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Yasir Qadhi
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Can we hold the most half in our hands when we pray? The yamo delayed? Can we read from the most half? hour taraweeh?

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out of seven, me COVID is in danger. No, he lay him first.

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The answer to this question, realize we're talking about the Nuffield Skylar's not the fourth, the Torah we have prayer is nothing or soon that is not fun, because obligatory something else.

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The answer to this question, it is actually very clear to the majority of scholars in science, Bahati, we have a hadith or method of action of the law,

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that Arusha would command her freed slaves that one to lead them in sila, and the one because he was not a half filled he would recite from the most half and this is insoluble highly Wakana Jaco mineral most happy he would recite from the most have and this is very explicit, very clear. And this is something that is you cannot get more explicit and and and you know, and it isn't soluble hottie, even those Marla formatted is has an Hadith, and that is that I should know the law one had commanded her Mola, the Kwan during the nights of Ramadan to lead them in sila. This is after the death of the Prophet sola, sola Isha would not go to pray in the masjid she would pray in her house,

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and she had a freed slave servant who would lead them in Salah, but he did not have not memorized the Quran. So he would read from the must have, and this is something very explicit. The famous call the ignition hub azuri and deservedly died 129 hegira. And he is one of the greatest if not the greatest scholars of the tabular, tabular and is really his main generation, one of the greatest aroma of Islam Azadi and Zoey was asked about a man who recite from the most half during Ramadan, and azuri who met some of the students and the sons of the Sahaba Zhu Li met some of the main sons of the Sahaba Zhu Li said can hear Runa your car owner Phil must have the best amongst us I remember

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them they would read from the most half this is a zuri saying this. So it was a well known well accepted habit that during the nights of Ramadan when people would lead them in Salah they will hold the must have and in the Moodle wanna have known which is one of the earliest books of magic effect. And the one who wrote it is a student of Mr. Malik and he said that I asked him about this issue even Malik said, So Mr. Malik, and again, he is a person who is living in Medina two generations after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mr Malik said, there is no harm in carrying the most half for the Imam in Ramadan for the nephew pray meaning for the 200 because the 100 is nothing and

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if I am

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meaning and nothing here is that not the fault of prayer so not to for Asia, there is no harm for the Imam to carry the most half. You know, in the Knights of Torah we have basically this is Mr. Malik explicitly saying and that's the standard Maliki method. And Imam Ahmed in Hamburg was asked about this, and he said libres and you suddenly have Ignacio kya bajo young guru Phil must have Phil must have there is no harm. There's no problem at all. It's not even mukou nothing, no problem for the Imam to carry the must have and he is leading the people inside out. And he is looking at the most half again. This is for the for the tarawih prayer again, we're not talking about the photo

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prayer. And Mr. manoli in his much more so we talked about the Maliki method Mr. Malik is explicit. We talked about the humbler method Mr. Mohammed Mohammed is explicit and the greatest scholar of the Shafi method in the medieval times azima No way, Emma no way in is much more and he says that if he leads the from the Quran from the must have and he recites the Quran from the must have regardless of whether he is a half fit or not, it does not matter and the Salah is valid and correct. So, he said that the Salah is going to be valid if the person leads from the must have there is no problem here. So this is the Shaftsbury school, the Maliki school and the henneberry School three of them

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and I also quoted you I shower mother of the law one her way before any of these Imams and according to abinitio have zody who was a well traveled scholar he had lived in Medina he lived in Damascus he met the sons of the Sahaba and he said we all used to do this for the greatest people I met they will do this. So it is something that the majority of the oma has accepted. Obviously I have left one school and that is the school that is the strictest

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In this regard, and we respect all of the schools, no problem with that, but you should be aware that these schools exist and they have their differences. And of course, the school that is left is the one school that is the strictest in this regard. And that is the Hanafi. School and the Hanafi school. Generally speaking, they were reluctant to open this door emammal cassani in his famous book by the Arizona air, and by the way, I have to say this is to grow. But there is such a model cassani died 587 hours if I read her nature, and emammal cassani was a great student of Imam a summer pundi. And Mr. Silver candy had written a book of hanafy folk, and Mr. cassani was his student. And so

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emammal cassani, he wrote, what is considered to be one of the greatest classics of the Hanafi school called without eurosonic. And he presented it to his teacher, as a as a commentary to the book that his teacher or some of Gandhi had written, and this teacher was so impressed with the book. So how to love this became a joke for later how to fuse and it's a true story. He said, this book I will consider to be the mahute for my daughter's hand in marriage, and he gave his daughter in marriage to his main student, and he said the matter of the marriage is going to be this books of hurdler. So the book without your son, I became the mother for the marriage of emammal cassani

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subparallel. Those were different types of Mahara. I don't know if any of our current sisters would accept him or her to be written and multivolume book of

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Milan was done anyway. Jokes aside, what was I saying?

