Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 210F Tafsir Al-Rum 60

Taimiyyah Zubair
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fuss bit. So be patient, the Prophet salallahu Salam is addressed over here, you be patient. These people, they lie, they call you liars, they deny, what do you have to do? Be patient, remain firm, stay calm. Wait, this is what Sabra is right? That you control yourself from losing yourself. Right? That when somebody is doing something to anger you, when somebody is doing something that hurts you, when somebody is doing something that bothers you, you control yourself, but don't we generally blame others, you're making me angry, you're making me upset you're making me

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sober is that you take control of yourself, you don't give control of yourself to others, that you become like a, like a screen and they become like a person who's playing a game, press this button, this happens that button that happens. All right. So

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take control yourself, be patient, stay calm. And so that is that you wait, wait for what for things to change. Because when things are beyond you, you cannot change them, then you have to wait for them to change. And who is the one who's going to change them, the same one who sends the winds that bring clouds that brings the rain that causes the earth to come back to life. He is the one who will create change. So be patient for that change. And remember, in a word Allah He has, indeed the Promise of Allah is true. The prophets of Allah said was primarily addressed over here, that you shall be given victory. This is Allah's promise. So the patient for that victory. Remember the

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beginning of the surah only but your room, right, the defeat of the Romans was mentioned. But then a good news was given that very soon this defeat is going to turn into a victory. And the time when Romans will be given victory. At the same time the believers will also rejoice been asleep because of the help of Allah because of the victory that Allah will give. So that victory is coming, that help is coming changes coming believe that Allah has promised is true.

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And until then, be patient. Wala yesterday, faneca Walla and not yes, the hyphen Naka

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How do you translate this? There's no way of translating this in a few words. Yes, the HIV faneca Notice that known what is known mean? It's measured that right so it's definitely CA You. So yes, the Haifa he make you light. Never let them make you light.

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Who? Allah then Allah you can own those who do not have your pain. Those who do not have conviction. Those who do not have certainty and fail. Don't Don't let them make you lights. What does it mean by this? Don't let them make you like don't let them lighten you. Yesterday, fun. Yesterday, fun. If you think about it. It's from the letters called Fall. Fall. Right? Coffee? What does healthy mean? Light it's the opposite of self hate. self heal means heavy, heavy if means light. So it's the half and yesterday face from is the half is the five is to make something light

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to make something light, to take its weight away to take its heaviness away to take its impact away. So make it lights.

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So layers to have fun NACA. Those who do not have your keen, don't let them weaken you. Don't let them lighten you. Now, coffee if you think about it, it is to be light in what in weight. Right? When something is light in weight, in its effect, right? In one's speech in one's words, right also in one's speed. To be slow. There's so many different ways of being light, right? It's not just being lesser in terms of pounds or kilograms, but in many different ways. So lastly, font Mecca. What does it mean then? You see in Arabic it is said is the hub for who is the hub for who? That so and so found the other week. And so he made him lose his determination made him you know, change his

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mind convinced him

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so he didn't have

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Have any thought that you see a person whose firm he's got weight, right?

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If something is firm, it feels heavy. It's difficult to uproot it. But when something is not firm, how is it? It's light. So what do you do? You just grab the stem, and he does yank it out so easily you just pull it out so easily. So it's the HuffPo, meaning you found him light in determination. So you just, you know, deceived him. He just manipulated him. He just made him change his mind. For example, in the Quran, we learned that for our first half Acoma, who, for a car who he found his people light, so they obeyed Him, meaning the people around didn't really use their mind. What did they do? They just did whatever fit our own told them. He said another book will Allah they said,

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Yes. He said, Come let's, you know, slaughter the the children of Bani Israel? Yes. Come, let's chase them. Pursue them? Yes, it is, if they didn't use their own mind, you understand? This is the Huffer.

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So don't let them make you light. How do we understand this in this context? Because remember, it's a monkey suit. All right. All right. And firstly, the prophets, Allah, Allah, Islam is told that he should be patient, and sober. If you think about it, you know, you need somewhere in your thoughts in your speech and your actions. And southern means that you, you gather yourself together and you strengthen yourself up, you become firm and determined. So no one can make you change your mind very easily. You don't give up. This is what somebody is right? That you don't give up. When you don't give up your firm, you're stable.

