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The importance of swearing in a conversation is discussed, along with the history of the Battle of the Cable and the return of the throne to Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for fearless practices and a firm mindset to avoid failure in achieving Islam's promises. The importance of being a good Muslim is emphasized, along with the need for fearless practices and a firm mindset to avoid failure. The success of Islam in bringing people to Christ and creating a culture of peace is also discussed, but challenges are faced in achieving it.

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What Uncle Sam Oh, and this were Billahi by Allah, just the strongest Emani him their alts they swear by Allah their strongest olts jutt? What does it mean? To do something with full ability and force meaning with maximum capacity? Whatever that you can afford, whatever ability you have you use all of that to do something that is just all right. So just Emani him, meaning the strongest all odds that they can possibly swear this were those words. You know, it's like, when you're trying to convince somebody, you use different expressions, isn't it? Sometimes you will say, believe me, right? Or you say things like, trust me, right? Or you're like, Wallahi, I'm telling you, I'm

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serious, right? You use different expressions to show to the other person that you are convinced? Or that you want to convince them. Right. So when it comes to swearing, or thoughts, why is it that people swear oaths to show that they are truthful, they want to convince someone? Now, if you swear, once by Allah, I did this, or by Allah, I never did this.

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It should be sufficient, right? But when you're saying that again, and again and again, then what does it mean? That you cannot emphasize enough? Right? You cannot emphasize enough? And why is it that you find a need to keep emphasizing because you sense denial? Right? You sense that the other person doesn't believe you doesn't trust you? Or you feel like your words are not strong enough? So you need to say more and more and more and more. Right?

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But the thing is that who is it that needs to talk a lot? Or who is it that needs to emphasize so much, someone whose actions are lacking? Right? Like for example, if a woman says to their husband, I really love you. Seriously, I do in sending messages and cute videos or something like that, you know, I really love you showing their love. But then when the husband says, Can I get lunch today? When I go to work? Can you pack my lunch in the morning? I'm too tired, man.

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And then all day long, one message every hour. I love you. And then when he comes home, she's in pajamas. Right? Or there's no dinner? Can you can you bring some food, please? Why is it that there's a storm of messages? Why? Because he knows he's going to be upset. Right? So she's trying to make up for that anger through those cheesy messages. Right. So Oxo Billahi, Jad Emani. And this were by Allah their strongest possible oats, a man is a clone of Yameen.

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What is it that they're trying to say? That like in a motorhome? Surely if you order them, you give them one command? Layer hydrogen? Surely they will definitely go with you. What does it mean by that? That if you order them to go for a battle, they will go with you. They will definitely go.

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They say this over and over again. And they swear by Allah. Why do they have to say that because they didn't go with you previously. They didn't go with you last time. You see the prophets, Allah Allah said when he did Hijra to Medina? No, we only learn about three or four major battles battle of budder battle of or heard Battle of the Trench, Battle of Cable and boom, Fatima.

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But you know what, it's not just these five things that happened in those 10 years.

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There's many more, many, many more, you know, between 100 and 100, up, there were about 18 or 19 Seraiah expeditions that the profits are a lot. It's an ascent. Just imagine 18 or 19, or between conduct and labor, either of the two, either between conduct and hyper trench and Haber. They were about 18 or 19, or between or then conduct the road 18 or 19, either of these two. So the point here is that there were so many expeditions that the Prophet saw about Saddam had to go to himself or if he didn't go here to send Sahaba why? Because the enemy was constantly attacking constantly coming against them. So many problems every other day.

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It's as though Muslims couldn't breathe. I mean, when you study Sierra in detail, you see almost every month there is an expedition, or there's some major incident or in one return journey, so many problems came up so many things happened. You know, first of all, but when was stolen, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was returning from there. And what happened? There was no actual battle but when the Muslims were there, we learned that one of the Muslims who was guarding the Muslim army

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Night and somebody shot him and he bled. Then when the Muslims are returning what happens? All Muslims are tired. They find any tree anyplace where they could find shade and they're resting. And what happens? Random man comes in he sees all these Muslims he finds the Prophet salallahu Salam resting he takes his sword and he says who's going to save you from me? You know that incident? It happened all right now in the Muslims are coming back. And then what happens are the Libyan obey starts a big fitna. All right, there was a big fight in the Muslims. And he said that you know what, when we go to Medina, the one with honor is going to expel the one who doesn't have honor. So

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basically saying, I'm gonna go and take over Medina and expelled the Muslims from here. So this was one big problem that happened. Now, as the Muslims are reaching, what happens I showed the low on who gets left behind. And then when they reach Medina, then what happens the incident of if one whole month the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he's in stress, you see how the problems are just never ending? We think Medina was just victory on victory, you know, butter Wow, or healthier, slight loss. But then, you know, Muslims made up for it. But between those victories were so many challenges, so many expeditions, the Muslims barely returned from Ohio that they had to pursue the

