran also says according what are called is often called analytic revaluing with decay. Allah says we've made the Quran very easy to be memorized. So who of Who of you would take it to heart We know that the Quran 600 pages is perhaps the only book on earth that is memorized so extensively by heart many 1000s of people around the world, many hundreds of 1000s

00:36:15--> 00:36:52

of people perhaps even have memorized the entire Quran, verbatim. Many of them in fact, not even understanding the Arabic language. And they can recite it to you by memory, 600 pages, some some people as young as six years old, two people as old as 70 have memorized this book. You can stick online, it's not very uncommon, in fact, in Cape Town, for us, as a Muslim community, we're very small, very tiny, but we produce some of the best Quranic memorizes in the world, many times capetonians and South Africans in fact winning global competitions. And this is something unique and amazing with only someone that has studied a bit of Arabic so if you look at you get Arabic poetry,

00:36:52--> 00:37:27

you get Arabic, Proverbs you even get you know, Arabic statement sermons of the Prophet peace be upon him. And when you get Quranic Arabic, it is just so easy to memorize a Quranic text, you can memorize it and it stays with you, it sticks with you, even the words of the Prophet peace be upon him. And of course, this is the word of a man, where's the Quran is the word of God. It is unique, you can see it's a different style. If you were to memorize a page of prophetic narrations, it's very, very difficult. But to memorize the Quran is very simple. It's very easy. And you have kids as young as you know, as young as five, six years of memorizing the whole book 600 pages and this is a

00:37:27--> 00:37:49

is a miracle. The Quran says it is easy to memorize, and it will it's something which people will do the last prophecy and there's more to come for next week. There is a chapter as this chapter in the Bible, a chapter Romans, the Quran also has a chapter Romans, the fifth chapter of the of the Quran. And the Romans, I think a bit of history. In seventh in 1400 years ago, there were two mighty superpowers.

00:37:50--> 00:38:13

alive at the time, the assassinated Persian Empire in the east and the Roman Christian Byzantine Empire of the West. And these two empires like empires do, they were constantly fighting and battling each other. And when the Quran was being revealed at the, you know, it's early revelation as it started, the there was a massive defeat, the Romans suffered a severe defeat against the Persians.

00:38:15--> 00:38:25

That the Persian emperor was so successful in defeating the Romans were it appear that the Romans were on their last legs, they were on the verge of being annihilated completely, they lost the muskets they lost.

00:38:27--> 00:39:02

All of the authorities in the Middle East even the you know, the, the the sacred the holy city of Jerusalem, and of course, the Christians. It is the holiest city in the world. Jerusalem was captured by the Persians. And so the enemies of the Romans had even reach the walls of Constantinople. We have this was the Emperor was he was almost captured. And so it appear that Rome was on the verge of its total, it's in the sorcery was going to end. And so the Quran mentions this, when the Quran says, will fit Rome that the Romans have been there almost have been defeated, in a land close by Vietnam. And then it says though, and this is the prophecy, it says, The Romans have

00:39:02--> 00:39:43

been defeated in a land close by another woman, but other hollaby him say of a boon fee be there is in in that in in spite of this defeat, Allah says very soon, within a few years, they the Romans would defeat the Persians that attracted puts a limit it is between between three and nine years, the Romans would counter and they would defeat the Persians. And when it goes further, if the Quran says And on that day, the date of the Romans will have this great victory, the believers will rejoice themselves because of something which happens. Now this verse is very, very specific. You know, in there was there's a book called The Rise and Fall, fall of empires. It says that there was

00:39:43--> 00:39:53

at this point, no indication that the Romans would ever have survived this defeat. That in fact, to pay the soldiers the Romans had to actually

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

take the jewelry and take the the the the ornaments of the church and melt the gold and pay the soul

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Just but yet within a within eight and a half years from the from when this verse was revealed, as the Quran says before nine years is up there almost will counter and defeat the Persian and this exactly happened eight and a half years after this, this verse was revealed, at least the emperor of Rome, you know, he had a string of successful victories where he not only defeated the Persians, but he claimed everything that was lost is one of the most significant comebacks of all time. And then at the exact same time that the Romans defeated the Persians to the day, the the Muslims in Arabia, so the believers in the Muslims, they were persecuted, they were expelled from their homes, and the

00:40:37--> 00:41:11

enemies of the Prophet peace upon him, the first the first war between the Muslims and the enemies occurred, and the Muslim who won a very surprising victory against an enemy which is much greater than Muslims thought that would be defeated among the non Muslims, the enemies of the Prophet peace upon him, whether they would defeat the Muslims. And so the Muslims want the first battle, and the victory of the Muslims coincides with a victory of the Romans. And so this verse that says exactly that, it says that the Romans will come back, they will defeat the Persians, and when they defeat the Persians, the exact same time the Muslims will celebrate their own victory. And so this, as we

00:41:11--> 00:41:43

said, was revealed about nine years before the fact and there is absolutely no way that anyone could have predicted these two victories happening and the fact that they would happen simultaneously, but something which I cannot explain other than to say that it is something from a divine source about five six more prophecies that we can talk about. Our time is up, however, and inshallah next week we'll continue about prophecies of the Quran and some other points about the Quran that makes it miraculous. We'll look at the themes and the message of the Quran, what does it talk about, and then we hope inshallah and I pray that this is has been beneficial and May Allah guide us to the truth

00:41:43--> 00:42:00

all of us we are only searching for the truth, my God Almighty guide guide me guide you guide all of us, to him and to his love and to his mercy and His grace may forgive us and bless us and grant us all the goodness in this life. And we will be in paradise together in the year after Thank you so much. So don't worry come around with law who already got him