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So and the opposite of that is to be light. So be patient, don't let them find you light. So don't let them make you lose your certainty. Due to your lightness in faith in determination. Don't let them find you light and weak in your trust in Allah in your reliance upon Allah. Don't let them make you lose it, that you become worried and you become anxious. No, you should be patient.

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Don't let them consider you light, that your speech. Your words don't have any weight. So what'd you say? Said with confidence, say it with emphasis. Because you see words are also considered light sometimes aren't somebody's speech? It's not given importance. When is it that it's not given importance? When you don't say it powerfully?

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Isn't it when you say it with hesitation with fear, then the other person doesn't give much weight to it. But when you say it powerfully with conviction than a few words are sufficient. So don't let them make your words light. Say recite the Quran, deliver the message, how confidently powerfully with strength.

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Don't be small, don't let them slow you down. Because of all of this opposition, don't let them slow you down. Keep up your speed. Don't let them weaken you.

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Also, if you think about it, the key is something that's very heavy meaning burdensome, right, unbearable, and Coffeeville something that really doesn't matter to you. So don't let them find you huffy that they're very casual towards you. They don't take you seriously. They don't take your message seriously. Don't let them laugh you off. No, Be determined. Be confident, be strong.

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Also, if you think about a coffee if people don't have faith in their temperament, right, some people they're very short tempered. The radius of efe and others are Sofitel. They're not short tempered at all. You can say whatever to them and they don't cry.

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They stay strong. Right? They don't lash out they control themselves. So layer stuck if and don't let them anger you don't let them upset you. Because if you become angry and upset, you will lose your effectiveness. Coffee also some someone who's shallow, right so don't let them find you shallow, impatient that on the slightest thing. You lose your manners, you lose your principles. Because if you think about a person with bad o'clock they're light, right a person who's short tempered for example, so easy to interchange them so easy to manipulate them. So no matter how much the anger you don't lose your calm

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so lay yesterday fun Nikka Levine Allah you clean and it's just one word, but it's got an ocean of meaning.

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And really, if you bring it in your life also, many times it happens that we get affected by those who are around us.

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Right? I don't know if it happens with you, but it happens with me a lot that you know in

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class we discuss a particular topic and the moment I go, you know, I leave this place that challenge comes, you know, that test comes. So that is a test that has a kilo huffy for you're going to be

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how easily affected are you going to be, by the circumstances that you're in by the situation that you're in, that somebody is making you angry, but you,

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you, you know, gather some weight, you be heavy, you be strong.

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You don't get pushed and shoved and you know, so easily you change your mind. Be determined, have some resolve, you know, have some confidence.

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Leila still have fun Nicola Rinella up, no, don't ever let them lighten you. Don't ever let them you know, dissuade you'd make you change your mind, make you lose your determination, be firm and strong.

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And this is the conclusion of the surah. Right? The last verse, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being encouraged over here. If you think about it, how did the surah begin the holy battle room. And then a good news was given that the help of Allah who will come victory will come to the believers, but how to attain this victory for Spirit through patients. Because in the Nasir Maha Sabha, victory is with patients. But we have forgotten this today. And this is a reason why anything that happens we react so negatively, so emotionally. And when we do that, we lose our dignity, we lose our honor. People find this light, they can say anything about us. They can blame us with anything, they can

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accuse us with anything, they can talk bad about us so easily.

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It's like we've got no weight left. We've got no strength. So to overcome these difficulties, what is it that we need sober?

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And remember that when a person forgets that Allah's promises are true, because it's mentioned in the Weigela, he helped write, when a person forgets that Allah's promises are true, then he is impatient. Subotica comes with what this year keen that Allah's promises are true, he will certainly give victory he will certainly give success. And primarily the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is addressed over here, but the command is also for us. Be patient over the harms and opposition from your people. And there should be no negativity in your reaction. And remember, this is a Maki surah. And how the prophets of Allah is an observed sub throughout these 13 years. Remember his sobre la if

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remember his suburban, will have used to follow him around, remember his southern when Abuja used to ridicule him, and in the next Surah Surah. Look, man also we will see how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to do sub over the opposition of his people. So be patient, and be firm, be determined. And if you think about it, if the Prophet sallallahu sallam was light in the sense that he didn't have resolve, then what would happen?