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enemy. Right? All the way up to hammer Allah said wounded injured the Muslims had to go then come back from Hunter and they have to go to bunker Eva. Isn't that so? So the Muslim, the true believers, what was their way? Every time the Prophet said allies have said Get ready? They would get ready and go somewhere in our Alterna. What would the hypocrites do? Hide? Go and hide? Oh, really? The Muslims left? I didn't know. Too bad. Maybe I'll go next time. Oh yeah, Rasul Allah is where I will go next time up, some will be laid Jetha a millennium that they will definitely go next time. They will definitely go next time.

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You know, earlier, they'll do a lot more on who something so beautiful about him. We learned that the Battle of Cable, right the Muslims, the prophets of Allah made an announcement 1700 Muslims got ready, and they left within days. All right. Now I needed a little on who he was suffering from some eye problem. His eyes were hurting. Have you ever had that? Like pinkeye or something like that? It happens, right? And it's very painful. Right? First of all, it's embarrassing to go in front of people like that. And secondly, it's very painful. Because it's your eyes. So any other low iron who did not go for high bar? All right, he didn't go with the Muslims. Then what happened? That he

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thought to himself, how can I stay behind when the messenger Salallahu Salam has gone? It doesn't matter. Forget about my condition. I'll go so he joined the Muslims later on. When he joined the Muslims what happened? They had besieged a particular fortress and they weren't able to conquer it, and the muscles are getting a little demoralized. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said tomorrow morning, I'm going to give this flag to somebody who loves Allah and His messenger. And Allah and His Messenger love him too. So all night long, the Sahaba were like, it's gonna be me. It's gonna be me. I love Allah. I love the messenger. So Allah says, The next morning, everybody comes, I'm here.

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I'm here for the flag. And what happened? He didn't give it to anybody. And he said, Where's Ali? And everybody said, Oh, he's resting because His eyes are hurting. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, call him, they brought him he came, and the prophets of Allah set him gave him the flag. And already the long run who his eyes were hurting, right, so the Prophet sallallahu didn't put his blessing saliva on the eyes, and he prayed for him and his eyes were perfectly fine. And at the little or no, he was so confident and excited and he said, Yeah, rasool Allah, I will fight these people until they become like me, meaning until they become like us. Right? And the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam said, Don't be hasty. When you go, invite them to Allah, invite them to Allah, for by Allah, if Allah guides even one person through you that is better for you then read camels. So I need other love our new he went and fought them and he conquered the fortress. Imagine I need all the long war on who his eyes were hurting. And he made that journey through the desert when you're walking outside, that stuff goes into your eyes. Isn't it goes into your eyes if they're already hurting. Imagine being in that state but he went, This is who the true believer who will go out in the way of Allah light or heavy in pain or in is he will go because he loves Allah and His

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messenger. When you love something, you do it. Even if it's hard on you.

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Even if it's difficult on you, you make time for it. You will sacrifice your breakfast, your lunch your dinner. You will walk on your hurting feet through the mall. You will walk, walk, walk, why? Because you love being there, don't you? We do that all the time.

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But what is the way of those who have NIFA they try to make up for their actions. With what with words

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Their actions are lacking. So they try to make up for that lacking how with their words UK some will be lucky Jeddah Emani Lena matam Leia Phrygian Allah says cool tell them Latok Simo you don't need to swear oats why? Because Bara tone mal rufa bah bah obedience it is model for it is well known. Meaning it's known what obedience is. What is obedience? What is obedience? Somebody asks you bring water and you say, Okay, I will bring you water. He, they just smile at them. And they said, now please. Okay, I will do it.

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Five minutes go by.

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Can you tell me where the waters? I don't get it for you use it here. Kick me I have it, please. Yeah, I'll get it. And you don't move at all. Come on, you're not going to do it. Is that thorough? What is thorough? It's my rufa. It's known. It's known what obedience actually is. It's not words. What is thorough it's action for tomorrow Alpha. Or what this means is bottom meaning your Torah is known meaning to know and what kind of obedience you do. You say you're going to do it but you don't actually do it. You swear oats, but when the time comes to go, you don't really go with the Muslims in the law. hubiera de matar Malone, indeed Allah is fully aware of whatever that you do. We can

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hide from people, we can deceive them with our words, but Allah knows. What do we see over here, there are some people who talk a lot. And there are some people who do a lot.

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People who talk a lot, they can't do much. Whether it is talking over text messages, or WhatsApp or Skype or whatever thing that's out there today people who talk a lot, they cannot do much, because if we want to do much, then we have to minimize our talking.

