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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of steroids and peds in Islam, stating that it is not just about bodybuilding, but also about strength and speed. They also mention the dangers of smoking and the potential complications of using them. The speaker advises against anyone who claims to be a panific or panic and recommends avoiding them.
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Salam aleikum, using steroids and peds performance enhancement drugs. Is it something that is halal or haram in Islam, and this is very important in the days that we live in, because back in the days, it was just, you know, the ones who won't be the big bodybuilders or the elite athletes who would use steroids and peds. But nowadays, when you look at the you know, the influences on YouTube and Instagram, the ones who are eject the natty is, as they say, and the reality is, once you get into this, this this world of working out and something I realized when I started to get back into shape, and now I'm training martial arts, I'm working out. Once you start to study and you start to be in

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that field, you realize that the people who are jacked like this and what they were seeing online, most of them who claim to be Natty, they're not. So we have our youth when they want to get to that level, they realize there's no way I can get to that level. So it's not about being the massive bodybuilder only, you know, even the ones who are cut and jacked. You'll see most of them are using some type of PD. In fact, I believe that most elite athletes are using peds. It's not just about maths and science. It's about strength and speed as well, tennis players use it. Lance Armstrong, the cyclist, he used it in peds is what takes a great athlete to make him an elite athlete. And this

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is what our youth is realizing that if I want to get to that level, if I want to be cutting Jack, like the people I'm seeing online, that you know, just a good diet and workout all the time. It's not going to get you that level. Even if you are someone who is genetically gifted. If you want to get to the high, high level, you're going to have to use something. So it's something that's serious for us as Muslims to know. Is it halal for us to use these PDS? Or is it something that is haram? And before I mentioned the ruling, I want to make two things clear. First of all, when it comes to a pre judgement that most people have when it comes to steroids, that they are dangerous and harmful,

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anything which is dangerous and harmful Islam. That is something that's haram. So because of these two reasons. Most Muslims think that steroids are haram. And also many sports ban them. And in many countries, they're illegal. So people think they're a bad thing. But when you study into detail, and you go to those who are specialized, you will see that a lot of the information that we've been told a lot of information that our scholars have been told by different physicians and doctors, that it's not correct. And what do I mean by that? If you look at the dangers, the dangerous drugs, you will find that steroids is way down on the list. But other drugs which we take over the counter, like

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aspirin, these are much more dangerous. Can you overdose on steroids? No, not right away. There might be some complications in the future. But you can overdose on aspirin, you can overdose on birth control. All of these types of drugs, which we get over the counter can kill us. But you don't need a prescription. You can buy them as easy as you want. And why am I focusing on this? Because they make something haram in Islam. It needs to be something that's clear cut smoking, for example. Yes, smoking, the harms that are definitely going to come from smoking is one of the reasons why the scholars said It's haram. So therefore when you look in detail, and it's not as dangerous as they

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make it out to be so to say It's haram, I personally don't believe it's haram. If you want to see that it's a cruel, it's disliked because of some of the harms and some of the complications, especially if someone doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't do it properly. It could even be more dangerous here. Yes, you could say that it's something more cruel and something you shouldn't do. And honestly, from my research, I would definitely not recommend that someone uses them. The only people that will need to use them anyways. are elite athletes. If you're someone who is elite athlete, LeBron James, you think LeBron James 18 seasons, he's somebody who's natural. I don't think

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it's possible. Yes, he's a genetic freak. But I don't think it's possible to be at that level. He spends a million and a half dollars on his body just on diet and working out. Come on, let's be real. Obviously, he's taking something 18 seasons in the NBA. Look at Carmelo Anthony, the one who entered the draft at the same year, look at his level now. Yes, I think after 18 season, you could beat that level naturally. But we look at LeBrons body and what he's still doing at this at this at his age, there's no way he's natural. So if someone's going to be an elite athlete, and he's not going to get caught by using them, then use them but be smart when you do and use them properly.

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under doctor's supervision or someone was from a special forces unit with his government. He wants to be stronger and faster behind enemy lines or something like that. He has someone like this maybe that's good for them to use it. But for normal people, normal gym goers even if you want to be cut, you want to be Jack Don't be influenced by those you see on the screen and stay natural stay safe because it is possible that there could be some complications. They might be minor, but they might be major. You've seen people who have abused steroids and they've died from it. This is something that I want to clarify when I studied in detail show that being haram like I said, I don't feel it's

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haram but it's something I don't recommend, unless you fall under the category as I mentioned earlier, and most of us are never going to fall under that so it's better we stay away that's other things once you start to age TRT and things like that, that's a different story inshallah there's no problem with using that that could be beneficial and Allah knows best Allahu Allah masala was telling him about I can interview Muhammad, which is a criminal Phaedra