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If you think about it, what is it that makes people change their mind so easily? Money? Isn't it?

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You know, if there's a person who is accusing a certain firm of or a certain company have something

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usually what's done, he's just given a lot of money. And he's told be quiet,

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isn't it? Money makes people quiet. Was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam offered money? Oh, yeah. Was he offered leadership? Yes. Was he offered many things? Yes, he was. But Did he accept them? No, he didn't. Why? Because he was not light. He was not to be removed from his position, he was firm.

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So in times of, you know, hardship, difficulty, observe Sabah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, after you will come a very difficult time in which a person who holds on to the truth will be rewarded equivalent to 50 of you.

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Did you hear that?

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Such a difficult time when a person who holds on to the truth will be rewarded. How much reward equivalent to 50 of you? Who does you refer to the people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu. And this is a Hadith in a Synthesia authentic hadith. What does it mean?

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That if we find it difficult to hold on to parts of our religion, and it's difficult, then great gadget comes with great suburb.

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This inshallah will be a means of great gadget. Right? Because we might think that oh, you know, for example, wearing hijab just a few years ago, wasn't that difficult, but these days, it's become extremely difficult. Right? We might think like that.

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And you might be 100% right in the way you think, but this difficult

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80 This is when you have to do solver

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when you don't let people you know move you from your position be found. Last elephant Nicola Dina Allah Yochanan would you like to say anything before we continue?

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What did you understand from Leia Stefan Naka

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Salam Alikum this morning was waiting beside my building while I was waiting for my husband to pick us up. And then we I saw this beautiful flower in the middle of dry three, like all of it is dry only the flower I mean, I take a picture is so beautiful. And I was wondering, I was telling my little girl I said, we are Muslim like everyone around us, maybe they are so dry, they're not getting the Quran they are not absorbing Allah's word. If we are a stay still we will be inshallah like this flower in a day.

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What are those times when we find ourselves weak?

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That we could be easily uprooted? Yes.

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Okay, when facing opposition from the family? What kind of opposition?

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Only the

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what are things like? Your father maybe says something to you that super annoys you? Like, seriously, it really annoys you. So over there, do you need software?

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Do you need to make yourself a little fucking, you know, hold yourself down with some heavy anchors, heavy, heavy weights. You understand what I mean? Because if we don't hold ourselves down with these heavy weights, what will happen? We will react in a way that will destroy our deeds, isn't it? We will react we will cause some damage to somebody else that will actually damage who? ourselves? Us? What are some other times? Yes.

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Okay. That sometimes we find ourselves weak. You know, for instance, somebody's asking questions about Islam. And then here we are trying to answer them. And then we begin to have questions and we begin to have doubts. So here we we're so stable, and then all of a sudden, we find ourselves weak. So what's the cure to that? What's the cure to that? What's the solution to that stay in that doubt? No, seek knowledge gained strength. You see, we need weights basically.

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All right, we need weights, things that will ground uh, keep us grounded.

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You understand, that will keep us grounded that will keep us firm so that we don't fall on every little thing. We don't get, you know, thrown by every little thing. We have some stability

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during and you want to stay patient but then they take it as a cue that you can keep on talking more, but you just need to stay even more patient at that time.

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I think what I've learned from this

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work was to be assertive and not like let people push you around. Don't be a pushover. Yeah. Like even if that means like being using more Kinder words to them and just show them that like, you can't talk to me in a certain way like I'm human to just like you so just don't be aggressive but choose assertion over aggression and don't be like completely silent either. So just like the Dina's middle, I feel like this is also exactly and then that is sort of be assertive.

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Slowly you know, our desires and temptations of this world sometimes in you know, it's it's a shutdown is tied to weakens you up and then you have to know your end result you know, the hereafter that will give you a strengthen.

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Very true.

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Okay, many times when you feel alone, I think that's that's one that really does push you to the ground whether it's with your friends or with your family.

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So then, what's the solution? Where do you get the physical the weight from?