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Who was the thing but then also now I've got Satya so I remember cassani writes in his bedroom or sauna. He mentions from Abu hanifa. And the reason I say this is I could not find it in a web suit, which is an earlier book but Emmanuel kasana. He writes that Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, Allah considered the Salah to be bow still null and void if somebody held the most half, okay, so the Hanafi school imamo hanifa was explicit. If you hold the most half, then the sada is belted null and void. Now, this became the standard position of the Hanafi school. It is what the Hanif is called the Morph Tabby he or the fatwa that is given it is the standard position and that is why our Hanafi

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Brethren, may Allah bless them and to grant them a good understanding of the author. Generally speaking in their subcultures, the concept of carrying a must have is alien to them. And if you go to the shop for a culture is the market cultures, the humbly cultures, it is very common in the Knights of Thoreau to find people carrying the most have no problem. That having been said, and I'm not going to interfere within the intricacies of the Hanafi madhhab. As I have said, I am more familiar with the Hamburg school that is the school I typically follow in my personal life. But that having been said the Hanafi should be aware that the two famous scholars, students of Abu hanifa,

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the abou, called the abusive and Mohammed Hassan shibani. They are called Asahi Bane, or the Sahaba. And the two main disciples, the both of them they disagreed with their teacher and mentor. Well, honey from this issue, Rahim Allah, Allah, and they said that if a person were to carry the most have the Salah is not about it. But they did say that it is makrooh it should be avoided, but it is not about it. And later, we'll add the extracted reasons for this. And they said that there are two reasons that we can find in the Hanafi school. The first of them, there's too much emotions, or how DACA and as you know, during Salah, you should have minimal amount of extra emotions. And the second

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they said there is an element of imitation or to shabu for other religious rituals. And Fair enough, that's that's their extrapolation.

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But any others might say that if you're carrying an iPhone, and you're just holding it, and you're just it's not really to show, sorry, it's not really too much how DACA per se, or to get out of the DACA issue. Yeah, and I'm just saying any think about it, if you were to have a must have opened on a stand a very large must have. And there's a page here and a page here, and you're not touching anything and you're simply looking at this page and reading and then you go into record then you stand up then you look at this page and you read then between the two teams after this team, you pay turn the page, I'm just saying, Yeah, I'm not trying to cause any issues. But

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if you want to follow the method, no problem. That's That's fine. That is the most happy position. Let me just say though, that many of my modern Hanafi scholars friends of our times, quite a number of them I know for a fact that they say to their congregations that look that's the more a template or the the the standard position but especially given our circumstances and whatnot, a number of Hanafi scholars, especially in light of COVID-19 and the lockdown they're saying you know what, like let's follow him um, we use of an Mohammed bin has initially been his position that the Salah is you know, sorry, it is valid to do that. But in any case, that is your position what you want to follow.

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I'm just telling you that this is one position, the majority of the time

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Other scholars have said there is no problem in a normal circumstance, how about now even more so you may pick up a must have or in our case an iPhone or whatever it is just dandy, you know, have the the the app on and you may read it, it is enough or solid anyway. And enough assala more emotions are allowed than a false one. Anyway, it's not anything that you know, this is the standard. But anyway, if you want to follow a position within your school, then hamdulillah I'm not going to ever, ever, ever criticize following a standard method if you stick to that method consistently. But if you want to my humble opinion, then really there is no problem. The point of

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taraweeh is to read long, any clearer. And that's the goal of tarawih. And that's why Mr. Mohammed and others they explicitly said Mr. Malik, they explicitly said, long clams and short registers are better than than short dams and long such that for thorough we, we don't necessarily want to make the stage as long we want to make the the reciting long. And we want to read as much Quran as possible. How is that going to happen if you're not too happy with or even if you are, and you're here for this week, and you're not going to leading in them, you know, there's very few people who's here with us that strong that they can read, you know, half of Jews are Jews. And that's why we

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admire and respect our faults so much that they are able to do this otherwise, most average default, they are not able to do that quickly, they're going to take a long time. And that's why this concession is given that you may just read from the misshapen, suppose you are not to have field, then in this case, you may read what you're familiar with, let's say drama, or just the Bartok whatever you may read from that no problem. Insha Allah Tada. And with this insha Allah, just a final reminder that really the purpose of all of today's q&a was to get us into the spirit and to remind us of the great necessity, really, of praying the claim will lay or the Torah will during

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this upcoming month, and to rediscover the original spirit of keyamo late and trauma bond like our Prophet system, and like the Sahaba themselves, they didn't pray that our way in his lifetime the way we do, yes, in his lifetime, but by the way, even then, Robocop himself would pray at home, I should pray at home, they will pray at home because they understood praying at home to be better than praying and Jamal, now in this month because of COVID-19. We're all praying at home. And because of this led us insha Allah to Allah give extra attention, extra energy. Let us rediscover the spirit of Ramadan. Let us rediscover the spirit of clamor laid, let us pray if we can privately

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and if we're praying with our families, no problem that's also some Baraka and good and that but even if we put our families this also try to pray towards the end of the night, and let us make dua to Allah subhana wa tada that he lives this communal punishment and adopt from us that he lives that were better and better that he lives, this issue that we are facing now, and that we can resume our lives back to normal having appreciated all of these blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us

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in a feed dounia Solomon.

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Reciting from a Quran During Tarawīh Prayer

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