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We have to minimize our talking because we only have limited amount of time right? Either we invest that in talking and chatting or we invest that in doing something. So we have two options. Either talk and talk and talk or

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say up to your Allaha What else do you have Rasul? Obey Allah and obey the messenger. Prove it you say that you're going to do it. Now do it for interval low, but if you turn away, the command is clear obey Allah and the messenger. But if you turn away, then for innama that indeed not but our lay he on him on who on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maha home Mila, that which he has been made to carry? What is it that the messenger has been made to carry his responsibility? And what is the responsibility of the messenger convey

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on him, is the responsibility of what he has been charged with? Meaning he will be questioned about whether he conveyed or not, why lay come and upon you is mad at which her Meltem you have been made to carry and what is it that we have been made to carry? What is our responsibility? Obedience, the messengers responsibility is to convey our responsibility is to obey, the messenger will be asked if he conveyed or not, and what are we going to be asked about?

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What are we going to be asked about? Whether we did or not? What into to who if you obey Him obey who the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then do then you are rightly guided if you obey the leader? If you obey the messenger, then you're rightly guided. Which means that if we do not obey the messenger, then are we rightly guided? Are we on Serato stalking? Are we on Buddha? We're not. So what is the condition for being rightly guided? When is the person rightly guided? What's the sign that yes, this person is on hidayah he is obeying the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. A woman I learned was severely ill Bella who been and not upon the messenger is except meaning the

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duty to convey clearly the messengers job is simply to convey for in numerical below, where Elena.

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So what do we learn from this idea?

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What do we learn from this is that we have to be concerned about what we have to do. What does that obedience? And if we refuse to obey, then who are we harming? Only ourselves, we're not causing any harm to Allah or to his messenger or to the deen of Islam, we're only harming ourselves. Where are the law? Who but if a person chooses to obey, then what will happen? Allah has promised Alladhina Amma Norman come those who believe among you, while I'm in a Salah hat and those who do righteous deeds, what is Ahmed Salah actions right

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obedience. So those who believe and those who do righteous deeds, Allah has made a promise to them and remember Allah does not break his promise. What is the promise that Allah has made the righteous obedient servants, that lay us the Holy funner home fill?

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Layers the Khalifa home? Surely he will definitely give them real alpha on earth. What does it mean by theta alpha? Alpha is to

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come in succession right? That the previous one is now gone and now you have taken their place. You understand this is Khilafah. So Allah will definitely give them succession on Earth, meaning succession in authority, Allah will give them authority

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command just as is Talofa. He made successors who are loving them and cuddling him, those before them. So for example, before the Prophet saw a lot of them who is it that was given leadership authority Indeed and in duniya, look at the wilderness Allah, Suleiman Alison wala, you met Kenan and surely you will definitely establish from the word Tom keen mean Catherine McKenna, to give stability to give firmness Allah will give stability to who love him to them in what Dena whom and their religion meaning he will make their Deen established so that they will be able to observe the deed Allah the witch which the editable Allah whom he has approved for them, the deen that Allah has

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liked for us and what is that Dean, the Dean of Islam what a lead to locomole Islam Medina

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and Allah has also promised them that well are you but DeLanda whom surely you will definitely change for them. mimbar the whole team after their fear, I'm none. Peace. Now they're in fear. Allah says that he has promised that he will replace that fear with security Yagoona need they will worship me later usually gonna be shy. They will not associate with me any partner, woman Kafala BARDA like and whoever disbelieves after that Fula ecomo Fassi cool, then it is those who are sinful, those who cross limits. What do we learn from this? See, life has stuff, but for the believer, it is even more tough. Why? Because of his Deen. She wants to wear the hijab. He wants to

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pray. They want to take a riba free lawn, whatever it is, it's tough. Finding Halal options is difficult. When you're hungry, you want that chicken sandwich but Khan habit, right that poutine looks so good, but it's got pork in it. Right? I mean, when you go to New York fries, you see that routine? I have to look away from it. Don't even look at it. braised meat itself is kind of attractive, but then of course porque no way you don't want it but it's haram. You don't have a halal option there. Right? So it's tougher to find more Halal options. So what does Allah say here? He comforts the believers, that yes, you're suffering loss, but this loss is temporary. Why? Because

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even in this dunya, Allah will grant you success. Allah will grant you authority. We look at the Sahaba how much they suffered in Makkah, how much they suffered through the years in Medina. But what happened? Allah granted them victory upon victory enough at the Hannah like a Fatah mobila. Allah gave Muslims victory after victory, but that came when, when, after so much difficulty, so Allah has made this promise to the believers that he will certainly give them authority less starkly for now. He will give them freedom he will give them victory just as he gave victory, the righteous before. Look at the example of Bani Israel. Weren't they enslaved? Weren't they torture? Did Allah