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Because you see, we are halacha home and dark right? We are weak. That means we cannot survive on our own we need strength from something somewhere. What are the sources of strength?

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What are their sources of strength? Yes. Quran okay.

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And subber and righteous company, and

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okay, you're clean. Go ahead. Somebody at the mic over there.

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Prayer. Prayer, Salah was 13 over somebody was salah.

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Hope being hopeful. Sometimes being around the people like your friends, um, you can be weak whether you go out somewhere and you know that what you're doing is wrong. And you have the knowledge that you know what we're going to be where we're going to be hanging out or what we're going to be doing is something that isn't

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ence your real beliefs but at the same time your friends are encouraging you and influencing you. So then that's the time where we become weak. And then we have to like bring back our values and say, you know, this is wrong. I know this is wrong. So you have to stop yourself. And let me tell you a story over here of someone who was very determined who had firm resolve on saline. Okay. Also named Michel de la noir and her. She embraced Islam very early on, she was from the inside. And she embraced Islam very early. And her husband Malik, he was very rich man. And he was actually a way for some business trip. And when he returned, and he got home, he found out that his wife had

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accepted Islam. And he said to her, have you become faithless? Have you become faithless? Have you lost your faith? What happened to you? And she said, No, I have not lost any faith, I have actually came faith. Right? Her husband was not happy with her decision at all. So day in and day out, there was clear opposition, you know, he would be angry with her, he would fight with her. And imagine living with this. Just imagine living with this, this constant fighting, you know, this, argumentation on a daily basis, over not a small issue. But a major issue like this.

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Typically, what happens in such a situation, many women, they will say, My husband doesn't want me to do this. My husband doesn't want me to do this. My husband likes me to do this. You know, it's amazing. Women have so many ways of getting things done their way of convincing their husbands but when it comes to matters of Deen, I don't know why we become so heavy. If so light, you know, we've become like somebody's puppets. Literally. It's as if we have no freewill, no reasoning, no decision power, nothing of our own. We just fall on others. You control me, you order me, you tell me I'll do whatever.

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Whereas they're not going to answer for you, you will have to answer for yourself.

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So what happened one day, Malik he came home and he saw that also Elaine was teaching words of the ivenn to her son and us or underspin Malik or the LA horn who

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imagine a six year old seven year old eight year old child, you know, saying, I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I shall do and then Muhammad Rasul Allah. And the father got extremely angry. He said, You are corrupting my child. What are you doing? And she said, I'm not corrupting my child. I'm actually educating him. I love my child. He's my beloved, why would I corrupt him?

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Now, this whole time, I'm so lame knows my husband's not happy with my Islam. He's not happy with the fact that I'm teaching my son Islam. But she remains firm. She doesn't lose herself. She doesn't lose her calm. She doesn't lose her, you know, respect for her husband in the sense that she's still treating him well, you understand? And then what happens? Maliki goes out somewhere, and he gets killed.

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So now I'm so lame is a widow, and she's got a son. So unless he turns 10, and she takes him to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said, he knows this, this, this use him, he'll be your servant. So from that day onwards, and as for the low on who was the personal servant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam invest in a wise woman, one of the best ways of teaching your child. Now what happens? enslave another test, and that is that a very rich man off Medina proposes to her, and who is that? I will tell her. And I will tell her, he says, whatever you want, I'll give you

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and she says, with all due respect, you know, a proposal from a man like you, it cannot be refused. However, you're not a Muslim. I cannot accept this proposal. Lay as the hyphen, NACA. She doesn't become light over there. You understand? She doesn't lose her faith over there either. You know, this is such a big test. A rich guy is proposing to her various men, any offers or any model. He says, anything you want, I'll give you she says, I'm not interested in your money. However, if you accept Islam, you know, that could be my mother.

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That could be my mother.

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And then she does Dawa to him. She says to him that how Don't you have any higher? How can you worship this idol? Don't you know that the slave of such and such tribes such as such family, he went to the forest in and he cut down a tree he brought the wood and he shaped it into an idol and now you worship it. What are you doing? So I will tell how he thought about it. And then he came and he embraced Islam, and then I will tell how under the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and as he was approaching the prophets of Allah Islam saw him coming. He said, there is a light of iman on this man's face.

