Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 209A Translation Al-Rum 33-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a woman and her partner, where they discuss a woman named Kadi and her partner's name. They also mention a woman named Yasha and her partner's name. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a bit confused.
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Now another one a Sunday I know sweetie give him a my bad for OTA bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Beshara li Saudi UAE Sidley, Emery, Washington, Dr. Mindy Sani Kahu Kohli open as in

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lesson number 210 Surah two room ID number 33 to 40

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Translation what either and when my sir It touched a nurser the people do run some harm adversity the owl they invoked proper whom they rub Mooney Bina as one Sterling in repentance

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Alayhi to him some then either when other go home he made them taste men who from him Ramadan mercy either suddenly for the icon a group main home from them, Bureau be him with Arab usually Khun they associate partners Lia Kuru so they deny Bhima with what are they now whom We gave them further material, so you will enjoy for sofa so soon Darla moon, you all will know

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or Angelina We sent down or lay him upon them. So Thonon and authority for Hawaii. So it here the Colombo it speaks Bhima with what ganhou they were behaved with him. Usually goon they associate partners were either and when other corner we made to taste a NASA the people. Ramadan immersi 30 who they rejoiced, they became happy, be here with it. Or because of it. We're in and if to say boom, it reaches them, say a tune some evil, be mad because of what are the math it sent ahead? Ad him their hands, either suddenly, whom they hear can attune they despair.

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Oh Allah do and not Euro they see. And that indeed, Allah Allah, yerba sootel He extends a risk of the provision Lehmann for who Yasha He wills where could you and he constricts in indeed, fee in delicate that is surely signs the comb for a pupil you may know they believe for it, so good. Well, CORBA possessor of the close relation, Hakka who is right, while Myskina and the needy one wildness Seville and the traveler there Lika that Chiron is better. They Lavina for those who you read una they want what you her face, Allah He of Allah, wa hola ICA and those whom they are mostly hone those who are successful. Warmer and what datum you are gay men from the river interest. Leah boo so

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it increases fee in a while wealth a nurse of the people, fella so not your boo. It increases in the near Hola, hola. Warmer and whatever they do you all give men from the getting the cat to read una you all intend what her face Allah Allah for Allah Iike so those whom they are a mulberry phone, those who are multiplying those who get manifold Allah who Allah, Allah de is the one who halacha co He created you so much then Rosa kakum He provided you so much then you need to come he will give that to you. So much then your vehicle he will give life to you. * is made from Shoraka equal your partner's man who you have our low he does mean from the alikhan that oh you all mean from che

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in anything Subhana who Glorified is He? What are Allah and He is exalted. Amma above what usually Kuhn they associate.

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We listen to the recitation of these if and we'll move on.

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What Edom is son

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Tony, Bina ELA

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Matt and either

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been usually on Lea

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so look on

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movie man again we'll be shooting for a while either

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way to see the room say to me my ad him either whom He will not own our let me know Allah Hi, this Paulina II

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in nappy Daddy can I add me mean on the ante that over by half miskeen our savvy

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lady in a hurry to own our more one

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on one

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the law one

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you don't miss

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to read

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more going on I will

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call upon

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me to come

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help me shore on

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me J Silverhand

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