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rescue them? He did. Right? What happened? Did they have freedom afterwards? Yes. Did they have success? Yes, worldly success. Yes, they did. What else do we see here? That Allah will give them give the DD Allah will establish the deen so that they can easily practice the deen. This is Allah's promise he will make following the Dini easier initially, it will be difficult, but eventually it will become easier. What else is it that Allah has promised that he will replace the fear with security? Right now, you mentioned Islam somewhere even frightening. But don't worry, it will become easy. It will become easy. Now this is at a community level right? What this is talking about about

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the Muslim community. But we see that even at an individual level. What happens initially it's difficult, right? You have to fight almost every day. You have to struggle almost every day. I remember once a sister told me that every time she puts on her hijab, her yeah. We're not talking about Nikka hijab. Her husband sits by the door. He says I'm not leaving until you take that off.

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What is she meant to do? Kids are watching. They're getting laid. The husband is

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sitting. I'm not leaving until you take that off.

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Can you imagine the fear in her heart?

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Can you imagine that lack of freedom? Can you imagine that constriction that has been put on her?

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But she said I did not give up. I also became firm for light but firm. And what happened? Now she wears on a buyer

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and her husband school with it. He's okay with it. Initially, it's difficult you feel like you're gonna die you feel like you cannot live. Be firm, be firm. Be polite, but firm about your principles Allah will create is even here in this life. Because look at the if Phil Arnold it's not talking about Jana Jana definitely. But in dunya also Allah who will create ease initially it will be difficult and then you will find it easier. And you know, this thing about replacing fear with security. Look at the fear that the Sahaba lived in, you know, when they migrated to Medina, they said, We slept with weapons, and we woke up with weapons. What does that mean? That when we slept,

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we had our sword or something with us. And when we woke up, we still had them holding on to them. Imagine the state of their fear still holding their sword when they wake up, they didn't let go of it even in their sleep. This is the fear that they lived in. And then eventually what happened so much peace that a woman could travel from far off distant place, come to Makkah due to off and go back. Safety Security, Allah gave it to them this is why Allah says we're okay masala to Zakah established prayer gives a cow well to your will soon obey the messenger Allah Allah come to her moon. So then you may be shown mercy. I mean, do something to get Allah's mercy. We want Allah's

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Mercy without even doing anything. Right? I'm not going to wear this I'm not going to do this. When Allah will make it easy for me then I will do it well ease will only come once we start working. Lila come to hormone later seven Alladhina Cafaro then Allah says Never think that those who disbelieve more do Xena fill out they will cause failure to Allah. No way. They're not going to last very long. They can never cause failure to Allah fill other than the Earth. How long will they resist? Well my oil homo now their abode is a fire Well, a bit sad. Mostly what a terrible destination it is. You see holiday when will either have the low or no, he resisted Islam for so

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long. Remember, he is the one who kind of turned the victory of Muslims into defeat at the Battle of Ohio. There's an amount been asked for the Allahu Anhu he went to Abyssinia to get the Muslims back. And what happened after so how would they be after the Treaty of her they be? Or might have been harassed. He said, I left MCI went to a senior I said you know what? Islam is going to be dominant. I better go from here because if I stay, I'm going to be finished. I can't resist Islam anymore. So he said he went to Abyssinia and he was within the Jash he was talking to him when a Muslim man came and he asked me Joshy Can I kill this guy? I can't kill him in Arabia but can't kill him here

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because I hate him for his Islam. And Naja. She started doing Dawa to him and I'm gonna bid on Ross embraced Islam at the hands of Allah Joshi Khalid bin Walid what happened with him. He also at Saudi Arabia, he saw the Muslims praying, he tried to attack them, he failed. He couldn't harm them. And he said I knew it, that Islam was going to be dominant. So he said, I felt that I should go and embrace Islam. He said he went to some of his friends. They came up in Abuja, and it could have been me, Joe Cole, Abu Sufian, and everybody and everybody's coming with their swords and they said, if you embrace Islam, you're gonna get this. So that same night, Khalid bin Walid said, That's it. I

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left Makkah, and I went to Medina to embrace Islam, he embraced Islam. So the thing is, that the forces of kufr, the forces of disobedience to Allah, they cannot stand very long. They cannot stand very long. It's up to us. Which side do we choose? Do we want to be of the party of Allah? Or do we want to be on the other side? It's difficult to obey Allah but Allah has promised victory Allah has promised is believe in His promises, and take the leap. Don't wait any longer. take that leap. Allah will give faith he will give confidence he will give the ability and he will make it easier. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Well

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feel our way come as self love.

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subclinical, long behind ignition to Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to bootleg Cinnamoroll a lot here about a cattle