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So I will tell her embraced Islam because of who because of homeschooling. Now what happens on Zulema? We'll call her they get married. And then what happens? They have a child, a baby, a bottle has away. He comes back and also lame. She doesn't say anything to him. She feeds him. She gives him food, whatever dinner everything he sleeps well. The next morning she asks him if somebody gives you an Amana and then they ask you to give it back to them. What would you do? I'll give it back to them while your son was an Amana from Allah. And he took the Amana back our son has died.

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Lay us the refund Mecca she doesn't lose herself over there. She has, you know firmness. Determination, resolve southern. I'm so lame. I will tell her. They're living in VEDA aha, this beautiful garden close to the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the is revealed length and you will be able to atone for fecal matter hipbone I will tell how goes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he says this garden I give it visa vie Allah He called out to own salaam salaam come out. I've given this garden she doesn't say my house.

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Lay as Telefonica

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one night I will tell her comes home with a whole lot of guests and he says food home Salim says there's just enough for the kids. He says put the kids to bed. Turn the light off the lamp off and pretend that you're eating but don't eat serve all the food to the guests. And they did that Allah revealed the next day praising praising these people that will you see Runa Allah and foresee him wallow cannot be him ha salsa. They prefer others over them even though they themselves are in extreme hunger. Leia still have fun Naka she's not light over there. I'm hungry. What about my children? What about my stomach? I'm so lame. Her brother dies haram in Milan. Remember the story of

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beetle Morona. Right where a group of companions were sent and they were all killed. Right? They were cheated on basically. And when this companion, he's the one who when he was killed, he said, first to build up build karma. I have succeeded by the Lord of the karma. He's the one who said that. And the Prophet salallahu Salam, he used to visit you know, under the law on his household a lot. And when he was asked about it, he said, I feel sorry for him slain. Her brother was killed, married, you know because of me. He was killed. The prophets of Allah said I'm frequently visited them. I'm so lame. She used to travel with the wives of the Prophet salallahu Salam and so many

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journeys, so many of them. At one occasion, we learned she was actually pregnant, sitting on a camel and Indonesia. One of the servants of the prophets of Allah is that um, he was driving the camels really fast and he was reading his for tree, right and making all those sounds to make the camels walk fast. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, oh and jasha Slow down. There are glass vessels.

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Just imagine she's pregnant and she's in a journey at the Battle of her name. When the Muslims were going on so lame. She actually had a dagger with her and I will tell her side and he told the prophet Sallallahu Sallam that she's got a dagger. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked her she said, you know if a Catholic comes in front of me on could the only three days that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam laughed, just you know an example of me she wasn't someone who was open to me, I'm pregnant. I'm this Sunday. I'm hungry, my house, my baby. She's got you know, the sense of identity, this sense of strength. This you know, Mission some goals and purpose in life.

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Something that keeps her strong, amazing woman. Last the hyphen NACA, Latina, Allah your opinion, if you study her life, it's amazing how many times she could have given up. On another occasion, we learned that once also named she was pregnant again. And they were on a journey, and also lame. She was having extreme pains and Obatala basically stayed behind and the rest of the caravan when followed. And basically they thought that she was in labor. And I will tell her, I felt really bad that everybody's going and you know, I'm stuck here. And I'm so lame was like, after some time, she said let's go. And they went. They went. And then when they reached Medina, then she gave birth. Can

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you imagine a woman in this stage of her pregnancy? She's walking visa vie the law.

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She's got some brain of her own. You understand what I mean? She's not being dictated by others. She's not being dictated by her circumstances. She's not being dictated by her weaknesses.

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She knows what she wants. And she's going for it. She's striving towards it. Lie yesterday for NACA, don't let anything lighten you weaken you? Not true.

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circumstances, not what the people say. Not the temptations of this world have some resolve. And this is how success comes first bid, be patient and believe in the word Allah He helped Allah's promises true.

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And when you believe that Allah has promise is true, there is agile for the sub, then comes strength also. Let's listen to the recitation verse below in

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the law you have what is that the fun Kalina you're been Oh

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Subhanak alabi handshake a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta estafa Luca were to worry like

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